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This podcast is for professional investors only. Robeco Podcasts: offering engaging interviews on Sustainability, Factor Investing & trends.

This podcast is for professional investors only. Robeco Podcasts: offering engaging interviews on Sustainability, Factor Investing & trends.




This podcast is for professional investors only. Robeco Podcasts: offering engaging interviews on Sustainability, Factor Investing & trends.








Is this the low point for high yield?

2022 has been a year of records for bond investors. In the first six months, the fixed income asset class clocked its worst performance since 1788. And, unusually, bonds have weakened at the same time that equity markets got hammered. In this episode we take a look at a segment of the fixed income market: high yield corporate bonds. Here too, new records have been set.Never before have there been two consecutive years of negative total returns in high yield. Investors are now wrestling with...


We’re nowhere near an equilibrium between growth and value yet

Value has proven over the past two years that it’s not dead, after all. The rotation away from growth stocks towards value that started in November 2020 continues. But it’s been in fits and starts. And, let’s face it, the market mood now is tense, fickle and unsure. Will it be smooth sailing for value strategies from here onwards? Jay Feeney is CEO and CIO of Boston Partners, the US-based investment house focused on fundamentally driven value investing.


Has the sustainability premium vanished?

It’s been a gruelling year so far for financial markets, including for equities. And sustainable indices have had it even harder, having underperformed the overall equity market. Critics of sustainable and ESG investing have been emboldened by these recent market developments, arguing that doing good seems to equate to losing money. We ask portfolio managers Chris Berkouwer and Michiel Plakman if the field of sustainable investing is now facing a reckoning?


PodcastXL: The pursuit of alternative alpha

It has been hailed as the next frontier in quant investing. Using artificial intelligence, algorithms and vast volumes of new data types to explore untapped sources of returns sounds intriguing. Especially when times are uncertain, and alpha is evasive. But is this hype, false hope or real opportunity? We discuss these questions with three of our experts. Tune in.


Aggressive growth stocks face an uphill battle

A year ago today, the scope for growth stocks – and particularly tech-related growth companies – still seemed boundless. But, the recognition that higher inflation is not so transitory after all, and the clear signaling from central banks that interest rates will ratchet up, appear to have given growth investors a run for their money. Jack Neele and Richard Speetjens discuss the matter in our latest podcast episode.


What’s with inflation?

Rising inflation has become a growing concern for consumers around the world. It’s also wreaked havoc in financial markets, owing to fear and uncertainty about what happens next with interest rates, prices and economic growth. This after central bankers and analysts have been reassuring consumers and investors for nearly two years that they need not fear rising prices. We discuss the topic with Rikkert Scholten and Bob Stoutjesdijk.


Robeco Asset Management Podcast

Tune in to Robeco’s podcasts in which our experts succinctly explain the latest developments in everything from quantitative and sustainable investing, to trends and emerging markets.


Rediscovering real assets

There’s far more to real estate than ‘location, location, location’, and investors are taking note. Amid volatile market conditions, listed real estate has outperformed general equity over the past year. This is not without challenges, though, particularly on the sustainability front: the property sector churns out some 40% of global greenhouse gases. Listen in as Frank Onstwedder and Folmer Pietersma tell us all about it.


How to read the huge emerging markets discount

Emerging markets look extremely cheap. But are they cheap for a reason? We bring some 70 years of investment experience to the table to discuss the risks and opportunities that emerging markets offer in these volatile times. Tune in to our latest podcast episode.


The art of true engagement

Investors have grown to recognize the importance of having a say in how their capital is used. Butconducting successful engagements with companies is an art, say Robeco’s active ownership experts Daniëlle Essink, Laura Bosch and Robert Dykstra. Tune in to hear them share their insights on the topic.


Equity factors are even older than we thought

New Robeco research confirms that investors’ behavioural biases have been around since the days of the American Wild West. Guido Baltussen and Pim van Vliet talk about the mammoth task of building a database going back to the 1860s, and what it means for investors. Listen in to the conversation.


Not seeing red on Russian invasion

With Russian tanks rolling into the suburbs of Kyiv, what should investors do? Wim-Hein Pals, head of Emerging Markets Equities, talks about keeping calm in a crisis, and the impact the conflict might have on various sectors and regions. Tune in to hear it all.


Stick to your long-term investment beliefs

How tough will 2022 be for investors? What will it take to successfully navigate volatile market conditions, with very little in financial markets, central bank policy and fiscal action being business as usual? Robeco's CIO Victor Verberk and Mark van der Kroft discuss the tricks of the trade in our latest podcast.


Is this peak insanity?

With current market valuations now exceeding those of 1929, and even of 1999, the term ‘peak insanity’ is coined. Arnout van Rijn, CIO Asia Pacific, is less concerned. “It is not as bad as 1999. It's just a small segment of the market that is really at multiples that are hard to defend. The bigger segment of the market that now trades at relatively elevated multiples are just healthy cash flow-positive stocks that the market is willing to pay up for because of the TINA argument – ‘there is...


Why the research that backs sustainable investing takes tenacity

The wave of inflows continues into ESG-focused funds and impact-targeting strategies. But what lies behind the impressive product labels and glossy marketing materials? What does it truly take to identify to build sustainable investment portfolios? Rachel Whittaker, Head of SI Research, discusses the latest thinking in this field.


China – from power shortages to power play

In our latest podcast, we discuss China’s challenges – from property to power shortages. We also zoom in on China’s ambition as it moves from a trade war to a tech war with the US. "The rivalry will only intensify," says Jie Lu, Head of Investments China. Tune in for more fascinating insights.


Why quant fixed income is a great diversifier

While many quant equity strategies have struggled over the past few years, the performance of quant credits has been robust. Patrick Houweling, Co-head of Quant Fixed Income, talks about the tricks of the quant trade, how his team is integrating sustainability into models, and the potential impact of a rise in inflation. Tune in to our latest podcast episode.


The Next Digital Billion is here. Are investors prepared?

A fundamental shift is occurring in how and where the internet is used. Investors could be caught out by who the real winners are in this transition, according to Robeco portfolio managers Bryan Satterly and Michiel van Voorst. They explain why in our latest podcast.


Are investment managers ready for ESG going mainstream?

More and more investors say they choose their fund manager based on their sustainability credentials. But is the industry ready for this fundamental shift towards ESG and impact investing? In our latest podcast, Masja Zandbergen, Robeco’s head of sustainability integration, discusses what it takes to keep up the pace. She also tackles some hot topics in ESG investing, including activism, health and biodiversity


Value, back with a vengeance

Value stocks are in revival – this after what seemed like an endless run of underperformance relative to growth stocks. But, is this the long-awaited value rotation? Andhow big is the opportunity from here onwards? David Cohen is portfolio manager for the Boston Partners Large Cap Value strategy and our guest in our latest podcast episode. Tune in