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Podcast by Rick Mathieson & Rick Wootten
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Podcast by Rick Mathieson & Rick Wootten




Avengers Endgame, Whopper Detour, 5 Top SEO Trends & More (Ep 204)

IN THIS EPISODE: 💥 'Avengers Endgame' Trailer: Stark, Rogers, Romanoff & Lang (at 1:52) 🕷 'Venom' Packs a Big Bite Overseas (at 3:17) 🎨 Pantone's 2019 'Color of the Year' (at 7:40) 🍔 'Whopper Detour' Trolls Mickey D's (at 10:03) 👠 'Palessi': Payless Pop-Up Pulls a Fast One on Shoppers (at 11:29) 🚙 Jeep Gets in Touch with Your Inner 'Gladiator' (at 14:08) 🎅🏼 Holiday PSA Review: Red Cross Santa on LSD (at 17:03) 📺 What Medium Rules Holiday Ad Spend (By a Lot) (at 19:44) 🔍 Top 5 SEO...


Rick and Rick Remember Stan Lee (Episode 203)

💥 Despite the fact that they'd discussed this eventuality in their season one review of "Antman and the Wasp," word that Stan Lee had passed away November 12 still hit the Ricks hard. Also unexpected: The outpouring of love and appreciation from some of Hollywood's biggest names for an icon who entertained and inspired generations of fans. In this quick-take episode recorded just hours after the news broke, Rick and Rick talk about the legacy of a larger-than-life figure who shaped the...


'Peak Millennial' & the 'Fur Baby' Economy—a Rick & Rick Quick Take

Are pets really "starter children" for Millennials? Rick and Rick defend this unfairly maligned generation and debunk the marketing BS that goes with it. As for this "fur baby" stuff? You won't believe your ears. A Rick & Rick Quick Take from the archive.


Rick & Rick Quick Take: Rick M. Does ASMR

We called it—when this segment first ran late last year, Rick & Rick predicted a rise in the number of marketers using ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, for better or for worse (you'll understand why when you listen). Since that episode, Renault launched a 15-minute ASMR video. Newegg used ASMR in an April Fool's Day prank. Applebees created an hour-long ASMR video experience. Even Harley-Davidson has gotten in on the act. Here's your chance to hear our full segment on ASMR from...


Rick & Rick's Post-Halloween Special (Ep 202)

Frankenstein's Bunny: A look at what happens when AI brainstorms for costume ideas. The Ricks review "Halloween," starring Jamie Lee Curtis. How Deep Fakes could make for a living nightmare. Plus, you won't believe which actor's face was the inspiration for the Michael Myers mask—and a whole lot more, as Rick & Rick bring you one last hit of Halloween! IN THIS EPISODE: 🎃 The Ricks' Go-To Halloween Getups /at :30 👕 Rick Out in a Crowd: The secret to scoring a limited-edition 'RICKHEAD'...


Rick and Rick Quick Take: Silent Gifs You Can 'Hear'

Our full segment on silent gifs ... you can hear? You've got to hear it to believe it—straight from the Rick & Rick archives


Rick and Rick Season 2 Premiere (Episode 201)

In the Season Two Premiere of Rick & Rick: How Mattel's Barbie wants to put an end to the "Dream Gap" for girls, McDonald's Gets all Banksy on us, 2018's hottest Halloween costumes and a whole lot more. Does P&G want exclusive rights to use WTF, LOL and NSFW? (at 5:13) From the McNutty Department: McDonald's get all McBanksy on us (at 7:30) Brands and politics don't mix? A YouGov consumer survey begs to differ (at 11:00) Barbie wants to put an end to the "Dream Gap" for girls (at 13:37)...


Rick & Rick Quick Take: Pumpkin Spice World

By popular demand, our full segment on "Peak Pumpkin Spice." Sure, Kai Ryssdal can relate, we're sure. But the Pumpkin Spice people will not be amused. Pumpkin Spice Bologna, anyone? (Yes, that's really a thing.)


Season 1 Finale (Pt 2)

Our Season One Edition of "Loaded Questions" comes to a head in Part 2 of the "Rick & Rick Season One Finale"—full episode breakdown below! IN THIS EPISODE: Rick M Impersonates Ashley Graham Doing ASMR/at :15 Silent Gifs You Can Hear/1:40 How 'Stranger Things' & Audi RS5s Cause Memory Problems/3:20 'Aquaman,' 'Titans' and Underwater Fart Clouds/6:40 A Fast Food Brand That Gives a FCK/8:47 The Ricks Perform Breakfast Brand Jingles/9:59 Taco Bell's Fight Against Big Potato/11:03 Lifesaving...


Season 1 Finale (Pt 1)

It's time for a super-sized Rick & Rick Rewind as Rick Mathieson and Rick Wootten revisit all the mirth, mayhem and wild moments that made Season One of 'Rick & Rick Rule the World' an international sensation. IN THIS EPISODE: What's our most popular episode so far? (at 1:20) Did our first episode really feature a Robot Priest?(at 3:21) What DC superhero movie do we hate least? (at 7:11) When your name is Rick, what pop-culture cracks do people make most (at 8:18) What breakfast cereal...


Rick & Rick Review 'The Meg' (Podcast Episode 144)

The Ricks review splash hit "The Meg"—and go for the bonus points when they play Loaded Questions: Summer '18 Box Office Trivia. It's another can't-miss episode of the one show where everybody's name is Rick, and everybody rules the world! Original airdate: Sept 3. Visit us at RickandRick.com! IN THIS EPISODE: From the WTF Dept: Wasabi- and Hot Chicken Wing-flavored ... Oreos? (at :25) 'Infinity' and the Beyond: Tom Holland's ad-libbed last words as Spidey bites the dust (at 1:49) Jurassic...


Eleven '70s Sci Fi Movies ... Better Than 'Star Wars'?

Episode 143: Rick Mathieson & Rick Wootten discuss eleven sci-fi movies from the 1970s that Geek.com claims are better than "Star Wars"—plus: the advice they'd give their 22-year-old selves about their careers in marketing.