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The PhorestFM podcast celebrates fresh perspectives and ideas on topics such as business management, marketing, retaining and motivating teams and generating new revenue streams. Episodes air weekly, sharing inspiring stories from the salon floor.




The PhorestFM podcast celebrates fresh perspectives and ideas on topics such as business management, marketing, retaining and motivating teams and generating new revenue streams. Episodes air weekly, sharing inspiring stories from the salon floor.






Live From The Salon Owners Summit 2023 With Geno Stampora

Geno Stampora — one of the most celebrated and awarded artists in beauty, an outstanding role model, industry expert and business guru — joins podcast host Zoé Bélisle-Springer for a remote interview on beauty beyond boundaries. Get your Salon Owners Summit 2024 tickets now: Get in touch with Geno Stampora: Read the transcript and subscribe to the PhorestFM email newsletter: Leave a rating & review:...


Live From The Salon Owners Summit 2023 With Sophia Hilton

Sophia Hilton — the multi-award-winning, self-made entrepreneur behind the Not Another brand — joins podcast host Zoé Bélisle-Springer shortly after her main stage presentation to discuss self-responsibility in leadership and how toxic workplace behaviours can show up and be passed on. Get your Salon Owners Summit 2024 tickets now: Learn more about Not Another Academy: Listen to the Not Another Podcast:...


Live From The Salon Owners Summit 2023 with Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman — inspirational speaker, author and founder of The Lions Barber Collective — joins podcast host Zoé Bélisle-Springer to discuss the Collective's projects and growth since he last was on PhorestFM in 2020. He also shares tips on active listening and spotting signs of behavioural changes, mental health problems and suicidal thoughts in salon clients. Get your Salon Owners Summit 2024 tickets now: Learn more about the Lions Barber...


Live From The Salon Owners Summit 2023 with Derek Anthony & Jill Ruone

Derek Anthony & Jill Ruone — the powerhouse team behind Culture Curators — join podcast host Zoé Bélisle-Springer to highlight the need for and discuss why salon owners should focus on creating a great culture within their business alongside being creative, innovative and proactive. They also define Culture Curators' Attraction Formula and Derek's 24-Hour rule. Get your Salon Owners Summit 2024 tickets now: Learn more about Culture Curators:...


Live From The Salon Owners Summit 2023 With Jason Everett

Jason Everett — founder of the High Performance Salon Academy, salon coach, inspirational speaker and author — joins podcast host Zoé Bélisle-Springer to share his thoughts on the Salon Owners Summit 2023 event. He also discusses his experience of writing a book and explains the difference between internal and external motivation. Get your Salon Owners Summit 2024 tickets now: Learn more about Jason & the High Performance Salon Academy:...


S07 Launches on March 6th, 2023

New episodes of the PhorestFM podcast are coming soon, and this season, we're getting personal! We've been having inspiring conversations with some of the industry's most innovative industry professionals, and we can't wait for you to hear them! Tune in for the seventh season of the show, launching Monday, March 6th, 2023. And just like the overlapping leaves that make the Phorest logo, every conversation on this show contributes to something larger than us, reminding us why we do what we...


Sophia Hilton on Leading Mindfully for a Positive Culture and Intergenerational Harmony

[260] A professional hair, beauty or spa business is only as strong as the team that holds it up. If you want to make your salon stand out for all the right reasons and hire a great team that lasts, offering a professional, people and growth-focused, rewarding place to work is an absolute must. Ahead of her presentation at the Salon Owners Summit 2023, we have the pleasure of wrapping the year up with multi-award-winning, self-made entrepreneur Sophia Hilton (@hiltonsophia) for a chat about...


Jen Baudier on Moving Past Dread and Entering Your Growth Zone

[259] Myths and self-limiting beliefs, i.e. "beliefs, world views or states of mind that limit you in some way that can be about you, other people or how the world operates", can hinder our progress and have us react in different ways: avoidance, dread, fight, flight or freeze responses, negative self-talk, etc. In a dynamic conversation, creator/co-owner of Bella Style Salon and PIP University professor Jen Baudier highlights the importance of forward motion and doing things scared and...


Maggie DiFalco on Planning a Smooth Exit and Succession for the Family Business

[256] Owner and leader Maggie DiFalco has invested over 25 years of her career to employing and mentoring young artists, giving back through charitable work and delivering outstanding guest experiences. When she retires, she'll be leaving big shoes to fill. But Maggie's not one to want to rush things. She wants to ensure the salon stays within the family and maintains its success well beyond her retirement. Hence, Jaclyn Gonzalez and Joe DiFalco have been steadily preparing themselves for...


Katrina Sutherland on Diary Management and Marketing for the Festive Season

[258] For salon and spa businesses alike, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas signal the busiest, most chaotic time of the year and can feel daunting to plan for. But it all comes down to keeping track of the year-on-year Ws and the Ls and getting your campaign ideas ready far enough in advance. Things start feeling much more manageable when you've got a plan and the right team to execute it. Featuring Katrina Sutherland, founder and owner of The Country Spa (@thecountryspa), this...


Erin Raber on Pin-Up Curls’ Transformative Journey From Slow to Flywheel Growth

[257] Loyal clients are the people that bring in referrals, typically spend the most with you, help create an atmosphere in your salon, and build genuine connections with you and your team. But no matter how good your client retention strategies and numbers are, there are always people who will leave, voluntarily or not. That's why ensuring you attract a steady stream of new clients (however small) is important. Featuring salon owner & educator Erin Raber (@theculturecurl) — and in a format...


Nikki Le on Self-Discovery, Healthy Striving and Creating Engaging Learning Experiences

[255] The more you discover about yourself and invest in self-development, the more your influence on others around you changes. And once you've embarked on that journey, one of the most powerful things you can do for your salon or spa is to cultivate a culture of education where connection, camaraderie, passion, purpose, fun, knowledge and empowerment are at the forefront. In this episode, hear entrepreneur and educator Nikki Le explain the key differences between education and mentorship,...


Britt Seva on Balancing Vulnerability and Self-Disclosure on Social Media

[254] If "authenticity" was already on all social media trend reports in 2019, today, it's what is expected in exchange for connection and loyalty. Across digital and in-person interactions with brands, consumers are looking for real two-way dialogues and relationships. But what does that entail? To find out, we must examine the "authenticity dilemma." In this episode, hear industry-renowned expert business coach Britt Seva's thoughts on professional vulnerability, the dangers of...


Geno Stampora on Learning to Live With Continued Disruption

[253] One of the most celebrated and awarded artists in beauty, an outstanding role model, industry expert and business guru, Geno Stampora is known for keeping the creative juices of beauty professionals flowing and bringing incredible value to every one of his contributions to the industry. In this week's episode — consider it a Salon Owners Summit teaser — he offers his thoughts on a keynote presentation delivered by CEO of Phorest Ronan Perceval earlier this year, celebrates the...


Abigail Walsh on Bringing the Salon Owners Summit Back to Ignite Growth and Action

[252] After a forced two-year hiatus, the flagship event of the year and Europe's most prestigious milestone on the salon ownership adventure is back and ready to inspire growth and action. Featuring Phorest's Global Events & PR Manager Abigail Walsh, this episode dives into everything Salon Owners Summit related: ethos, format change, attendee profile, venue change, speaker lineup... name it and we've covered it! Over 700 salon owners are expected to fly in to attend the thought leadership...


Stefania Rossi on the Costly Implications of Bad Hiring Decisions (And the Red Flags to Keep In Mind)

[251] In April 2022, a report commissioned by the National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) from Pragmatix Advisory confirmed a skills crisis in the hair & beauty sector — sharing that "57% of hair & beauty businesses in the UK have unfilled vacancies." While the report identifies threats to the sector's future in the UK specifically, we're hearing salon owners globally also talking about the challenges they're running into when finding, hiring and retaining skilled staff. In this week's...


Noam Auger on Celebrating Self-Acceptance & Working Beyond the Gender Binary

[250] The exploratory path to self-acceptance can be challenging in a world that often pushes so many expectations and judgements. We are told and encouraged to be ourselves from a young age, but that often comes with a silent reservation: "Be yourself, but don't make others uncomfortable." Workplaces aren't immune to society's deep conditioning and binary view of gender, and to quote gender deconstruction worker Dr Lisa Cravens-Brown, "socially constructed gender norms are — always...


Tara Rose Kidd on Breaking the Mould and Doing the Things That Scare You

[249] Every industry and even job comes with preconceived notions or stigmas. Still, when it comes to the hair and beauty industry, the most widely circulated ones cut deep and stick — often for far too long. Tara Rose Kidd, Founder of Tara Rose Salons and Training Academy, a salon educator and global keynote speaker, self-describes as an entrepreneur outlier. After launching her career as a hairdresser in the UK, Tara found herself seeking greater direction and purpose. Her quest brought...


Bonnie Conte on Visionary Leadership and Opening Doors to New Ideas

[248] What is your default leadership style? How do you lead your team towards your shared definition of success? Are you a strategic, democratic leader? Are you more of a coach? This week's conversation with salon owner and visionary leader Bonnie Conte (@avalonsalonspas, @vibesalonlakezurich) is an invitation to look at where your leadership style stems from and, more importantly, whether it's reflective of how you want to show up for your business and team. Tune in as Bonnie shares her...


Laura Graven & Brady Dahm on Inspired Action, Staying True to a Culture of Inclusivity

[247] There is vulnerability in sharing our experiences, strength in owning our identities and power in creating communities and work environments that feel safe. In this week's conversation, Laura Graven (salon owner @tailoredsalon, stylist) and Brady Dahm (hair designer, founder of The Trans Experience @bradysbeautyy) talk inspired action, openly recount various stories and memories and allow us a close up look into the Tailored Salon's culture of inclusivity. As you'll hear, it's one...