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The Revenue Engine Podcast features top leaders in business, marketing, technology, and more and share their amazing stories.

The Revenue Engine Podcast features top leaders in business, marketing, technology, and more and share their amazing stories.


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The Revenue Engine Podcast features top leaders in business, marketing, technology, and more and share their amazing stories.




Creating Organic Leads Through Better Marketing With Matt Richards of Aqua Security

Matt Richards is an international business and product marketing leader with more than 25 years in B2B technology working with companies of all sizes. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Aqua Security, the largest pure-play and cloud native security company worldwide. Before Aqua, Matt was the CMO for Datto and the VP of Products and Markets at ownCloud among other leading positions. He brings his mindset from mechanical engineering to marketing in order to find clever solutions to drive...


Managing and Monetizing Big Data With Roman Stanek of GoodData

Roman Stanek is a successful entrepreneur and technology expert with 20 years in the field. He is the CEO and Founder of GoodData, a company built to disrupt the business intelligence space and help companies monetize their data. Before GoodData, he founded and led two other startups: NetBeans and Systinet. He has become a leading voice in the analytics industry across his businesses, pushing the boundaries on data insights and helping new companies move forward. In this episode… Many...


The Keys to International Marketing With Michael Krutikov of ElectroNeek

Michael Krutikov is an experienced executive and marketer and the CMO of ElectroNeek. The company provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for IT services and works with companies such as Toyota and 7-Eleven. His extensive background includes leading positions at Dell, Symantec, and Cybraics. He is known for his ability to generate consistent demand and thought-leadership hyper-growth for premiere businesses. In this episode… Marketing is already challenging in one country, but expanding...


Making the Most of Limited Marketing Budgets With Ryan George of Docupace Technologies

Ryan George is a marketer, speaker, author, and expert panelist. He is the CMO of Docupace Technologies where he handles the marketing, communications, and events strategy of the wealth management company. He previously worked at 1st Global and U.S. Global Investors where he honed his expertise. Alongside his work at Docupace, Ryan serves as the Chair of the Financial Services Institute's Marketing, Growth and Development Council as well as a member of the Forbes Communications Council. In...

How To Transform Your Team and Revenue With Greg Drinkwater of Fetcher

Greg Drinkwater is the CRO of Fetcher, a platform that automates candidate sourcing and outreach so their clients can focus on the human side of recruiting. He worked at Stack Overflow for eight years and founded his own company,, back in 2007. His experience includes sales, sales training, and account management. In this episode… Generating revenue organically is difficult, and leading a team to generate that revenue is even harder. No matter how great the...


Transforming Your Sales From the Ground Up With Adam Boushie of Finix

With international experience and a background in entrepreneurship, Adam Boushie brings a unique mindset to his role as Chief Revenue Officer at Finix. The company offers payment solutions to software platforms, working with startups all the way to global brands. Adam spent seven years at Google and has also worked with companies like Gloo and Iron Mountain. In this episode… Growing your business’ sales is a difficult and multifaceted prospect. Despite what some people say, there is no...


Redefining Your Marketing Strategy for B2B Software With Angela Earl of RFPIO

With substantial experience in the technology space, Angela Earl has become a sought-after marketing leader in her field. She is the Vice President of Global Marketing at RFPIO, a response management software with more than 250,000 users worldwide. She previously worked as CRO of Obility and Director of Marketing Operations Strategy at Response Capture. Currently, she runs her own podcast called MarTalk and is a member of both Women in Martech and Chief. In this episode… The innate...


The Art of Working with Other Businesses With Kevin Knieriem of Clari

With more than 20 years in enterprise technology, Kevin Knieriem is an innovative executive with experience in businesses of all sizes. He is the EVP and CRO of Clari, a revenue operations platform that offers accurate forecasting and drives growth. Prior to Clari, Kevin worked at other leading brands such as Oracle and over 10 years at SAP. He continues to serve as a Council Member of the Forbes Business Development Council and as a Founding Advisory Board Member of Sales Community. In...


Innovative Technology for the Construction Industry With Lew Schulman of iBUILD Global

Lew Schulman is a social entrepreneur who has helmed several successful businesses and organizations. He is the Chairman of the Board at iBUILD Global, a platform that digitizes construction flows. He is also Chairman of the Board for Karimi International, Managing Trustee of Builders of Hope Kenya Trust and a Trustee of Friends of the MAA Trust. Lew began his career in the US Navy before starting his own business and founding several fishing co-ops in South and Central America. In this...


Growing and Marketing Your CRM With Craig Klein of SalesNexus

Craig Klein has worked as the President and CEO of SalesNexus for nearly 20 years, a platform that helps automate marketing and generate leads for small- and medium-sized sales teams. He received much of his experience in sales from Neuralog, starting as their first salesperson and eventually helping it grow into a leader in the energy industry. Craig also previously served as the Vice President of Sales for both A2D Technologies and TGS-Nopec Geophysical. He currently serves as an official...


Building a Successful Marketing Strategy With Bonnie Crater of Full Circle Insights

Bonnie Crater is an experienced B2B marketer and the CEO and President of Full Circle Insights. The company works with other businesses to get the most out of their Salesforce platform. She previously worked with Salesforce, Realization Technologies, and Genesys. Bonnie graduated from Princeton University with a degree in biology before pivoting to marketing and management at Oracle. In this episode… Marketing can feel like a game of trial and error — experimenting until something finally...


How to Create a Great Customer Journey With Chris Hicken of Nuffsaid

Chris Hicken is a successful business leader with an emphasis on B2B software. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Nuffsaid, which uses AI technology to sift through hundreds of everyday tasks to promote the ones that move businesses forward. He spent eight years as the President and COO of UserTesting where he developed his expertise in user experience. He also serves as an advisor and board member for multiple prestigious businesses such as Peer Collective, UserGems, Forum Ventures, and...


Finding The Right Team and The Right Metrics For Business Success With Chris Grey of CapLinked

Chris Grey is an accomplished investor and the Co-founder and COO of CapLinked. His company provides secure virtual data rooms to help clients manage documents, perform due diligence, and handle contract negotiations. For over 10 years, he has managed over a billion dollars through his investments. Recently, Chris co-founded a blockchain company called TransitNet, which helps firms better manage their crypto funds. In addition to this, he is the Author of Life Hacks: Simple Steps To A...


Creating Great Content for B2B Marketing With Chad Reid of Jotform

Chad Reid is an experienced copywriter and communications expert. He is the current Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Jotform, an online form creator that offers a large variety of templates and features. Previously, Chad was a Technical Copywriter at PK Safety, a Contributing Writer at Metromix, and a Marketing Associate at Lincoln Financial Network. Chad received his master’s degree in communication from Purdue University. He has worked as an assistant coach for two...


Creating Memorable Marketing Content With Brad Schlachter of Simpler Media Group

Brad Schlachter is a digital marketer, advisor, and strategist for entertainment, media, and tech organizations. In addition to working as an independent consultant, he is the Head of Growth and Engagement at Simpler Media Group. His areas of expertise include traditional branding and performance marketing, particularly in new technology and media. He concurrently works as an advisor for the San Francisco Symphony, Audiosocket, and RTRN Strategy. Brad started his career working for some of...


How to Grow and Diversify Small Businesses With Carissa Reiniger of Small Biz Silver Lining

Carissa Reiniger is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses. Her sister companies, Small Biz Silver Lining and Silver Lining Finance, work with businesses to build their financial plans and help them grow sustainably. She has also stepped into an advisor role with AMP, an accelerator, technology studio, and community that seeks to remedy equity disparities in entrepreneurship. Additionally, Carissa is the Founder of The Impact 5X Project, an extension of Silver Lining...


Tips For Building a Great Team for Greater Growth With Bill Cunningham of SiteSpect

Bill Cunningham is a sales leader with a forte in growth and scaling. He is the Chief Revenue Officer as well as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SiteSpect. SiteSpect delivers testing and personalization solutions to help digital businesses optimize the customer experience. They’ve worked for well-known names including Bed Bath & Beyond and Sam’s Club. Bill has had a rich career in business development and sales spanning more than 30 years. He has worked with Kaspersky,...


How To Hire Great Employees in a Changing Talent Landscape With Angela Hood of ThisWay Global

Angela Hood is an entrepreneur who has built three different companies over the past 20 years. She is currently the Founder and CEO of ThisWay Global, an HR tech company that delivers unbiased candidate sourcing and matching for talent acquisition. Angela’s background is rooted in land development, and she previously founded the Texas A&M College of Architecture Career Fair. She also has delegate experience with the National Military Family Association and now helps service members turn...


How to Strategically Grow and Market a Business with Jacques Botbol of Verbit

Jacques Botbol is an international marketer with an engineer’s mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. He is currently the VP of Marketing at Verbit, an innovative transcription and captioning solution with a guarantee of 99% accuracy. Jacques also has experience as the Head of Marketing and Strategy at Panorama Software and as a leader in the Business Development department at TIGI. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. In this...


Mastering Marketing in Venture Capital With Vignesh Ravikumar of Sierra Ventures

Vignesh Ravikumar is the Principal at Sierra Ventures, an early-stage venture firm that invests in impactful businesses with a focus on Next Generation Enterprise and Emerging Technologies. Vignesh specializes in investments in Enterprise and Vertical SaaS as well as Healthcare IT. His background is in M&A transactions for enterprise software companies, and he previously worked at AGC Partners, a Boston-based investment bank. Vignesh received his bachelor’s degree in management science from...