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Roll Play Grow: A TTRPG Business Podcast

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Roll Play Grow is a TTRPG interview podcast for entrepreneurs, creators, and fans within the tabletop roleplay gaming space. Every episode, we interview the faces behind the TTRPG brands in the community to learn how they turned their passion for the ttrpg industry into a career.


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Roll Play Grow is a TTRPG interview podcast for entrepreneurs, creators, and fans within the tabletop roleplay gaming space. Every episode, we interview the faces behind the TTRPG brands in the community to learn how they turned their passion for the ttrpg industry into a career.




064: Designing TTRPG layouts with Chris Hopper

Chris Hopper is the layout and graphic designer for Burnaway, as well as for several other ttrpgs in the indie scene. We talk about working as a freelance layout designer, working within this community, tips for working with your designers, and making your games and layouts more accessible. I learned so much from Chris, and I know y’all will too! This episode is actually going to be the first in a short series in which I chat with some of my own project team members. What does that mean?...


063: Writing Welcome to Dragon Talk with Greg Tito & Shelly Mazzanoble

If you hang around the D&D scene, you likely have heard of Dragon Talk, the D&D podcast hosted by Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble. Greg is the Senior Communications Manager of Dungeons & Dragons, and Shelly is the Senior Brand Manager of Dungeons & Dragons. We talk about what they’re up to in D&D. We talk about their show, and we talk about their upcoming book, Welcome to Dragon Talk. So yes, this is a podcast episode where we talk to two podcasters about their book about their podcast....


062 - Creating in-depth Actual Play Characters with Joshua Simons

Joshua Simons is our guest today! Josh is a streamer, game designer, and the Community and Content Manager at Demiplane RPG. We dive into the intricacies of networking and how Josh was able to land a fulltime job in the industry. We also get a peek at his process for creating characters. Josh has appeared on so many actual play shows and always has some really in-depth characters. I gotta say that this conversation is super juicy for those of you who are wanting to make more in-depth...


061: Managing OneBookShelf's Marketing with Lysa Penrose

Lysa is the Marketing Manager at OneBookShelf, which is the company behind sites like DM’s Guild and DriveThruRPG. And we definitely talk about what that means, what faer journey has been like throughout multiple roles in the TTRPG space. We also talk about Design Dash, a Twitch show that Lysa co-hosts and Lysa’s love for crafty endeavors and bees! Lysa is just an incredibly kind and supportive person, and I had such a wonderful time recording this episode. Find Lysa: Lysa's WebsiteLysa's...


060 - How Donathin Frye became a fulltime professional Dungeon Master

How would you like to be a full-time, professional game master? It sounds like a dream a lot of us have in this industry, and so I am thrilled to introduce you to Donathin Frye who does just that. Donathin supports himself as a full-time Dungeon master with some additional freelance game design work, through Patreon subscriptions. He tends to run 6-8 full-length campaigns at any given time, and truly does spend 40 hours a week working on those campaigns. It was absolutely fascinating to...


059: Balancing Disability & Entrepreneurship with Sara Thompson, creator of the Combat Wheelchair

Today, I have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to Sara Thompson. Sara is most widely known for the Combat Wheelchair they created for D&D, but she is also a freelance game designer working with companies like Paizo and R Talsorian Games. We definitely talk about Sara’s game design processes, but this episode is extra special to me because we spend time talking about disability and working as a freelancer with your disabilities. Those of you who’ve listened to episodes of this show in...


058: Game Design & Incorporating Safety Tools in your TTRPGs with Kienna Shaw

Kienna Shaw is our guest today. Kienna is known for doing more things than we were able to discuss in an hour, like the TTRPG Safety Toolkit, safety consulting, game design for a bunch of games on, DM’s Guild, and a Candlekeep Mysteries adventures, and a whole lot of actual play streaming. We focus mostly on game design and safety tools in this conversation, but I could have spent hours chatting with them about all the amazingly cool things she does. I know y’all are going to love...


057 - Audio & editing tips for your actual play podcast with David of Reckless Attack

Our guest today is David, the player behind Kascorin and one of the podcast editors of Reckless Attack. If you are not familiar with Reckless Attack, it is one of my absolute favorite D&D Actual Play podcasts, and you should definitely go check it out. They are a really good and funny group, and their episodes are typically about an hour long. David is the one who dedicated a lot of time to figuring out the audio setup, and he also dedicated an entire room of his and Sophie’s house to being...


056: Editing TTRPGs and developing your content strategy with Amber TheSpaceJamber

Today’s guest is Amber TheSpaceJamber, a TTRPG editor and streamer. Amber tells us what your editor is actually thinking and looking for in your writing. We also go into depth on content strategies while building your online presence, and all about streaming. Amber has some great advice, and I know you’ll enjoy the episode as much as I did! Find Amber: WebsiteTwitchTwitter Find Roll Play Grow: Show PagePatreonDiscordLightheart Adventures WebsiteLightheart TwitterLightheart...


055: Bringing TTRPGs & dice to India with Indrani of Desis & Dragons

Today features Indrani, an absolutely amazing and kind creator from India. She is the co-founder of Desis & Dragons, India’s largest TTRPG community. Indrani is also the creator behind Nonagon Dice, which they started because handmade dice weren’t easily accessible in India. Indrani has been doing some truly incredible work over the last year, and it was a privilege to get to speak to them. Find Indrani at Nonagon Dice: WebsiteTwitterInstagramFind Desis &...


054 - Growing your TTRPG Interview podcast with Derrick of How Not to DM

What happens when you interview an interviewer? You tend to compare notes. And that is what we do today. Our guest is Derrick, the host of the How Not to DM Podcast. If you aren’t familiar with his show, I highly recommend you go check it out. If you like my show, you’ll like his too. Derrick also interviews folks in the TTRPG space. His focus tends to be on DMing, and he always makes a point to ask about mistakes his guests have made as a DM so that we can learn from them. Of course, they...


053: Starting a TTRPG production company with Russell E Welch III of D20Tales

Today’s guest is Russell E Welch the III, the DM and CEO of D20Tales, a company putting on some very high quality D&D Actual Plays. They were formerly known as Spawn of Chaos and just rebranded very recently. Russell and I get really into the weeds on casting the shows, their production process, the impact of acting philosophies, rebranding, and a whole lot more. Rossell has some great stories, and it was a very enjoyable interview. Find Russell and D20Tales at: TwitterD20Tales...


052 - Becoming a freelance TTRPG composer with Devin Nelson

Today’s guest is Devin Nelson, a very talented composer, musician, and game designer. We talk about how Devin quit their full-time job to pursue a career in music, composing podcasts for Actual Plays and other podcasts, game design, and about Devin’s band, Gloomy June which just went on tour. Devin is super cool, so I know y’all will love this episode. Find Devin at: TwitterPortfolioMusic for purchaseFlight of Magic podcast Find Roll Play Grow: Show PagePatreonDiscordLightheart...


051: Orion D. Black is having a blast with Dimension 20

Our guest today is Orion D. Black, the Creative Director for Dimension 20 and a game designer with publications on Orion has had a huge impact on the TTRPG scene, and it was an absolute honor to have them on the show. We talked about how Orion went from playing D&D to designing their own indie games, to working with the incredible crew of Dimension 20. Find Orion D. Black at: TwitterItch.ioDimension 20 Find Roll Play Grow: Show PagePatreonDiscordLightheart Adventures...


Episode 0 - The Introduction

Welcome to Roll Play Grow! This mini preview episode is here to give you a taste of what this show will be about. In this interview podcast, we'll be chatting with entrepreneurs and creators in the tabletop roleplay gaming space to dig into the business side of working within the industry. Give it a listen for a preview, and follow us at the links below! WebsiteLightheart TwitterCourtney's TwitterLightheart InstagramPatreonSupport the show


050: 50th episode celebration! Aka how to start an interview podcast

It’s episode 50! It took a long time to get here, longer than it technically should for a weekly show, but we’re here. We made it, and it’s amazing. I am in a little shock about what this signifies. I’ve talked to so many amazing people in this space, and I am just so grateful to everyone who’s been a guest and to all of you for listening, tuning in every week, giving me feedback, and leaving those super encouraging reviews. To celebrate making it to 50 episodes over the past 15 months, this...


049 - How to start a TTRPG discussion podcast with Emil of the DoubleDM podcast

Today we get the pleasure of hearing from Emil, one of the hosts of the DoubleDM podcast, which is a discussion show between two Dungeon Masters and the occasional guest. This show has been around for just over a year now; about the same amount of time as mine, and it was pretty cool getting to chat with another podcaster about how their show has grown and their processes have evolved over the course of the past year. We talk about the importance of just starting and not waiting for it to be...


048 - Baking Pathfinder cookies with Karee of Critical Hit Cookies

Today’s guest is Karee, the owner of Critical Hit Cookies and a cast member of the Starfinder actual Play podcast: Horizons Unknown. We talk about how Karee fell into playing Pathfinder and joining this cast, and then we move into how her cookie shop came to be. Critical Hit Cookies makes and ships some absolutely delicious cookies with a Pathfinder theme, and y’all are going to be drooling by the end of this episode. Find Karee & Critical Hit Cookies at: WebsiteTwitterHorizons Unknown...


047 - Setting up your small business & painting miniatures with Andrea of Wolfwood Gaming

Today’s guest is Andrea Canerossi, the Managing Partner and Mini Painter for Wolfwood Gaming. She co-owns the company with her business partner, Deacon Wolfwood, who is their woodworker and resin artist. Wolfwood Gaming is still a pretty new company, but it was really interesting to hear about the their journey. Andrea and I talk about playing D&D with their kids and the foster community, painting minis, and so many business logistics. We talked about setting up a LLC, what happens when you...


046 - Painting Dice Boxes, Designing Merch & Managing Online Stores with Jay of 88Riddles

Today we get the pleasure of hearing from Jay, the owner and designer behind 88Riddles. You may have seen Jay for his painted dice boxes, as part of an add-on to several Kickstarters, or maybe for his t-shirt and hoodie designs. Jay is a super talented artist who has a lot of great wisdom to share on running a plethora of online shops. If this is your first time tuning in to Roll Play Grow, hello! This podcast is a part of Lightheart Adventures, which is a small company I co-founded with my...