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The Revenue Engine Podcast features top leaders in business, marketing, technology, and more and share their amazing stories.


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The Revenue Engine Podcast features top leaders in business, marketing, technology, and more and share their amazing stories.




Humanizing B2B Sales and Marketing Through AI With Usman Sheikh of xiQ

Usman Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of xiQ, an award-winning B2B sales and marketing platform. His goal is to humanize B2B sales and marketing by harnessing the power of generative AI and psychology. Prior to xiQ, Usman held multiple positions at SAP, including Vice President of Corporate Development, Product Management, and Sales Enablement. He frequently serves as a guest lecturer at schools such as the University of Texas, University of Wisconsin, University of Alabama, and Clemson University. In this episode… Marketing and sales are numbers-driven fields, filled with data, analysis, and research. The traditional approach can work, but can also potentially alienate existing customers or deter prospective ones. One solution to this is personalizing and humanizing any sales efforts. So how can businesses include this aspect in their marketing? xiQ is a personality-driven, AI-powered technology that helps companies connect with their audience. More than just a product, this approach can yield incredible results in the long-term. Here is what you need to know to apply these principles. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Usman Sheikh, the Founder and CEO of xiQ, to break down the process of personalizing sales. They talk about the power of AI to connect with customers, understanding the behavioral code in people, and making your mark in an oversaturated market. They also explain the way to maximize email marketing and where the field is heading in the future.


Managing and Optimizing Multi-Channel Campaigns With Frederik Hermann of Beekeeper

Frederik Hermann is a senior marketing executive focused on driving success through innovative and impactful marketing strategies. He excels in developing and leading global teams, executing campaigns, and delivering measurable results. Frederik is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Beekeeper, a mobile-first platform designed for deskless employees. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for Swissnex and UpWest Labs. In this episode… Digital marketing is sometimes treated as a single topic, but there are many complex aspects under its umbrella. Lead generation, email marketing, social media, CRO, website development, and much more are all key responsibilities for marketing leadership. How do you unify so many diverse roles to work together? The simplest yet most challenging component is the team itself. Organizing and helping a competent team can make these lofty goals manageable. As a leader, there are essential tips and strategies to support your team and achieve your company’s vision. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Frederik Hermann, the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Beekeeper, to discuss multi-channel campaigns and how to manage teams. They walk through thought leadership, pipeline growth, and leveraging modern marketing technology. They also touch on the newest opportunities for marketers in 2024.


Developing and Marketing Technology Products With Dylan Serota of

As an experienced entrepreneur and tech advisor, Dylan Serota has found his niche at the intersection of technology and e-commerce. He is the CEO and Co-founder of, a full-stack remote workforce platform for software-driven companies. He currently advises for BoomPop and previously advised for In this episode… While powerful, marketing is only half of the selling process. The first step is the development of the product or platform itself. In the tech world, the product needs to be effective and consistent to appeal to clients. So how does that translate into the marketing? It starts with intimately knowing the product and knowing the ideal client. This ensures that the right technology gets to the customers who can best utilize it. Working in close conjunction with your team and your clients can make all the difference. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Dylan Serota, the CEO and Co-founder of, about marketing and optimizing technology products. They discuss engineering resilience, identifying clients, AI in tech products, and how Dylan would utilize startup funding if he were to do it again.


Driving Sustainable and Predictable Growth With Michael Krause of Tovuti LMS

With over 20 years of experience in business and technology, Michael Krause is a respected leader and growth expert. He currently serves as COO and Chief Growth Officer at Tovuti LMS, a platform that provides extensive tools to craft courses, engage learners, and train teams. In addition, he consults businesses of all sizes and works with them on strategy. Michael started his career as a cryptographer in the U.S. Navy before transitioning to sales and technology. In this episode… Technology companies are fertile for explosive growth, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Marketing and sales need to be top-of-the-line to stand out from an endless ocean of competitors. So how do you drive revenue sustainably? Michael Krause, a proven expert on growth for tech businesses, advises mapping out an audience and potential revenue from the outset. Taking time to strategize and coordinate across teams is also vital. There is an overwhelming amount to consider and a lot to learn, but the essentials are universal. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Michael Krause, the COO and Chief Growth Officer at Tovuti LMS, on the best practices for sustainable growth. They go over the essentials, adapting messaging and outreach, customer experience, and the effect of AI on the industry. They also touch on Michael’s mentors and his greatest lessons throughout the years.


Product Marketing to B2B, B2C, and B2G With Nitin Kartik of Carbyne

Nitin Kartik is a proven marketing leader and is the Director of Product Marketing at Carbyne, an emergency communication response platform that offers safe and reliable solutions for crises. He has led marketing and partnership programs at leading companies such as TomTom and Amazon. He has a MS degree in computer networks from Stanford University and a MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In this episode… When marketing, professionals will often default to strategies that previously worked for them. While this may yield results for a while, marketing requires intensive specification and tailoring to consistently reach the right audiences — this is especially true when transferring from one branch of marketing to another. Marketers are expected to be experts across the entire industry. However, B2B, B2C, and B2G are vastly different sectors with each requiring unique strategies. Learning from others who made the same transition is vital for success. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz sits down with Nitin Kartik, the Director of Product Marketing at Carbyne, to discuss the differences in marketing B2B, B2C, and B2G. They break down the key distinctions, what each audience expects, and the importance of innovating. The two also touch on Nitin’s background and the greatest lessons he’s learned throughout his career.


Acquiring and Nurturing Top Talent With Angela Yeh of Yeh IDeology

Angela Yeh is the CEO, Founder, and Chief Talent Strategist of Yeh IDeology, a firm offering career coaching, talent strategy, and recruitment services. For the last 20 years, she has worked with senior executives and directors of HR, ranging from massive corporations to humble startups. In addition to her company, Angela has served on several advisory boards and has offered her expertise as a speaker and workshop leader. In this episode… Top-tier talent is one of the most potent variables in a business. The right people can not only help your company run smoothly but even take it to new heights. When passion and expertise meet direction and leadership, the result is a team equipped to handle any challenge. However, this kind of talent requires nurturing. Employees need to be prepared and guided to reach their full potential. Finding the right talent is only the first step — it’s what you do afterward that makes the true difference. So what should you know to help your people be at their best? In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Angela Yeh, the CEO and Founder of Yeh IDeology, to discuss talent acquisition and development. They discuss the Great Resignation, maintaining great employees, and how to cultivate talent at companies of any size.


Powerfully Combining AI and Cloud Technology With Brian Lillie of Rackspace Technology

Brian Lillie is the President of Private Cloud at Rackspace Technology, a cloud computing services pioneer and multi-cloud solutions provider. He is a recognized global leader with a focus on business strategy, product innovation, customer centricity, and enterprise digital experience. In addition, he is also a member of the board of directors for Lumentum and Storj Labs. In this episode… Cloud technology is a crucial component to any company’s tech. No software or design can save your data without some form of comprehensive cloud solution. As the competition increases, adopting better services or providers is a necessity. Rackspace Technology has found its edge in the crowded space through AI. They use the burgeoning tech to empower data, give companies effective tools, and maintain maximum security. Its combination of these two growing fields — AI and cloud tech — might be a solution for many businesses. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz sits down with Brian Lillie, the President of Private Cloud at Rackspace Technology, about the intersection of AI and cloud resources. They touch on the company’s work, how AI is evolving rapidly in the space, and what companies need to know about private cloud services.


Marketing the Next Great Disruptor With Robert Kulewicz of MarketSpark

Robert Kulewicz is a proven sales leader and the Chief Growth Officer of MarketSpark, a SaaS platform offering analog to 4G LTE and 5G for enterprises. He has worked in the US and Europe, including Fortune 1000 companies and start-ups in technology, media, automotive, and construction industries. His experience encompasses growing startups up to 10x within 24 months and expertise as a brand director, generating over $400 million in annual sales. In this episode… Marketing is always a question of wants and needs. Businesses are often slow to adopt anything other than the necessities, which can hurt them in the long run. Industry disruptors can appear frivolous at first, until it’s too late to get on board. Robert Kulewicz is a marketer and growth expert who has worked across several industries. The common thread is a talent for marketing invaluable solutions to an oversaturated market. He has developed his own methodology and answers to help companies buy in and mutually succeed. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Robert Kulewicz, the Chief Growth Officer at MarketSpark, to discuss marketing industry disruptors and SaaS solutions effectively. They touch on the landscape of data infrastructure, how Robert performs at his position, and his involvement with the sales team. He also breaks down the realities of scaling and rapid growth as a company.


Marketing Complex Products to Engineers and Executives With Oleg Shilovitsky of OpenBOM

Oleg Shilovitsky is the CEO and Co-founder of OpenBOM, a digital network platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers with supply chain networks. He also runs his social and consulting brand, Beyond PLM, to share information and insights for product, engineering, and manufacturing software. In the past, Oleg held a host of leadership and technology positions, including a rich background in product lifecycle management. He is passionate about using technology and business to transform the way people work in engineering, manufacturing, and enterprise. In this episode… Engineers are a difficult group for marketing. With an analytical and pragmatic mindset, the majority of engineers are focused on tangible solutions. For SaaS companies, directly marketing to these professionals can prove difficult and tedious. Meanwhile, executives are an entirely different challenge. Their expectations and budgets can prove resistant to subpar marketing. A common factor between both groups is Oleg Shilovitsky, a CEO who has created content for both subsections — he offers invaluable advice on marketing to each. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz invites Oleg Shilovitsky, the CEO and Co-founder of OpenBOM, onto the show to break down how to market complex products to executives and engineers. They go through the basics, how Oleg found his niche, and his advice for marketers on appealing to both mindsets. They also talk about the inherent problems with B2B SaaS marketing and past mistakes that helped Oleg grow.


Best Practices for SaaS Companies and Vendors With Nigel Cullington of Upland Software

Nigel Cullington is a marketing leader with 25 years of global experience in sales and marketing. He is the VP of Marketing at Upland Software, an enterprise software that offers project management, workflow automation, and digital engagement. Previously, Nigel worked in product marketing at Openwave Messaging and Altify before Upland’s acquisition. In this episode… As businesses rapidly evolve, technology is often the dividing line for success. Having the right software, systems, and methodology can help companies rise past plateaus. Vendors in particular can become true partners with their clients, taking over crucial tasks and management responsibilities. One such vendor and SaaS company is Upland Software. Their suite of software has granted increased efficiency to many leading companies. Marketing and sales have been key components of their growth, finding unique ways to promote their brand. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Nigel Cullington, the Vice President of Product Marketing at Upland Software, to discuss the business’ marketing strategies. They discuss Nigel’s career across sales and product marketing, how they use account-based marketing, and how they stand out from the crowd.


Leading and Growing a B2B Company With Kris Rudeegraap of Sendoso

Kris Rudeegraap is the CEO and Co-founder of Sendoso, a direct mail automation platform that helps companies engage with their customers throughout the buyer’s journey. He is also an advisor and investor for many leading companies including Alan AI, Sonar Software, LoopGolf, and Tourial. In addition to his business, Kris is a contributing writer for Forbes Technology Council. He has previously worked as a senior account executive and a regional sales director. In this episode… Leading a successful business — especially a B2B business — is a difficult process. Marketing and funnel growth are notoriously elusive prospects that contain a host of variables. While each company is different, there are universal tips and experiences that can always help. Kris Rudeegraap is a CEO who has consistently helped his business grow. He has learned from firsthand experience how to navigate the SaaS and B2B industries. He offers his insight as a Forbes contributor but now offers additional thoughts to you. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Kris Rudeegraap, the CEO and Co-founder of Sendoso, to discuss leading and growing a B2B company. They break down his approach to growing the business, accelerating marketing, and aligning the company’s different teams. Kris also touches on AI and his thoughts on the industry as it stands today.


Transitioning Into and Excelling as a SaaS Company With Mario Martinez of Vengreso

Mario Martinez is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso, a sales training company that simplifies and automates with their SaaS-based technology FlyMSG. He is the host of the popular The Modern Selling Podcast and was featured in Forbes, INC., Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post. He’s a highly sought-after keynote speaker with his experience in personal branding and B2B sales. In addition to these roles, Mario also serves on the advisory boards for National Association of Women Sales Professionals and OneMob. In this episode… SaaS companies are already difficult to fund and market, but what about transforming an existing business into a SaaS model? Vengreso started as a digital sales prospecting training company but has since pivoted with their software FlyMSG. The transformation has been difficult but rewarding in many ways according to founder Mario Martinez, who has applied his extensive knowledge of B2B business to market the new software. It is a unique situation for a company, and now you too can learn the irreplicable lessons that came from it. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz has an insightful conversation with Mario Martinez, the Founder and CEO of Vengreso, to talk about marketing and switching over to the SaaS model. They discuss the challenges of switching business models, customer acquisition, social media, and running a SaaS company. They also go through Mario’s background in business and what he learned from his mentors.


Increasing Demand Generation for Restaurant Technology With Arsen Stepanyan of

Arsen Stepanyan is the Co-founder and CEO of, a business offering restaurant industry solutions to streamline the ordering process and increase revenue. In addition to his business, he is a board member at BuildUp Bootcamp. He started his career as a small business owner and has translated that experience into expertise with his new business. In this episode… Technology designed for restaurants faces an uphill battle. The unique challenges of the restaurant industry lead to difficulties for third-party software. If marketed correctly, the wide consumer pool can be a great advantage for companies. If marketed poorly, however, prevalent skepticism can halt any forward progress. So how can technology businesses properly market themselves to restaurants? In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz is joined by Arsen Stepanyan, the Co-founder and CEO of, to discuss demand generation for restaurant industry technology businesses. The two break down the unique attributes of restaurants, how to market the specific technology, and making the software accessible.


Healthy Revenue Management With Mike Chuma of IDeaS

Mike Chuma is the Vice President of Global Marketing, Engagement and Enablement at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a revenue management software that has served hospitality businesses for over 30 years. He has led global product organizations, redefined product strategies, and helped implement new technologies for SaaS and subscription models. Before IDeaS, Mike worked for Trinity Springs Inc., SuperValu, and Digital River in a variety of leadership positions. Across his career, he has aimed to provide organizations the tools they need to maintain relevance for commerce and sales channels. In this episode… Revenue management is an unwieldy topic. Under the umbrella of marketing, generating and nurturing revenue is fundamental to the health of a business. There are a myriad of factors that can get in the way — so what are some of the most important tips and tricks? Mike Chuma has earned his experience from a fruitful career and key mentors. He started as a sales and marketing manager, working his way to a place of leadership for a leading technology brand. All of this has allowed him to know what many companies need to excel in their marketing. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Mike Chuma, the Vice President of Global Marketing, Engagement and Enablement at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, to discuss better revenue management. They break down product strategy, revenue management for hotels, and important tips for marketing. The two also talk about the transition from lead-centric to revenue-centric marketing.


Leading and Fostering a Powerful Marketing Program With Gabe Graham of Accela

Gabe Graham is a marketing and sales executive with deep knowledge of developing and implementing digital-first marketing strategies. He is the Director of Growth and Field Marketing of Accela, a unified suite of cloud solutions for local governments. Prior to Accela, Gabe spent nearly two decades at H&R Block, starting as a marketing manager and exiting as their Director of Marketing Strategy. In this episode… Marketing is a notoriously difficult facet of business. A myriad of factors can determine what works and what doesn’t, resulting in trusted marketing models failing. Companies don’t only need strong marketing but someone to lead the program — someone able to adapt to changes and find new business. So what are some of the core elements of this marketing approach? In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Gabe Graham, the Director of Growth and Field Marketing at Accela, to discuss his successful marketing program at the company. They touch on the first year of growth, how Gabe approaches field marketing, and leading collaboration among teams. The two also discuss the current state of marketing and how new technology is shaping it.


How To Utilize AI in Marketing With Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell is a sales specialist, investor, and entrepreneur. He is Vice President of Sales at Leadium and currently works with other companies such as Vengresso, Nigel Green, and uCast. He is also the host of the Sales Transformation Podcast, where he offers bite-sized advice on how to transform your sales. At 25, Collin founded his first company and has since successfully exited three separate endeavors. In this episode… AI is a hot-button topic, especially in the world of business. With fierce competition, companies are looking to technology to secure any advantage. Leveraging AI is not enough, however. Knowing how and where to use it is equally as important, not only securing more customers but earning their long-term trust. Collin Mitchell has worked in sales for more than 15 years. Along with starting his own businesses, he has developed a talent for sales and how to access customers. He led the sales for Humantic, an AI and marketing platform, and now explains his insights for others looking to combine the two. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Collin Mitchell, the former Head of Sales at Humantic, to discuss his knowledge and how AI is being used in marketing. They break down Collin’s early life, selling directly to the customer, and the work that Humantic does in the AI space. The two also talk about the best advice he received from his mentors.


Building and Improving a Sales Team With David Weiss of The Sales Collective

David Weiss is a sales executive, sales coach, and is the Chief Revenue Officer of The Sales Collective. The company is a partner in accelerating business growth using experience and cutting-edge strategies to optimize sales performance. David is the author of Your Definitive Sales Career Guide and Sales Success Stories. He also founded the company DealDoc, which spearheads an app that inspects and suggests fixes in business deals. In this episode… The only way to drive sales is to have a successful sales team. The challenge then becomes constructing and properly utilizing a team for greater revenue. More than any software, people can go above and beyond, creating incredible improvements. For business leaders and salespeople alike, there is a lot left to know. David Weiss is an experienced sales leader and author. His current work is through The Sales Collective, helping other businesses and professionals to radically improve their sales and the teams that drive it. So what does he have to offer to improve yours? Alex Gluz invites David Weiss, the Chief Revenue Officer at The Sales Collective, onto the Revenue Engine Podcast to talk about sales and how to improve a sales team. They talk about the convergence of sales and marketing, the books that influenced David’s perspective, and his advice for young professionals. They also go through some common misconceptions in the field and how to treat them.


Improving the Marketing for Cybersecurity Services With Deborah Galea

Deborah Galea is the Director of Product Marketing at Orca Security, a leading cloud security platform. She is a proficient marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience marketing B2B software and SaaS solutions. Her previous positions include marketing work with Ascend Analytics, OPSWAT, and even co-founding Red Earth Software. Deborah’s specialties include product marketing, SEO, content creation, social media, lead generation, and public relations. In this episode… Cybersecurity is a difficult field for marketing. Many companies that need the service most are loath to improve their protection, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. Even competent companies can fail to see the need for greater defenses and suffer as a result. This means that some of the best marketers for cybersecurity are the ones that understand the customer’s hesitations and needs. Deborah Galea understands this dynamic, now leading product marketing for cloud security. She founded her own business in the field, learning directly from her own clients and now uses that information for marketing purposes. So what are her most salient recommendations? Alex Gluz invites Deborah Galea, the Director of Product Marketing at Orca Security, onto the Revenue Engine Podcast to talk about marketing for cybersecurity and cloud services. They break down her early career and some of the key lessons she learned. They also talk about balancing marketing priorities, valuable strategies to stay ahead of the curve, and the impact of AI on marketing.


The Power of Customer-Centric Marketing With Bill Talbot of OpsRamp

Bill Talbot is a marketing and business development expert with experience in strategic, product, and growth marketing. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of OpsRamp, an operations management platform that empowers enterprise IT and DevOps teams and prevents outages. In the past, Bill has worked as the VP of Marketing for Splunk, BMC Software, and CA Technologies. He has successfully grown top-line revenue and built pipelines for companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar businesses. In this episode… While all marketing is inherently customer-focused, the reality rarely matches that ideal. Instead, marketing often becomes a numbers game, detached from the very people they are meant to attract. With the right approach, this style of marketing can pay dividends down the line that a basic funnel cannot replicate. It is a powerful outlook, and now you can learn how to implement it successfully. In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz is once again joined by Bill Talbot, the Chief Marketing Officer at OpsRamp, to discuss marketing and why it is important to remember the customer. They discuss OpsRamp’s marketing efforts, what Bill has learned during his career, how to survive tough economic downturns, and much more.


What Integrated Marketing Does for Businesses With Melanie Brancaleone of Tessian

Melanie Brancaleone is the Director of Integrated Marketing at Tessian, a company offering cloud email security. She has worked in marketing for GoTo, Cynosure, and IBM among many others across her fruitful career. Her specialties involve strategies for increased revenue, customer engagement, and competitive differentiation. Along with marketing, Melanie is known for her leadership capabilities and ability to lead diverse teams. In this episode… Integrated marketing can sound like just another business buzzword, but the idea behind it is crucial. An ununified business will pour countless resources into marketing without seeing the returns they want. Their efforts are spread thin or sometimes even contradictory. Bringing together every communication channel for a few key messages is effective and necessary. Melanie Brancaleone utilizes integrated marketing in her position with Tessian, leading a team to stronger marketing. They have found success with the strategy and have steadily refined their process. So how does it work and does it suit your business? In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz sits down with Melanie Brancaleone, the Director of Integrated Marketing at Tessian, to talk about integrated marketing and its uses. They start with Melanie’s own career, the lessons she’s learned, and how she utilizes metrics. The two also walk through emerging trends in the space, how to unify your communication, and how to use integrated marketing in 2023.