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EP6- Get involved! The 2019 RESNET Conference is already gearing up!

Where does the Home Energy Rating industry meet every year? At the RESNET conference, of course! Listen in as Emma Bennett, RESNET staffer, fills us in on all the aspects of the upcoming 2019 conference. Mark your calendars and save the dates for this fun, engaging and educational event to be held February 25 -27, 2019 in New Orleans, LA. This coming year’s conference theme is: Go Forward Together. One link gets you to right to all the information you need as an attendee,...


EP5- Investment in Growing the Demand for HERS Ratings with Val Briggs

In today’s episode, host Bill Spohn welcomes Valerie Briggs, Communications Director for RESNET. Val shares the many different communication channels RESNET is now using to engage with stakeholders to help achieve the goal that RESNET has for the year 2020: that 50% of all new homes be energy rated. This boost in communications activities is funded in part by the increase in rating fees, hence RESNET has really committed to reinvesting in growing the market for ratings. You’ll hear...


EP4- Enhancing Consistency of HERS Rating Software with Steve Baden

In today’s episode, your host Bill Spohn welcomes Steve Baden, Executive Director for RESNET to discuss how RESNET is working to enhance the Consistency of HERS rating software results. RESNET acknowledges that rating scores have varied depending on the software used and this impacts the quality and impact that a rating can have for all parties. Additionally, RESNET understands this core topic can generate frustration amongst raters. He details out the many continuous improvement...


EP3- RESNET's New Water Efficiency Rating with Ryan Meres

In today’s episode, host Bill Spohn welcomes Ryan Meres, Program Director for RESNET who discusses the new HERS H2O rating; a Water Rating index. Ryan takes us on a journey describing many facets of HERS H2O including the driving forces behind this project, how this standard is being developed, as well as the efforts being put in to provide the highest quality data in a water rating. Ryan walks us through the process of a HERS H2O rating demonstrating how it easily “tacks on” to a Home...


EP2- Enhancing the Quality of HERS ratings a conversation with Laurel Elam and Scott Doyle

In this episode, your host Bill Spohn welcomes Laurel Elam and Scott Doyle, two team members at RESNET dedicated to Quality Assurance. They discuss the importance of high quality information as a key component to help achieve the goal that RESNET has for the year 2020: that 50% of all new homes be energy rated. We also hear about the mountains of data that are collected and the new systems being put in place to use that data to the benefit of all stakeholders. You’ll hear about the...


EP1- RESNET 2020- Goals and Action Plan with Steve Baden

REStalk- EP1 Show Notes Welcome to the new RESTalk podcast! In this inaugural episode, your host Bill Spohn welcomes Steve Baden to talk about RESNET’s goals for 2020. Steve is the executive director of RESNET, the Residential Energy Service Network, the top national organization for Home Energy Ratings. Steve will paint the big picture of the bold internal challenges set by the RESNET’s board of Directors in 2013. He will discuss the changes in the way quality assurance is be done, the...