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E125 - Juliette Murphy, Co-founder & CEO of FloodMapp

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I discussed flood risk and flood risk assessment technology with Juliette Murphy, co-founder & CEO of FloodMapp. CONNECT WITH JULIETTE MURPHY: LinkedIn: FloodMapp Homepage: MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Elliot City, MD Flood: Slack: Monday Project Management: BOOKS RECOMMENDED BY: The Torrent by Amanda Geering:...


E124 - Louis Ziskin, Founder of Drone Operator, Dropin

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I had the pleasure to speak with Louis Ziskin, founder of Dropin. Dropin is pioneering the use of on-demand drone and video usage for claims and inspections. Dropin has 6 million "droperators" covering 56 countries. Aside from this, Louis has an inspirational story that you'll want to hear. CONNECT WITH LOUIS ZISKIN: LinkedIn: Dropin Homepage: MENTIONED IN THIS...


E123 - Insurance Innovation With Slice Labs

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Valerie Geogantas and Ernest Hursh of Slice Labs. Slice is one of the original "insurtechs". Well known for its on-demand coverage for home & ride sharing, Slice has continued to evolve. Slice Insurance Cloud Services helps, carriers, program admins & MGAs get products to market faster, digitally. CONNECT WITH: Valerie Georgantas - Ernest Hursh -...


E122 - The Data is Coming, The Data is Coming, with Carey Anne Nadeau of Open Data Nation

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, you can meet Carey Anne Nadeau, who will be a guest host of Profiles in Risk indefinitely. We talked about the overwhelming amount of municipal data being captured, ODN's mission for that data and how the insurance ecosystem can use that data and insight. Big Data has come to insurance, the data has arrived! CONNECT WITH CAREY ANNE NADEAU: LinkedIn - ODN -...


E121 - The BIG Announcement & An Interview with Sasha Dewitt, COO of Habit Analytics

BIG NEWS - Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder & CEO of Open Data Nation (ODN) will be a guest host of Profiles in Risk! Carey Anne will bring her own unique podcast style to PiR along with some serious data science chops to the show. I'm ecstatic that we can go into a deeper level on some serious topics in data science, insurance, startups and women in leadership/managerial roles. Buckle up as Care Anne brings the goods to you. Also in this episode, Carey Anne and I chatted with her friend Sasha...


E120 - Michael Porpora on Niche & Specialty Insurance

In this episode of Profiles in Risk I spoke with Michael Porpora a broker/agent in Staten Island. We discussed the importance of brokers & agents to focus on niche or specialty markets. CONNECT WITH MICHAEL PORPORA: BOOKS RECOMMENDED BY MICHAEL: 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson: Traction by Jonathan Walker: Traction by Gino Wickman: Traction by...


E119 - Preview of The Connected Insurance Conference 11/28-30 in Chicago

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I preview the Connected Insurance conference by speaking with Amandah Greiling (Zurich) and Chris Downer (XL Innovate) who both will be on stage at the event. The event is jam-packed with attendees & presenters, which we would expect from an Insurance Nexus event. Use discount code 4915INS200 to save $200 EVENT REGISTRATION PAGE CONNECT WITH: Amandah Greiling - Chris Downer -...


E118: Chris Stanley of IA Path on His New Book

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Chris Stanley of IA Path. Chris has authored his second book, the Independent Adjustor's Playbook, and we discussed why he wrote this book, who he wrote it for and what it was like writing versus the first book. CONNECT WITH CHRIS STANLEY: LinkedIn: Home Page: IA Playbook Order Page: SUBSCRIBE AT: Buzzsprout RSS: Google Play:...


E117 - Carl Van: Inspiring & Educating People To Improve Themselves

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Carl Van who has led the International Insurance Institute for over 20 years. Carl has teaching in his blood and his mission is to inspire people to improve themselves. CONNECT WITH CARL VAN: LinkedIn: Email: Phone: 504-393-4570 Home Page: BOOKS RECOMMENDED BY CARL: The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy:...


E116 - The End of Insurance As We Know It - Book Preview with Rob Galbraith

(If you are listening to this, you may want to watch our YouTube broadcast for better effect: In this special episode, Rob Galbraith, Carly Burnham and I discuss Rob's new book, The End of Insurance As We Know It. We discussed what is covered in the book, why Rob decided to write the book and what it was like for Rob as a first-time author. (Shout out to MC Razaire and Taryn Haas for their help in getting this book...


E115 - Geospatial Technology with Jon Sonnenschein of SpatialKey

Geospatial technology is much more than just mapping locations. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Jon Sonnenschein of SpatialKey and I discuss many of the new valuable ways geospatial technologies are being put to use in insurance. CONNECT WITH JON SONNENSCHEIN: LinkedIn: Phone: 203-794-2666 SpatialKey Homepage: MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Udemy: ESRI:...


E114 - Tony Interviews Attendees of Insurtech Connect 2018

Tony Canas interviews some attendees of Insurtech Connect 2018: CONNECT WITH: Scott Henry of LeakBot: Marci Devries of Fraud Sniffr: Luke Bronin, Mayor of Hartford, CT: Jesse Peterson of DroneBase: Matt Workman of DroneBase: Alex...


E113 - Wearable Technologies w/ Gabriel Glynn of MakuSafe

There are podcast guests where my goal is to make sure I can get what I understand of the guest out to the audience. Then there are guests that come onto the show where I know squat. This was one of those recordings. In this episode, Gabriel Glynn of MakuSafe (pronounce Make-You-Safe) discusses the new technology of wearable and their implications to worker's safety and workers compensation insurance. I learned a ton and I think you will as well. CONNECT WITH GABRIEL GLYNN: LinkedIn:...


E112: Insurance RegTech with Arleen & Ted Taveras of Spot on Insurance

This episode was fun to record. Arleen & Ted Taveras interviewed the Insurance Nerds a couple of weeks ago and this time, I get a chance at them. As you will see in this video, insurance licensing is a mess. Especially for me. Arleen & Ted help brokers manage the monotonous, yet critical task of managing insurance licenses and continuing education. No surprise...I plan on becoming a customer. CONNECT WITH ARLEEN & TED: Arleen Taveras: Ted...


E111 - Sean Harper, co-Founder & CEO of Kin Insurance

Kin Insurance is one the original insurtech startups in the homeowners insurance space. In this episode, co-founder and CEO Sean Harper and I discuss the founding of Kin, including Sean's thoughts as a consultant, on why they decided to tackle this problem, which challenges they decided to tackle first and the conundrum of taking risk as an MGA or carrier. CONNECT WITH SEAN HARPER: LinkedIn: Kin Insurance Homepage: MENTIONED...


E110 - Clark Poland of FEMA on FEMA's Goals For Disaster and Emergency Mitigation

This recording occurred 3 weeks ago. It is coincidental that it is being broadcast during the weekend of perhaps the worst hurricane to ever strike the Carolinas, Hurricane Florence. FEMA has many, many resources available for anyone affected by this event (if you are an insurance professional, you may want to take note of these): The FEMA mobile app ( as well as Disaster Assistance ( In this episode, Clark Poland and I...


E109 - Kurt Thoennessen, Founder of RiskRevu on Private Client Insurance & A Demo of RiskRevu Platform

This episode is sponsored by Insurance Nerds Day A full day of Ted-X Style talks, learning labs and networking! Saturday, October 6th in Chicago, IL for only $99 Go to to register In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Kurt Thoennessen. We discussed the Private Client/High Net Worth Space, his involvement with the PRMA, and Kurt was gracious enough to provide a demo (watch the video) of the RiskRevu platform & why he felt the compelling need to...


E108 - Discussing the Experience Mod and Workers Comp with Scott Knowles, CEO of Modgic

This episode is sponsored by Insurance Nerds Day Go to Insurance is a wide and vast ecosystem. We take things for granted. When I was told there was a tech company handling experience modification factors for workers compensation, my first instinct was why? I thought this was a government/regulatory function. As with many of my assumptions, I was wrong. In this episode, I spoke with Scott Knowles of Modgic. Modgic allows those dealing within workers...


E107 - There Is No Traffic On The Extra Mile with Paul Gaglioti, Founder of Diversified Risk Solutions

(Video of this podcast is available on our YouTube channel - link below) In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Paul Gaglioti of Diversified Risk Solutions. Paul tries to go the extra mile for his customers. Both in customer experience but also in problem-solving. Paul seeks out tough to cove exposures and finds the capacity to provide his clients with the coverages they need. Paul is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions for his customers who deal in hemp, fracking...


E106 - Preview of Rendez-Vous Reinsurance Conference in Monte Carlo (Sept 8-13)

Join us at Insurance Nerds Day, Saturday, October 6th in Chicago. Go to to register! In this episode, I spoke with Tom Johansmeyer of PCS. Tom provided a preview of the upcoming Rendez-Vous Reinsurance conference in Monte Carlo. CONNECT WITH TOM JOHANSMEYER: LinkedIn: SUBSCRIBE AT: Buzzsprout RSS: Google Play: iTunes: Overcast:...