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Real Facts on Real Estate by Shawn Patrick Moloney




2023 Tech Advice for Agents - EP208 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that most real estate brokerages offer amazing technology solutions to their agents. Surprisingly the majority of agents do not take advantage of this. Oftentimes agents have multiple different tech platforms to help them and they use each one for different specific uses. The truth is often one of these technologies may save them from needing others if the agent simply learned to utilize what they have. Make 2023 the year that you read the instruction manual that...


Will Bidding Wars Return for 2023? - EP207 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that in order to see bidding wars we must see the inventory levels stay low and buyer demand stay high. So far winter 22-23 in Massachusetts inventory has remained low and demand remains high. The real question is did bidding wars ever go away? The answer seems to be no, just some sellers have decided to over lead the market on price. Properly pricing your home is the easiest way to start a war. Buyers flock to properly priced homes and it is that which leads to...


First Three Things to do as a New Real Estate Agent - EP206 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this weeks episode we discuss that the first thing you want to focus on is building out your contact list. Using a CRM software can really help streamline this process. Telling the world that you are now in real estate is not just something to do at the start. It should be a constant and consistent reminder to your sphere of influence. Touring property is crucial to understanding value and feeling confident in showing property. Go on broker tours, attend open houses, go out on showings,...


Difficult Client Conversations - EP205 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss when having difficult client conversations make sure to follow the acronym OLD CAR principles. We own our clients Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability and Reasonable Care. Sometimes our clients may not like to hear what we have to say but in order to properly protect them we have to say certain things. This can be something like bringing up a major problem with the home to ensure they are OK with it. When our clients budget does not meet...


Must Have Technology of 2023 - EP204 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that as a real estate professional it is important to stay current with all the newest technology. From digital staging to immersive walk through tours, staying competitive wins listings. Client Relationship management software is a must have in the modern day work environment. This technology helps you put your clients first and keep you front of mind. Even something as simple as a laser powered tape measure can save you massive time. In business time is money and...


Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail - EP203 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss how most people fail to follow their New Year’s resolutions. This is because they do not have the GRIT to deal with going through change. It takes wanting to change for change to happen. Often people’s goals are based on what they think others want them to change versus what they want to change about themselves. Accountability is one way to keep on your goal. Setting a person as your accountability partner can add some pressure towards your success.


Relationship Based Business - EP202 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that when selling any product it is important to believe in the value of your product. This allows you to feel confident building a relationship with the client. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Ask yourself what you are doing to gain new acquaintances, establish trust, and to make others' lives more valuable. After a successful transaction with relationship building involved your business will grow. That client will now be willing to tell...


Working With Town Hall - EP201 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this weeks episode we remind you that as a real estate agent in the state of Massachusetts we are not allowed to answer questions regarding use. It is your buyer’s duty to ensure the property is everything they need in writing from the municipality. Asking town hall before doing something is always best. Thinking of doing a project on the sly can lead to a massive headache when the town building inspector finds out. The town hall is a massive resource when it comes to buying or selling a...


Consistency is Key in Success - EP200 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this historic 200th episode we discuss that in this modern era where everything can be accomplished so quickly with the hit of a button it is easy to see how people get lost. The key to personal success is to be consistent with the things you do. When creating content for a personal brand it is not about hitting one viral piece it is about creating a stream of valuable content. While going viral unarguably grows a person it is not always sustainable. If you always work to be 1% better...


Building Your Database - EP199 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that your database is the single most important foundation to your business. Take time to constantly work on it to ensure it is current. Names, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, and other pertinent information should all be stored in one place. This database will be the place to grow your business. When you are thinking of who to add to your database, dig deep. It is amazing how many people each one of us knows without thinking about it.


Holiday Networking - EP198 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this weeks episode we discuss that the holidays are a season where people come together as a community. This is the perfect season to be less of an introvert and grow your network. A reason this season to reach out to others is one of generosity. Use the holidays as the time to help your community in a positive manner. When you get involved in your community you never know who you are going to meet. The best part is it feels great to be a community leader as you help others.


Finding Sellers in Today’s Market - EP197 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that with higher interest rates we are seeing prices start to flatten out. For those clients who have been waiting to sell at a peak now may be the time. When you are trying to sell properties that are less desirable for any reason it is easiest in a busy market. Buyers with choices have the right to be much more picky. Having honest conversations with sellers is more important in market shifts than at any other point. Make sure your clients understand all the...


Invest in Yourself - EP196 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss in real estate the difference between landing deals and not is often times as simple as seeing the deal. Having a better education in real estate will help you see more deals. Buying tools that help you save time will open your schedule up to other tasks. Spend the extra time saved doing things like marketing and following up. Spending time reading is a massive time saver when done right. After learning new skills, implement them to save time each day. Even 5 mins...


Five Free Marketing Ideas - EP195 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that you need to take your time and go through your friend list on social media platforms and you will notice old friends that you have not spoken to in a long while. Now is the time to re engage these people through dms, texts, and phone calls. Being a contributing member to your local community is both kind and also helps you meet people. Volunteer more time locally to help with the running of your community. Take out your phone and open the contact book. Now...


Audit Your Real Estate Business - EP194 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that when growing a business it is easy to get complacent with the growth and not pay attention to what makes the money. Make sure to take time to look back at what is and what is not working. In making decisions on the direction your company is headed make sure to keep in mind the time needed to measure success. Often people rush the results and do not wait patiently for the investment to work out. Think of yourself as a mirror when looking into your business. If...


Working Platform Leads vs Your Sphere of Influence - EP193 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that most platform leads cost upwards of 25-40% of the total commission. This is a very expensive way to grow a real estate business. When buying portal leads you must look at the lead as the portals once and yours forever. You must cultivate great relationships that lead to multiple transactions to make the ROI worth it. Working with your sphere of influence is a much more cost effective way to grow. Your sphere not only will choose to use you, they will enjoy the...


The Early Bird Gets the Worm - EP192 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that when you start your day earlier than other people there are less distractions. Use this time to focus on getting the behind the scenes tasks of your job done. Formulating lists, filling out paperwork, planning, and research can all be done before hours. Doing all this before the phone rings ensures you get it done. When you get all your paperwork and other business related tasks done you are ready to start showings. Now you can go off to your showings with no...


Lead Follow Up - EP191 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that when following up with a lead it is important to go at it confidently and offer value. Failure to do so will just lead to constant rejection. Make sure to keep great notes when working on leads. By doing so each time you reach out you can refer back to the last call to show you are listening. Plan a follow up schedule and stick to it. Going in and out based on being busy leads to bad lead conversion and a cyclical sales cycle.


The Five Worst Questions an Agent Can Ask - EP190 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss that the question are you pre-approved yet seems like such a simple question to ask. The reality is when asked at the wrong time or the wrong way it can come off very offensive or as an easy out. When showing houses it is important to remember that the property is for the client and not you. This means questioning the sizing of bedrooms or other house details may offend your client. Asking someone at an open house if they have an agent is an easy out for them to...


Asking the Right Questions - EP189 - Real Facts on Real Estate

In this episode we discuss when it comes to gaining people's trust it is all about asking the right questions. Asking a few key questions will help you put your clients at ease. When asking questions in real estate we are looking to uncover the true why. Often we get buried in the client’s wants vs their why. Focusing on learning more about our clients highest and best use for the property ensures we can be helpful in the search. Take more time to really get to know your clients.