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Sage Customer - Jemelle Howell on going beyond the numbers

Jemelle Howell is the Assistant Manager of Finance at Massy United Insurance one of the leading general insurance companies in the Caribbean. She was the top performer for Barbados for the June 2014 when she sat for her exam. Her philosophy is to do the best she can and strive to get it right the first time.


Thought Leader - Jennifer Dymond using theatre improv in accounting

Jennifer Dymond is the founder of Spire Consulting Services. She has decades of accounting experience with a focus on keeping things automated. Jennifer is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest accounting trends and provide consulting services that work with or without the cloud.


Thought Leader - TSOE Excerpt - The Adaptive Capacity Model

All firms have a theoretical maximum capacity and a theoretical optimal capacity. From a strategy perspective, it is essential to see how that capacity is being allocated to each customer segment. Your maximum capacity is the total number of customers you firm can adequately service, while the optimal capacity is the point at which customers can be served adequately while maintaining your competitive advantage and pricing integrity.


Sage Customer - Brian Goldrick on his passion for changing the business model in healthcare

Brian Goldrick is the director of accounting at Vera Whole Health a provider of population health management to large and mid-sized employers. Their delivery model of on-site primary care with embedded health coaching is both efficient and effective. Brian earned his BA from Western Washington University.


Thought Leader - Greg Tirico on building a business around a subscription model

Greg Tirico is the principal at Working Web Media, a digital marketing agency focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses find real returns from their marketing dollars. From websites to email, social to advertising, Working Web Media is a partner for the SMB looking to focus their business online and connect with prospects and customers. When you don’t have the time or knowledge, you need a partner to help. Working Web Media is strategic in our approach and ready to tackle the...


Sage Partner - David Cieslak on practical AI in accounting

David Cieslak is Chief Cloud Officer and EVP with RKL eSolutions, a leading business process automation consulting firm with offices across the US. In his role, he is responsible for helping companies grow strategically with cloud-based solutions and industry-specific service expertise for ERP, CPM, CRM, AP Automation, and other critical business processes. He is a frequent speaker for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), California Society of Certified Public...


Thought Leader - Excerpt from TSOE - Interview with George Gilder

George Gilder, one of the leading economic and technological thinkers of the past forty years, is the author of nineteen books, including Wealth and Poverty, Life After Television, Knowledge and Power, The Scandal of Money, and Life After Google. A founding fellow of the Discovery Institute, where he began his study of information theory, and an influential venture investor, he lives with his wife in western Massachusetts.


Thought Leader - Brad Williams on moving to the distribution stage of wealth management

Brad is the president/CEO of Brad Williams Financial Services, an Investment Advisor Representative specializing in Retiree and Estate Planning. Since 1987, he has been an independent financial services representative. His wife Robin and daughter Bonnie work with him marketing the company, and coordinating and planning his many free educational seminars and events around town. In addition to owning his own company, he is a two-time past president and active member of Huntsville’s oldest and...


Sage Partner - Joe Rotella on integrating shared vision into day-to-day business operations

Joe Rotella, SPHR, is “…something of a one-man think tank, has been doing more innovative things with the internet than anyone I’ve met yet.” (Bob Scott, Editor, Accounting Technology) Contributing author in the book "Bull' s-Eye: The Ultimate How-To Marketing and Sales Guide for CPAs" released June 2010 by AICPA/AAM. With over 20 years of web/application design and development experience, Joe is the CTO of Delphia Consulting and leads their Usability / Web Design & Development...


Thought Leader - Excerpt from TSOE - Free-rider Friday - Yogi Berra and Tylenol

In the glorious tradition of afternoon naps and Taco Tuesday, we are fast approaching the last Friday of the month which can only mean one thing…Free-Rider Friday! As many know, our typical show is “topic” driven. We dive deep into one subject for the length of the show, usually with a guest or two. Free-Rider Fridays are designed to be “event” driven, whatever issues are in the news that we (or you) find worthy of commentary.


Thought Leader - Dee Carter on his passion for retirement income planning

Dee Carter is the President of The Carter Financial Group, where he enjoys bringing stability and peace of mind to his retirement planning clients. With more than 45 years of experience, in insurance and financial services, Carter opened his own independent firm in 2001 to specialize in safe-money management. Dee is also an Investment Advisor Representative with Sound Income Strategies. Born in Abilene Texas, Carter played basketball at Abilene Christian University where he earned his BA and...


Sage Partner - Squealy Mason on her new Ford F150 truck and how it relates to business

Squealy Mason has been a small business owner in Alabama since 1981, where she originally studied Horticulture but ended up in technology. She has an organic garden at home and is a volunteer Wilderness ranger for Wildsouth so she can still use her degree. Currently, she feels like I’m starting the business over again. The industry is also changing again and so instead of whining and being bitter about the change she plans to adapt and make a fresh ‘go’ at it. ‘If you stop you die’ so keep...


Thought Leader - Eddie Ghabour on risk management for retirees

Eddie Ghabour is the co-owner and the managing partner of Key Advisors Group, LLC. In 1998, Eddie began his career in financial planning and with his partner in 2000 he started Key Advisors Group, LLC. Specializing in money management, Eddie also focuses on retirement and estate planning strategies for his clients, He works with CPAs and attorneys implementing tax saving strategies to help clients protect their hard earned assets from unnecessary taxation. Eddie, his wife, and their sons...


Thought Leaders - Excerpt from TSOE - Memorable Mentors Tom Peters

On this show, Ron and Ed recapped the career and work of the person whom many claim as the father of the business book genre. His classic, In Search of Excellence, co-written with Robert Waterman, launched his career into a near-Earth orbit. His presentation style influenced both Ed and Ron with his wit and willingness to say outrageous "stuff."


Thought Leader - Tom Perry on his passion for account-based marketing

Tom Perry is the CEO at Sherpa Marketing. He has 20 years with B2B marketing experience making companies grow rapidly. Tom is a pioneer of Partner Account-based marketing, bringing together Marketing Strategy, Demand Generation, Content, Inbound, Paid Traffic, pay per click and SEO. Tom is an expert at driving demand for technology and scaling businesses. He has worked with vendors, distributors & resellers alike to drive growth across customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, and...


Sage Partner - Jim Ward on expanding the talent pool at his company

Jim Ward is a lifelong entrepreneur and Founder of BrainSell LLC. Passionate about helping companies grow, become process efficient and to create technology platforms that support overall company improvement. Passionate about my team and helping each member achieve personal dreams.


Thought Leader - John Grace on his thought around the investment trope "buy and hold"

John Grace is Founder and President of "Investor’s Advantage Corp”. John is a Registered Principal at Securities America Financial Corp. holding multiple securities licenses and is dually licensed in life and disability insurance. Part of a team that manages $800 million in assets. He is also a Contributing Columnist to The Wave Newspapers. John is a Master Certified and Charter Member at Dent Research.


Thought Leader - Excerpt from TSOE - Interview with Pricing educator Mark Stiving

Ed and Ron are honored to interview fellow Professional Pricing Society colleague, Mark Stiving. Why don't you win deals at higher prices? You don't get paid enough for the value you create. Or do you build products that your customers don’t value (and don’t buy)? Mark's passion is teaching the power of pricing. He evangelizes pricing at major conferences and has conducted over 400 days of corporate training around the globe. Mark’s Price class maintains a net promoter score (NPS) of 81,...


Thought Leader - Julianna Veldtman on operating above the line vs below the line

Julianna Veldtman is conscious leadership coach who works with leaders and companies to create real change that powerfully supports them and their people to be their very best. As a result their people flourish and their business thrives. Her work is rooted in the fundamental belief that successful people and companies can only grow their impact, wealth, and health by operating from value driven thoughts, words, and actions. By blending her coaching skills with over a decade of marketing and...


Sage Partner - Anne Field on establishing long-term partnerships

Anne Field is one of the founders of Axiom Business Systems, an international firm specializing in business management solutions for cemeteries and funeral homes whose corporate goal is to provide insightful systems and strategies to those who serve bereaved families in their time of need. This commitment to serving is underpinned by Anne’s strong personal belief that every human life deserves to be respected, celebrated and honoured. Anne’s professional journey has taken her to cemeteries...