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Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?

Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?


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Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?




An Expert Perspective on Today’s Commercial Real Estate Market

40-year CRE veteran Todd Weaver shares the strategies and mindsets he’s using to navigate our current market conditions. Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned professional, there’s always more to learn. In this episode, Todd Weaver discusses the commercial real estate landscape with an emphasis on the Los Angeles market as a leading indicator in real estate, and why investors should focus on their discount rate versus cap rate. He addresses frequently asked questions...


The Energy of Money and Finding Purpose as a Passive Investor

A multifamily real estate professional explains how viewing money as energy will allow you to find greater alignment between your investments and your life’s purpose. Vinki Loomba is the founder and CEO of Loomba Investment Group, a company dedicated to helping people build wealth through multifamily real estate investing. Vinki chose this career path after a spiritual awakening that showed her she could do more for her community by using all the knowledge she had gained through years of...


Solving the World’s Problems with Venture Capital

A serial entrepreneur explains why he’s focused on mitigating the “age of disasters” Lifeboat Ventures CEO and Managing Director Gopi Mattel believes we are now in the age of disasters. From natural disasters to economic crises to pandemics, Lifeboat Ventures is focused on solving problems through disaster impact mitigation startups. In this episode, Gopi provides a new framework for thinking about disasters and explains why the venture capital space is uniquely positioned to tackle these...


How to Secure Your Financial Future

Checking in with a wealth advisor about planning for the future in our current economic climate. In seasons of economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to have a solid financial plan. In this episode, wealth advisor Jerry St-Cyr shares some of the most important considerations to keep in mind about retirement planning, long-term care insurance, and investing in today’s market. He also explains why he’s so passionate about helping women secure their financial independence, and he...


Investing in Times of Uncertainty

Three Keys Investment Founder Julie Holly explains why it’s important to keep investing even when economic conditions seem less than ideal. It may seem prudent to hold off on investing in real estate in the midst of our current economic climate. Julie Holly argues that you can invest wisely no matter what’s happening in the markets, and if you don’t invest at all, you’re losing money. In this episode, Julie shares her perspective on the ways that rising interest rates are impacting investor...


Being a Financially Fearless Woman

Purse Strings founder Barbara Provost explains how the finance sector continues to fail women and shares what she’s doing to change that. Even though women are responsible for more than $23 trillion in annual household spending and will inherent $30 trillion in the next 7-10 years, the financial industry continues to overlook and underserve them. Dr. Barbara Provost grew tired of seeing this same problem affecting the women around her and shape her work as a financial educator. So, she took...


An Inside View of Nonprofit Finance and Investing

LENDonate founder Vivienne Hsu shares an inside look at how nonprofits are funded and explains how accredited investors can give back through her unique platform. When looking for a way to merge her institutional finance experience with her passion for philanthropy, Vivienne Hsu decided to create LENDonate. This marketplace lending platform allows accredited investors to crowdfund loans that support various nonprofit organizations and projects. In this episode, Vivienne explains the business...


Structuring Real Estate Deals & Investing in Franchises and RV Parks

A real estate attorney highlights common legal concerns that new investors miss, and shares his experience in running franchises and investing in RV parks. Whether you’re investing in a simple real estate deal or branching out into a new asset class, finding trustworthy partners and creating a solid legal agreement are vital steps for protecting yourself and your wealth. In this episode, Seth Bradley explains why these agreements are so important, and shares some helpful tips for new...


What Does a Commercial Real Estate Broker Do?

Zach Roesinger explains why CRE brokers are so important and dispels some common misconceptions about his work. Many real estate investors don’t even think about the role brokers play in the commercial real estate process, but a great broker can mean the difference between a solid, properly vetted deal, and one that falls apart at the finish line. In this episode, Zach Roesinger shares an inside look at the role CRE brokers play in the industry, discussing topics like the fiduciary duty of...


Evaluating the Market with Alpha Investing

Alpha Investing Principals Fark Tari, CEO, Daniel Cocca, Managing Director, Anne Lin, VP of Underwriting, and AdaPia d’Errico, VP of Strategy, host a live discussion about changing market conditions, actions taken to position the firm’s investments during the pandemic, and how they are considering future opportunities. In this episode, we both broadly and specifically address the questions and topics that are top of mind both for Alpha Investing and its investors. Prevalent themes of the...


An Investor’s Guide to International Real Estate

Robin Binkley of Real Equity Investment Partners shares the biggest lessons she’s learned through real estate investing in Belize. When Robin Binkley fell in love with the country of Belize, she decided to start investing in properties that would deliver strong returns while also giving back to the community. In this episode, Robin discusses her experience with investing internationally and breaks down the similarities and differences between investing in Belize and in the U.S.. She also...


Creating a Better World with Values-Aligned Investing

A seasoned investor and innovator, Janine Firpo explains how values-aligned investing can help us spark change and build community. Janine Firpo understands that wealth is one of our most powerful tools for living out our values in a way that makes an impact. In this episode, Janine explains how values-aligned investing can apply to every part of your portfolio, far beyond ESG funds and philanthropy. She also discusses the importance of having honest conversations about money with the people...


Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times

After more than 20 years of working with C-suite leaders in Fortune 500 firms, Damon D’Amore explains how pragmatism and optimism work best when paired together. Damon D’Amore recognizes that every one of us is on our own hero’s journey, and he’s dedicated to helping C-suite leaders progress on their journey with improved performance and the ability to effectively share their stories. In this episode, Damon breaks down a variety of concepts that he uses in his work and applies them to the...


A 360 View of Evaluating Early Stage Companies

From investment banking to venture investing to founding a fintech company, Tracy McWilliams shares how she’s fighting fragmentation to help investors find and evaluate startups. Tracy McWilliams created Jaspy because she noticed an enormous gap between corporates and early stage companies. As the founder and CEO of Inspire Global Ventures and a former investment banker, Tracy is passionate about both investing and entrepreneurship and wants to simplify the investment process for people...


Getting Vets “Back in the Fight” With Real Estate

Hutch the Marine Investor shares how he’s transforming the lives of veterans by helping them build passive income through real estate investing. Shelon “Hutch” Hutchinson started investing in real estate so he could have a passion project after retiring from the Marines, and he’s now helping other veterans do the same. Hutch is the owner and co-founder of H Squared Capital, a real estate investment firm that provides veterans with opportunities to invest in multifamily real estate...


Is Real Estate Headed for an Affordability Crisis?

A $1 billion real estate operator stresses the importance of setting realistic expectations for investors in the current market. Veena Jetti believes it’s always better to under promise and over deliver. She’s the founding partner of Vive Funds, a commercial real estate firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for investors. She has over a decade of real estate experience that includes founding real estate firms and acquiring and managing over $1 billion in real estate....


Creating a Movement of Women Investing in Women

A career CEO, activist, and board expert shares the importance of women taking leadership roles as founders, on boards, and as investors. Julie Castro Abrams is leading a movement of women who invest in women-led companies, and are transforming the venture landscape as a result. As the founder and CEO of How Women Lead, she’s devoted to getting more women on public and private boards, and as the Managing Partner at How Women Invest, she has created a unique VC firm where thousands of women...


Navigating the 18-Year Real Estate Cycle

A leading macroeconomist explains how knowledge of economic cycles can help investors make better decisions at the right times. Akhil Patel has been studying, writing and teaching about the most important economic cycle that most people don’t know about. He knows that real estate markets operate on an 18.6 year cycle, and he believes understanding that cycle can help people grow and protect their wealth. To kick off 2022, Akhil returns to the podcast for a conversation about our current real...


Reflections and Lessons from 2021

AdaPia and Daniel discuss the biggest lessons they’ve learned in 2021 and share their hopes and expectations for the new year. As we wrap up 2021 and look ahead to the coming year, hosts AdaPia and Daniel take a moment to reflect on some of the biggest trends they’ve noticed and lessons they’ve learned this year. They talk about the relationship between health and wealth, explaining why they decided to focus on both concepts for this podcast, and they share their perspective on the different...


How to Diversify Your Assets With Alternative Investments

A seasoned oil investor explains how she successfully branched out into crypto and real estate. Courtney Moeller is a sophisticated investor who grew up around the oil business, and has seen firsthand how the cyclical nature of the sector can create unique challenges and opportunities for investors. When Courtney decided to diversify her assets, she started investing in alternatives like real estate, blockchain and cryptocurrency. In this episode, Courtney shares her insight into new...