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Join us as we visit with our fellow colleagues, customers, and friends in the oil & gas industry. Personal conversations, real life issues, notable opinions, all perspectives… We’re focusing on the person behind the position as we engage in unscripted conversations with professionals from every end of the energy industry. Round the Rotary with JP Warren (


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Join us as we visit with our fellow colleagues, customers, and friends in the oil & gas industry. Personal conversations, real life issues, notable opinions, all perspectives… We’re focusing on the person behind the position as we engage in unscripted conversations with professionals from every end of the energy industry. Round the Rotary with JP Warren (






Round the Rotary guest Jeff Peeples (Chief Development Officer - Tomahawk Safety & Host of Mission Zero Podcast)

On this episode Jeff Peeples (Chief Development Officer - Tomahawk Safety & Host of Mission Zero Podcast) joins us and we have a great conversation that starts off with his upbringing in rural Georgia and how he got into the industry and specifically safety. We discuss him going from designing a revolutionary safety glove, all the way to the launch of the product and what challenges he faced on the way. We then get into Mission Zero podcast, and why he started it (share information and help make people feel safer). We then dive into his hobbies which are history, podcasts, and books. We then discuss the powerful impact of being kind to others and detaching from the news to begin your own critical thought and outlooks. Enjoyed our convo Jeff and wish you the best!


Round the Rotary guest John Daniel (Founder - Daniel Energy Partners)

On this episode we have John Daniel (Founder - Daniel Energy Partners) join us to discuss the origins and the execution of his successful market intelligence report. We discuss that he gathers his information from actually getting out of the office, putting boots on the ground during his in-basin field trips, and actually talks with various people throughout our industry. We discuss the huge success of the "Thrive Energy Conference" that was held at Minute Maid park, and the future of it. We chatted about the importance of targeted networking events he hosts, as it's the networking and connections that allows him and others to make valuable relationships and how that impacts his business. Enjoyed our conversation John, wishing you and your team continued success!


Round the Rotary guest Jeff Allen (President YPA - Petroleum Club of Houston/Founder - Allen Energy Partners)

On this episode Jeff Allen (President YPA - Petroleum Club of Houston/Founder - Allen Energy Partners) and I meet up at the Petroleum Club to record this episode. We chatted about growing up in the industry with a O&G Wildcatter father, to him pursuing his fathers footsteps and starting his own company. We discussed the history of the Petroleum Club of Houston, how they have recruited new members, as well as the awesome networking/family events held at the club, and much more. Really enjoyed getting behind the mic with Jeff, and look forward to getting him on again!


Round the Rotary guest Laura Pommer Fidler (CEO - Energyfunders)

On this episode, we have Laura Pommer Fidler (CEO - Energyfunders) back on the show to discuss her new role at Energyfunders. We discussed how Energyfunders allows individuals to invest directly into oil and gas projects and make serious returns. We chatted about how this platform is disrupting the traditional Wall Street and private equity financing models.


Round the Rotary guest Tim Taylor (Founder - Midnight Marketing)

On this episode Tim Taylor (Founder - Midnight Marketing) joins us to discuss how his company operates and why it chooses to operate under the radar. For a marketing company that creates engaging marketing material, original content, and various oil and gas customers as clients, they choose not to market themselves and let their work speak for itself. We discuss creating content that people want to engage in and if it feels like an advertisement, then that means it's not working. We chat about companies trusting their employees to put out content in these current times as well as how to generate genuine and creative content that pierces through the noise.


Round the Rotary guest Cullen Cone (Operations/A&D - Tri-C Resources)

On this episode Cullen Cone (Operations/A&D - Tri-C Resources) joins us at the Petroleum Club of Houston where we dive into his background being 3rd generation oilfield and what life was like growing up. We discuss various internships he had throughout his college career, and how when an offer was pulled last minute, he was disappointed however looking back it was the best thing to happen to him. We chatted about how pursuing his MBA allowed Tri-C to pivot and engage with different backers when looking for capital and deals. We chat about the future of the industry and much more. Thanks Cullen for your time and wish you and your team success moving forward!


Round the Rotary guest Celeste Shaffer

On this episode Celeste Shaffer (Operations Supervisor/Business Development Manager - Nabors Industries) joins us for a great conversation about her background and being first generation in the oil & gas industry. We chat about her decision after graduating UT in Petroleum Engineering, in going to work for a service company rather than an operator, as it was the people she would work with was a main motivator. We get into how taking on projects without being directed to during covid, set her up to take on a new role as Business Development Manager. We discuss being a woman in the oilfield and what it's been like to her and how she deals with any obstacles (usually with humor). After we chat about body building, health, and most importantly: the new Mortal Kombat film. Thanks for your time Celeste, and best of luck to you in your new role!


Round the Rotary guest Ryan Dawson (Founder/Chief Corvanaut - Corva)

Great having Ryan Dawson (Founder/Chief Corvanaut - Corva) come on the show. As we were pressed for time (going to do a round two soon), we dove into his background and how he got into the Oil & Gas industry after being in Austin for 15 years working on other projects. He saw a need for a user friendly, cloud based, data analytics platform in the drilling side of the industry. We discussed the future of the industry, technology, software advancements, and his strategy when building an empowered team of fellow Corvanauts who have a ton of pride and honor in the company and it's mission. Really enjoyed having Ryan on, and look forward to the next one! Wishing you continued success!


Round the Rotary guest Shayne Schurr/Seth Hill (Heights Ice Baby)

In this episode with have the coolest cats in the industry stop by to discuss a side passion project they started during the lockdowns of 2020. Seth Hill (Executive Account Manager - MS Directional) and Shayne Schurr (Regional Sales Manager - MS Directional) join us and talk to us all about snow cones! Not only have these two been friends since before their oilfield days, they also work together at MS Directional, as well as opened up a business providing tasty snow cones to Houston Communities. We spoke on how this project began, what they have learned along the way, the witty and puny names for their original snow cones, as well as snow cones turf wars! Check out this episode to listen to two great industry people impact local communities in a way that keeps them happy: putting smiles on families faces! Great industry advocates and appreciate what they do for our industry/communities they service!


Round the Rotary guest Yousuf Chaudhary (EVP - Atlas Operating LLC)

On this episode which was recorded at The Petroleum Club of Houston, we sit down with Yousuf Chaudhary (EVP - Atlas Operating LLC), where we just get deep into a whole range of topics from: his podcast (Oil Money Podcast), disrupters in our industry, snakes, being an individual, the American Dream achieved by his father who came over here from Pakistan not knowing English and $30 in his bank, his art of making deals, how he copes with losing deals and what he's learned from winning deals, #EFT, genuine relationships, twitter trolls, networking, to raising our kids. Great conversation and looking to having Yousuf on again!


Round the Rotary guest Brett Chell (President/CEO at Cold Bore Technologies)

On this episode Brett Chell (President/CEO at Cold Bore Technologies) joins us from his living room in Calgary with his dogs Frankenstein and Dracula. Brett has an extremely interesting story how he went from majoring in Art while in college to working on rigs for 8 years after college. From there he understood if he wanted to start any company in his future, he would have to learn about the financial side of the business. So he hoped in a role where he would source capital (P.E.'s, banks, etc.), even if he felt it was over his head, he knew he wanted to learn that side of the business, only way to do that was jump in and figure it out. We discussed how his first business hit a wall when the 2015 downturn hit, but then he pivoted from drilling to completions where he is shifting the paradigm in how we frac in the past vs how we'll frac in the future (autonomous, efficient, safe, and real time). He is a creative, motivated, down-to-earth go getter who deems himself as "unemployable"...which may just be the key to his success. Thank you for taking the time Brett, and wish you and your team success!


Round the Rotary guest Will Cauley (Region Service Delivery Technical Manager at Baker Hughes)

On this episode Will Cauley (Region Service Delivery Technical Manager at Baker Hughes) joins us and we chat about his background and how he pursued a Mechanical Engineering degree at LSU and joined the oilfield working offshore in his first role. These days it's rare to see someone with such long tenure at a company, but Will has over 18 years at Baker Hughes and we discuss his various roles he has taken throughout his career. From working offshore, to being at the table during the Macondo incident, to relocating from Houma, to Houston, to Houma, to Denver and back to Houston. We discuss what the energy transition means to him, as well as what it means to emerging countries trying to raise their "energy poverty levels". I really enjoyed hearing his outlook on change being a natural part of life, and how to engage in those conversations that relate to energy transition.


Round the Rotary guest Bryson Varner (Account Manager / Technical Sales - Cathedral Energy Services)

On this episode Bryson Varner (Account Manager / Technical Sales - Cathedral Energy Services) joins us and we dive into his upbringing and various jobs had growing up, and seeing a buddies garage motivated him to get into the oil industry. We discussed his critter videos on LinkedIn and how they began as well as some hilarious stories on some outtakes for them. Bryson then discusses what success means to him and how to measure it (not measured monetary). He discusses why getting involved in people's lives who are less fortunate than him drives him as he wants to help others and make the world a better place. We discuss the true sport of noodling and the purity of the sport. After we shut off the mic, we decided to fire it back up as we discuss some hilarious bets with his buddy's at their hunting camp. I really enjoyed chatting with Bryson and hearing his positive attitude (even when life sometimes seem difficult), as well as his passion for helping others. What an all around great guy and conversationalist with an unbelievable outlook. Thanks for your time Bryson and look forward to chatting with you again!


Round the Rotary guest TJ Dostal (President/Founder- Tejas Completion Services)

On this episode TJ Dostal (President/Founder- Tejas Completion Services) sits down with us and discusses his background and what lead him into the oil and gas business. After various roles, the entrepreneur spirit began to take over. During the pandemic when many companies were hesitant and anxious about the future, TJ looked at it as an opportunity and began building a business plan. He viewed it as an opportunity to bet on himself and start a business. TJ shares with us several key ingredients to his success after launching his company in January 2021. We discuss how through his relationships and trust he has with his network, he was able to secure work as well as have an amazing support group, which include his customers. Really enjoyed hearing his story and look forward to his company's success! Thanks TJ for your time and best of luck!


Round the Rotary guest Ken Miller (CEO/Founder - Erdos Miller)

On this episode we have Ken Miller (CEO/Founder - Erdos Miller) join us where we discuss how he went from a high school internship at Texas Instruments to betting on himself and making the jump to pursue something he was passionate about and hoping into the oilfield. Through the advice of one of his earliest mentors: There is no such thing as job security" he made the leap to start his own company. Ken has a wonderful view on building teams and instilling the corporate culture with the company's core values bleeding into every decision that is made. Really enjoyed hearing Ken's entrepreneurial attitude, outlook, and passion drive him to create an evolving successful culture as well as how he dives into all projects head first. Thank you Ken, truly enjoyed your time and we wish you and your team continued success!


Round the Rotary guest David Reid (CTO/CMO - NOV & Founder redM Movement)

On this episode David Reid (CTO/CMO - NOV & Founder redM Movement) joins us and gives us his unique pathway into the oil and gas industry from being an architect to challenging "the norm" O&G culture in his first role. We discuss how he builds and leads his teams, employment empowerment, what he looks for in people, and how he pursues new projects. We then dive into redM movement, which is a project he began 3 years ago with the goal of not just rescuing victims of human sex trafficking but a focus on restoration of the victims. We discuss the inception of the project, how people can contribute any amount of time or effort to the project, how it has grown and what we can do to help combat human trafficking...even if it's as simple as having a conversation about it. He describes how human trafficking is right under our noses, how what seems to be "normal" people can get recruited and trapped, and how human trafficking can impact even our own homes and families. For those interested to see how they can help take a look at their website ( Amazing conversation with someone behind a great and impactful cause.


Round the Rotary guest Chief Tauzin (VP - Sales at Ranger Energy Services)

On this episode Chief Tauzin (VP - Sales at Ranger Energy Services) sits down with us and dives into his background and how he got into the oilfield, and how when he got into sales he was one of the youngest salespeople in Houston, as well as what he did to try and build relationships with a different demographic than his own. Building strong interpersonal relationships he attributes is a key to his success as well as active listening. From successfully implementing culture changes to acquired companies to building a successful team, Chief understands the value of "true relationships", and what that means to him. We discuss how industry events have changed, to how the oil and gas narrative needs to change, to a story on how much your name actually means in this industry. Thanks Chief for joining us and we wish you continued success!


Round the Rotary guest Alex Goodwin (Director - Sales & Marketing at Vertice Oil Tools)

On this episode Alex Goodwin (Director - Sales & Marketing at Vertice Oil Tools) stops by and we dive into his background and how he got into the oil and gas industry (with some motivation from his twin brother who is also in the industry). We discuss his first several positions and what he learned by just going to location, then his drive to learn everything going on downhole helped propel him throughout his early career. From traveling the world and dealing with International Contracts, to selling rigs which taught him negotiation skills, he decided to join Vertice before there was even a product to market. Through customer relationships and conversations he is able to gauge what's relevant and effective in the market today. Without his finger on the pulse Vertice would not be able to deliver a product to market that the end user wants, and this is done through his relationships. We discuss the differences he's seen between the 2014 and the 2020 bust. Great conversation with Alex and really appreciate him stopping by!


Round the Rotary guest Emma Kahn (Garrison Brothers Distillery)

On Round the Rotary ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY we chat about something near and dear to my heart: Bourbon, more specifically, Texas Bourbon. Emma Kahn (Bourbon Crusader) and the entire Garrison Brothers team/family for hosting us today at their distillery. We learned a ton about the process, people, and the pride of Texas Bourbon. We were able to learn more about Texas bourbon as well as sample some (a bunch) of their brown waters. For those bourbon lovers out there, this episode is for you! Thank you Garrison Brothers, such a great story and libation. Truly enjoyed it (the bourbon and the white dog)! PLUS: small world, she grew up in Westport, Connecticut as I did! Looking forward to this episodes release!


Round the Rotary guest Riley Norris (Technical Sales - Patriot Drilling Services / Brand Ambassador for Socorro Tequila / Founder of Bolt&Barrel Oil)

On this episode Riley Norris (Technical Sales - Patriot Drilling Services / Brand Ambassador for Socorro Tequila / Founder of Bolt&Barrel Oil) joins us and we dive into his background in oil and gas and his first visit to the rig. We then dive into something that I find extremely interesting: hopping on opportunities for a secondary source of income. What's fascinating about Riley's story is that the products he represents are something he found interesting, pursued, and created an opportunity. Aside from representing Patriot Drilling Services (Directional and MWD), he began to speak to Graphene, a component with many applications and how he launched Bolt&Barrel Oil, a Graphene-infused lubricant which has been well received. An additional source of income, which ties into one of his hobbies is representing Socorro Tequila to Houston and the surrounding markets. Socorro preaches “Drink Tequila, Help Others” as the brand runs the “Case for a Case” program which donates bottled water to orphanages in Jalisco for every case of tequila exported from Mexico. He figured if he had the time, might as well stay busy! Great chatting with Riley and love his hustle!