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103: The Exact Tech Costs to Plan for with Online Business

Anyone else overwhelmed with how many tech products there are out there to run your business? Today I'm breaking down everything I currently use to run my biz and giving you insight on how it all helps me work! I'll start with the highest priced products down to the free stuff. I've included a few links so feel free to check them out further! Tech Monthly Fees: Teachable: $99 Adobe Suite: $52.99 Shopify: $29 ConvertKit CRM: $29 Website Hosting + domains: $150/yr Quickbooks: $10.71 Dropbox:...


102: Skating & Designing in Buenos Aires | EFDOT

I came across Eric's work while on an Instagram scroll. Oddly enough, I'd just gotten a message from a girl wondering how to get into the surf/skate industry of design (something I'd worked on doing about 10 years back), and on this Instagram post, it was announced that Eric would be giving a graphic design on skateboards class. After sending her the link, I thought - I bet she and I aren't the only ones who are mesmerized by this industry and knew I had to chat with Eric more in-depth. Eric...


101: Easy Ways to Sell More Art | MARIA BROPHY

Back in the day, selling your art meant getting into galleries and doing all the same things as everyone else. Luckily today, you can get wayyy more creative - which is good, since that's probably your specialty as an artist! What might not be your specialty? The business part. Totally understandable and I definitely get it! I would much rather be painting than trying to market myself and send invoices, but let's be honest - no biz runs if you aren't taking care of the business-y stuff, too!...


100: How 100 Episodes of Podcasting Changed Me

In 2013, I had found the podcast, The Lifestyle Entrepreneur by Kris Gilbertson, and became obsessed with listening every chance I had. I was kind of early for podcasting and hearing about lifestyle entrepreneurs and it was basically the only place I could get my fill! (I had to look that up to remember the name!) On my list of 2014 Goals, #8 was start a Podcast, and by Summer 2014, my furthered goal was "Podcast Equipment." In 2015 I had written down my Podcast plan and potential website...


099: Growing a Calligraphy Biz While Traveling the World | BECCA COURTICE

I met today's guest last year at ConvertKit Conference, which could be the nerdiest beginnings ever - a conference for people that use the same e-mail service HA! Becca is super fun and outgoing so it was cool to hear her talk about how she'd quickly built her, at that time, new calligraphy business. One of the biggest mental hurdles to get over as an entrepreneur is often feeling like a fraud or not practiced enough to call yourself a professional and start selling your creative work. Becca...


098: How One Ohio Woman is Creating Change Globally | AMBER RUNYON

Today's guest is truly incredible. It's one thing to travel, but another to travel and be so touched that you take your whole life in a new direction. Amber did just that after she visited Ethiopia and saw how much change was needed. On this episode, I'm talking with Amber about her company, Eleventh Candle. Eleventh Candle Co. is a social enterprise in Columbus, Ohio partnering with Legacy to redeem, restore, empower and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and...


097: How to Conquer Shiny-Object Syndrome in your Biz!

My 31st birthday was over the weekend (yippee!) and I thought that called for a solo show of one of the topics I talk about that gets the most response: Shiny Object Syndrome. If you don't know what it is, consider yourself lucky! Or maybe you didn't know it was referred to as this! Well, if you're an entrepreneur and ever find yourself jumping from one idea to the next, never really accomplishing the thing you want to accomplish, you just may be a prime culprit. Not to fear though, there...


096: Keys to Being an Artist in Demand Around the World | GEMMA O’BRIEN

You all are in for a treat today! I've got Gemma O'Brien on the podcast today, an artist who's wowed me for a while on Instagram and in a fun turn of events, I flew across the country last week to help her paint her latest mural at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley. It's a funny thing meeting people you've only seen on your Instagram feed - maybe this is what it feels like to online date someone. You never truly know who they are behind the 'gram! Because personally, I think I was...


095: How to Price Your Artwork & Strengthen your Money Mindset

Okay Passion Designers, I see you out there, shrinking back & becoming clammy every time someone asks you what the price of something is. It seems that we all feel like we are each the worst at selling our stuff. Can't we just do it for free and have a magical life where everything works out? Yep, I hear you! Pricing, negotiating, getting rejected, getting ghosted after giving's all pretty yuck. I'm super empathetic for every artist trying to price; through the years, I've become...


094: What’s Worked & Hasn’t Worked in the Past Year as a Full-Time Artist

A few people have messaged me lately asking how to get started in the art world and what my trajectory has been like. Although I think it's an ever-evolving world as an entrepreneur, with the world moving SO FAST, on this episode I'm talking about things I've done that have worked and haven't worked. As a spoiler, here are the top 2 things I learned most recently: A. Patience is key. I know, we all want things to happen like...yesterday...but the reality is success takes a lot of consistent...


093: My Favorite Method to Finding Your Most Profitable Niche

I've been thinking a lot about Niche-ing down lately. For the longest time, I worked hard to stay as open as possible so that I could get as many potential clients as possible. The weird thing about my method is that it almost ALWAYS backfires. Logical thinking would say that if you open up a pool to anyone, you will give yourself tons more options for people to find you. But the thing is, most of those people won't be right for you and you end up using tons of your time trying to please...


092: What To Do When You Feel Like You Aren’t Doing Enough

Anyone have a case of the "I'm not doing enoughs?" Thought so! Here are 10 things to remember when you find yourself anxious about being behind or that you'll never get to where you want to be. Listen in as I talk in detail about each one and how I'm working on them in my own work and life. You'll never totally "arrive," most likely you'll always want more and thus, more time Taking breaks actually can enhance creativity When we take off the pressure, we are able to be inspired instead of...


091: Creating a Fashion Company with a Cause | MOLLY FULLER DESIGN

I met Molly in Fashion school back at the University of Cincinnati. She was always creating extremely innovative designs, pushing design limits way past simply "next season's style." So I was super amped to see that she is in the midst of creating her own line of clothing for teens with Autism. After working at the Mayo Clinic after getting her Fashion Design degree, she noticed a need for the growing number of people with Autism and decided to address it herself, by creating fashion-forward...


090: Why You should plan a Trip out of your Comfort Zone

On the Passion Design Project website, I not only have the podcast but also keep a Travel Blog on there. I love writing about exploring different places and hope that others can find the blogs handy if they find themselves in the same spots! Pertaining to business, I think there are a lot of different ways to grow, and they don't always have to do with biz productivity like setting up the right systems. Sometimes, life experiences can help you grow in business, and often does. Where I grew...


089: 5 Simple Ways to Get Started

About 5 years back I started a "company," more like a blog called "Thee Bold." Spoiler alert: it stopped almost as quickly as it started, but the funny part about it is that I took forever to launch it. And by launch it, I mean, simply make the website public. It's like I thought the world would come sprinting towards the site once I made it go live. Nope. And instead of working at it, I decided it had failed. I had spent all this time getting little pieces together of the brand I was trying...


088: Working for Something MORE than just “Work”

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Starting and running your own business can and usually is a daunting task. People on Instagram love to show the beautiful, exotic, freeing part of working for yourself, but what's usually lost in that are the grueling hours of nothing happening or the numerous rejections that occur when starting out. It's super easy to feel like you're taking one step forward and then getting pushed 10 back from all directions. If you've started your own biz, I'm...


087: Leaving the Tech Start-up Grind to Lead a Life He Loves | CHRISTIAN PIUMA

Recently I met Christian at a Silicon Couliour meeting in Jackson Hole. As someone who left a secure (yet intense) life in the tech start-up world in San Francisco, I was anxious to hear how this change to a totally different lifestyle (snowboarding, travel, love, entrepreneurship, coaching) came about! On this Episode, Christian describes in depth how he left a life of burnout and stress in the tech world to leading a life he loves and looks forward to every day. Expect to hear: How to...


086: Having More Success by Adding More Value

If you're an entrepreneur or have a business or want to have a biz, what do you think about the most? I'm guessing you probably think about money quite a bit and how you're going to make it. I'm real guilty of putting my sole focus on how I can make a buck. I like to shuffle around the online space to see what's making money and then see how I can work those same methods. My biggest mistake came last year when I thought that a coaching course could bring me straight to financial freedom. I...


085: Getting over the Emotional Side of Rejection

When was the last time you were rejected? Maybe it was today or yesterday, or maybe a year ago and you're still upset and mad about it. Whenever it was, I surely can relate and am guessing most listeners can. I hate rejection. I really do. It's annoying, hurtful, makes me feel like I wasted time, is depressing, can crush a good day, must I go on.... Sometimes I look at people online and think, "Wow, must be nice to get everything so easily!" But is that really the truth? I've experienced an...


084: How to Create a Podcast from Start to Finish

Today I go over all of the details on how I started a Podcast. Kara wrote in with the following questions and I answer every single one in great detail. Enjoy and let me know if you start a Podcast!! What equipment did you start with? Where did you buy it? How did you prepare? How did you set up interviews and prepare for those interviews Editing, do you outsource a company that helps with editing? Did you have them all recorded before you started posting? How did you promote it? How to come...