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What You Should Know From the 2018 Good Food Expo

The annual Good Food Expo brings together thought leaders in the natural food industry. Join host Katie Mleziva as she shares key takeaways from successful brands, buyers, incubators and investors to support building a strong brand. In This Episode Resources Good Food ExpoReal Food Brands Marketing Roundtable Facebook GroupThe Levers MarketingKatie’s Full Blog Post


How to Start Building and Documenting Your Brand Strategy

When rooted in the Brand Strategy, your day-to-day marketing efforts bring your brand’s purpose and plans to life in order to engage consumers, inform operational decisions and ultimately, achieve your business goals. When athletes prepare for a game, they do more than just spend time in the gym or on the field. Sure, they need to build up their bodies to compete, but they also spend a lot of time building up their minds. They watch tapes of their opponents to get to know their playbook....


Why The Levers Marketing is Launching the Real Food Brands Podcast

To say that food is important would be an obvious understatement. To say that eating the right kind of food is important is unfortunately still something that is less of a given to many people. With supermarkets and street sides loaded with options of unhealthy, unnatural, and frankly harmful options, it can be hard to rise above the noise. If you’ve started a natural food business, you have even more reason to be seen and stand out from the competition. This is why your marketing...


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