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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is a people-centric data podcast hosted by Rob Collie, Founder/CEO of P3 Adaptive, a Premier Microsoft Power Platform Partner. Rob and his guests share entertaining stories as well as insights, expertise, and anecdotal stories about Business Intelligence, the Power platform, and the world of data . . . with the human element. More of a casual conversation, this podcast exemplifies P3 Adaptive/s “mullet” approach: business in the front, party in the back!


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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is a people-centric data podcast hosted by Rob Collie, Founder/CEO of P3 Adaptive, a Premier Microsoft Power Platform Partner. Rob and his guests share entertaining stories as well as insights, expertise, and anecdotal stories about Business Intelligence, the Power platform, and the world of data . . . with the human element. More of a casual conversation, this podcast exemplifies P3 Adaptive/s “mullet” approach: business in the front, party in the back!








A Lesson in Recent History Cures Today's AI Uncertainty

Welcome to this week’s edition of Raw Data, where we're diving into a timely discussion on the evolution of AI and its comparison with revolutionary technologies of the past, like Power BI. This episode features host Rob Collie and co-host Justin Mannhardt engaging in a deep dive into the hype cycles that have surrounded transformative tech over the years. Drawing on Rob’s rich experience, we take a step back in time to explore the transformative journey of Power BI, a tool that redefined the landscape of business intelligence by making sophisticated analytics accessible, swift, and economical. This story of innovation and foresight is juxtaposed with the current state of AI— a field bustling with potential yet shrouded in a mix of anticipation and ambiguity for many businesses. In this episode, Rob and Justin dissect the realities behind the AI hype, urging a pragmatic approach towards technological adoption. They highlight the importance of mastering existing analytics tools like Power BI, which many organizations have yet to fully leverage, before being swept up in the whirlwind of AI enthusiasm. This practical perspective is essential for businesses aiming to make meaningful advancements in their digital transformation journey. As we navigate these discussions, the episode serves as a beacon for those looking to understand the true impact of AI in the context of proven technologies. It's a call to action for focusing on tangible business problems, employing a strategy that prioritizes impactful solutions over the allure of the latest tech trend. If you're excited by the intersection of AI, analytics, and business strategy, you can’t miss this episode. And as always, if you enjoyed this episode leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform. Your feedback helps shape our content and reach more listeners. Additionally, for those eager to dive deeper and share your thoughts, we invite you to join our LinkedIn Steering Committee. Your insights and suggestions are what shape our journey forward, illuminating paths to future episodes and discussions. Want to know more about Fabric and AI? AI Isn't Scary When You Break it Down: Five Use Cases Approachable Today Ten Business Upgrades Within Your Reach in 2024 Fabric - It's GA (GO) Time! Should We Be Skeptical About Microsoft Fabric? Mailbag #1: Python, Fabric, and Mullets oh my! Fabric is Nothing, But it's also Everything!


Reimagining the Three Core Financial Reports w/ Daniel Harley

Welcome to this week’s journey on Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, where we’re thrilled to feature Daniel Harley, a beacon of innovation at the intersection of finance and modern data analytics. As Director of Client Services at P3 Adaptive, Dan exemplifies the bridge connecting the steadfast world of traditional finance to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Power BI. In conversation with Rob Collie and Justin Mannhardt, Dan shares details on how Power BI is revolutionizing the way we approach the foundational elements of financial reporting: the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. From his early days navigating the depths of finance to his journey to expert in the data analytics sphere, Dan’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing modern analytical tools for enhanced insight and strategic foresight. In today’s episode, Dan also shares insights from his direct involvement in transforming financial reporting for a company navigating through substantial changes. This discussion provides a practical look at Power BI’s capacity to not just streamline operations but to elevate financial data as a pivotal asset in strategic decision-making and planning. For anyone interested in how finance and technology come together, this talk highlights the future of financial analytics and shows how tools like Power BI are key to making better business strategies and improving how companies work. As always, if you enjoyed the show, we encourage you to subscribe to Raw Data by P3 Adaptive on your preferred podcasting platform. Want to engage with us directly? Join our Raw Data by P3 Adaptive Steering Committee on LinkedIn and share your opinions and suggestions for future episodes and guests!


Are You Getting the Most Out of Power BI?

In this episode, Rob and Justin offer insightful methods for assessing if your organization is truly harnessing the full potential of the platform. They outline specific "symptoms" to diagnose limited impact - like lack of stakeholder excitement, delays in answering new questions, and overreliance on Excel exports. These symptoms signal opportunities to better leverage Power BI, even without outright failure. Rob and Justin also review technical diagnostics like high report-to-model ratios and poorly structured data models. These tangible checks provide actionable next steps for improvement. Beyond diagnostics, they explore best practices for aligning analytics to business strategy. Justin details his process for ensuring data models, reports, and insights directly tie to key outcomes for sales, marketing, operations, and other groups. They even debate the pros and cons of enabling direct data model access for business users. Peppered with engaging stories, Rob and Justin make practical recommendations for overcoming common data analysis hurdles. So, whether you're looking to grasp fundamentals or refine advanced skills, this episode delivers clear, relatable advice for maximizing business insights with Power BI. Dive into this informative session to rethink how you use Power BI. And don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Your feedback supports the show and helps more people discover it. Also in this episode: Listening to Your Stakeholders is Harder Than You Think Creating a Theater of Excitement in Analytics w Austin Senseman


A Transformational Power BI Success Story at Medtronic w/ Luciano Miranda

This week, gear up for an episode packed with insight and excitement! Our guest Luciano Miranda, Vice President of Analytics and Insights for Global Operations and Supply Chain at Medtronic, took us on quite a ride this week. His globally dispersed team helps inform critical decisions across Medtronic’s far-reaching supply chain using the power of data. What began as a scrappy five-person team doing their best in Excel has blossomed into an analytics powerhouse delivering insights that assist over 90,000 Medtronic employees. But it wasn’t easy getting there. From adopting new technologies to overcoming changes in organizational structure, Luciano kept his focus squarely on delivering value to stakeholders. By putting relationships before process and always taking the “learner path” over the “judger path,” he turned obstacles into opportunities for growth. The future holds even more change as AI promises to amplify our capabilities. But Luciano sees a bright future where these technologies enhance the power of dashboards and the insight of analysts. He chooses to ride the waves of change rather than be overcome by them. The human element still reigns supreme. As always, if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to help new listeners find the show. And be sure to subscribe for new episodes delivered weekly to your inbox! Note: Everything we talked about is for non-medically cleared or regulated applications, simply internal analytics. Also in this episode: Medtronic: Microsoft Customer Stories Formula 1 Ted Talk "Principles" by Ray Dalio Spotify and AI NBA coach Doc Rivers and Analytics


Listening to Your Stakeholders is Harder Than You Think

Do you remember when Ryan Spar joined us a couple of weeks ago to discuss that amazing hockey stats dashboard? Well, we're heading back onto the ice to delve deeper into that theme, but with a new twist. This time, we're homing in on something incredibly crucial, yet often elusive in the world of data and beyond: the art of really listening to what people have to say. In today's episode, we circle back to Rob's Amazing Indy Inline Hocky Stats Dashboard. Initially, it captivated us with its insightful analytics and dynamic visuals, but the journey didn't stop there. With an unexpected gap in his schedule, Rob took the opportunity to share how the project is evolving, fueled by ongoing feedback from players and data enthusiasts alike. He reveals how the transition from merely displaying data to actively incorporating stakeholders' feedback has elevated the dashboard, making it a more meaningful and inclusive tool for the entire hockey community. So, strap in for an episode that seamlessly blends sports, data, and the power of effective communication. Discover the transformative impact of not just showcasing numbers, but truly understanding and responding to the needs and voices of those involved. If this episode resonates with you, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform and and be sure to stay tuned for more Raw Data stories! Also on this episode: Barton Fink


AI Isn't Scary When You Break it Down: Five Use Cases Approachable Today

Today, we're taking you on a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of AI, and we want you to feel like you're right here with us, exploring the tools and features that can truly supercharge your business. Imagine this: harnessing the power of AI to predict customer loyalty and prevent them from drifting away – it's all about aligning AI projects with your business goals, without getting caught up in the buzz or getting left in the dust. While some of the latest AI tech is still in its testing phase, Rob and Justin are excited to encourage you to jump right in and start experimenting. Take a moment to explore AI apps on your phone, strike up a chat with Microsoft Copilot, and watch the magic unfold as you introduce your data into the mix. Think of it as a quick dip into the captivating world of AI, where possibilities are endless. Both Rob and Justin agree: AI holds immense potential, and businesses that hesitate to explore it might just miss out on groundbreaking opportunities. Oh, and one more thing before you go – if you've enjoyed our podcast, be sure to leave a review on your favorite podcast platform to help new listeners find our show! MS Copilot App (Google Play) MS Copilot App (Apple Store) Chat GP3 App (Google Play) Chat GP3 App (Apple Store)


Inline Analytics Doesn't Mean What You Suspect it Means, w/Ryan Spahr

Do not adjust your streaming platform, it is indeed a special Wednesday edition of Raw Data! Today's guest is Ryan Spahr, an Indy local with a double life...he's a lawyer AND a community leader! Ryan is partly responsible for the creation of Indy Inline Hockey, a recreational hockey league that also revitalized a community park from an unusable shell to a vibrant hub for all sorts of events! Rob, being Rob, discovered that the league was seriously lacking in any sort of reporting and has now introduced the Power Platform into the mix and has created THIS neat dashboard! In this episode, Rob and Ryan discuss how this all came to be, feel free to play along at home and click around Rob's creation!


Creating a Theater of Excitement in Analytics, w/ Austin Senseman

Roll out the virtual carpet, devoted listeners! This week on Raw Data, we've got a standout guest - none other than Austin Senseman. You might recall Austin from the show's early days when he was part of the Power Pivot Pro crew. Well, he's returned to the P3 hub, just as we're ramping up the intensity... and he's armed with tales from his entrepreneurial journey since going solo. In this episode, Rob and Justin dive deep into Austin's sensor technology startup, Conserve, and his recent adventures scaling mountains. But the conversation keeps gravitating towards Austin's first passion - you guessed it, DATA. They delve into all things Power BI and the astonishing pace of innovation emerging from Microsoft. Rob and Austin take a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the enchantment of those initial Power Pivot days and getting hyped about the thrilling transformations ahead for businesses with Power BI and Microsoft Fabric. So fasten your seatbelts for a high-octane session with an old comrade who's experienced the startup world from both sides and continues to return to his P3 family. As usual, if you enjoy the show, drop us a review on your preferred podcast platform to help new listeners discover us. And don't overlook hitting the subscribe button for fresh episodes delivered directly to your inbox!


Getting Unstuck and Unlocking Ambition w/ Kristal Searle

Are you feeling stuck trying to tap into your organization's data? Today we’re diving headfirst into 2024 with a discussion with Kristal Searle, Director of Strategic Operations for Coleman Oil that can illuminate the path that gets you unstuck. Listen in as Rob and Justin chat with Kristal Searle, a finance leader turned digital transformation driver. Kristal shares her journey from tentative Power BI beginner to confident head of BI strategy, crediting the P3 Adaptive approach for accelerating her capability along the way. Through hands-on projects, Kristal saw firsthand how Power BI could provide real digital action versus more typical mystical transformations. We discuss false starts with other tools, the power of rapid iterations to prove concepts, and what it takes to build ambition for organization-wide change. Kristal offers sage advice on getting unstuck - from both data and outdated processes - to drive profitability. While respecting her accounting roots, Kristal has grown to appreciate and harness the similarities between the rhythms of month-end close and the potential for real-time reporting. With longtime P3 partners by her side, she transformed not only systems but also her personal mindset and skills through tangible steps. The moral of the story: your title doesn’t define your actual skills, duties, or goals. As you prepare for the inevitable changes of 2024, this episode can give you a heads up on the competition by sharing real stories of how P3 Adaptive and the Power Platform can help enable and realize your BI and Improvement ambitions, letting you, not the tools, be the star in the process. As always, if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe now so you never miss an episode of Raw Data by P3 Adaptive! And please leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to help other listeners find our show.


FOBO - The Fear of Becoming Obsolete (And How to Navigate It)

In this episode, we embark on an engaging journey with a twist—it's Rob's first solo venture! Today, Rob dives deep into a thought-provoking question: Can platforms like LinkedIn ignite FOBO - the Fear of Becoming Obsolete? He deftly navigates the intricate world of FOBO, exploring its potential ties to platforms like LinkedIn and posing some tough questions. Are these digital landscapes fostering the Fear of Becoming Obsolete? But our exploration doesn't stop at social media. Rob's known for tackling hard-hitting topics, and today is no different. He also addresses another pressing concern: the fear of new technologies and the looming presence of AI. Are these fears genuinely justified, or are they as fragile as a house of cards? Stay tuned, dear listeners, as we dive deep into the essence of FOBO, using it as a catalyst for growth and an enduring source of learning. And remember, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review on your preferred podcast platform to help new listeners discover our show!


The I in "BI" Stands for Improvement

We’re calling BS on lazy BI. For too long, dashboards and reports have glorified their ability to inform while taking zero ownership over actuating decisions or ensuring actions. Proof? How many times have you rotated from screen to screen like an overworked copy-paste minion? In this episode, we expose reporting's dirty little non-action secret and provide tips to evolve your analytics from passive to active. Learn to design for actionability, build automated assists around report insights, continually track business impact, and ultimately wring more value from data by moving from identification to improvement (while massively reducing operational suffering!). If you’re tired of solutions that sound smart but barely lift a finger to drive results, this episode is for you. Let’s stop celebrating sexy viz and get serious about visibility leading to actionability. Real outcomes over pretty charts! Tune in now.


Ten business upgrades within your reach in 2024

Feeling behind the curve when it comes to leveraging data and technology in your business? Stuck relying on manual processes and gut instinct instead of actionable insights? You're not alone. Tune into this special episode as hosts Rob and Justin reveal 10 achievable ways you can use data to transform your business in 2024. No fancy tech skills or big budgets required. Learn how you can break free of Excel reporting, gain visibility across departments, and take the guesswork out of important decisions. Hear practical tips for unleashing marketing analytics, optimizing cloud investments, and even dipping your toe into AI. We’ll also tackle ways to modernize budgeting and transform manual, offline processes to boost efficiency. If you want to compete above your weight class in the year ahead, this episode is a must-listen. You’ll discover quick wins to drive profitability, service, and growth while creating capacity for the human strengths machines can’t match. The tools to punch above your weight in 2024 are more accessible than ever. Tune in now to start planning your next plays.


Fabric – It’s GA (GO) Time!

Hey there, folks! Today is THE day we've all been eagerly waiting for – the Fabric GA release! I'm absolutely thrilled to bring you this exclusive live episode, joined by my partner in crime, Justin. Together, we're about to dive headfirst into the most groundbreaking news and updates that come with this monumental release. It's like having a front-row seat at a thrilling event, and you won't want to miss out on a single moment. So, grab your snacks, kick back, and let's embark on this unforgettable journey together! But this episode is more than just an overview; it's a deep exploration into the future of data and analytics. Justin and I will be your guides as we unpack all the can't-miss announcements and unveil the exciting road ahead for the Fabric community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the Fabric universe, this episode promises something for everyone. So, stay tuned, stay engaged, and get ready to be a part of the Fabric GA release like never before!


Should we be skeptical about Microsoft Fabric?

Welcome to another riveting episode of the P3 Adaptive podcast, where we cut through the hype and take a deep dive into the enigmatic world of Microsoft's Fabric. Today, we confront the burning question: Should we be skeptical? In recent episodes, the buzz around Fabric has been deafening, with phrases like "brand new direction" and "super ambitious" lighting up the analytics sky. But here, right now, we plunge headfirst into the heart of the matter. Is Fabric truly the transformative force it purports to be? Will your hard-earned skills continue to shine in this evolving landscape? Does Fabric demand an unyielding commitment to learning just to stay in the game? Justin and Rob don't pull any punches. Instead, they join forces to present an unfiltered perspective, laying bare both the promises and potential pitfalls of Fabric. They acknowledge that, like any cutting-edge technology, there may be growing pains and challenges to navigate. But that's not all. They also unveil Fabric's secret sauce, revealing how it transforms Power BI into a formidable hub for advanced analytics, all on your terms. If you've ever found yourself torn between your trusty old skills and the allure of new technology, this episode sets the record straight. It's about not just adapting but thriving in your BI career, democratizing enterprise-class analytics along the way. The bottom line: Fabric amplifies your expertise—it doesn't diminish it. So, join us and embrace evolution! And, if you're enjoying the podcast, please take a moment to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to help other listeners find us here on Raw Data by P3 Adaptive. Also on this Episode: The Princess Bride’s Rodents of Unusual Size (ROUS) Monty Python Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things


The Fruit of the Electric Grapevine: Industry-Leading Visibility on Limited Resources, w/ Jack Irby

On today’s episode, we explore how Opus One, led by data visionary Jack Irby, has leveraged data to redefine the winemaking industry. Prepare to have one of those "aha" moments when data's power just clicks as Jack takes us on an exciting journey into the world of winemaking. Listen in as we learn how Opus One defied tradition and embraced technology to become a Napa Vally Icon. Before becoming the wizard behind tracking ultra-premium wine allocations, Jack embarked on a delightfully eclectic journey. From belting out saxophone solos to channeling his inner Billy Beane, he's infused creative flair into every step. At Opus One, Jack discovered an industry thirsty for innovation. And today, you can listen in as he revisits the wine world's "pre-data" era. Jack doesn’t hold back as he shares the origin story behind his groundbreaking methods to trace each bottle’s journey from vineyard to table. Prepare to be amazed as he describes the development of an app capable of adjusting rare wine allocation in real-time . . . a sommelier's dream come true! If you’ve enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to help others find the show!


Mailbag #1: Python, Fabric, and Mullets oh my!

Grab a cup of joe and settle in, data heads. This overflowing mailbag is packed with piping hot Q's on all things data, tech, and working in the analytics trenches. We're giving you the inside scoop on our iconic Mullet Man branding, our ride-or-die philosophy on learning new tech, and why we take a faucets-first approach to data projects. Plus we're unpacking the origin story behind Rob's OG DAX book, the future of Power BI Embedded, and the exhilarating experience of working at P3. You'll also get Rob and Justin's candid take on battling FOMO and imposter syndrome in an ever-changing Microsoftverse. We're keeping it real on why recurring Excel data dumps are trouble waiting to happen and how to avoid burnout when MS rolls out the next hot tech. Stick around for hot takes on data warehouses vs data lakes and the ideal conditions for employing proper data architecture principles. We'll give you the DL on our spicy new website, P3's true guiding values, and more behind-the-scenes gossip than you can shake a mullet at. The mailbag overfloweth, but there's still more Q's where these came from! Join the LinkedIn Steering Committee to ask your questions for our team to answer in an upcoming episode. For now, sit back and enjoy the ride as we crack open this bundle of burning data questions. The Mullet Man cometh!


Fabric is Nothing, But it's also Everything

The first Jam Session episode of Raw Data features, you guessed it, all things Microsoft Fabric! Rob and Justin discuss MS Fabric and field a few of your most burning Fabric questions and unravel them-please keep those questions and topics coming!


True North Versus Magnetic North w/Jeff Jorgensen

We’re back and we brought some changes. Today, join us for an electrifying episode featuring none other than Jeff Jorgensen, the Chief Investment Officer at Cap Six! Hold onto your seats as Jeff takes us on a rollercoaster ride through his incredible journey from pro baseball player to Wall Street wizard. Get ready to have your mind blown as he dishes out the juiciest insights on using data and tech to stay on top of the game, steer clear of blunders, and achieve mind-boggling success! But wait, there's more! Jeff's knack for turning complex investing ideas into thrilling sports analogies will have you on the edge of your seat but won’t leave you disappointed. He'll emphasize the power of building an all-star team and making tiny tweaks that lead to colossal victories in life, data, and investing! And that's not all! Our very own Justin Mannhardt, our newest co-host extraordinaire, will throw in his two cents and insights coming. While we dive into Jeff's collaboration with P3 to create game-changing decision-making tools, you'll also glimpse the wild ride we enjoy with our clients. This episode will leave you buzzing with energy and grounded in the reality of data's transformative potential for old-school industries. Rob, Justin, and Jeff will inspire you to adopt a go-getter mentality, focused on relentless growth and learning. So, strap in, folks, because this is an episode you won't want to miss! Also in this episode: Flash Gordon Highlander Needful Things Moneyball The Hangover Equations scene The Martian “You can accept that or get to work” Animal House: Band scene


Sometimes it is Rocket Science w/ Szilvia Juhasz

Join us for an enlightening chat with Excel maestro, Szilvia Juhasz. We're diving into captivating tales, including that memorable moment when Szilvia left an indelible mark on the celebrated Mr. Excel with her pivot table expertise. Walk with us down memory lane, spotlighting the pioneering steps of those early Power Pivot champions. And, for a fun aside, we may even share the origins of the "RC Columns" cocktail - a cheeky gin-based nod to the legends of the Excel world. Switching lanes, we'll delve into the upcoming Energy & Mobility Conference & Expo conference curated by Szilvia. This promises to be a standout 3-day event, zoning in on renewable energy, space exploration's exciting horizons, and our collective sustainable future. And, as a completely unrelated side note, check out P3 Adaptive’s Workshop for the Expo: Supply Chain and Energy Industry Performance Benchmarking with Power BI! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to throw in some data. For the data-curious among you, we've snuck in an entertaining and unexpected segment: an exploration of the unique relationship between historical UFO sightings and the trends in the pharmaceutical industry completed by none other than our favorite host, Rob of course. The findings? You just have to listen to find out! In a nutshell, gear up for a balanced mix of tech insights, data discussions, and entertaining tales from inside the fun-loving Excel community. You won’t want to miss Szilvia’s perspective on the ever-expanding possibilities in our favorite data software. Whether you're deep into Excel, fascinated by space, or a fan of thoughtful conversations, this is a can’t-miss episode! As always, if you enjoy the show, be sure to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform and subscribe below for new content delivered directly to your inbox! Have a data day! Also on this Episode: Freakanomics Skynet Takes Over Deep Blue Beats Kasparov at Chess What is a Tracking Pixel NASA Aviation Day – Public Access


Matching Data Workloads with the Right Hardware w/ Steve Orrin

Today, on Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, we have the privilege of chatting with Steve Orrin, the Federal Chief Technology Officer at Intel Corporation. Steve's role is truly remarkable, as he plays a pivotal part in helping the US government embrace the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. His collaboration with federal agencies enables the translation of cutting-edge tech capabilities into real-world solutions that support their crucial missions. And if that's not impressive enough, Steve also leads innovation projects that explore the potential of emerging technologies like quantum computing. Wow, talk about an impressive set of credentials! With nearly two decades of experience at Intel, Steve possesses a wealth of knowledge about the evolving complexity of technology. The intricate web of options and interdependencies can often be overwhelming for many of us. During our conversation, we delve into how this complexity affects progress, particularly when it comes to information sharing and security. While Steve's government work mainly involves unclassified discussions, he holds high-level security clearances. His exposure to countless intriguing insights (that he can't share publicly) adds a 007 layer of intrigue to this conversation. Don’t worry, though, Steve generously provides us with a fascinating glimpse into his work at the intersection of government, technology, and national security. Get ready to enjoy this enlightening discussion! Also in this episode: Intel and Quantum Computing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Clockwork Orange