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Rewired Mind is about helping you realize that everyone has a different path to success and a very different way to operate in business. Allen Plunkett, host of Rewired Mind Podcast sits down with real industry leaders to talk about how they rewired their thinking and adopted their different way - and how they built (or rebuilt) their organizations around those concepts and beliefs.

Rewired Mind is about helping you realize that everyone has a different path to success and a very different way to operate in business. Allen Plunkett, host of Rewired Mind Podcast sits down with real industry leaders to talk about how they rewired their thinking and adopted their different way - and how they built (or rebuilt) their organizations around those concepts and beliefs.


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Rewired Mind is about helping you realize that everyone has a different path to success and a very different way to operate in business. Allen Plunkett, host of Rewired Mind Podcast sits down with real industry leaders to talk about how they rewired their thinking and adopted their different way - and how they built (or rebuilt) their organizations around those concepts and beliefs.






An Incredible Journey with Kip Brooks

Kip Brooks is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and breakthrough coach. For much of his youth, Kip was convinced that he wasn’t wanted. He struggled with forgiving people and trust had been an issue for sure. When he was 8 years old, Kip would pray that he wouldn’t wake up. He figured that if God was real, the prayer would be answered as all he wanted was out. Struggling with drugs and alcohol and also landing in jail led him toward getting clean and changing his life. You can get in touch...


Interview with Kara Goldin CEO of Hint, Inc.

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc. – makers of Hint Water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. She is also the bestselling author of Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, which was released October 2020. Kara’s career has seen her in magazine circulation for Time Magazine, Sales for CNN, and as a VP for AOL before founding Hint. Her accolades include being named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women...


Karen DiMarco - Patient advocate, healthcare visionary

Karen DiMarco has been a nurse for over 22 years, she is a patient advocate and is definitely a healthcare visionary. In one of our favorite conversations we talked about her childhood, how she dealt with loneliness, and her feeling as though she needed to check certain boxes with people in order to be liked. She held onto a “red alert” sort of mindset for many years and became very self-conscious about how others viewed her. An amazing human with great stories of being herself and raising...


Justin Otto: From Heroin to Giving Back

Justin Otto is a former heroin addict who started his own podcast, DharmaJunkie, to help those who struggle with addiction as well to help him move on from his past. We talk about his addiction, his journey to becoming clean for the past 18 months and how his Buddhist mindset helped him with not only his recovery but also going forward. So many great insights and thoughts from someone who is a very deep thinker and looking to help others. Please listen to Justin’s podcast and feel free to...


Rubina Cohen: Growing Up Fast and Neuroscience

You know how you can tell when someone is smiling when you are talking to them? That is Rubina Cohen – all the time. Someone who had to help teach and basically be mom to her younger siblings at a very young age, Rubina quickly grabbed that mantle and got to work. She became obsessed with productivity and would create spreadsheets as a very young adult showing her where she spent her time. She had a love of learning and that is what led her to become interested in neuroscience and the work...


Justin Rambo: Download Days and Turning Down the Noise in a Loud World

Justin Rambo struggled as a student. When he was in first grade, he believed that he was not as smart as the other students in his classes. He adopted a mindset that he was stupid, but later discovered that he just had a different style of learning. In 2014, he went to a talk about personal development, during this talk, he realized that there was more that he could do with his analytical style of learning and always questioning things. He feels that he understands people due to having...


Laurie Herbers: From Innocent Bystander to Empowerment

Growing up, Laurie Herbers saw herself as an innocent bystander. We talk about her relationship that she had with her father and how the negativity left her with a mindset of never being able to measure up. Laurie talks about her rewired moment during a rainstorm after her father had passed away and how this led her to find God and completely change how she looked at life and heal from what she had gone through. Now Laurie says her goal is empowerment. Her daily habits are looking at the...


Gillian Tietz - Being Sober in a Drinking World

We talk about how life was for her growing up and how that impacted her going forward and how it played into her alcohol addiction. She also discussed how she was able to get her masters at the age of 25 while drinking daily and how alcohol affected her home life after college. Gillian shares information about her own podcast, Sober Powered, and how she hopes to help people choose themselves over drinking, as she had to do for herself. You can contact her by going to, or...


Allison Dillard - Motivation through Math and Cancer

A college professor and author, Allison Dillard has spent much of her adult life helping people who struggle with math. She has had her own struggles that she discussed with us, from battling cancer to trying to navigate the insurance system. A teacher who knows how to motivate others, Allison found it difficult to motivate herself. A friend suggested she read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. After reading it and following it every day for six months, Allison was reminded that she was in...


Dave Kotter: Going from Greed to Profound Faith

Dave knew what he wanted from an early age - the money, the wife, the house, the cars - everything he could possibly get his hands on. Then, everything changed. We discuss how his dedication to his job negatively impacted not only life at home but also the relationships in his life. He lost his marriage, his business partner and made a conscious choice to end his own life. When he finally found Jesus, it was his faith that allowed him to not only recover to a stable state professionally,...


Interview with Author Dr. Benjamin Hardy

One of my highest recommendations for books that everyone should read is Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent, released earlier this year. We had a great conversation about his book, about why personality tests are harmful, and so many other great things. Dr. Hardy also addresses societal myths that people fall into believing and how it is your view of your future that drives you, not your view of your past. He also talks about how hope is not a passive thing but is an active...


Finding Adventure in Life with Stacey Newman Weldon

“Ask yourself questions and dare yourself to try new things.” Stacey Newman Weldon is the CEO of Adventure Wednesdays, a solution to better yourself. We talk about her rewired moment, which was seeing a channeler, called “White Buffalo Woman” and Stacey was given the advice of taking herself on adventures and how she achieved that while living in New York. She talks about her first experience and how Adventure Wednesdays was started. Stacey also discusses her relationship with her parents...


Stephen Andert - From 300 Pounds to Ironman

His friends were very concerned when Stephen tipped the scale at over 300 pounds. He didn’t really give a second thought until June of 2005, when his 13-year-old son came to him with the idea of participating in a marathon. Stephen used to run when he was on his high school swim team but decided a while ago that he really wasn’t cut out to be a runner. Nonetheless, he and his son decided to train for a half marathon right before January of 2006. Since that first competitive run he has...


An Inspiring Interview with Raoul Encinas

Raoul is not only an incredible man, but is an exceptional speaker, mentor and trainer. As the Founder of CoMotiv (, Raoul’s rewired moment occurred in September of 2009. He was hiking in the Grand Canyon and initially thought he was having an allergic reaction. After meeting with doctors and having an exploratory surgery at the Mayo Clinic he discovered that he actually had a rare type of cancer. A cancer that has a 13% survival rate. He was told to get his affairs in...


Erika Feinberg and Having a Positive Perspective During Times Like These

Positive and upbeat; that is Erika Feinberg. Erika does corporate engagement training as well as public speaking to help resolve or prevent human dynamic and communication issues. She, in a nutshell, helps create growth strategies for businesses. Coming from a place of expertise after creating and growing her own businesses. As a CEO and innovator for years, people and the way they operate has always been a topic of interest to her. With a background in psychology, she is able to...


A Conversation About Life In Prison with Lester Young

Gary. That is the name of the man Lester Young killed. Lester committed an entire life to honoring that man's life and found ways to, in his words, “not make up for lost time - but maximize the time that is left.” Early Life Lester has had quite the life. After losing his mother when he was 16, things came apart rapidly. To fill the void he turned to the streets and started using and selling drugs. Lester was sentenced to life in prison after killing a man in a drug related...


Managing Anxiety In These Times with Merle Riepe

Merle Riepe focuses on helping businesses increase profitability through people. He helps companies build better internal relationships, improve employee engagement and provides candidate assessments to ensure better hires. As an organization psychologist, his focus is on creating a good relationship between people and their work. “Too many people seem to have a broken relationship with their work.” This could be attributed to either that they do not agree with the leadership of the company...


Episode 008: The Incredible Story of J.T. McCormick - CEO of Scribe Media

“I don’t regret anything about my past.” JT McCormick, a man who was raised in the slums of Dayton Ohio by a black pimp drug dealing father and a white orphan mother, worked his way from being the lowest paid employee of a software company to becoming the CEO of that company. During his time there, he helped build the business to a multi-million-dollar company that is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in the state of Texas. JT is currently the CEO and President of Scribe...


Episode 007: Troy Wilkinson and Cybersecurity during COVID-19

The word “Service” comes to mind when you know Troy Wilkinson. He began in law enforcement, became a lead bomb investigator, assisted on a Joint Terrorism Task force and then worked in violent crime and homicide. His greatest achievement during this time in his career was his skill and ability in investigating cyber crimes and child pornography. In 2007, he was recruited by the US State department to train police officers in Kosovo on cyber investigations and held many positions within the...


Episode 006: Amy Tyre

Amy Tyre was raised in Boston and had a typical childhood. The first notice of a major shift for her happened when she moved to Arizona. This change forced her to realize that she needed to rely more on her immediate family after relying on her parents while living in Boston. However, the biggest moment for her was getting sick. She had struggled with symptoms of IBS since middle school but she did not realize this until much later. To try to solve this problem, she sought out the use of...