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Ep 0094 Non verbal communication and the secret to happiness with Dr. Garrison

Take away: Your non verbal communication signals your true thoughts. Balance is the key to happiness. Action step: When you are talking to people pay attention to their body language. Money Learnings: Dr. Garrison is the youngest of 5 kids and they didn't talk much about money as he was growing up. During his teenage years life changed and they began to talk a lot about money. Bio: Dr. John Paul Garrison is a licensed psychologist, psychotherapist, psychological assessment expert,...


Ep 0093 Own Your Brilliance - Overcome Impostor Syndrome with Michelle Gomez

Take away: You may be better than you view yourself. Action step: Get clarity on your end game. Money Learnings: Michelle grew up in a single parent home with her 2 siblings in southern CA. Her mom taught her financial skills by having her handle her financial transactions. She started investing at 21! Bio: A self-proclaimed reformed Corporate Burnout, Michelle Gomez managed to find a slower pace of career that allowed her time and space to address the Impostor Syndrome in her own...


Ep 0092 Early Retirement through Financial Independence with Cubert

Take away: Early retirement is possible. Action step: Don't fall victim to what life throws at you, take action. Money Learnings: Cuberts parents divorced when he was 7. He grew up in a blue collar middle class family and learned that money didn't grow on trees. Highlights from this episode: Link Cubert is an early retirement seeker who blogs over at He and his family (wife, "Mrs. Cubert", and a boy and girl age 5) reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota....


Ep 0091 The Path to FIRE with Gwen Merz

Take away: Create the willpower to keep going. Action step: Bump up your savings rate a little bit this week. Money Learnings: Gwen spent the early part of life without much money and then when her mom got married again they moved into a upper middle class life. Gwen is a 27 year old on the path to financial independence. She saved $200k in 5 years and recently quit her job to become a full time entrepreneur. She enjoys biking around the lakes and practicing her terrible golf swing....


Ep 0090 Pure Abundance - Explore Your Soul's Purpose with Jennifer Longmore

Take away: Find your Soul's purpose and live in alignment. Action step: Find mindset practices that work for you - What are you willing to be right about? Money Learnings: Jennifer learned to work hard for earning and keeping money. Her parents would constantly refer to the lack of a money tree in the back yard. Highlights from this episode: Link Bio: Jennifer Longmore,is North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” and 3-time...


Ep 0089 Giving Back, a Path to Happiness with Dr. Richard

Take away: Giving back provides rewards to the giver. Action step: Start finding things you are passionate about. Money Learnings: Richard learned about money from his dad. One of the first lessons was giving back. Even though he grew up with privilege his parents made him work at a young age. He is teaching his kids about earning, saving and giving. Highlights from this episode: Link Bio: Dr. Richard Shuster is a licensed clinical psychologist and the host of a rapidly...


Ep 0088 Being Intentional with Money and Life with Ryan Inman

Take away: Be intentional with your money. Action step: Figure out your assets and liabilities. What's your why? Money Learnings: School didn't teach Ryan anything about money. He is the first person in his family to go to college. His parents are entrepreneurs and they always talked about money. Bio: Ryan Inman, When my wife was in residency, I witnessed how vulnerable she was to poor financial advice. I was shocked at how many advisors tried to take advantage of her and her...


Ep 0087 The Determinants of Health with Dr. Aron Choi

Take away: Your health is the cornerstone of your life and much of what we have been taught is not correct. Action step: Take a contrast shower - finish your shower with cold water. Money Learnings: Aron's parents are immigrants to the USA. They taught him to be frugal but they didn't teach him how to make more money. Bio: Dr. Aron Choi believes in building health from the ground up. After getting burned out from 3 years in Silicon Valley and having been introduced to holistic...


Ep 0086 Creating the Ultimate Lifestyle, Thrive with Tom Sylvester

Take away: How to create the life of your dreams and thrive. Action step: Determine your why? Figure out where you are today and what's the gap from where you want to be. Money Learnings: Tom's dad always had a side hustle. Tom's parents divorced and he wanted to take the money pressure off his mother. Highlights from this episode: Link Bio: Tom is a husband, father, serial entrepreneur and business strategist. After college, Tom set a goal to achieve financial freedom by 35. He...


Ep 0085 Build a Bigger Life or be Broke Busted and Disgusted with Adam Carroll

Take away: Build a bigger life, not a bigger life style. Action step: How much of your income do you own? What are all your monthly payments for loans and how much of that is interest? Money Learnings: Adam grew up thinking he was affluent but his family was living in debt. His dad had an abundant mindset and his mom came from scarcity. When Adam turned 19 his dad said any money from now on is a loan. Bio:Adam’s passion is helping people and corporations succeed faster by...


Ep 0084 The Power of Coaching, Being Intentional and Impactful with Mike Harris

Take away: We all need help and coaching may be an option for you. Action step: Slow down and challenge the thoughts you have. Money Learnings: Mike didn't learn a lot about money growing up. They didn't talk about money but about how bad their luck was. If Mike wanted more he worked more. Bio: Mike is an evolutionary success coach who is obsessed with mastery in all its forms - especially self-mastery. He works with leaders and change-makers from all walks of life on the art of...


Ep 0083 Gold Versus Bitcoin with Peter Hug

Take away: There are many ways to invest in precious metals and they each satisfy a different need. Action step: Determine if gold or silver make sense in your investment portfolio. Money Learnings: Peter's dad was an immigrant to Canada and started out with very little money. There was always food on the table and food over his head. Peter started working at 13 years old. Peter's later affluence allowed him to spoil his kids. He teaches his kids cut your losses and let your profits...


Ep 0082 Choose FI, Financial Independence with Jonathan Mendonsa

Take away: There are tremendous opportunities to life life on your terms, take a small step today. Action step: what is 1 thing you can take action this week to improve your life. Money Learnings: Jonathan grew up without a lot of money. He grew up with a safe home but there was not a lot of extra’s. He wanted to do better. Bio: My name is Jonathan and I live and work out of Richmond Virginia. My wife and I enjoy travel rewards, coffee, board games, Chipotle, and spending time...


Ep 0081 Exploring Your Soul & Escaping Corporate America with Janet Tyler Johnson

Take away: Build your inner confidence and self worth. Action step: Take a few minutes to meditate. Money Learnings: Janet's school didn't teach her anything. Janet's dad was a spender and her mom was saver. This allows her to be in the middle. Highlights from this episode: Link Bio: I’m Janet Tyler Johnson, the founder of Corporate Hostage, No More! You’ll notice in the picture above that I’m looking at something — it’s your future. I can see it and it’s making me smile. Your...


Ep 0080 Becoming a Millionaire on a Teacher's Salary with Ed Mills

Take away: Building wealth is easy but it takes time. Action step: Put your financial numbers on the fridge so you constantly seem them. Money Learnings: School never taught Ed about money. His family taught him the value of hard work, but he didn't learn about money skills. bio:“Ed Mills” blogs at the Millionaire Educator (hyperlink here?), a website dedicated to teaching educators how to build wealth on a teacher’s salary via frugal living, hardcore saving, and prudent...


Ep 0079 Use Your Time, Your Talent, and Your Treasures to Live a Full Authentic Life with Scott Maderer

Take away: You have the power to create the life you desire. Action step: Set aside the time on your calendar and create the space to write down a list of what you value. From your list craft a short mission statement. Money Learnings: Scott's dad owned a small business His family never talked much about money. As child his mom let his spend all his money on a video game ad he became upset with himself for spending money and having nothing to show for it. Bio: Scott is a former...


Ep 0078 Marriage Kids and Financial Success with Andy Hill

Take away: Be intentional with your money, goals, desires and dreams. Action step: Set aside time to have a conversation with your spouse / significant other about what type of relationship / life you want to have. Money Learnings: Schools didn’t teach Andy much. Andy’s Parents where a good influence. His mom helped him to open a savings account and taught his about savings and spending. His dad taught him about the value of hard work. Highlights from this episode: Link Bio: Andy...


Ep 0077 Money is the Root of Good with Justin, The Path to Early Retirement

Take away: Be intentional in life. Action step: Where do you want to be in 5 10 20 years - create a plan. Money Learnings: Justin's family taught him a good bit about money. He grew up a traditional middle class life. His schooling did teach about money. Bio: At age 33 Justin retired from a career in civil engineering to spend more time with his family and pursue his other interests and hobbies. Justin founded where he shares advice on reaching financial independence...


Ep 0076 Living an Extraordinary Life with Carla Blumenthal

Money Learnings: Carla did not learn much about money growing up explicitly. She didn't realize her money mindsets until she was older. She has been working over the last 2 years with a money mindset coach. Takeaway: The first step is the hardest. Action step: What are the lower level tendencies that prevent you from achieving your higher self. Carla Blumenthal helps high-achieving men to master their emotions so they can have better relationships and enjoy more fulfilling,...


Ep 0075 Take Control of your Life, Live Consciously and be Thrilled with Jake Eagle

Take away: Be consciousness about your life. Action step:What did you love today? Post what you are thrilled about today on this FB page. Money Learnings: Grew up in New England and his father owned a business. Business and money where part of the discussions growing up. Jake started his first business at 16. Jake Eagle has been a licensed psychotherapist in private practice for twenty-five years. He is also an award winning author and retreat leader. In the 1990's he was one of...