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Learn From The Greatest Salesman In The World, Ep #8

Are you spending countless hours trying to become the greatest salesman? Are you taking time to develop mentally and spiritually? On this phenomenal episode, Matt shares how his attention has turned from reading books about real estate and finding deals (mastering his craft), to books that grow him mentally and spiritually. He has a constant hunger for knowledge, and encourages you to do the same! Recently, Matt discovered the book “The Greatest Salesman In The World” By Og Mandino, a...


One Rental At A Time Until You Are Financially Free, With Michael Zuber, Ep #7

Michael Zuber is an active buy-and-hold real estate investor. He is not an agent or broker, he simply uses the internet and agent relationships to drive his business. Michael just retired from his full-time job in March and is now focused on helping other investors learn the fundamentals. Michael joins host Matt Garabedian on this episode to share his story and inspire anyone looking to invest in real estate. You will learn the power of imperfect action, why it’s good to be fixated on a...


“The Deal Maker” aka Mark Evans DM Shares The Secret To Success, Ep #6

Mark Evans DM joins Host Matt Garabedian on this episode of the phenom Investor for a quick Q&A session about his secret to success, what makes him great and what he would do if he was invisible for a day. Mark Evans DM is a 7 time bestselling author; the creator of multiple innovative, cutting-edge real estate software; he’s the host of a popular podcast,; he’s a go-to real estate investing coach to the gurus, and he has students all around the world. Listen to...


Elevate Your Game or Go Back To Your Cubicle, Ep #5

Thinking about success will not bring success. To elevate your game, you must back your thinking with the necessary effort and action to move on achieving your goals. You must show up or show out. If you start, you must finish. It’s part of the grind. If you are in the game, you have nothing to lose by giving it all you’ve got. Your life is your creation. You have most things you need to shape it and make it incredible. It’s not something that happens to you — unless you abandon your...


Find Your “Why,” Then Build Your Legacy, Ep #4

If you have ever had a moment where you call into question your life goals, personal vision and how you will leave a legacy, then you will understand Matt’s focus for this clarifying and inspiring episode. Four years ago, Matt wrote down a few life goals that he felt inspired to pursue. This list included a vision for his life, the legacy he wants to leave and a few skills he wants to pass onto his children, among other things. Fast forward to the present, that list is more important to...


5 Traps That Prevent True Success, Ep #3

True success is not what you see every day on your Facebook or Instagram feed. Those are the destination stories, the descriptions of what has happened after many years of hard work. The temptation to think that you can suddenly become truly successful is one that we all have to avoid because true success takes a lot more work than that. In this episode of the Phenom Investor Blueprint, Matt shares 5 traps that will prevent you from experiencing true success. They are things common to...


Secrets For Getting Started In Real Estate Investing, Ep #2

When new investors think about getting started in real estate investing, they typically want to know all of the specifics regarding how to find properties, how to negotiate deals, how to know if you're paying too much for a property, etc. And though those things are important, they are not the most important things. In this episode, Matt shares the secrets he has discovered in his years as an investor that will help you as you are getting started in real estate investing. You won't want...


The Secret Key To Success: Personal Vision, Ep #1

Personal vision is not some mysterious thing you have to go to a guru on a mountaintop to find. It’s not a hidden mystery that is bestowed on you from the outside. It’s the answer to a very simple question: What do you really want for your life? Matt Garabedian is no stranger to the struggles that come from not knowing what you want to do. As a young man, he wasn’t sure what direction was best for him to take in life, but he was smart enough to take the advice of his grandfather and test...