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Real Estate, DIY, Home Renovations, Business News and So Much More


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Real Estate, DIY, Home Renovations, Business News and So Much More






All About Private Wells and Septic Systems - Real Estate Podcast

Private septic systems, wells and well water quality systems can be very expensive to repair or replace. If you're buying or selling a home served by a private well or septic, you'll want to listen to this podcast. Todd Sachs, Sachs Realty's Broker, interviews Well & Septic Expert, Eric Garrett of Home Land Environmental to discuss what you should inspect and expect with these systems. Eric get's technical, but also does a very good job of explaining what you should look for. Many...


Real Estate Cost Segregation; Depreciating Rental Properties

Depending on your type of real estate investment, the actual structure can be depreciated over 27 ½ or 39 years. Cost Segregation is the process of identifying the property's related costs, where such costs may be depreciated over an accelerated period of 5, 7 and 15 years. This process can save you thousands of dollars of potential tax liability on your taxable income. Many of the items that qualify for accelerated depreciation, simply won't last for 27 ½ or 39 years, such as kitchen...


Understanding The Home Inspection - 10 Top Concerns

Hiring home inspection companies and what to look for! In this Episode, Broker, Todd Sachs interviews US Inspect Executive VP, Tim Shelton, to uncover the 10 top home inspection concerns when buying a home. Home inspection companies should be licensed to perform home inspections and the buyers should always accompany the inspector to learn about the home they are contracted to purchase. You'll hear both the sellers and buyers side of the process, as Sachs and Shelton each offer their...


Lead Paint Hazards and Risks; New Lead Paint Laws

In this Episode of Sachs Realty's podcast, Tuesday Night Live, you'll learn everything you need to know about lead paint hazards from Lead Paint Expert, Neil Roseman, Owner of LeadProbe. New federal laws reduce the tolerance for lead paint particulates in the home, and now, we know more than ever before about the long term risks of lead paint poisoning. If you'd prefer to watch the video version of this episode, please click here to watch this podcast on Sachs Realty's YouTube Channel.


Mortgage Forbearance Has Been Extended (Cares Act)

Mortgage forbearance (Cares Act) has been extended through the end of 2020! In this Episode #2 of Tuesday Night Live, Real Estate Attorney, David Thurston, and our Broker, Todd Sachs discuss the current state of the home mortgage, mortgage forbearance (Cares Act) and the potential for wide spread foreclosures. The Cares Act regulating Mortgage Forbearance for government backed home mortgages, has been extended through the end of 2020. To watch the video version on Sachs Realty's YouTube,...


How To Pay Less For Your Home; Obtaining The Best Mortgage Possible Tuesday Night Live Episode 1

In this Episode 1 of Tuesday Night Live, Residential Mortgage Expert, Brenda Evans, peals back the layers so you may understand the home mortgage process from start to finish! Understanding the residential mortgage will help you pay less for your home, regardless whether your buying now or refinancing. Mortgage rates are historically low! Our Broker, Todd Sachs challenges the norm and talks about the importance of putting enough down to survive a possible downturn in our economy. Sachs...


Get Social Smart With Katie Lance

Katie Lance, Author of #GetSocialSmart and CEO/Founder of Katie Lance Consulting, dives into what most should be doing to better utilize social media for growing our brands and to earn more followers. If you're lacking the knowledge to capture leads and influence an audience on social media, this is a must for you. You can watch this video interview on Sachs Realty's YouTube Channel HERE. Thanks for listening and don't forget to follow our channel for alerts when we post our content. Make...


Housing Choice Voucher Program - Formerly Section 8

Todd sits down with Marsha Parham-Green, the Executive Director of the Baltimore County Housing Choice Voucher Program to debunk some myths that many have about the program formerly called the Section 8 Voucher Program. Todd uncovers facts about the program that you need to know. Laws around the country are being changed to protect the programs beneficiaries and Source Of Income is becoming a Protected Class more and more with Fair Housing. You may also watch this interview on our YouTube...


Introduction To Commercial Real Estate For Agents With Broker, Todd Sachs

Broker of Sachs Realty, Todd Sachs, teaches an introduction to commercial real estate class to agents considering commercial real estate sales. Todd has over thirty years in the real estate industry and has developed, built and sold commercial real estate. Todd is actively a commercial real estate investor and landlord and shares his decades of knowledge in this podcast. If you'd like to watch the video version of this episode, check out Sachs Realty's YouTube Channel now.


Lead Based Paint - What's The Real Risk With Lead Paint Expert, Neil Roseman

🔺 Everything you need to know about lead based paint with expert, Neil Roseman. 🔺 Neil is the owner of Lead Probe, a Baltimore, Maryland based lead testing company that conducts thousands of lead based assessments for landlords, renters, real estate professionals and more. 🔺 Listen as Neil dissects the hazards of lead paint to see if you're at risk. 🔺 You can also watch this video on Sachs Realty's YouTube Channel.


Non-Negotiables Of Top Producers With Million Dollar Listing Coach Aaron Keith

Meet renowned Business Coach Aaron Keith! Listen as Aaron discusses the non-negotiables of the top producers. Aaron has coached celebrity stars like Ryan Serhant of Bravo's television series Million Dollar Listing New York and others with a matter of fact system, that always works. Listen as Todd Sachs and Melissa LeVie have a fireside chat with Aaron (without the fire of course). Watch on Sachs Realty's YouTube Channel ☑️ Aaron has coached most of the stars of Million Dollar Listing New...


Home Warranties - Are They Worth The Money?

When selling a home, many agents will recommend offering a home warranty. Are they worth the money? Listen as Anna Gaeger-Colemen, of First American Corporation, talks about the pros and cons of a home warranty. You decide after you hear the interview as Todd Sachs and Melissa LeVie of Sachs Realty challenge the topic. 🏡 What do home warranties cover? 🏡 Should I request one when buying a home? 🏡 Should I provide a home warranty when selling a home to reassure buyers? These questions...


How To Use LinkedIn with Raquel Borras

Raquel Borras is the Chief Excitement Officer of her business, True To You Branding. Raquel's passion is to help entrepreneurs and marketers bring to life their brand that is 💯 “true to you”! Raquel’s expertise in social media and branding started with LinkedIn, where she studied other social media moguls and influencers. Because of her love for people and talent for audience engagement, her social media presence continues to increase very quickly. Raquel believes 💯 that bringing valuable...


Things You Should Know - TikTok @thatmortgageguy

Maryland Loan Officer, Scott Betley is TikTok famous! With over 150,000 followers (and growing), Scott has learned how to leverage social media's newest platform, TikTok, to grab attention and to monetize his mortgage services. Scott shares his growing success story with Sachs Realty.


Inspired - Author, Tofe Evans

Inspirational and motivational are just a few of the words others use to describe Author and Inspiring Speaker, Tofe Evans. In Tofe's book, Everyone Has A Plan Until Shit Hits The Fan, he talks about his own real life story, personal challenges, and mental health issues as a world wide concern, that needs more attention in order to help millions of people. In this personal interview, Tofe gets vulnerable about his battle with depression and drug abuse and what's he's doing now with extreme...


Inspired with Steven Adler

Steven H. Adler, serial entrepreneur, speaks on his career from stock-boy to founder of the Steven Adler Big and Tall Men's Apparel company, serving over 60,000 clients in a highly demanding retail clothing industry. Enjoy listening to then and now of Mr. Adler's career as he offers valuable advice of what it takes for us to succeed in our business lives. We appreciate your time and look forward to your comments. Also, if you enjoy what we're doing, please subscribe to our channel....

Inspired with Jim O'Connor

Episode 1 of our "Inspired" series. Inspired #1 Chapters: 0:00 - 3:54 - Early Life 3:55 - 5:27 - Building a personal legacy 5:28 - 7:11 - Starting in real estate 7:12 - 7:39 - Learning to manage people 7:40 - 9:27 - What did you love about being an agent? 9:28 - 10:54 - A history of buyers and realtors 10:55 - 17:16 - Starting a new real estate company 17:17 - 22:50 - Initial Marketing and Recruiting 22:51 - 26:13 - Moving to fertile ground 26:14 - 28:50 - Further expansion and growth 28:51...