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Leading and motivating teams to accomplish objectives while staying aligned within a shared process is challenging. To help you address this challenge, Host Kevin Pannell, PMP, and his guests share their industry-leading best practices that will save you time and provide actionable lessons to help you progress in your personal and professional life.


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Leading and motivating teams to accomplish objectives while staying aligned within a shared process is challenging. To help you address this challenge, Host Kevin Pannell, PMP, and his guests share their industry-leading best practices that will save you time and provide actionable lessons to help you progress in your personal and professional life.






From Too Blondes to Touring the U.S. with Comedian Chase O'Donnell

Chase O'Donnell is hilarious, and her Instagram series of reels "If Musicals Were Real" is amazingly entertaining. Chase has been in "the biz" for quite some time. Chase grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, started dancing at a young age, and made appearances on hit shows, including "Judging Amy." As Chase grew, she knew she wanted to make people laugh and pursued a career in standup comedy. Along the way, Chase wrote a play called "Too Blondes," in which she and Savannah Brown starred and...


Share Your Experience Before Your Opinion | Foundations Friday 81

While walking this morning I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman. This episode from Thursday, January 26, 2023, was part of the Rapid Response series and focused on how Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald not only kept the doors of Lululemon open during COVID, but grew the business. In the episode, Calvin shares how within your first 100 days as a leader it's important to share experiences for teams to consider, but not necessarily your opinion that may...


How to Start Up a High Functioning Project Management Office with Katie McCullough, PMP, MHA

In this week’s episode, we’re lucky to have seasoned Information Technology and Healthcare leader Katie McCullough. During this episode, Katie shares her over 25 years of Healthcare and IT experience as Katie, and I talk through her top 5 tips leaders should consider if they want to start up and maintain high functioning ProjectManagement Office (PMO) for their organization. Thank you all for listening. It was great to catch up with...


Are you Effective or Infective ? Leadership Lessons from Coach Prime | Foundations Friday 81

Deion Sanders or "Prime Time" is one of the greatest Defensive Backs to ever play in the National Football League (NFL). In fact, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2011. In addition to being a professional American Football player, Deion Sanders also put in a respectable career in Major League Baseball (MLB). But that's not why we're here today. Instead, we're going to focus on Deion Sanders' (now Coach Prime) positive impact on Jackson State University and the coaches, staff,...


KEV Talks Podcast Trailer

"Hello and welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast. This is the podcast for anyone interested in hearing industry-leading, best practice processes, particularly from people in the Healthcare, Technology, and Public Safety spaces. Lessons learned are shared and knowledge is passed on through facilitated conversations or solo episodes with host Kevin Pannell, PMP. Kevin shares his 20+ years of experience as a US Navy Veteran, Public Safety professional, and Healthcare IT Program and Project Manager....


Modern Day Leadership Guidance from Civil War Era Leaders with JD Baker of OMNA International

In November 2014, I was fortunate to meet JD Baker on the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg National Military Park. JD walked my fellow Public Safety and Incident Management Team (IMT) members and me through leadership decisions made on the same grounds 151 years earlier. This event was called a "staff ride" and was part of the L-580 Leadership is Action course. L-580 is designed to teach senior IMT leaders historical leadership lessons that can be applied in the modern era. This staff ride has...


Use 360 Feedback to Measure Your Effectiveness as a Leader | Foundations Friday 80

Sharing the concept of 360-degree feedback as a way to gather objective and anonymous feedback from your teams. Then, you can use this feedback to do continuous improvement on yourself as a leader.


Outcomes of Effective and Ineffective Leadership Behaviors

Sharing the leadership principles from Unit 2 of the United States Fire Administration (USFA) Type 3 Incident Management Team Training or O-305 course. to this podcast here Remember... Have a plan | Stay informed | Get involved | Godspeed


3 Life Lessons from my Alpha Dog Gringo | Foundations Friday 79

On January 5, 2023, my wife and I decided to put our dog Gringo down. He fought a good fight against Lyme Disease and old age, but it was time. This is never easy. We've had to make this decision twice before, and each time it broke our hearts. Gringo was a true Alpha Dog. He loved humans and set the tone around other dogs. In this episode, I'm sharing three life lessons I'll carry with me that Gringo taught me. Godspeed and RIP Gringo. We know you're leading the pack in Heaven.


Practical Application of 12 Project Management Principles

In Practical Application of 12 Project Management Principles from the PMBOK 7th Edition I share my $.02 on how to apply these helpful principles in the real world of Program and Project Management. The 12 principles listed and explained in detail in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th Edition provide helpful guardrails for new and seasoned Project and Program Managers. Throughout this episode, I'll list each principle from the PMBOK, then elaborate on how I've seen the...


Start 2023 Strong with these 5 Supplements | Foundations Friday 78

On this FF78 I’m going to share the top 5 supplements I take every day that I feel help me maintain good health and get better sleep. The Supplements: More...


How You Can Apply 7 Key Life Lessons I Learned in 2022

In How You Can Apply 7 Key Life Lessons I Learned in 2022 I’m sharing 7 of the most impactful lessons I learned and helped teach myself in 2022. More importantly, I’m going to share how you can learn from my challenges and kick off 2023 on the right foot.


2020 Summary Findings from a Study on the Health of our Emergency Responders | Foundations Friday 77

Sharing the summary and focus areas to help improve the overall health of our Emergency Responders. The summary is from a 2020 CrewCare report by ImageTrend. It includes feedback from over 4,100 Emergency Responders. Key takeaways: Read the full study at Godspeed


Building More Resilient Emergency Responders | Rhonda Kelly and the All Clear Foundation

On this episode of the KEV Talks Podcast ( @kevtalks ), Host Kevin Pannell and Rhonda Kelly, Executive Director of the All Clear Foundation ( @allclearfdn ), talk about how Emergency Responders can succeed, thrive, and matter using tools provided by the All Clear Foundation. Viewers and listeners will also learn about Rhonda's transition from providing emergency medicine aboard an icebreaker ship through her time on shift as a Firefighter and becoming the Executive Director of the All Clear...


Lavender Oils for the Win (A Science-Backed Sleep Solution) | Foundations Friday 76

In Lavender Oils for the Win (A Science-Backed Sleep Solution) I share the results of a 2015 scientific study. The study was conducted by Angela Smith Lillehei, Ph.D., Linda L. Halcón, Ph.D., MPH, RN, Kay Savik, MS, and Reilly Reis, MS that included 79 college students that reported difficulty sleeping. Lavender oil patches were used on college students in conjunction with good sleep hygiene habits (see Got Sleep). Alternatively, the other group also practiced good sleep hygiene, but without...


7 Challenges Program and Project Managers Faced in 2022 (And How to Navigate Them)

Whether you're new to Project Management or a seasoned Senior PM leading program-level efforts, there are 7 challenges you will inevitably face. In this episode, I talk through these and provide a path for new or seasoned Program or Project Managers to not only navigate through or around these obstacles but to also excel in the process. The 7 Challenges: Thank you for listening to 7 Challenges Facing Program and Project Managers in 2022 (And How to Navigate Them). Do these challenges...


Life is Full of Rewrites | Foundations Friday 75

I'm going back through old blog posts from and realizing how much better I am now at writing posts and recording podcast episodes than I was 1, 2, or 3 years ago. I also thought today how life is full of rewrites. It's never too late to make a change. Godspeed.


Stutz | You Have a Dog in the Fight

This episode is part film review of Stutz and a sharing of tools and techniques Jonah Hill and Phil Stutz provide the viewer in the documentary film of the same name. Have a plan | Stay informed | Get involved |


Agreements Are Not Enough in Public Safety - Action is Needed | Foundations Friday 74

Sharing a synopsis of my LinkedIn and website posts that highlight how when jurisdictions make proclamations to do better after something bad happens that it's too late. Two key failures typically occur before a disaster happens at a special event. Listen to this episode and go to to read more. Here is the story that got me fired up this Friday from Police1. Kevin


Stephen Skripak | From the Boardroom to the Classroom

Are you working in the corporate world but wondering what it would be like to teach students at a major university? In this episode I have a great conversation with Leader, Author and my neighbor, Stephen Skripak. Stephen and I discuss his pre-corporate life, his rise to the C-suite in the corporate world, transitioning to academia and his decision to retire while still at the top of his game.