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Talk show with top real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors sharing success tips, ideas, and advice

Talk show with top real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors sharing success tips, ideas, and advice


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Talk show with top real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors sharing success tips, ideas, and advice




SC220: Caleb Spears. How A 23 Year Old Agent TRIPLED His Production In 12 Months By Focusing On 1 Number.

In this call, Caleb talks about: Working at Chick-Fil-A before entering real estate. Getting his real estate license at 18 years old. Plateauing and getting stuck at the same production level for two years. Finding a mentor who showed him how to look at the numbers and the scientific side of real estate sales and […]


2021 Agent Success Summit Announcement – Free Ticket

Get your FREE ticket today to the 2021 Agent Success Summit, the online virtual training event of the year. Learn how to get more leads, clients, and closings. Join thousands of real estate agents who want to learn from 21 of the best and brightest real estate coaches, trainers, authors, speakers, and thought leaders in […]


SC219: Darren James. Sold 52 Homes In One Year Working Part Time. Hiring Team Agents Who Average 36 Closings Per Year. Social Media Content Calendar and Content Compounding.

In this call, Darren talks about: Selling 52 homes in one year working part time by handing out 25 business cards every day. Now, while running a team, he is personally selling 130 to 160 homes per year (find out how). In addition, his 8 team agents are each averaging 36 closings per year per […]


SC218: Vicki Westapher. Showing Agent Model of a Highly Leveraged Solo Agent. Proprietary Buyer Showing Strategy. Virtual Office Tools and Client Presentations.

In this call, Vicki talks about: Closing 67 transactions worth 30 million and earning 867 thousand in GCI. Operating as a highly leveraged solo agent with 3 administrative assistants. Technology and tools to run a virtual office and make virtual client presentations. Choosing the showing agent model instead of the more common buyer agent model […]


SC217: Tina Caul. Relocated To A New Market And Sold 130 Homes In One Year As A Solo Agent … Then Sold 262 With A Team. Scripts And Stats For Zillow Leads. Single Most Important Metric To Agent Success.

In this call, Tina talks about: Closing 130 transactions in a single year as a solo agent with two administrative assistants. What she did to rebuild after her income fell 70% during the Great Recession. Why you should focus on a single metric: contacts per day. Dropping out of college to pursue a real estate […]


SC216: Paula Burlison. Ex-Stand Up Comic Sold Zero Homes Her First Year, Then Mastered Prospecting, And Earned 525k In GCI.

In this call, Paula talks about: Being a stand-up comic and paramedic before becoming a real estate agent. Selling ZERO homes her first year. How she conquered the fear of prospecting (call avoidance) and sold 10 homes her second year. Earning 525k in GCI last year by calling 30 people every morning. Why she remains […]


SC215: Scott Kato. Small 350 Person List Results In 60 Closings And 32 Million In Sales Plus How To Find A Cheap Virtual Assistant.

In this call, Scott talks about: Managing music store inventory before getting into real estate. Closing 14 homes his first year by hosting open houses 7 days per week. The 62 Touch annual marketing plan to his small list of 350 past clients, friends, and family that resulted in 60 closings (that’s 1 in 6 […]


SC214: Kymber Lovett-Menkiti. From Social Worker to Agent to Team Leader to Partner of a 100 Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio.

In this call, Kymber talks about: Starting her career in social work and why she switched to real estate to make a bigger impact. Focusing her prospecting on hyper local activities (geographic farming and sphere of influence). Implementing her annual marketing plan including how to make your marketing relevant and anticipated. Growing your team through […]


SC213: Chuck House. How To Sell 100 Homes Per Year With 3 People, Double Units In One Year, And 3 Ways To Raise Your Average Price.

In this call, Chuck talks about: The ONE thing he did to double his production from 50 to 100 closings in one year with only 3 people. Selling 100 units per year for the last 7 years in a row. 3 ways he dramatically raised his average sales price and and his GCI to seven […]


SC212: Brenda Wade. Virtual Online Listing Presentations. Relaunching Your Career After A Break. Working With Your Kids. Shadow Program For Listing Partners.

In this call, Brenda (and her son Austin) talk about: Getting her license at 22 years old. Working for 7 years in one state, taking 10 years off to raise kids, then starting again in another state. Why she hired 3 administrative assistants before hiring her first buyer agent. The power of training your listing […]


SC211: Bob Sokoler. Second Career Agent Personally Sold 110 Homes Last Year, Loves Internet Leads, And Works With His Son.

In this call, Bob talks about: His first career as a TV news reporter and anchorman. His second career as a real estate agent and first year production disappointment. Adapting an internet lead strategy early that is still paying dividends. Script for initial call back to internet leads. Real internet conversion number. Joining, valuing, and […]


2020 Agent Success Summit Announcement – Free Ticket

 Watch video above or listen to audio below: ***Note: If you can not see the audio player above, REFRESH your browser and try again. Get your FREE ticket today. Learn how to get more leads, clients, and closings. Join thousands of real estate agents who want to learn from 21 of the best and […]


SC210: Michael Perna. How He Sold 183 Homes In One Year As A Solo Agent. Expired Listing Script That Results In Appointment 30% Of Time. Geographic Farm Power Postcard.

In this call, Michael talks about: Only selling 3 homes his first 12 months. Being an average agent selling 12 to 15 homes for several years. Discovering door knock prospecting and listing 42 expired homes in 5 months including his approach, script, and success ratios. Selling 183 homes in one year as a solo agent […]


SC209: Ed Kaminsky. How To Build Confidence To List And Sell Million Dollar Luxury Homes. 3 Skills Ultra High End Sellers Require An Agent To Possess.

In this call, Ed talks about: Starting part time by working late evenings and early mornings (around his day job). Knocking doors and cold calling phones to sell 17 homes his first full year. Selling low priced homes in a market he was comfortable serving. Setting a goal to sell 50 homes in one year […]


SC208: Jessica Starr. Script For Listing Homes Remotely (Or Virtually). Script For Opening With Expired Listings. Script For Setting Expections With New Clients About Your Time Off Schedule.

In this call, Jessica talks about: Selling only two condos her first year. Building up to 44 closings as a solo agent by her 7th year as a solo agent. Growing 114% in one year by adding leverage and systems. Her script for listing properties remotely (in a different state), why she had to do […]


SC207: Jeff Glover. Personally Sold 100 Homes Annually For The Last Ten Years. How To Structure And Compensate A High Profit High Productivity Team Based On Prospecting. Best Expired Script To Set Appointment.

In this call, Jeff talks about: Getting his license at 18 and selling homes right out of high school. How to overcome age objections from older homeowners when you are young. Selling 31 homes his first full year at age 19 and how he did it. Why he went into broker management for several years, […]


SC206: “Mark Z” Zawaideh. 200 Open Houses His First Year and Secrets Learned. Best Expired Listing Appointment Setting Tie Down Question. Building A 100 Million Dollar Empire.

In this call, Mark talks about: Waiting tables and bartending at night while he worked real estate during the day. Hosting 200 open houses his first year and his best open house strategy. Why he only worked with buyers his first 3 years in the business. How he found to courage to transition to working […]


Announcement: Solo Agent Summit 2020

Join us at the first-ever … Solo Agent Summit (click here to get your free ticket) 8 elite top solo agents share how they sell 4 to 8 homes per month … every month.  Each top solo agent will talk about 3 main topics: 1. Time Management: pririty focus while working and how to […]


SC205: Tammy Hines. How She Gets $1 Radio Ads.

In this call, Tammy talks about: Selling 45 homes her first year and being named Rookie of the Year. How she sold 85 homes her fourth year before agreeing to hire her first assistant. Why she believes the price of the home never matters. The need to keep rainy day money. Her biggest past client […]


SC204: Hudson Warren. How To Build An Agent To Agent Referral Business.

In this call, Hudson talks about: Not selling any homes his first 6 months. Lessons learned from his first mentor. Moving from California to Florida and restarting his career from zero. Building an Agent-To-Agent Referral business (50% of sales). Discovering your feeder markets (where clients are coming from). Prospecting for agent referrals in feeder markets […]