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The Ep 3: Austin Tucker

Welcome to the, a modern forum for business conversations in insurance. Today, I’ve invited Austin Tucker to link up and chat about successful strategies for making valuable long-term connections, generating new business leads, or identifying partnership opportunities at conferences. You can read more from Austin via Insurance Nerds at


PiR - E163: Revolutionizing the Life Insurance Experience With Brent Williams of Benekiva

I met Brent Williams over a year ago at a conference (recorded here: Since then, I’ve had a chance to talk to Brent and his team on many occasions and each time I’ve walked away more and more impressed. About half-way through this interview, Brent brings up how the Benekiva solution can actually be a revenue generator to insurers, and something he told me a year ago finally registers...


The E2: Jason LaMonica, AXA XL joins host Carey Anne Nadeau of ODN

Welcome to The Golf Course, a modern forum for business conversations in insurance. Today, I’ve invited Jason LaMonica of AXA XL to join me for a round on the podcast. We chat about what it’s like to launch a new line of business and the importance of providing value-added risk management services and support to customers. For more information on Jason or subcontractor default insurance (SDI) visit: Let’s tee it off.


The - E1: Carey Anne Nadeau Interviews Nick Suhr, CEO & Founder KASKO

Welcome to the golf course, a modern forum for business conversations in insurance. On the golf course today, I chat with Nikolaus Suhr about how to have more innovation quicker. Nikolaus’s company Kasko is facilitating more pilots, with less money, specifically for insurance carriers. Kasko helps innovative insurers to shape the future of the industry. It offers an API-powered agile insurance product and distribution platform that operates between digital customer touchpoints and legacy...


PiR - E162: The Quest For The Perfect Model With HazardHub

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Josef Litchfield, Brady Foust and Bob Frady of HazardHub. We discussed their new US Wildfire model. What does it take to build a model? Well, it takes a ton of work, data and time. And unfortunately, when it's over, the process begins anew, because in the quest for the perfect model, the work never ends. CONNECT WITH: Josef Litchfield - Brady Foust -...


PiR - E161:Adam Painter on Adjusting, Claims, Podcasting and Beards

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Adam Painter, property claims adjuster, & podcast host. It is fitting that on this Memorial Day weekend, we salute people like Adam, who have forged new careers in insurance but once sacrificed his life for the US Navy as a Bomb Disposal Tech. Thank you for your service Adam, and thank you for sharing your story. CONNECT WITH ADAM PAINTER: LinkedIn - Homepage:...


PiR - E160: Innovating WITHIN Insurance with David Mocklow of Gramercy Risk

When the cat's away, the mice will play. In this episode, Wesley Todd of CaseGlide takes over the control booth at Insurance Nerds Central to interview David Mocklow. David is an insurance veteran. More importantly, David is innovating the insurance business model from within. David and Wes discuss the different ways and strategies needed to move the needle from within an established insurance organization and from within the industry. CONNECT WITH DAVID MOCKLOW: LinkedIn -...


PiR - E159: Phil Palmer on The Insurance Employment Marketplace

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Phil Palmer, recruiter extraordinaire. We discussed how to think about one's career, how to think strategically about positioning yourself not only for your next position but the position after that. We also discussed what companies are looking for and perhaps most interestingly, Phil believes that the talent gap may not be as bad as predicted as many of the lost jobs will not be replaced by humans, but with technology. CONNECT WITH PHIL...


In$urtech Rap!

WORLD PREMIERE MUSIC VIDEO from hot new artist C-Gold-Ru$h!


PiR E158 - Chris Paradiso, on Branding - Be You, Be Real

Be You, Be Real. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Chris Paradiso, agency owner and principal of Paradiso Presents, a firm dedicated to helping other insurance agencies develop branding in the digital and social media age. Your branding is one of the single most important things you can do as an individual or business professional. What is the image or first thing others think of you when they hear your name? Chris asked me about Geico and I was quickly able to recite their...


PiR - E156: Dustin Lemick, CEO of BriteCo on The Disruption of Jewelry Insurance

There are many issues that come up in providing insurance for jewelry. Perhaps the biggest single issue screaming for a solution, is in property valuation which in many cases creates conflict at claims time. The process of appraisal, and accuracy of proper valuation over time was screaming for an efficient solution using technology. Dustin Lemick, who has jewelry sales in his DNA, saw these problems and decided to solve this problem. In this episode, we discuss jewelry, valuations,...


PiR - E155: The 2019 Insurance Nexus Awards Show Preview

In this special episode of Profiles in Risk, I host a panel of judges for the upcoming Insurance Nexus Awards to be held on September 12, 2019, in Chicago. We discussed: - Why is it important to recognize excellence in our industry? - There are 4 categories with the word "innovation or innovative" in them. What does innovation mean to you? How did you go about thinking and quantifying it for judging purposes? - How much has pure technology played in "innovation"? How much innovation are...


PiR - E154: Chris Jarvis On What It Takes To Become Part of the 0.1%!

"Time is worth MORE than Money" - Chris Jarvis Chris Jarvis is a math nerd, former actuary, a Certified Financial Planner, a million dollar producer, and entrepreneur. In his dealings working for and with Billionaires, Chris came to an important insight: by studying hard and working hard, one can get into the top 1% of earners. But to get beyond that (such as to get into the top 0.1%), studying or working harder is unlikely to move the needle. At this level of earnings, time is another...


PiR - 153: Jennifer Overhulse on the Media, Publicity & the State of Insurtech

"Most things I worry about Never happen anyway" - Tom Petty (Crawling Back to You) Jen Overhulse gets to see hundreds if not thousands of insurtech companies via her work at St. Nick Media. If anyone has the pulse of the insurtech (insurance) industry, it's Jen. In this episode we discuss, insurtech, media, publicity and a lot more. CONNECT WITH JENNIFER OVERHULSE: LinkedIn - St. Nick Media Homepage - MENTIONED IN THIS...


PiR - E152: Starting a Florida Insurance Company From Scratch (Episode 2)

In this special episode of Profiles in Risk, my co-host Wesley Todd and I spoke with Jon Ritchie of American Integrity. This is part 3 of a special series Wes and I are doing in which we chat with senior execs of Florida based insurers. We discussed the challenges of starting a new insurance carrier from scratch in the toughest insurance market in the world. We discussed natural catastrophes, assignment of benefits, one-way attorney’s fees, the challenges of incorporating technology into...


PiR E151 - Stephen Applebaum on AI, Analytics & Preview of The Insurance AI & Analytics Conference

In this special episode of Profiles in Risk, I preview The Insurance Nexus Insurance AI & Analytics USA Conference (May 2 & 3 – Chicago: Use code INSNERDSAI200 to get $200 off) by talking about the upcoming conference with Stephen Applebaum, Conference Chairman & Managing Partner of Insurance Solutions Group. In this episode we discussed: ABOUT STEPHEN - Stephen, can you describe what you do? ABOUT AI, ANALYTICS & CLAIMS - You've been in insurance for some time, can you describe the...


E150: Hartford Insurtech Hub 2019 Spring Cohort

On this episode, Carey Anne Nadeau interviews the insurtech startups participating in the Spring 2019 Hartford Insurtech Hub accelerator, powered by Startup Bootcamp. Contact information for the startups are listed below & each will participate in a demo day on April 26, 2019. To attend, RSVP here ( 0:47 | Panya Chheng, Co-Founder & CO, Medyear. Visit: or email: & follow on social...


E149 - Insurance Stickiness & IoT With Pankaj Parashar, Co-Founder of Purple Ant

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Pankaj Parashar, co-founder of Purple Ant. Purple Ant seeks to enhance the stickiness of the homeowners insurance product with customers by using IoT and sensors to prevent and mitigate loss. We also discussed the origin of the name Purple Ant. CONNECT WITH PANKAJ PARASHAR: LinkedIn - Purple Ant Homepage - MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: OneNote -...


Ummm...Blooper Gold with Curtis Goldsborough & Nick Lamparelli

Here are all the audio cuts removed from my recent podcast with Curtis. Disclaimer - English was NOT my first language.