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Ep 0072 Intentionally Raising Financially Save Kids with my Daughter Geeta

In this episode I chat with my daughter about how we intentionally raised her and some of the unique experiences she has encountered. There are many links in the show notes check them out: Take away: Be intentional with your goals for your children. Action step: Listen to your kids. Money Learnings: School did not teach her much buy we as parents where very intentional about money learnings. We provided an allowance to allow her the ability to use it. Richer Soul...


Ep 0071 Reinventing Life - What is True with Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo spent over $1,000,000 investing in growing himself. We learn about the life lessons he has come to learn through the struggles he encountered. Money Learnings: Damion grew up in a scarcity environment. There was no money to play Nintendo so he created his first company at 11. Take away: What is true? Todays Action Step: What are your behaviors - Look at your cash, credit card and calendar to see how you behave and ask yourself is this who you want to be? Damion Lupo...


Ep 0070 Pick the Right Mountain and Get to Climbing, While Stacking Benjamins with Joe Saul-Sehy

Joe Saul-Sehy is the creator and co-host of the award winning Stacking Benjamins podcast, a show with the goal of introducing new people to the world of personal finance. Prior to Stacking Benjamins, Joe was a financial planner for 16 years and a media spokesperson for American Express and Ameriprise. Money Learnings: Joe's family didn't talk about money at all, it was a forbidden topic. He did have one class where they learned a little bit about money in school. Joe became fascinated...


Ep 0069 Creating a Life of Abundance and Freedom Through Entrepreneurship with Jeff Williams of BizStarters

Money Learnings: Jeff’s dad taught him about earning and spending as he was growing up. His dad was very entrepreneurial and would share his ideas with Jeff. Jeff started mowing lawns at a very early age and was very successful. Take away: Possibility is everywhere. Action step: Have a conversation about what you want to do next. Show notes: Jeff Williams is CEO and Chief Coach for, a Chicago-based business startup coaching company that has...


Ep 0068 The Power of Multigenerational Living as a Way to Build Wealth and Improve Your Life with Lisa Cini

Money Learnings: Lisa grew up in a blue collar family. they lived paycheck to paycheck. Lisa had limited financial learning at school and her parents taught her to work from an early age. Take away: The rest of the world lives in multi-generational homes and this can help to create wealth and improve lifestyle. How could multi generational living help you to achieve the life you deserve? Action step: If you are going to live to 100 what do you need to do today to prepare for living...


Ep 0067 Ensuring Your Business / Life are Profitable and How to Focus on the Numbers with Jonathan Ankney

Money Learnings: school didn’t teach Jonathan about money. His parents taught him to be charitable and also to worry over money. Take away: Focus on the numbers. Action step: Create your balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statements. Bio: Jonathan Ankney works with service business entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses by giving them clarity about what the numbers reveal about how their business is doing and partnering with owners as their chief financial...


Ep 0066 Becoming Your Ultimate Self with Justin McMillen

Bio: Justin McMillen is a recovery advocate and treatment consultant who specializes in abstinence based recovery and wellness. After years of battling personal addiction, McMillen muscled his way to a healthy sober life. Set on helping others facing addiction he established Tree House Sober Living in 2008 and in 2013 McMillen founded Tree House Recovery, a male-only recovery partial hospitalization facility with locations in Southern California and Portland, Oregon. McMillen and his team...


Ep 0065 Get Rich Slowly with J.D. Roth

Money Learnings: J.D. grew up very poor for where he was and who they were. His family were farmers who lived in rural Oregon for over 100 years. His dad was always starting businesses. They relied on charity sometimes for food and clothing. His school did provide a good financial education. Take away: Be clear on your mission in life. Action step: If you don't have a life plan it's time to start working on it, if you do it's a great time to review it and make updates. Show...


Ep 0064 The Hidden Why Guy, Living with Passion and Purpose with Leigh Martinuzzi

Money Learnings: Leigh's family was in business and they always had money. Leigh saw money as freedom and started earning money from an early age. Leigh has two young kids and is just starting to teach them about money. He wants to ensure they don't have a scarcity mindset. Take away: Take the time to know your purpose and build a life you desire. Action step: Spend a few minutes every day thinking about what you want in life. Show notes: Leigh Martinuzzi is...


Ep 0063 Money for Meaning - Overcome Fear, Find Meaning, Build Wealth with Mark and Mihaela

Money Learnings: Mihaela grew up under communism in Yugoslavia during the civil war. Her family was divided over communism. Her dad was an entrepreneur. Mark grew up thinking his parents were weird. His parents were super frugal. Mark was surprised delivering food to the poor and they had more than his family. Mark received an allowance for doing chores. He wanted more so he found ways to earn more money. He started saving at an early age. School didn’t teach Mark about money but...


Ep 0062 How to Smile in the Face of Adversity While Making Money with Real Estate Syndication with Vinney Chopra

Money Learnings: Vinny grew up in India as one of 6 kids with very humble beginnings. He wanted to come to the land of opportunity, the USA and he arrived with $7. His kids started with humble beginnings and watched their parents wealth grow. His son has not taken money from them since high school. Vinny’s kids live a very simple life. Take away: Life happens for you, how can you smile in the face of adversity. Action step: What can you do to invest in yourself? Show notes:...


Ep 0061 Investing in Real Estate the Easy Way; Hands Free and Hassle Free with Joshua Weidman

Take away: Real Estate can lead to a life of happiness and abundance. Action step:Look into the different ways that you could be involved in real estate and see if this path to wealth makes sense for you. Money Learnings: Joshua didn't learn about money through school. He learned all the wrong lessons early. Money seemed to always part of the discussions at home and without money your lifestyle can be severely restricted. He learned over time that money is a tool. Joshua does not...


Ep 0060 The Laws of Wealth - AKA Stupid, Lazy and Rich with Daniel Crosby PhD

Take away: There are certain psychological behaviors we need to understand and overcome to master control over money. Action step: Start having money conversations in your family - and look at your self in the mirror. Money Learnings: Daniel's dad is a financial advisor so he learned a lot about money growing up. School didn't teach him much about money. Debt was a 4 letter word in his house. They ate beans and rice to pay off the house by 35. Daniel's daughter wants to be a...


Ep 0059 Creating a Successful Early Retirement Plan with Fritz Gilbert

Fritz is the founder of The Retirement Manifesto, the 4th fastest growing personal finance blog in the world. The site is dedicated to helping people achieve a great retirement. He's planning on retiring in 2018 at the age of 55 with his wife in a cabin in the Southern Appalachian mountains. He's had a diverse career during 30+ years in Corporate America, and currently works as a commodity trader negotiating international trade deals. Money...


Ep 0058 How Real Estate Can Lead to a Life of Abundance and Freedom with Chad Carson

Invest in real estate, retire early, do what matters. Money Learnings: Chad's dad was an entrepreneur and his mom was a dentist. They had money growing up and by watching his father's business he was able to see success and failure. The conversations around money were very transparent. Chad is teaching his kids deliberately about money and instilling a work ethic and to be thankful for what they have. He is focused on teaching them gratitude. Take away: Take the time to be self aware of...


Ep 0057 Why the Traditional Retirement Plan Doesn't Work and How to Rock Retirement with Roger Whitney

Money Learnings: Roger was a latchkey kid growing up. He started working at 12. Roger overspent in his 20's and learned from his mistake. Roger's daughter is a natural saver while his son in a natural spender. He had them watch Dave Ramsey videos and had conversations with them as kids. Take away: Retirement is about more than just a number. Action step: Plan out what you want your future to look like. Show Notes: A little bit about Roger Whitney the...


Ep 0056 Her Money Matters. Mindsets and Money Stories with Jen Hemphill

Money Learnings: Jen grew up in Columbia and her dad was from the USA so she experienced 2 cultures. There was always a feeling of lack of money. Jen's parents taught her the basics of money. School did not teach her about money. Jen is particular about what she says and her actions around her kids. She finds teachable moments to explain money decisions. Take away: Understand your money story and how it affects your actions. Action step: Have a conversation with your spouse about...


Ep 0055 The Nine Essential Relationships To Cultivate Your Wildly Successful Business and Life with Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh is an award-winning business relationship advisor, international speaker, and #1 bestselling author of over 10. Divya delivers high-energy presentations using her science-based, 9-step growth process that moves leaders to take the right actions for their success. The foundation of Divya’s success is that any professional or entrepreneur can achieve their highest goals by building and nurturing relationships. She has helped many people create a thriving business that is joyful...


Ep 0054 Conquer Time so you can Enjoy Your Life, Creating Ultimate Systems with Frank Magnotti

Frank Magnotti is a Business Coach at Amp Your Results. He helps online entrepreneurs who are looking to make an impact in their industries. He has a BE in Engineering with a background in manufacturing, systems theory, product management, and behavioral psychology. Link to show notes: Money Learnings: Frank was lucky to have parents who taught him about money. They provided the necessities but had Frank work if he wanted more....


Ep 0053 The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life with Jason Vitug

Money Learnings: Jason' Parent would not talk about money - so Jason started with zero knowledge. He learned about money through his job in a credit union. Takeaway: You only live once so create the life you want to live. Action step: What one small step can you make this week to clarify what you want in life? Thank you to the FinCon Podcast Network for allowing us to record this episode. Jason Vitug, BIO: I am a people-person. I gravitate towards areas that educate, inspire, and...


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