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An advice show that reminds you that while your office may be crazy, you don’t have to be. Helmed by office MVPs and corporate veterans Liz Dolan (ex-CMO, Nike, NatGeo, Oprah Winfrey Network) and Matt Ritter (lawyer-turned-comedian) will help you make the big decisions, sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life.

An advice show that reminds you that while your office may be crazy, you don’t have to be. Helmed by office MVPs and corporate veterans Liz Dolan (ex-CMO, Nike, NatGeo, Oprah Winfrey Network) and Matt Ritter (lawyer-turned-comedian) will help you make the big decisions, sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life.


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An advice show that reminds you that while your office may be crazy, you don’t have to be. Helmed by office MVPs and corporate veterans Liz Dolan (ex-CMO, Nike, NatGeo, Oprah Winfrey Network) and Matt Ritter (lawyer-turned-comedian) will help you make the big decisions, sort through the small stuff, and get more fulfillment from your work life.




Wondery Presents: The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes is the best place to learn how to dream bigger, live better, and make an impact. The show features conversations with world-class game changers, and dives into topics from entrepreneurship and inspiration, to health and relationships. Subscribe today at:


We’re Taking Your Calls, Dear Listeners!

Today we’re doing our favorite thing--taking your calls for (almost) the whole episode! We had so many great emails, that we wanted some extra time to chat work dilemmas with y’all. And while Liz and Rico love giving advice, it’s great when we can learn a few things from our callers. Case in point, up first is listener Luc, who is having trouble choosing between two great job offers. Luc is also transgender and was kind enough to pass along the following workplace resources for the trans...


Introducing Dying for Sex

Listen to Dying for Sex at When she’s diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Molly decides to do something bold: she leaves her unhappy marriage and embarks on a series of sexual adventures to help her feel alive. These experiences are beyond anything she could have imagined, so she shares the details with her closest friend, host Nikki Boyer. The two best friends dissect these hilarious, often touching stories. And they growing even closer as they share Molly's journey...


Facial Hair At Work: Yay or Nay?

We’re starting today’s show with a question that hasn’t popped up in our inbox before: Should you be clean-shaven in your professional profile pictures? Listener Scott posed this to us in an email, and he’s calling in for a discussion on facial hair and whether that affects your chances of getting hired. And no, it really shouldn’t matter. Then, we address the subject of allyship both in and out of the office. What’s a success partner? How are they different? For more on that, we’re...


What To Do When Your Boss Becomes Your Subordinate

Getting offered a promotion is supposed to be a good thing. It means your hard work is paying off and your employers are taking notice. But what if, along with all the responsibilities and pressure that comes with moving up to management, the person who’s position you’re filling is now your subordinate. In short, you’re doing a switcheroo with your boss. That’s exactly what our listener Ashley is preparing for. Today, we’re opening the show with her call, so Liz and Rico can give some tips...


Introducing WeCrashed

The Rise and Fall of WeWork is a stunning story of hope and hubris. WeWork was the poster child for a new economy. Its founders wanted to revolutionize everything about the way people lived their lives. Its charismatic founder Adam Neumann had an intoxicating vision for the company — but did it ever match the reality? Subscribe today:


How To Ask For Advice Without the Old 'Picking Someone's Brain'

Liz and Rico are advice givers by trade, but that doesn’t mean they’re equipped to give advice about how best to *ask for* advice. So, since getting the advice you need is a pretty important step in anyone’s work life, we called writer Anna Goldfarb, an expert on that subject. She wrote the article entitled, “The right way to ask ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’” and is giving five ground rules for advice seekers in five-ish minutes. It’s a classic SFW segment we like to call “5-in-5.” Then, we’re...


How to Leverage An Outside Offer... with Grace

It seems like it oughta be the dream position for an employee: You’re doing a gig you kinda like, but maybe they don’t pay you enough, or give you enough of a benefits package… And then, you get another job offer. At last, you’re in the catbird seat! If your current gig wants to keep you, they’re gonna have to sweeten the pot. Then the new gig will offer even more to steal you! But then you’re gonna need to somehow play these two employers off each other without either of them resenting...


Introducing What Should I Read Next?

This is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week Anne Bogel of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, shares conversations about tackle books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read. Subscribe now:


Creating Positive Work Culture

We hear from a lot of listeners about the disconnect between their corporate culture and what the company SAYS their culture is. For example, we recently had a caller named Carly who said her managers ruled by shame and fear but their corporate values called for them to be “Courgeously Forthright,” which would be hilarious if it weren’t so hard on people. So when we got an email from a company named Tuthill about how they were shaping their culture, it got our attention. Chad Gabriel is...


Kick Off 2020 with Our Favorite First Day of Work Stories

In the name of the new year and new beginnings — on this first episode of 2020 we’re gonna be listening to stories… by turns wonderful, horrifying and hilarious… about people’s first days at work. And when the SFW team was talking about this around the office, Liz Dolan herself said she has a doozy worth kicking off the show with, at a little company called Nike. Then we continue our theme of “first day of work” stories with one of our favorite guests Quinn Cummings. As a kid, she was...


Meet The SFW Crew Who Makes The Show You Love

So 12 months back, we ended 2018 with a couple of episodes in which Liz and Rico interviewed each other. This year, some other “Safe For Work” staffers are getting a shot at the spotlight, and stepping into the booth to talk about their surprising career paths. Up first is our producer, Audrey Ngo. She’s here to chat about going back to school after 30, and transitioning from a job as a makeup artist to the world of audio journalism. Then Liz and Rico chat with our sound engineer, Mischa...


We’re Celebrating 2019 Work Wins!

A few weeks ago we asked you, dear listeners, to write us with your favorite upbeat work-centric stories, including your own career triumphs of 2019. Well (as expected), you didn’t disappoint. We’ll be hearing your stories throughout the show. Starting with a listener who’s also been an expert guest here on SFW, Kristen Meinzer. Kristen is an author and host of many podcasts including By The Book. She was also our first guest of the year back in January, when among other things we talked...


How To Do A Digital Detox At Work

We’ve all heard about digital detoxes, and why they’re worth undertaking. But that’s usually put in the context of its impact on our lives outside of work. So what do we gain from shutting off our screens at work? For a lot of us, our work happens almost entirely on screens! For some practical tips on “going analog.” today we’re talking with Digital Detox and Human Connection Expert Holland Haiis. Holland is going to do a (kinda) quickfire round of our 5-in-5 segment. This is when we pose a...


How To Recover From Your Catastrophic Comment

We’ve all been there. Sometimes our emotions or the heat of the moment sweep away all wisdom or self-restraint, and we say something in a work setting that makes us wish we could rewind history. Alas, time doesn’t work that way. So for some tips on how to smooth over the potentially career-killing rough patch you’ve just made for yourself, we’re welcoming back Joseph Grenny. He is a four-time New York Times bestselling author, and a leading social scientist for business performance....


Finding Creativity Outside of Work

A few weeks back on the show, we were talking with our own Coach Larry about what to do if you base your entire identity on your job. Which unsurprisingly, is NOT the healthiest way to live. One piece of Larry’s advice was to make sure there’s “something else” in your life other than work, including creative pursuits. But how do you work an extra passion project into your busy schedule? And what if you don’t even think of yourself as especially creative? Today’s guest Laura M. Holson has...


How To Handle That Coworker Who Pushes Your Buttons

So we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from listeners struggling to deal with “button pushers.” These are other employees in the office who get under your skin, and you just can’t stop obsessing over them. To remedy that, we can think of no better expert than our own Coach Larry Seal. He’s the founder, CEO and an executive coach at Engaged Leadership. Today, Larry chats with Liz and Rico about how to “stay in your lane” when it comes to those annoying colleagues. Then, we hear...


What To Do When Work Takes Over Your Identity

So we’ve all met this person, or maybe we *are* this person: someone so wrapped up in their job that it provides them with their entire identity. Take that job away, and they’d be totally unmoored. It’s not a good place to be psychologically, I think we can agree. And here to help us identify when we’ve crossed the line into the dark zone, and what to do about it, is our own Coach Larry Seal. Seal is the founder, CEO and an executive coach at Engaged Leadership, and he’s seen this play out...


The Best ‘Bad Advice’ With Quinn Cummings

We’d like to think we have some experience saving our listeners from bad advice. After all, we have a segment that’s literally called “Bad Advice.” But in a SFW twist, we’re gonna chat today with Quinn Cummings, whose job is to actually give what she calls “bad advice.” As a kid, Cummings earned an Oscar nomination for her role in the movie “The Goodbye Girl.” She’s also an author, and now hosts a podcast in which she answers listeners who seek her advice on topics from work, to...


How Great Leaders Lead By Serving

We don’t wanna seem cynical, but we think future generations might be able to call this period of history The Age Of Disillusionment: where we’re constantly disappointed by and losing faith in all sorts of institutions and leaders. Especially in business, where it’s easy to feel increasingly like nice guys finish last. But we don’t believe that has to be true. Here to tell us how nice leaders are actually GOOD for business is Marcel Schwantes. Schwantes is a speaker, executive coach,...