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Marketing Masterminds

EPISODE 4: Marketing - You Mean I Shouldn't Buy a Billboard?With new technologies and strategies constantly being developed, the approach to Marketing has seen dramatic change in recent years. RIA teams and industry leaders need guidance on how to leverage this critical channel for business growth and client engagement. How do you know if you are spending too much or too little on Marketing? How do you know you are receiving a return on your investment? To answer these questions, please join...


M&A - The Power of Inorganic Growth

EPISODE 3: M&A - The Power of Inorganic GrowthSo many firms want to grow inorganically and recruit established advisors to their firms and transfer their clients across, but what does this process actually entail? Is your firm M&A ready? How do you attract these advisors? What should the negotiation look like? Is the market too frothy right now? Ed and Gordon are joined by a panel of experts who live and breathe advisor recruitment every day: Mindy Diamond, Founder and CEO of Diamond...


The Science of Client Acquisition

EPISODE 2: The Science of Client Acquisition Growth is the lifeblood of any independent wealth management business. Adding new clients and assets is central to that growth. The best firms in our industry take a very deliberate, process driven approach. The Science of Client Acquisition takes a deep dive into some of the ideas and insights from industry leaders on this vital topic. Joining host Ed Friedman to explore this subject is Ken Haman, Managing Director of Alliance Bernstein, Erik...


Women on Wall Street

EPISODE 1: Women in Wall Street - When Socks Tell a StoryWhy have so few women joined the wealth management industry? What can the industry do to change this? What should a wealth management firm be doing to ensure it is attractive to female clients? Ed Friedman is joined by a panel of experts to discuss these questions and more: Michelle Smith, Founder and CEO of Source Financial Advisors, Penny Phillips, Founder and CEO of Thrivos Consulting, Sally Cates, Director of PR at Dynasty...