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Interviews with people who have their own business and side projects. From yoga teachers, food bloggers, a world record beating Atlantic rower (in the making), to psychologists- Project Pod finds out how they developed their project, what they've learnt along the way, what are the ideas that drive their business and tips for people who might want to develop their own project or business.


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Interviews with people who have their own business and side projects. From yoga teachers, food bloggers, a world record beating Atlantic rower (in the making), to psychologists- Project Pod finds out how they developed their project, what they've learnt along the way, what are the ideas that drive their business and tips for people who might want to develop their own project or business.




20: #20: Megan Bruneau - Living an imperfect life

Today on the pod, New York based therapist and coach Megan Bruneau shares her thoughts and experiences on perfectionism and its role in anxiety and depression and also how open a therapist should be about their own mental health difficulties. We also talk about the online world and Instagram and how Megan seeks to share a different message that life is messy and that's ok...running counter to the many people and companies who are using this space to sell idealised and impossible things (find...


19: #19: Marianne Power: Does self-help help?

On the pod today, Marianne talks about her adventure in self-help to see whether it could change her life. Every month for a year and a half, Marianne followed the guidance of a different self-help book and documented all the things she did along the way in her quest for self-improvement. From life modelling, to chatting up stranger on the London underground, experimenting with rejection, running across hot coals and asking angels for advice - Marianne tried a host of things as part of her...


18: #18: Emma Gunavardhana: The Emma Guns Show - Creating a successful podcast

In today's episode I had the total pleasure of speaking with Emma Gunavardhana - podcaster, writer, brand consultant and all round lovely person. We spoke about about all things podcast related - the reason why Emma started the podcast, how the podcast - as she put it - saved her life, after starting it almost 3 years ago at a tough time. We talked about Emma's wish to share the stories of all the hard working, fun and inspiring people she worked with - initially starting with brand...


17: #17: Jeannie Gordon: The Ministry of Parenting

Jeannie has run the Ministry of Parenting, a community interest company (CIC) over the last 10 years in Essex - providing parenting programmes and training programmes for professionals. Jeannie talks about why she started the business, and why she chose the CIC model rather than a charity. We also talk about what makes a group run well for parents - and discuss things like the importance of having a range of different views in a group. Jeannie talks about where the company is at, 10 years...


16: #16: James Blick: Co-founder of Devour Tours

James' passion to help people discover the places in Madrid with the best food and to support the people and places serving it, led to him co-founding Devour food Tours, connecting people to the stories and people behind the food - providing a real insight rather than a magical vision of the places and people. James talks about his non-linear path to starting Devour and shares some of the vital lessons he's learnt along the way - from valuing your time properly; sitting down, doing the work...


15: #15: Kiko Matthews: World records, Wadi Rum Run and finding your purpose

Kiko Matthews, adventurer and campaigner is back on the pod! Since we recorded the first podcast together (Project Pod #2!) a year and a half ago a lot has happened! Following brain surgery for a rare life-threatening condition, Kiko went on to break the world record for fastest female solo crossing that she was training for last year (49 days at sea!). Kiko then took up running (in her usual style of taking up an activity she has never done before in order to do a mega challenge) and ran...


14: #14: Absalon Copenhagen: Creating Community - Alex Prout & Casper Frederiksen

Today I spoke with Alex Prout and Casper Frederiksen who manage Absalon folkehus (literally 'peoplehouse') in Copenhagen - which describes itself as your living room away from home - a place where you can go and have a coffee, hang out with pals,have a drink at their bar, work by yourself, or take part in their 'fællesspisning' - community dinner -which is a dinner they organise every day that you can go to by yourself or with friends and family. Absalon was started 3 years ago by Lennart...


13: #13: Cepee Tabibian: Working as a digital nomad and creating online and offline creative communities

Cepee shares her story of moving to Spain over a period of years via Texas and working as a digital nomad in online marketing. After several stints in Spain Cepee decided to come back to the country she loved and made a plan. One year of teaching English and no more; she would carve out a career for herself in a different field. Cepee takes us through her process of transitioning to work online in digital marketing and the creation of two online/offline communities- She Hit Refresh (for...


12: #12: Shaheen Samavati: Entrepreneurial journey, from the States to Spain

Shaheen talks today about moving to Spain from the U.S. where she was working as a journalist. Shaheen had become increasingly interested in the entrepreneurialism in the States and decided to do an MBA in Spain, and then worked as a freelance journalist and was involved in a number of business projects. She was a founding member of Spot-a-Home - the Spanish property rental website- an experience which she describes as 'a crash course in running a business'. From Spot-a-Home, Shaheen went on...


11: #11 Jeanne Patti: From corporate to creating her career coaching business

Jeanne shares her experience of moving from a corporate role to creating her own business. Based on her passion for the Kiersey temperament approach - helping people to understand themselves and other people better - Jeanne started working with this on the side of her day job. She never imagined it would lead to her creating a business from it. In this episode we talk about the 4 different temperaments and their associated traits and how this knowledge can help us improve our relationships...


10: #10 Nicole Est: Figure out what you want and how to ask for it - making the transition from corporate life to digital nomadry

Nicole shared her story of moving from her corporate job in Germany to working remotely as a career coach, most recently in Costa Rica - which had been a dream of hers to make surfing part of her daily life and work. Nicole talks about the process of creating her ideal day which she dreamt up 6 years ago, the steps and experiments she took along the way, deciding not to be a yoga teacher, and eventually creating a surf coaching business for late surf beginners (Nicole herself only started...


9: #9: Helen Reynolds: Stepping off the treadmill, creating space to explore and have fun, and bringing it all back together in life post-sabbatical

Helen trained as a Clinical Psychologist and decided to take some time out from a very busy job and career in London to go on an adventure driving from the UK to Portugal to spend time by the sea in Sagres. Helen talks about buying a van and doing it up from scratch with her family and friends and then setting off on her sabbatical. She mentions the initial tension and fear around taking time off from what feels like a secure career, questioning what you're doing and feeling the pressure of...


8: #8: Project Love founder Selina Barker: Embracing imperfection and experimenting to try things out and find your thing

Selina Barker is one half of the brilliant Project Love with Vicki Pavitt. Project Love developed from a series of podcasts back in 2014 looking at love and relationships (with topics like: how to get out of your head and into your body; creating a space for love; how to love without losing yourself; how your inner shitty committee might be getting in the way of finding love….) as well real love stories with people about their relationships and how they met their partner. Project Love is all...


7: #7: Dr. Naira Wilson: On not waiting for someone else to give you the life you want

I spoke with Naira about her process of developing her business- a child and young people's psychology service - The Little Therapy Room - alongside working in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist. We talked about actively creating the life you want and challenging the fear that things will go wrong that we have when developing a business or project. Recorded in Winter 2017 Naira can be found at: Thanks for listening and if you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe...


6: #6: Much Bites founder Wesley Muchimwe: Creating a food blog, building an audience and going from working solo to building a team

In today's pod we talk about how Wes has developed his Madrid (and now UK-based) food blog, Much Bites, over the past 4 years. We talk about creating engaging content, listening to your audience (who will be small to start with!) going from working solo to creating a team and why Wes does all of this! As Wes says, if you have a project you believe in and want to create- don't give up, keep going and look for supportive people to come along with you, as this makes all the difference. I hope...


5: #5: Gail Love Schock: Spiritual mentor & meditation teacher - coming back to ourselves when we don't know what our next step should be

Gail talks about her work using tools like meditation and tapping to help us reconnect with ourselves in mind and body in order to move forward in our lives and decide what our next step should be when we're feeling stuck. Recorded in July 2017 Gail can be found at: Instagram: gail_loveschock


4: #4: Michael Back: Finding your value in order to develop your business idea and the importance of saying thank you!

Michael talks about the process of developing his own digital marketing business, and how finding your value by experimenting and trying things out is an essential part of developing a business. Michael also talks about his project, which runs throughout November and harnesses the positive power of saying thank you to people. Recorded in October 2017 Michael can be found at:


3: #3: Louise Miller: Virtual Assistant & Productivity Mentor: Mindful productivity and developing a business that fits around you

Recorded in June 2017


2: #2: Kiko Matthews: Life changing challenges - overcoming illness and training to row the Atlantic solo (and break the world record!)

Kiko Matthews shares her amazing story of training to break the world record for fastest Atlantic solo crossing by woman after overcoming serious illness. After suffering a pituitary tumour 7 years ago, Kiko decided to leave her job as a teacher, and start her her own SUP business before deciding to take up rowing in order to challenge the world record for fastest female Atlantic crossing. The path to training was not smooth sailing/rowing however - as you will hear in the intro. Kiko is a...


1: #1: Natural Yogi founder Eliza Coolsma: Career change and moving countries - training as a yoga teacher and creating your own business

In the very first pod, Eliza talks about the process of changing career and moving countries. Eliza moved to Spain from the Netherlands via Denmark where she was working as a magazine journalist. In Madrid she created her own yoga, meditation (and now ayurveda)-based business, the Natural Yogi, and she speaks about process of becoming a teacher- from deciding she wanted to teach at age 21, to trying out her first classes with her friends to creating her own company. Eliza mentions how...