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093: Naomi Assaraf on Growing Your Business By Knowing Your Customer

How to target and engage prospective customers? What message does your company need in order to appeal to both small businesses and enterprises? How to grow your company through content and social media marketing? About Naomi Assaraf -Naomi Assaraf is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of cloudHQ, a profitable tech startup that makes Gmail productivity tools for clients like Uber, Autodesk, and CapitalOne. In the past two years at cloudHQ, she increased user acquisition by a factor...


092: Ferdinand Goetzen on Growth Marketing and Experimentation

What is growth marketing? How can you meet KPIs without compromising product quality or customer experience? What is the difference between performance marketing and experimentation? How to make the most out of your experimentation? About Ferdinand Goetzen Ferdinand Goetzen is the head of growth at Recruitee, which provides companies with an all in one tool for managing and streamlining their entire recruitment process. It is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in the Netherlands...


091: Whitney Sales on Growing and Selling in New Markets

How do you identify your target market? What tools should you be using to attract them? How to introduce a novel product in an established market? What relationships should you be making and questions should you be asking to effectively land and expand your customer base? About Whitney Sales Whitney Sales is a business leader, venture capitalist, and the founder of Sales Method, a consultancy that helps startups grow by identifying their target markets, establishing strong sales teams,...


090: Steve Tornello on Creative Marketing and Advertising

How do you develop a winning idea? What is the secret to making a profound impact on your customers? How to balance quantifiable data with creativity in order to predict client reaction and satisfaction? In this week’s episode of Insider SaaS, Steve Tornello shares his experiences in creative problem solving with host Shira Abel. About Steve Tornello Steve Tornello is an award winning creative director and writer who currently works at Sales Force as Director of Integrated Marketing,...


089: Joshua Ho on Increasing Revenue with Referral Marketing

What is operational and customer debt? What are some challenges of going from a freemium to a paid subscription offering? How to manage your team and make sure they concentrate on the right things? Joshua Ho shares his successes and failures with the host Shira Abel in building a software company. About Joshua Ho Joshua Ho is the founder of Referral Rock where he leads the product and marketing teams. By his own admission, it is an odd combination of responsibilities but makes use of...


088: Andre Yee on ABM and How the Buyer Behavior Has Changed

What is Account Based Marketing and is it right for you? How to implement lead scoring and how is it going to change going forward? How has the buyer behavior changed over the past 10 years? Andre Yee shares some great insight with the host Shira Abel on ABM, content marketing, and B2B selling. About Andre Yee Andre Yee is the CEO of Triblio, a leading ABM platform company. Prior to Triblio, Andre was the SVP Products at Eloqua, where he played a critical role in the emergence of...


087: Carlyn Manly on Marketing for SaaS and ABM

Where to start with your marketing? How to build a marketing department with one person? Why having a process for everything can save you from getting overwhelmed? Carlyn Manly talks to the host Shira Abel about Account Based Marketing and staying on top of your game. About Carlyn Manly Carlyn Manly is the Head of Marketing at Folloze, the leading ABM Engagement platform. She holds 20 years of marketing experience. She is a focused, strategic, high energy CMO who helps bring fast...


086: Geva Perry on Helping SaaS Companies Focus and Succeed

How can you get companies to focus on one thing? What are some misconceptions in SaaS B2B world? Geva Perry talks to the host Shira Abel about the importance of concentrating on your target market, timing, marketing, and more in this week's episode of SaaS Insider. About Geva Perry • Geva is an advisor and board member at B2B startups. He specializes in strategy and marketing and has worked with many leading SaaS and cloud companies. The companies he has worked with include Heroku...


085: Tal Tsfany on Customer Success in the Subscription Economy

How can you ensure customer success? Can you re-engage a customer? Should you resign a customer and how do you know if the relationship is not working? Tal Tsfany shares with the host Shira Abel the main concepts for good customer enablement and making sure your business is growing. About Tal Tsfany • Tal Tsfany is an entrepreneur, investor and a business executive with extensive experience in the technology world. He is currently the VP of CS at Mulesoft and formerly the Chief...


084: Rob Rawson on Team Management and Increasing Conversion Rates

What are the benefits of working with a remote team from all over the world? How do you build trust in your prospects? How can you increase your conversion rate by forcing people to go to the next step? Robert Rawson talks to the host Shira Abel in this week's episode of SaaS Insider about running a software company, motivating the team, building trust and converting leads. About Rob Rawson • Rob Rawson is a former medical doctor turned Entrepreneur. He has started several successful...


083: Ian Cleary on Social Media, Content, and Time Management

How to manage your time as an entrepreneur? How can you send customers to your site by providing value? What kind of content should you be sharing? Ian Cleary from RazorSocial shares his tips with the host Shira Abel on getting the most out of your day, your content, and your business. About Ian Cleary • Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial which was listed as one of the top 10 marketing blogs globally by INC in 2016. He has a deep knowledge of social media, content marketing and...


082: Aaron “Air” Ross on Outbound Sales Made Possible

Why there is a gap between early stage adopters and mainstream customers? How can you succeed in outbound sales? What to do if you have a small team to accomplish everything? Aaron “Air” Ross shares with the host Shira Abel his tips for getting the most out of your outside sales. About • Aaron “Air” Ross is the internationally best-selling author of Predictable Revenue (called “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”) and From Impossible To Inevitable. He created the outbound sales...


081: Ben Childs on Where to Begin With Your SEO Strategy

What should your business consider when it comes to SEO? How does PPC work in the B2B SaaS world? What are the most critical things you should know about PPC? Ben Childs, the founder of Digital Reach, talks to the host Shira Abel about Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and the type of content you should concentrate on for your business. About Ben Childs Ben Childs is the founder of Digital Reach Agency. He started it in 2011 by getting a handheld phone from RadioShack, plugging a...


080: Josh Haynam on Affiliate Marketing And Growing a SaaS Business

What’s the process for finding and reaching out to affiliates? How can content marketing help you grow your business? Why you should use quizzes as a part of your strategy? Josh Haynam talk to the host Shira Abel about how he grew his SaaS business and what he did to jump start it when it wasn’t moving forward. About Josh Haynam Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, a tool used by more than 30,000 businesses including The American Red Cross, Home Depot, and Forbes....


079: Tukan Das on Finding Prospects Based on Intent

Are you building your new product too soon? Why take risks when you're meeting the revenue goals and everything seems to be going great? What is the difference between demographic, psychographic, and firmographic data? Tukan Das, the Co-Founder of LeadSift, talks to the host Shira Abel in this episode of SaaS Insider about mining unstructured data to find the signals of intent. About • Tapajyoti Das (Tukan) is the co-founder of LeadSift, a platform to identify actionable business...


078: Dimitar Stanimiroff on Helping Sales People Make Data-Driven Decisions

Have you been doing sales wrong all along? Why basing sales on data and not just intuition is important? What are the challenges when working with different countries? How to get your sales team work as one unit? Dimitar Stanimiroff talks to the host Shira Abel about pushing sales teams into using a new methodology in this week’s episode of SaaS Insider. About Dimitar Stanimiroff • Dimitar is the founder and CEO of Heresy - a workflow and analytics platform that helps salespeople make...


077: Max Pecherskyy On Joining a Startup Accelerator

How do you make sure you’re not wasting your time in an accelerator? What are some “growth hacks” your startup can use in the early stage? How to figure out your customer segment? Max Pecherskyy, the Co-Founder of PromoRepublic, shares his experience with the host Shira Abel on raising funds through multiple accelerators and working through multiple challenges to start an international business. About Max Pecherskyy • Max is a passionate SaaS entrepreneur whose mission is to connect...


076: Cristina Vetere-Saunders on Marketing Operations For B2B

How large should your company be before you start thinking about hiring a marketing operations person? What KPIs should your SaaS marketing team have? Cristina Vetere-Saunders, the Co-Founder of CS2 Marketing, talks to the host Shira Abel about what a B2B company needs to succeed at marketing their own business. About Crissy Vetere-Saunders • Crissy Vetere-Saunders is the Co-Founder of CS2 Marketing, a B2B marketing agency based out of San Francisco, CA. Before starting CS2, Crissy...


075: Adam Stein on Product Marketing And Satisfying Your Sales Team

How can you run a marketing department with 2 people and satisfy a sales team of 50? What are the 3 marketing categories you should know about? What goes into a Competitive Battlecard? In this week’s episode of SaaS Insider, Adam Stein, the founder of APS Marketing, and the host Shira Abel discuss product marketing, solving problems for customers, and getting a sales team to buy in. About Adam Stein • APS Marketing and Adam’s marketing leadership of more than 20 years both center on...


074: Elie Khoury of Woopra on Freemium, Data, and Starting a SaaS Business

How can freemium be beneficial to your SaaS business? What is the best way to figure out pricing? Which size of business should you be selling to? Elie Khoury, the CEO of Woopra, talks to Shira Abel about starting his business in Lebanon and moving it to Silicon Valley, his challenges and successes along the way. About Elie Khoury • Elie Khoury is the co-founder and CEO of Woopra. An engineer by trade, CEO by profession, Elie built Woopra under the belief that data made accessible to...