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Richard Norton: Creative A.I, Cultural Provocation and the Future of the Creative Industry

Richard Norton is a senior Creative Director who recently decided to leave his job to enter the freelance market place and become a creative A.I specialist. In this episode we discuss everything creativity as well as debating what the future of the creative industy may hold.


Andy Knell: How to tackle diversity in the creative industries.

Andy Knell is the founder of JOLT diversity program, which every year, helps 30+ students from a variety of backgrounds onto an extensive paid work placement program and professional training initiative intended to help diversify the industry. In this episode we discuss a number of topics reguarding the hurdles to creating this change, and suggest ways that companies and individuals may to change so to work towards this positive change.


Peter Dench: Photojournalism, British Culture & Politics

Peter Dench, Peter is a videographer, presented, writer, author and creator. But is best known for his insightful photojournalism of culture, here in the UK and abroad. He’s the author of several solo books that contain both his commentary and pictures, those books include, The Dench Dozen, Dench does Dallas, The British abroad, A&E alcohol and England, and finally, England uncensored. His work has been commissioned by countless publications including the likes of The New Yorker and the...


Thomas Kolster: Goodvertising - Using creativity to do good in the world.

In this episode myself and Thomas talk about how you can use creativity to do good in the world, and we also discuss many of the challenges that face creatives whose aspiration is to do good. We also discuss how to create lasting change in people.


Zoe Miller - Founder of Double Trouble Gang - Womenswear fashion brand.

Zoe Miller is the founder and director of Double Trouble Gang, a womenswear label that started in October 2015 as a direct to consumer brand, that has since gone on to have over 100 stockists worldwide. With such success, the brand has been part of a number of prestigious collaborations, as well as being featured in many publications including The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Vouge, Who What Wear, Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan to name just a few. To share with us the origin story, and...


Show Highlights of 2017 - Podcast Of The Year - Awards Submission

In this episode I share my submission to the British podcasting awards, which contains 5 snippets from episodes from throughout last year.


3 Simple Principles To Apply In Life

In this episode, I share three short principles that, if applied, could really help with career progression and getting your creative endeavours made.


Naomi Games: The Work & Philosophies of Abram Games, wartime poster artist.

Abram Games, who was born in Whitechapel in London, on the 29th of July 1914, and passed away in 1996. He was most well known for his huge body of iconic posters. Most notable of which, were created when Abram was appointed by the British government as the ‘official war poster artist of WW2’ where he created over 100 posters, with many going down in design history. On top of this, he also worked for some the biggest brands in the world, as well as creating many uncommission pieces that...


Imran Amed MBE: How a loyal following can be turned it into a thriving subscription based business.

I talk to Imran Amed MBE about how he turned the Business of Fashion (BOF) from a blog on his couch, into a thriving business sustaining over 70 employees and attracting some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.


The state of cryptocurrency, ethereum and decentralised networks with Jack Du Rose, co-founder of Colony.io and decentralisation expert.

I talk with Jack du Rose about the digital currency landscape and what we can expect from this disruptive technology. We also talk about the benefits of decentralised systems and how we can use these new technologies to facilitate innovation. Jack du Rose is a creative polymath like no other. From studying a degree in English literature, he went on to become a world class jeweller including the making of notable projects like 'For The Love of God' by Damien Hirst, as well as his own Danger...


How Mark Hahnel built Figshare, an online digital depository for scientific research, by s cratching his own itch.

Mark Hahnel is the founder of Fig Share, an online digital repository where researchers can preserve and share their research outputs, including figures, datasheets, images, videos and more. Having just completed his PHD in stem cell biology at Imperial Collage London, Mark started Figshare inorder to promote open science, giving everyone the ability to freely access research papers from academics all over the world, in order to encourage breakthroughs and revolutionize the research...


Celebrity photographer Tom Oldham on doing great work with challenging constraints.

Tom Oldham is a London based portrait photographer who’s shot portraits of musicians, sports stars and everyone in between. His work has appeared in the National portrait gallery and to name-drop just a few of his subjects, he’s photographed the likes of The Foo Fighters, Richard Branson, Usain Bolt, Alicia Keys, Mario Balotelli, Bradley Wiggins, Tinie Tempah, Arctic Monkeys, Dizzie Rascal, Professor Green, Gilbert & George, Jose Mourinho, Ed Sheeran, Elizabeth Troy, Henric Larson, Liam...


Simon Gosling

Simon Gosling is a Futurist at Unruly. In this episode we talk about all the future technologies that are expected to disrupt our world and the next phase of home automation technology.


Andy Donohoe

Andy Donohoe is London based portrait photographer who's speciality is the use of natural light. His clients include: Hole and Corner, Telegraph Magazine, The Spaces, Betty Magazine, Another Escape, Oh Comely, Spindle Magazine, Virgin EMI, Urban Walkabout, Tyba, Mr Blacks, Michaelis Boyd Architects among many others.


Lessons of 2017 with Ricky Richards & Adam Hallows

In this episode producer, Adam Hallows, turns the tables and asks me questions regarding the lessons of 2017 after nearly 50 podcast interviews. We talk the best of business, creativity and technological innovation as well as suggesting some great resources to check out.


Creating iconic sounds and a wildly successful business with Founder and Head of Production at Factory UK.

I'm joined by Lisette Nice who is the founding partner of Factory. I'm also joined by Lou Allen who is the Managing Director. The company which started 20 years ago has provided music and sounds for some of the most iconic TV ads of the last two decades and we talk all about their rise in the industry and how they've sustained the company and culture over the years.


Creating a hit Christmas commercial with Tim Jones & James Cross, Creative Directors at BBC Creative

Tim Jones & James Cross are Creative Directors at BBC Creative, the multi award winning in house creative studio for the BBC. In this episode we talk about the studios hit Christmas commercial, The Supporting Act, as well as their journey from multi award wining creatives to Creative Directors of the UK's most historic and publicly supported TV channel.


Deep dive on how to diversify the creative industries with Jo Wallace, Creative Director at JWT

Jo Wallace is a creative director at JWT, in this episode we talk through a piece that Jo has recently released for the drum which addresses a number of things the creative industry could be doing to address the lack of diversity in the workplace.


Doc Brown

Doc Brown on his creative journey from underground rapper to stand up comedian and actor.


It's Nice That Founder - Will Hudson

Its Nice That Founder, Will Hudson, joins us to talk about the highly popular creative inspiration and showcase site he created. Born out of a university project, the site went from just 100 views in it’s first month back in 2007 and has since organically grown to a over a million visits per month. This growth has resulted in a number of creative offshoots including the editorial publication, printed pages as well as a creative agency. We welcome will to tell us more about this great...