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Real Facts on Real Estate by Shawn Patrick Moloney




Your Career in Real Estate - EP79 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Your Career in Real Estate. This week I wanted to go over starting your career in real estate. We are joined by one of our newest agents from Movementum Realty Arin Whedbee. Arin received his real estate license while attending school at Dartmouth because of his love of real estate. Arin talks with us about getting his license in Massachusetts and how he is quickly becoming an agent with us. Thank you Arin for joining us on this podcast.


Is Your Business Running You - EP78 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Is Your Business Running You. In this weeks episode we go over how to run your business so that it doesn't run you. Far too often business owners let their business run their life. With these techniques and suggestions you can run your business to be successful and not let it run you.


Be the Architect - EP77 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Be the Architect. Being an entrepreneur and figuring out how to make a business work this is a great topic for me. Having built and sold a landscaping company, currently running a real estate agency, and soon to start another consulting business I will discuss the road to bulding a business.


The Four Medias of Real Estate - EP76 - Real Facts on Real Estate

The Four Medias of Real Estate. In real estate we have four great media outlets to use to advertise ourselves to the world and gain clients. In this weeks episode I go over each media that can be used and how to effectively use them. Video, Photo, Text, and In Person. This podcast might be best to take in pieces so that you can put together a plan for each media use.


Seven Reasons Why We Always Win - EP75 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Seven Reasons Why We Always Win. This one I looked forward to recording and getting it out to you. You are listening to this podcast to learn and you want to grow. These are the seven reasons we use to be successful and keep on win. Listen, Learn, Understand, The Golden Rule, Don't dwell on things, Understand Marketing, and Study. I go over a reason for each of the seven steps I use to continue to win, and you should use to be successful.


Estate Sales - EP74 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Estate Sales. This past week we have seen more and more estate sales happening in our neighborhoods. They could just be cleaning out the home, they could be clearing out the home to sell it. So this week I wanted to touch on the subject of the estate sale of a home. I go over where to find an estate sale and how to go about asking if they are going to be putting the home on the market. I touch on a few other places to find homes for an estate sale and how to get yourself out in the community...


2020 Vision for Referrals - EP73 - Real Facts on Real Estate

2020 Vision for Referrals. This weeks episode I wanted to talk about referrals, what it means and how to effectively use them. usually we are always talking about our clients who refer us to a friend, family, or neighbor. While those are very important referrals I wanted to also discuss referrals to your clients. When they are looking for a landscaper, plumber, or electrician. These types of referrals that help your clients needs. We also have referrals in other matters being any type of...


Always Be Hiring - EP72 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Always Be Hiring. This week we wanted to talk about how our Real Estate Brokerage is always hiring. We just put up two new positions and are still actively looking for new agents. Our first position is the Managing Broker position. This position takes a management position overseeing our Hanover, MA office. A broker license in MA is required. The other position we opened is a Agent Operations Coordinator position which helps our agents with their leads and deals, making sure that everything...


The Next Phase in Reopening Massachusetts - EP71 - Real Facts on Real Estate

The Next Phase in Reopening Massachusetts. Phase two has now officially been activated in Massachusetts reopening. What does this mean for you the real estate agent? More and more business are opening back up and this means more people will be returning to work. This also could mean that things could be returning to some sort of a normal state. This week I go over the businesses allowed to open back up. If you have clients in any of these areas of business that have been thinking of buying...


Five Must Know Words in Sales - EP70 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Five Must Know Words in Sales. This week I go over five words you must know in sales. These words are presupposition, yes and no, reasonableness, tonality, and body language. In today's podcast I go over each word and what it means in real estate and sales in general. By implementing these five words into your business you can become more successful in sales.


Back to Work We Go - EP69 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Back to Work We Go. This week we are fully into Phase 1 of the reopening of Massachusetts. This is a great time to get back in contact with your sphere of influence. Send a email, send a letter, shoot off a text. Ask how they are doing and tell them that now is a great time to get back to looking for a home or listing their home. We are not looking to predict the future or predict what this pandemic has done to the world, but for the next few weeks here things are going to start getting back...


The Reopening of Massachusetts - EP68 - Real Facts on Real Estate

The Reopening of Massachusetts. Massachusetts has laid out the guidelines for businesses to reopen in the time of this pandemic. We gathered all the documents put out out by the state and have reviewed the what and when businesses can open. All businesses that were previously open as essential or will be opening need to follow the new guidelines to keep the public safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. I go over the quick list of businesses allowed to reopen and when. What this means for the...


Finding Listings in Any Marketplace - EP67 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Finding Listings in Any Marketplace. This weeks episode I wanted to go over finding more listings in other places. For sale by owner, expires, withdraws, pre-forclosures, all these can bring an opportunity to land a listing and help a client. I go over the different venues where you can look for these listings and how to talk with the owner to land the listing. With the issues with COVID more and more people might need to list their home and you need to be prepared to help.


Fix That Broken Mindset - EP66 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Fin That Broken Mindset. This weeks episode I want to tell you to shut off your brain and let your mind go. What I mean by this is too often we let our brain control our actions based on what we have learned and know. What I am telling you is to tell your brain to shut up and let your mind take control. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish. I go over this a bit more in this weeks podcast so take a listen and try it out.


Open House COVID-19 Style - EP65 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Open House COVID-19 Style. This week I wanted to talk about hosing an open house during this COVID-19 issue. Over the weekend we hosted our first open house and had to come up with a plan to deal with possible buyers going in and out of our clients home. I go over what we did, what was done differently, and how you can handle an open house during this COVID-19 crisis. While others are holding off on continuing their business as usual now is the time to work harder.


Now is the Time to Strike - EP64 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Now is the Time to Strike. With all that is going on in the world I wanted to give you a bit of advice. Strike now while others are sitting by waiting for normality to return. When the world finally starts to come back to a normal state you will be at the forefront of the industry. As real estate agents we can still perform our duties to clients as housing is always needed no matter what is happening. Get out there now either by videos, posting on social media, newsletter, whatever you can...


Getting Creative - EP63 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Getting Creative. In this weeks episode lets talk about being creative in videos. Planning ahead and sticking to a schedule is the best way to release content to your audience. You want to plan out the who, what, when, where, and how. I go over each process of how I plan for releasing information in media like these podcasts.


Things to do Now in a Changing Market - EP62 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Things to do Now in a Changing Market. With all that is going on in the world it is hard to predict how the real estate market will look like when things start to get better. Now is the time to position yourself for both the up and the down. From needing to understand quick sales or estate sales to foreclosure and downsizing you should be teaching yourself how to deal with each situation. When the market finally settles in to wither a high or a low you will be prepared to handle any...


A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Video Guru - EP61 - Real Facts on Real Estate

A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Video Guru. This weeks episode kicks off a multi-release podcast on how to become a video guru. This first episode is the primer for starting your own video releases. From deciding what to talk about to where and how to shoot the video. This series we will be going over how to plan, get started, and continue releasing videos to an audience that you have planned.


Recruiting Teams with Jay Kinder Part 3 - EP60 - Real Facts on Real Estate

Recruiting and Teams with Jay Kinder. In this weeks episode we finish our talk with Jay Kinder from eXp Realty about the success of recruiting for a team and building a team. Thank you to Jay Kinder for giving us his time to go over what work for recruiting a team and how to succeed with building a team. From recruitment to expectations Jay talks with us on how his recruitment practice and team building has made him very successful in real estate. This is part 3 of the interview. Make sure...