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Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?

Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?


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Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?




Real Estate Token Investing Is Here

A successful real estate investor and founder shares how blockchain technology can create liquidity and make real estate investing more accessible than ever before. This is the third episode of a four-part series where we’re breaking down everything you need to know about blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokenization, and what these innovations mean for commercial real estate. In this episode, we talk with Mohsin Masud, the founder and CEO of AKRU. Mohsin discusses his journey of realizing that...


The Intersection of Blockchain and Real Estate: What You Need to Know

With no need for a centralized authority, blockchain technology is completely reengineering our existing systems and services. This is the second episode of a 4-part series dedicated to discussing blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the tokenization of assets. We move into the nuts and bolts of blockchain, decentralized ledgers, and why it matters. Today’s guest is Avi Spielman, the Founder and President of Joon Properties, who is well known as a translator between the two industries of real...


Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Is Bitcoin an asset or a currency and is it worth investing into? This is the first of a 4- episode series where we dive into blockchain, crypto, tokenization and how real estate fits into this growing digital paradigm. Our first guest is Adam Lach, co-founder and CEO of Cloudfire Capital. Adam expounds upon the difference between treating Bitcoin as an asset versus a currency, including how the devaluation of the American dollar plays a role in its appeal. Additionally, AdaPia and Dan both...


From Real Estate Novice to Teaching Financial Wellness

A successful real estate investor and financial coach shares how she went from a timid first-time buyer to a confident landlord and owner. Kavitha Baratakke is a software engineer turned real estate investor, landlord, and wealth strategist. After immigrating to the US in 1998 and taking on life as a single mother, she found herself using her technology background to trade options and stocks online. Quickly realizing the risk in the dramatic highs and lows of the market, Kavitha made a...


The Real Estate Philosopher’s Advice on Success, Investing, and Wealth

An accomplished real estate attorney and investor shares his keys to success for growing a business and investing strategically in prosperous deals, all while maintaining a charitable focus that gives back to the community. Bruce Stachenfeld is a well-known, prolific real estate attorney, investor, and author known as the Real Estate PhilosopherⓇ. Having defined a specific niche in his career over 20 years ago, he has since become a “real estate junkie” who practices, writes on, and speaks...


What 80% of CRE Investors Get Wrong About Insurance

An entrepreneur who is passionate about serving and teaching his community speaks to the importance of a reliable insurance policy in commercial real estate investments. Jeremy Goodrich is a former school teacher turned insurance advisor, entrepreneur, podcast host, and real estate investor. His life has been marked by a common theme of teaching and serving others, and for the last eight years he has utilized those skills by simplifying the insurance process for first time home buyers and...


A Candid Conversation with a Unique Wealth Manager Who Focuses on Impact, Meaning and Purpose

An experienced wealth manager joins us to discuss portfolio building, inflation, real estate, but more importantly, his inspiration for helping other professionals achieve financial and family success. Rob Cook is a certified financial planner and wealth manager who also runs the podcast Contenders Wanted. We speak with him about his early career and the experiences that led him to start his unique, inspirational show. Rob helps high-achieving young professionals live up to their full...


Is Retail CRE A Good Investment Opportunity?

Simple & digestible lessons passive investors can use to better understand and evaluate real estate deals in the Retail & Office sectors of CRE. Ben Kogut is a Partner and head of Investor Relations at HJH Investments. As a former entrepreneur, Ben joined HJH as an investor, and through his demonstrated knowledge of real estate investing fundamentals & ability to clearly communicate, he earned a position in investor relations. We discuss some of the acquisition criteria Ben & HJH seek in...


Current Trends Shaping the Future of Senior Housing Investments

In-depth insights into the many trends, challenges, & opportunities in the Senior Housing segment of CRE, from a seasoned industry expert. Shane Connor is Vice President of Bull Realty, a commercial real estate sale, leasing, & advisory firm, where he specializes in Senior Housing assets. We cover the ins-and-outs of the Senior Housing industry, defining the spectrum of care options and acuity, then we deep dive into the major trends in the industry. Shane outlines the trends he believes...


The Secret to Success from a Prolific Creator and Venture Capitalist

An insightful discussion on the many ways our upbringing, personality, and background can influence or motivate many of our professional ambitions and life goals. Adrian Grant is a Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur whose passion lies in working with start-ups and helping them find success. We speak about his experiences as a young immigrant living in America, and learning to adapt to a shifting culture. We examine the many ways in which Adrian’s early experiences, his upbringing, and his...


The Future of the Office: How Space Shapes Culture, and Culture Shapes Space

How the pandemic and reopening is shifting the needs, attitudes, and approaches of office tenants by submarket across the country. Jen Frisk specializes in strategic advisory services and managing office tenancy transactions across the country in her role as Senior Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank. We speak about the state of the office in commercial real estate from a tenant & landlord perspective and examine some of the key emerging trends by submarket across the country. Jen’s...


How Mindset Can Turbo-Charge or Hamper Financial Success

Steven Pesavento is a former Management Consultant in Business Process Improvement who decided to chase fulfillment over financial gain by venturing into the world or Real Estate Investing. He got his start by renovating and flipping houses actively, and experienced stellar growth in his first three years. Looking for even more personal freedom, Steven then transitioned to Passive Investments, and launched his very own podcast to meet with other leaders in Commercial Real Estate to exchange...


Is Mexico a Good Real Estate Investment Market?

An open discussion on the real estate market in Mexico, the challenges associated with investing internationally, and learning the best ways to conquer those obstacles to capture strong returns. For the next episode of Real Wealth, Real Health, we welcome Fletcher Wheaton, founder of Cabo Key Real Estate, and an international real estate investor with extensive experience in the Cabo San Lucas region of Mexico. Following the Great Recession in 2008, Fletcher decided to bet on himself as an...


How Commercial Real Estate Lenders Responded to the Pandemic

Assessing the actual impact of the pandemic on lender outlook & expectations, as well as how the resulting debt structure standard impacts commercial real estate transactions In this episode of Real Wealth, Real Health, we welcome back, Todd Friedenberg of Q10 Vista Commercial Mortgage Group. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Todd shared his insights with us on how the retail, hotel, multifamily, and industrial commercial real estate sectors would fare through the pandemic &...


How to Due Diligence a Passive Real Estate Investment

For our latest episode of Real Wealth, Real Health, we’re continuing with our theme of exploring the benefits of passive real estate investing, as we welcome Alina Trigub, Managing Partner of SAMO Financial. In this instructive & informative episode, we hear about Alina’s arrival in America as an immigrant, and how she worked her way to success, first as a public (then private) accountant, and then making the jump to information technology. In search of a way to lower her yearly tax bill,...


Tax Planning for Real Estate Investors in 2021

Proper tax planning and strategy are key to keeping the wealth that one builds with real estate investing. In this episode of Real Wealth, Real Health, we turn our eyes to the ever-important topics of taxation and retirement planning, as we welcome Paul Sundin of Sundin & Fish PLC. Paul is a CPA who specializes in tax & retirement planning. During this in-depth discussion, we dive into the world of taxes, specifically as it relates to how real estate investors should envision tax planning &...


The 18-Year Economic Cycle and its Effect on Real Estate & Businesses

An in-depth discussion around the history of Boom & Bust Economic Cycles, the role of Real Estate in the cycle, and the leading indicators that signal where we are in the process. Returning to the topic of Economics, this episode of Real Wealth, Real Health features the brilliant Akhil Patel, Director at Property Share Economics. Akhil has professional experience in audit, central government, and international banking; and has worked on a range of issues from reviewing large infrastructure...


How to Evaluate Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in 2021

In the inaugural episode of 2021, we welcome Hunter Thompson, founder of Asym Capital and Managing Principal at Cash Flow Connections to speak about the commercial real estate landscape in 2021 and beyond. Hunter has long been focused on living an entrepreneurial lifestyle where he could be his own boss, set his own hours, and most importantly, pursue the opportunities that he finds interesting. Hunter’s early career started with him pursuing education and coaching online to learn to play...


Developing Entrepreneurial Competence to Solve Our Biggest Problems

The last episode of 2020 features an in-depth conversation with Dr. Al Osborne, Senior Associate Dean for External Affairs at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. In addition to his role as Dean, Al is the Founder and Faculty Director of the Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


What It Takes to Turn an Insight into a Game Changing Business

Guest Brian Fox, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Thompson Reuters and founder of Confirmation, a company that’s revolutionized standard audit procedures at the corporate level by leveraging the capabilities of the internet, talks about his 20-year journey in taking Confirmation from an idea out of grad school, into a private equity exit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit