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Welcome to Podcast SANS END - the show where I want to start a clothing line, but don't know how, so I call people who do. Become a supporter of this podcast:

Welcome to Podcast SANS END - the show where I want to start a clothing line, but don't know how, so I call people who do. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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Welcome to Podcast SANS END - the show where I want to start a clothing line, but don't know how, so I call people who do. Become a supporter of this podcast:





Meet Robert Bowhan. Rob didn’t really get into fashion until after he graduated his master’s in business management. He became close friends with another young man whose family owned factories in Egypt - apparel manufacturing factories. They clicked right away and even talked about becoming business partners in starting a boutique in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was going to school. While that didn’t work out, it did open up the door for Rob to go work for his family as an agent - to come...


The Incorporated

Meet Mark, creator of The INC. Mark started the brand in college. He had always been into clothes, not necessarily fashion, but clothes. At first, the brand was strictly streetwear, such as The Hundreds and Diamond Supply. He did that through and after college on the side. When fashion began making the shift towards high fashion, the brand shifted with it and became a sort of streetwear, high fashion hybrid. That’s when Mark made his first official collection. He was still living in his...


Canswer Sock Co.

Meet Matt Gresia, creator of Canswer Sock Company. Matt grew up just outside of New York City in a smaller town with a slower pace. He’s always had a desire to have a clothing brand - he can’t really explain why, but he does know that he’s super passionate about it. The idea of seeing people wearing something he’s made really resonated with him. Coming from skate culture himself, he knew that the desire of many skaters is to get sponsored as a sort of right of passage. He had dreams of...


Sew Taco

Meet Elena and Gerald Flores. Elaine owns Sew Bonita, and Gerald, Taco Gear. Together they make up Sew Taco (an amazing podcast). I discovered them on Anchor and knew I had to have them on the show - they were kind enough to join me! --- Support this podcast:


Shisty Clothing

Meet Kenneth, creator of Shisty (rhymes with feisty) clothing. Kenneth’s interest in making clothing began as a hobby. He used to make clothes for friends, “distress jeans and stuff.” In his Freshman year of college, the name Shisty came to mind and he kept it. Under the new name, Kenneth began by making hats. He’d buy patches off of eBay and Amazon and iron them on. That alone began to get people’s attention, and that’s when he thought, “Okay, if people are enjoying the things that I’m...


Stay Cool NYC

Meet Amin, creator of Stay Cool NYC, a retro inspired chillwear brand. Amin was always interested in clothing and standing out - being unique. He spent a lot of time looking everywhere for clothes he liked. Sure, he found some, but why look for something you like when you could make it yourself? So about four years ago, with that thought process in mind, Amin went to a website called and made his first shirt - it said, “stay cool, people.” He ordered one for himself, and then...



Meet Noah, cofounder of Madhappy. In high school, Noah wasn’t the best student, but he was creative due in part to his parents background: his father was an architect and his mother an interior designer. He always dressed a little sharper and cared about what he was wearing. One of his brother’s friends, Mason, took notice, and reached out to Noah asking to meet. That’s when he pitched the idea of starting a clothing line. They knew nothing about the clothing industry at the time - all they...


Alright Co.

Meet Daniel “El Papi,” creator of Alright Co. - “bringing you alright designs since 2017.” Daniel, who’s twenty five now, finished high school eight years ago in 2010. Post grad life was spent working in a fruit market until his long time drawing hobby took him to college to study art with the goal of becoming a tattoo artist. It took a bit of time for him to find the right apprenticeship after that, but he did and has been for tattooing six years since. His style favors a strong outline,...


The Hounds Ltd.

Meet Adam Muncy, creator of The Hounds Ltd, a clothing company with a heart for fashion and philanthropy. Adam grew up as a military kid in the small town of Cedarville, Ohio. A talented town, as he described it, where football was big. It was a socially conservative place that wasn’t very tolerant of “outliers.” Of his graduating class, he was the only one to go to college outside of Ohio. After some time going to school in Kentucky, he returned to his hometown to continue his college...



Meet Amit Kanfi, creator of LAMA?, a skate and surf inspired streetwear brand based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that isn’t afraid to ask the question “why?” or, in Hebrew, “LAMA?” During his time serving in Israel’s army, Amit took to drawing to cope with his PTSD. Whenever he had a chance, he would draw. At first, his illustrations weren’t meant for clothing, they were simply a way to say what he felt without speaking, and what he felt was the question “why?” “Why did this have to happen to me?”...


Lost Cruces Clothing Co.

Meet Christina and David, creators of Lost Cruces Clothing Co - a new clothing company based out of the small city of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Before Lost Cruces, though, David and Christina started their production company Cut Above The Average, about half a year into their relationship. While they were working on that, they were simultaneously trying to get out of Las Cruces and move to Denver. They quickly realized that a move like that wasn’t realistic in the short term. Soon they began...


Properfit Clothing Co.

Meet Andy Parauka, creator of Properfit Clothing Co. - an apparel company, pattern provider, and YouTube channel. Much like I discovered Eric Yelsma and Detroit Denim on YouTube, I discovered Properfit through Andy’s fantastic sewing tutorials (do I spend too much time on YouTube?). It all began when Andy moved from Michigan to Lake Tahoe, California to pursue a skate/snowboarding career. He was studying business at the time, while snowboarding everyday. As he delved deeper into the local...


Detroit Denim Co.

Meet Eric Yelsma, founder of Detroit Denim Company. Eric has always loved jeans. The idea of making them had entered his mind, but it wasn’t valid - you couldn’t make jeans for a living. And so, Eric spent fifteen years of his life working a corporate job in the chemical industry as a “glorified sales guy.” Well, in 2008/2009, Eric found himself out of a job. The chemical industry was going through some substantial changes, and the world was falling into financial crisis - millions of people...


Arrow Skate Co.

Meet George. George Poulos is a skater, Youtuber, and creator of Arrow Skate Co, a clothing brand all about following your heart and doing what you love. He started the brand out of his Wesleyan University dorm room last year and has been growing it ever since. --- Support this podcast:


Foolies Limited Clothing

Meet Alex, or as many of his friends call him: Nemo. Alex, a native to Miami Florida, graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Sports Medicine - a degree his family and friends and parents thought would profitable, but one Alex wasn’t passionate about. In a field where eight years of experience is required to get any experience, Alex couldn’t find a job post grad in spots medicine, so he started working at AT&T - just trying to make ends meet. Him and his boss got to talking...