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Hindsight is 20:20 vision, and the Sales Hindsights podversations with Patrick Kagan and guests creates invaluable insights into sales success, sales management growth, small business long term achievements, and sometimes even improvements on the personal forefront of life©2021 -2022 PK Solutions Group. All rights Reserved.Not to be distributed for commercial use without express permission


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Hindsight is 20:20 vision, and the Sales Hindsights podversations with Patrick Kagan and guests creates invaluable insights into sales success, sales management growth, small business long term achievements, and sometimes even improvements on the personal forefront of life©2021 -2022 PK Solutions Group. All rights Reserved.Not to be distributed for commercial use without express permission




Discovering the Power of making the SABOTEUR WITHIN AN ALLY

Think of the possibilities of mastering a relationship with the inner voice, and creating an alliance with the saboteur within. Have you ever considered that no-one knows you better? Have you considered that voice may only be doing what it was programmed to your protector from danger? Welcome to SEASON 10! Discover a brave, and triumphant journey of my wonderful 3rd daughter, Olivia, as she shares her exceptional journey to a higher self and her way to change the dialogue on her...


How Differentiation Changed the NFL

Enjoy this short listen to illustrate what you can expect when you get the audiobook or hardcover of my World Renowned publication, SELL THE DIFFERENCE. Enjoy the short listen Bear Down on Your Own HARDCOVER or AUDIOBOOK here: Support the show


When Direction is more important than Speed - THAT'S LEADERVISION

The math is simple: DIRECTION > SPEED = LEADERVISION Have you ever had to be the leader, and create THE VISION? What happens when THE VISION changes from Complete Clarity to Completely Cloudy? With the help of Tyler Pigott and Patrick Kagan, you will find the help you need navigating from clarity to cloudy, and back to clarity. Tyler and Patrick will help you see around the corners, and navigate the bumps in your professional world. So whether you are leading a team, or just trying to...


Momentarily Ambitious....OR.....Future Franchisee?

"Ambition without action is Fantasy" ~ Bryant McGill Have you considered the benefits of becoming a franchisee? If so, you need someone like Meg Schmitz in your circle. She is affectionately known as the FRANCHISE GURU, because flat out, she is literally "been there, done that successful" when it comes to owning, operating, and growing a franchise. Enjoy the time Meg and Patrick spend together as they unpack the viable options for becoming a franchisee. Did you even know there was...


What is your LEADERSHIP ENERGY saying to your world?

Did you even know you had a LEADERSHIP ENERGY? Are you consciously aware of what your LEADERSHIP ENERGY is telling the room BEFORE you enter the room, WHILE YOU ARE PRESENT in the room, and LONG AFTER you leave that room? Have you considered the ripple that energy sends out continuously to your team, your clients, your world? Enjoy the exciting time that Patrick Kagan, spends with guest, JM Ryerson, as they explore the magnificent power of each person's LEADERSHIP ENERGY, and the power of...



Can you imagine moving from completely unknown to the most sought after in your profession? Have you considered the impact you can have by creating your own CATEGORY OF ONE? Enjoy the warm connection as Patrick Kagan, and guest, Ann Carden, bring to life the strategies and tactics needed to increase your professional influence, impact, and income. Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" enjoys some quality time with Ann Carden, as she brings to life, the power and value of clarity...


6 Moments That Matter Most in Collaboration

What does it mean to LISTEN UNTIL YOU DISAPPEAR? Are you aware of the 6 most important moments in a collaborative conversation? Find out, as Patrick Kagan, and guest, Peter Anthony, bring to life the art and science of collaborative, one to one conversations. Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" enjoys some quality time with Peter Anthony, as he illustrates some very easy to remember and easy to apply strategies towards improving outcomes on a regular basis. Patrick opens the...


Manifesting Your Business Advantages

How do you MANIFEST an Advantage in your Business? Can You create VISIONARY ADVANTAGES that become more than a vision? Answers await, as Patrick Kagan, and guest, Blaire Brown, bring the roadmap to life for small business, large business, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" enjoys some quality time with Blaire Brown, as she walks through the ways to enjoy the lessons learned from the bumps in the road of starting a business, without having to...


Ending FOUNDER'S FATIGUE - A podcast for small business

Did you know FOUNDER'S FATIGUE exists? How much does it contribute to my SMALL BUSINESS STALLS? Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" spends some time with Denise Cagan, founder of DCA Virtual Business Support, to examine the workload demands of small businesses, and offer solutions to the founders of those businesses, as they battle founder's fatigue. Connect with Denise at Patrick opens the door to higher levels of income and satisfaction in his book, "SELL...


The 4 Disciplines to Creating Business ABUNDANCE

What does ABUNDANCE mean to you? Do you even believe it already exists around you - just waiting for you to call to it? Enjoy as Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" takes on the role of guest on the podcast, "SOUNDS SERIOUS" with host, and international journalist, Drew Leifheit. Patrick and Drew take their time, dig deep, and unpack a lot of issues found in Patrick's book, "SELL THE DIFFERERNCE", to help all listeners build abundance, every day, in their own personal and...



Why do Sales Managers Fail? Would you believe it is because they choose to? Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" takes sales managers and salespeople to a whole new level of understanding on what salespeople need to succeed, and how sales management can fill that need. Patrick opens the door to his book, "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" as one of many options to develop personally and professionally in sales - your copy awaits you...


Becoming LIMITLESS from healing our WORTHINESS WOUNDS

If Mindset can determine outcomes, imagine how a WORTHINESS WOUND can limit or even prohibit those outcomes. LEARN TO BECOME LIMITLESS as Kelly Mosser, a global leader in strategy, resilience and leadership sits down with Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" to walk through her powerful approach to mindset, and healing the WORTHINESS WOUNDS we all carry with us....sometimes for our entire lives. Kelly will walk you through the shift from seeing outcomes as success vs. failure, to...


90 days to TURNAROUND Companies, Teams, and Individuals

When is a Performance Appraisal not a Performance Appraisal? Most of us know the answer is when the appraisal is conducted once each year. That would be an HR process of handling salary, rather than a productive way to turnaround performance. Kevin Herring, one of the leading experts on creating turnaround in companies, teams, and individuals, joins Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" to walk through his 90 day turnaround program for changed results and higher performance....



How do you answer " If this were your last year to live, what would you want to accomplish?" Clint Arthur joins Patrick Kagan, Author of "SELL THE DIFFERENCE" to walk through Clint's journey of self discovery as he moves from taxi driver, to a world of wealth, health, and abundance.....all because he made a choice to create that world. Share in the lessons of "Who you are is more important than what your do, and "You are responsible for owning your own success." Want more growth as a...



Marketing is the most important business system to small business. Shouldn't it also be the easiest to master? Have you considered the obstacles in the way of small business success? Marketing effectively should not be one of those obstacles. Sara Nay, COO of Duct Tape Marketing spends some one-on-one time with Patrick Kagan, Author of "Sell the Difference" as they breakdown the value of differentiation, and the Duct Tape innovative "hour glass" approach to launch small businesses toward...



Most people would never let their cell phones lose their why do they let themselves? Have you considered the power of a pause as it relates to your well being? Join Patrick Kagan, Author of "Sell the Difference" on this motivational moment to embrace the power of a pause. Make Patrick's 5 tips to re-charge, and re-capture your own appreciation the 5 steps you take next, as you Pause to Power Up. Want more growth as a professional? SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION WITH ME:...


Best time to be in Business - Optimizing the Digital World

If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes a village to raise a business. Have you considered evaluating how you take advantage of the advances in technology from year to year? Could you remove the limits to your results when you work with a company that provides "done for you technology" on a daily basis to most every industry around? Patrick and guest, Michelle Nedelec dig deep into the benefits of Michelle's solutions based technology, and uncover some valuable tactics...


Leadership is a BEHAVIOR, not a JOB TITLE

Could you benefit from being a better leader? Could your team benefit from better leadership? How high can your results fly when leadership is unlocked and authentic? Patrick and guest, Kevin Kepple discuss in detail how leadership is a behavior and not a title or position you hold.....leadership is COMMANDED, not DEMANDED. Kevin so eloquently shows that creativity in the workforce is one of the most valuable assets a company can have, and yet only occurs in the "unknown". Managers live...



Could you use a SECRET WEAPON in sales to become better, and more valuable to yourself and your clients? Listen as Patrick introduces you to Mike Lander, your new sales secret weapon. Mike has been hugely successful on both the sales side of the fence, and the buyers side of the fence. Enjoy as he share with Patrick, all the expectations he has as a procurement professional, and how some sales people meet those expectations, some fall short, and all could improve on with just a short...



Do you know the difference between having an open mind, and having an open for business mindset? Establishing the proper balance in the foundational areas of mindset, mechanics, and motion will help to foster the internal framework of "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" in your mindset, and ultimately in your sales outcomes. Enjoy as Merit Kahn & Patrick podversate on the nuances of emotional intelligence, and the importance that plays in sales outcomes, and business success. After the easy listen with...