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A weekly renewable energy video podcast featuring interviews with influential experts, academia, businesses and organizations leading the way in sustainable business and clean technology. Hosted by Maria McGowan, topics will cover a wide range of renewable energy-related projects in a conversational, informative way. Each episode will be less than 30 minutes in length.




A weekly renewable energy video podcast featuring interviews with influential experts, academia, businesses and organizations leading the way in sustainable business and clean technology. Hosted by Maria McGowan, topics will cover a wide range of renewable energy-related projects in a conversational, informative way. Each episode will be less than 30 minutes in length.




Powerful Partnership: Tesla and Dalhousie's Advanced Battery Research Lab

Cutting-edge battery research is happening at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Jeff Dahn Research Group labs is a lithium-ion battery R&D facility that is globally recognized, not only for its partnership with Tesla but for building some of the world’s most advanced battery technologies. This week, we welcome to the podcast Dr. Michael Metzger, Assistant Professor and Herzberg-Dahn Chair for Advanced Battery Research at Dalhousie University. Metzger is one of two scientists hired by Dalhousie in January 2021 when its partnership with Tesla was renewed. They discuss the lab's ambitious research goals with Tesla, including reducing costs, increasing energy density, extending battery life, ensuring safety, and advancing sustainability. The spotlight is on the lab's groundbreaking work with sodium-ion batteries—a sustainable alternative to lithium-ion. Michael explains the advantages of sodium-ion batteries, emphasizing their potential in various applications, especially in urban mobility. Learn what is at the forefront of battery research and other projects that Dr. Michael Metzger and his colleagues are working on in this episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #Tesla #CleanTech #TechTalk #EV #LithiumBattery #BatteryStorage #SustainableEnergy #RenewableEnergy


Connecting Energy Innovators: Wes Scott and the Smart Energy Event

Ever wondered how a single conversation could spark a revolution in the energy industry? Join us as Wes Scott, a conduit in the world of renewable energy, takes us on a journey from conferences to clean energy initiatives. Wes shares his journey and discusses the origins of the Smart Energy Event in Halifax, focusing on renewables in Nova Scotia. The conversation explores how the energy industry has evolved across Canada, with Wes highlighting the role of government regulations, economic factors, and technological advancements. Exciting plans for the Smart Energy Conference in 2024 are unveiled, including expansion to Vancouver and a broader range of topics. Tune in for insights into the dynamic energy landscape, the changing industry in Canada, and the pivotal role of events like Smart Energy in shaping the future of renewable energy. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #Conference #Sustainability #EV #Canada #Business #RenewableEnergy


Eco-Champion Chronicles: The Green Odyssey of Stephen Mildenberger

Embarking on the path of environmental advocacy, especially as an early adopter, can feel like a challenging journey, reminiscent of Kermit's lament in the famous song, "It’s not easy being green." However, for those like Stephen Mildenberger, the journey is a testament to the power of knowledge. In this episode, we delve into the inspiring narrative of Stephen Mildenberger, a trailblazer in renewable energy and conservation. From his early days as a Tesla adopter to becoming deeply entrenched in the renewable energy landscape, Stephen shares the tenacity that fueled his commitment. He evolved into a passionate advocate for a cleaner, greener future by continuously pursuing knowledge from reputable publications and news sources. The conversation reveals Stephen's pivotal energy advocate role and active participation in committees such as the Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada. His mission extends beyond personal interests as he ardently works to raise awareness about clean energy in Atlantic Canada, focusing on solar trackers, batteries, and EV chargers. As an early adopter of clean technology, Stephen emphasizes the significance of adopting a long-term perspective, fostering collaboration, and exercising patience to overcome resistance to the energy transition. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #EV #ElectricVehicle #Tesla #SolarEnergy #ElectricCar #RenewableEnergy


Digging Deeper Into PRI Engineering's Geotechnical Expertise

Can we ensure the stability of large-scale solar arrays in the face of extreme weather events and changing regulations? Host Maria McGowan chats with Tom St. Onge from PRI Engineering, a civil engineering consulting firm specializing in geotechnical engineering. They discuss crucial processes involved in renewable energy projects' risk management role and explore PRI Engineering's commitment to growth and education in the field. Their podcast, "It's Soil, Not Dirt," is designed to boost awareness and comprehension of geotechnical engineering. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating industry from the experts at PRI Engineering, listen to their podcast; It’s Soil Not Dirt Podcast: Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #Construction #Sustainability #SolarPower #SolarArray #CivilEngineering #Geotechnical #RenewableEnergy


From the Ground Up: Aecon's Zero-Carbon Initiatives

How are construction companies contributing to a sustainable future? Host Maria McGowan sits down with Prabh Banga, Aecon’s VP of Sustainability. In addition to Aecon's focus on safety and sustainability, they’re also testing zero-emission equipment and low-carbon construction materials. Prabh offers valuable advice for companies looking to embark on their sustainability journey. Give their podcast, "Road to Net Zero," a listen as it covers a range of sustainability topics in the construction industry, and Acon's future focus is on technology and innovation to further reduce emissions during construction projects. Road to Net Zero Podcast: Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #Construction #ESG #Sustainability #EV #AECON #ZeroEmission #NetZero #RenewableEnergy


Reimagining Nuclear Waste: Fueling Moltex Energy’s Innovation

In this episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast, host Maria McGowan speaks with Rory O'Sullivan from Moltex Energy. They discuss Moltex's mission to develop nuclear technology that can produce affordable, clean energy while addressing the nuclear waste challenge. Moltex Energy offers three unique technologies: a molten salt reactor, a waste recycling facility, and a thermal energy storage system. The key innovation is recycling existing nuclear waste as fuel. This technology promises flexibility in energy production and supports renewable energy integration. Rory also explains the science behind recycling nuclear waste and discusses Moltex Energy's future plans, highlighting the potential to revolutionize the nuclear energy industry. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #NuclearEnergy #Power #Technology #Tech #Sustainability #Equality #Business #CanadianBusiness #RenewableEnergy


From Wind to Watts: Atlantic Canada's Energy Sector

Do you have questions about Energy? Want to improve your understanding of how the energy sector works and how it impacts your life? In this episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast, host Maria McGowan welcomes Michelle Robichaud from the Atlantica Centre for Energy. They discuss their interactive energy maps highlighting the region's diverse energy infrastructure. Michelle talks about the challenges and opportunities specific to Atlantic Canada, such as the transition to clean energy, offshore wind, nuclear, and hydrogen projects. The Atlantica Centre for Energy keeps a close eye on the energy landscape and delivers initiatives such as energy literacy and inspiring youth to work in the renewable energy sector. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #OffShore #Wind #CleanEnergy #NuclearEnergy #Power #Technology #Tech #Sustainability #Business #CanadianBusiness #RenewableEnergy


Switching Gears: Sustainable Solutions for Your Commute

Returning to the Reimagined Energy Podcast is Sadiq Pirani, a leading expert in transportation and sustainable urban planning. Sadiq discusses the shift towards eco-friendly and efficient modes of commuting. This episode discusses the transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric cars, he provides innovative solutions that promise safer, smarter, and sustainable mobility options. Spoiler alert: it’s about adjusting our attitudes and habits to reshape how we move in our cities. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Be a guest or sponsor: #UrbanPlanning #EV #ElectricVehicle #Tech #Technology #Transportation #Canada #City #Business #Climate


Diverse Voices, Green Choices: Claire Harris on Energy Transformation

In this episode of the Reimagined Energy Podcast, Maria sat down with Claire Harris, a senior advisor in the area of environment and inclusion at NB Power. Claire shared insights into her remarkable journey in the energy sector, the shifts she's witnessed over the past decade, and what lies ahead for the industry. They delved into the evolving landscape of the energy sector, discussing the shifts, challenges, and the critical role of diversity and inclusion in the energy transition. Let's dive into their insightful conversation. Don't miss our latest podcast episode featuring Claire Harris, a trailblazer in the energy sector. Discover the critical shifts happening in the industry, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the collaborative efforts needed to shape a sustainable future. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #NuclearEnergy #Power #Technology #Tech #Sustainability #Equality #Business #CanadianBusiness #RenewableEnergy


AI-Powered Solutions: Climative's Journey to Low-Carbon Living

There are so many uses for artificial intelligence; in this case, it can help us save on energy costs. In this episode, Maria McGowan interviews Winston Morton from Climative, a climate data platform revolutionizing energy and climate assessments for homes and buildings. They discuss how Climative utilizes artificial intelligence for digital audits, providing pathways to net-zero or low-carbon buildings. Winston highlights the urgent need to address the 90% of homes yet to be assessed, emphasizing the positive ROI potential of retrofitting and how Climative's platform simplifies access to rebates and informs homeowners about low-carbon solutions. Gain insights into how you can significantly impact the environment and your home's carbon footprint. Don't miss out—listen to the full episode for a deeper understanding of climate action and sustainable living. Our website: Subscribe to the weekly email when a new episode is launched: Email: #Climative #GreenHousing #Sustainability #Electric #Housing #Business #CanadianBusiness #RenewableEnergy


Welcome to Season Two of the Reimagined Energy Podcast

Welcome to season two of the Reimagined Energy podcast! We were thrilled with the success of season one and can't wait to share more interviews with sustainability experts. What's in it for you? Each episode will feature sustainability news, innovations, tips, and insightful first-person experiences with renewable energy experts. See you soon!


Season 1 - That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap for Season 1! Thanks to everyone who tuned in and joined us on this journey. Coming soon; Season 2! Join us this fall for more interviews, insight, and conversations with some of the brightest minds in renewable energy. Got a question or suggestion for the show? Know someone in the Renewable Energy Sector who would make a great guest? Send us a message at to be featured in future episodes!


Power Play: Myths and Facts About Solar Power

If you've ever wondered whether solar energy is the right choice for you, this episode will provide the answers you need. Maria is joined with John Sheldon of Renu Energy, to demystify solar energy for both residential and commercial properties. John explains the planning and installation processes, and tax credits associated with solar energy. He debunks common myths surrounding solar power and highlights the numerous benefits it offers, including protection against rising energy costs, financial savings, and increased home resale value. Gain valuable knowledge and make an informed decision about harnessing the sun's power to your benefit.


The Universal Language of Green Hydrogen

A conversation with Dr. Nevenka Elezovic, Research Professor at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade. Sometimes, you must step outside your country (and continent) to see another perspective. In this case, in a recent “call for podcast guests” on a LinkedIn Renewable Energy Group, one of the responses was from Dr. Elezovic. Green hydrogen is a universal language and one that Dr. Elezovic knows quite well. Listen while we discuss the role of green hydrogen in a circular economy and how we can transition from fossil fuels to renewables globally.


Energy Tech 101 with Dr. Groszko

Maria goes back to school to talk to Dr. Wayne Groszko, an applied energy research scientist at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) to discuss the school's work in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. Dr. Groszko and his team conduct various research projects, including the development of perovskite solar cells, testing solar panels for boats, and exploring thermal energy storage as an affordable alternative to traditional battery storage. Alongside his research, Dr. Groszko highlights the importance of involving students in these projects and providing them with hands-on experience and opportunities for career development.


Port of Halifax's Renewable Voyage

The Port of Halifax is one of the world’s largest naturally deep, ice-free harbours. It is Canada’s Ultra Atlantic Gateway and a regional economic engine. Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority, unveils their focus on hydrogen as a potential fuel source for large ships and their determination to become a demand aggregator for clean energy. Under the leadership of Captain Gray, they are full steam ahead on sustainability and the delicate balance of economics, community integration and the environment. Join this episode to discover how the HPA is working to determine the port's role in the energy transition, including bunkering services, the supply of marine-related shipping fuels, and the storage and export of hydrogen-based shipping fuels.


Hydrogen: Fueling the Future

Maria sits down with Mark Kirby, Senior Advisor of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, for a little science class on the elements. They discuss the limitless potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source and share valuable insights into the latest advancements in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Mark shares his expertise and sheds light on the role hydrogen could play in decarbonizing various sectors, such as transportation and industry. Tune in to learn about Canada's initiatives in the hydrogen space and how it is positioning itself as a global leader in this transformative energy sector. Don't miss this engaging conversation that explores the future of clean energy and the pivotal role of hydrogen in shaping a greener world.


Planting the Seed of Sustainability

How do we create change through the choices we make? By making small, consistent choices. Thinkwell Shift is a behavior change company that specializes in resource conservation. They encourage people to make lasting changes in their daily lives to conserve resources such as water, energy, and waste. Maria interviews Ruvi Mugara, Director of Projects on how the company is leading the charge to educate the next generation (and ourselves) to do just that! Don't miss this inspiring podcast episode about behavioural change and sustainability.


Nuclear’s Role in the Clean Energy Transition

How is nuclear energy part of the clean energy mix? Maria is joined by Fawn Zeuchner of ARC Clean Technology as they discuss the pivotal role of nuclear energy in combating climate change, meeting global energy demands, technological advancements, safety protocols, and dispelling common misconceptions. Tune in for a fresh perspective on the remarkable potential of nuclear energy and its transformative possibilities in shaping a sustainable future. Questions? Comments?


The Electrifying Potential of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Approximately 95 percent of a lithium-ion battery can be recycled into new batteries.* Maria is joined by Ravi Gade, CEO of ES Recycle and an esteemed expert in lithium-ion batteries. Learn how end-of-life batteries can be reimagined and made stronger, and the transformative impact they could have. Tune in to hear about Ravi's groundbreaking research and his inspiring vision for a greener future! (Source: *Canadian Renewable Association)