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Client Service Strategies that WOW

057: Client Service Strategies that Wow WITH ASHLEY UHL Ashley Uhl is the owner of Ashley Uhl Consulting which offers client service consulting for designers. Ashley has been cultivating a love of service her entire lifetime. Traveling extensively throughout the world early on in life, she developed an incredible respect, understanding, and interest in the five star service she encountered. Eager to expand her knowledge of service, Ashley gained her degree in psychology and minor in...


Year One of Profit Is A Choice

056: Year One of Profit is a Choice WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS Wow, I cannot believe that we are a year into this podcast journey of Profit is a choice. I am not sure if you all heard my beginnings in podcasting – but I started investigating a podcast in 2016. At that time, I determined the amount of time it would take was time I did not have available – so I shelved it. Then in 2018, I was able to create sustainable time in my calendar to create and produce the podcast. And now – here we are....


Creative Confidence Leads to Business Confidence

055: Creative Confidence Leads to Business Confidence WITH COURTNEY MCLEOD Joining me today is Courtney McLeod. She is the founder and principal of Right Meets Left Interior Design, an award-winning Manhattan-based full-service design studio. An avid colorist at heart, Courtney draws from a kaleidoscopic toolbox of texture, pattern, and color to create rooms evocative of one emotion above all others - joy. Her work has been featured in print both in the US and abroad - including the cover...


Community and Connection Even as an Introvert

054: Community and Connection Even as an Introvert WITH CAT FRENCH Cat French, founder of Catherine French Design, LLC. Cat runs a full-service interior design studio located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and a Specialization in Historic Preservation. After teaching the Environmental Design Studio at UNCG and giving presentations on interior design and historic...


Bookkeeping for Success

053: Bookkeeping for Success WITH EMILY MOORE On the podcast today is Emily Moore. She owns and operates the Bean Countery which is a Certified Profit First full-service accounting and advising firm. What started as a side hustle to save her soul from Corporate Finance has grown over the past decade. It is now a full-time passion of hers to meet entrepreneurs where they are and improve their business finances and overwhelm so they can live the life they crave. Emily lives near...


Confidence By Design

052: Confidence by Design WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS Today's podcast is another solo episode. In it, we're going to talk about confidence. It is really a big topic and one that I think we can all say is important as business owners. As well as, talk about how confidence relates to our profitability. As we jump in, in just a few minutes, we're going to talk about what is confidence. We're going to look at how our confidence can be shaken and some of the things that we can do to restore that...


Mother Daughter Design Team

051: Mother Daughter Design Team WITH EMMA CAROLE PARADIS AND KIMBERLY CAROLE On the podcast today is Emma Carole Paradis and Kim Carole, the owners and designers of Impeccable Nest, based in Bedford, New Hampshire. They are a mother-daughter team with a love of design. Originally from a beach town in California, now in New Hampshire, they bring a Southern California cool and a New England tradition to their design. Emma and Kim are going to share with us the unique challenges of starting...


Hiring Exceptional People to be Profitable

050: HIRING EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE TO BE PROFITABLE WITH EILEEN HAHN With us today is Eileen Hahn. She is a principal in the San Diego based management consulting firm, Organization Effectiveness Consultants (OEC). She partners with leaders of organizations to establish new levels of performance, financial results, teamwork, and employee work passion. Eileen is a delightful and engaging professional speaker and university instructor. She combines practical knowledge, tools and techniques with...


Design Psychology for True Connection

049: DESIGN PSYCHOLOGY FOR TRUE CONNECTION WITH MONIQUE BECKER Joining us today is Monique Becker of The Enlightened Nest (and Becker Home). Monique lives with her husband and sons in rural southeastern Pennsylvania in an imperfectly-perfect Victorian farmhouse. She offers design and custom window treatments to her customers. Monique has studied the psychology of design and shares that with us today. She believes houses are living, breathing entities, and are a direct reflection of who we...


Summer Stress Removed

048: SUMMER STRESS REMOVED WITH MICHELE WILLIAMS Today, on the podcast is me. This is going to be a solo podcast and we're going to be talking about a topic that I keep seeing online and discussing with my one to one clients in private. We will talk about the summer slow down. So we're going to dig into some options on how to handle the summer chaos with maybe kids at home. Also, how not to give up on your business during that time. As well as not missing out on an entire summer of fun...


Profit First Success Stories

BONUS: PROFIT FIRST SUCCESS STORIES with Kristin Mathis Joining me on the podcast today is Kristin Mathis. She is the owner of Distinctive Windows in upstate NY, a custom drapery workroom. She began sewing as a young woman, and when Kristin purchased her first home, she found a severe lack of quality ready-made window treatments available. Using her natural talent to sew her own window treatments, she fell in love with interior design industry. Today, Kristin is a member of the Window...


Business Protection is Necessary

047: BUSINESS PROTECTION IS NECESSARY WITH ANGIE AVARD TURNER, ESQ. On the podcast today is Angie Avard Turner, an attorney who loves pattern and color. After over 20 years in retail, 14 years in wholesale, and 8 years in licensing, Angie decided to meet a glaring need of creatives—an attorney who was familiar with the needs of creative entrepreneurs and an understanding of the law. Angie believes that her entrepreneurial experience coupled with her legal education uniquely situate her to...


Email Marketing that Works

046: EMAIL MARKETING THAT WORKS WITH KAE WHITAKER Joining me on the podcast today is Kae Whitaker, owner and CEO of Kae Whitaker Media Group. Kae specializes in helping service providers create automated marketing systems that close the gap in leads lost, enhance their sales processes and keep customers returning through delivering an amazing experience and increasing client referrals. Kae and I met at LuAnn Live and are co-authors of the book, A Well Designed Business The Power Talk...


Profit First Success Stories

BONUS: PROFIT FIRST SUCCESS STORIES WITH CHERYL SEDAKER Cheryl Sedaker is with us for another of the Profit First Success Stories. Cheryl started sewing at age 5 and, by her teenage years, she was already making clothes for other people. That's amazing to me! She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Cornell University and has a Master's from the University of Connecticut - specializing in clothing and textiles. SeaCheryl Designs began after Cheryl of corporate in 2005, so...


Sustainable and Scalable While Remaining Profitable

045: SUSTAINABLE AND SCALABLE WHILE REMAINING PROFITABLE WITH VITA VYSKGOVA Vita Vygovska is joining us today to talk about building businesses that are sustainable, profitable and scalable. She is an award-winning author, speaker, and window treatment specialist. Her company, Vitalia, Inc.- Fine Window Treatments & Interiors, is an all-encompassing fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management service exclusively for interior designers and architects. In business for over...


Instagram Strategies that Work

044: INSTAGRAM STRATEGIES THAT WORK WITH MARK MCDONOUGH Mark McDonough is with us today. With over 20 years of marketing expertise growing brands and making them explode online, Mark brings his expertise to the digital world. Mark, along with business partner, Kathleen Bandaruk, are shaping the face of the interior design industry by offering valuable content and tips in their fast-growing Facebook group, Interior Design Marketing. The Tastefully Inspired Agency prides itself on getting...


Managing Expectations From the Start

043: MANAGING EXPECTATIONS FROM THE START WITH CLAIRE JEFFORD On the podcast today is Claire Jefford. Claire began her award winning Interior Decorating firm in 2011 & quickly grew her business, boasting the highest reviewed design professional in the Greater Toronto area with 100 Houzz reviews. In 2017, Claire started a second business as a Business Coach. With a background in Human Resources, Claire is passionate about having organized processes, marketing & she also loves creating...


Staging and Interior Design can Coexist

042: STAGING AND INTERIOR DESIGN CAN COEXIST WITH SHAUNA LYNN SIMON Shauna is an award-winning home staging industry expert and business strategist, fiercely committed to guiding aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success in all facets of their business. She is A veteran of educating and inspiring entrepreneurs from all industries, and has built a thriving home staging and design business, been voted number one in her local region, and oversees a remarkable team of home staging and design...


Dreams Can Become Reality

041: DREAMS CAN BECOME REALITY WITH SHAWNA PERCIVAL Joining me on the podcast today is Shawna Percival, owner of Styleberry Creative Interiors. Shawna’s 10-year design career started with a Business, Art & Media degree, grew into the popular Styleberry Blog of the late 2000s, and became the flourishing design firm that Styleberry Creative Interiors is today. Shawna believes that an ordered, beautiful space is the fastest way to a family’s harmony and happiness at home — and she loves...


A Strong Core for Body and Business

040: A STRONG CORE FOR BODY AND BUSINESS WITH KOLLEEN LOSCH On our podcast today is Kolleen Losch, owner of Core Physique and Core 57. Kolleen is a certified personal trainer, as well as Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a Master Trainer for Trigger Point Therapy. Being a mom, wife, and business owner, she understands the demands our lives make that can interfere with our health and fitness. Her passion is making fitness realistic and...