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This is the Sales Transformation podcast hosted by Collin Mitchell

This is the Sales Transformation podcast hosted by Collin Mitchell


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This is the Sales Transformation podcast hosted by Collin Mitchell






#176 S2 Episode 45 - From Car Sales to Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker with Daniel Gomez

HIGHLIGHTS 01:13 How Daniel started his sales journey, from not being hired to being successful through perseverance 07:20 Prospects are smart and can see through your game, how to get past that 10:08 Why mastering your emotions and feelings in sales professions and not the other way around 13:06 Daniel's Inverted Triangle method and why it matters 17:11 The most elite sellers make it about their prospects more than themselves and listen more than they speak 30:02 Final thoughts and...


#175 S2 Episode 44 - How Sellers Can Structure Their Day

HIGHLIGHTS 00:34 What you do prior to your work affects the entire day 02:39 What to do during the middle of the day and how to deal with them in priority 03:35 What you should focus on by the end of the day and what podcast episode to follow to know more about this method QUOTES 01:06 "Your mindset is a huge component on whether you're setting your day up for success." 03:04 "Make sure you're taking proper breaks, eating throughout the day, drinking lots of water. Those are all things...


#174 S2 Episode 43 - Transactional Seller to Successful Strategic Seller with Jesse Woodbury

HIGHLIGHTS 02:03 How Jesse started out in his sales journey and his origin story 13:57 How getting a journalism degree helped Jesse up his game in sales 18:25 The skill sets that translate to being a better seller 22:28 Transactional SAAS seller to a Strategic SAAS seller 37:01 How to connect with Jesse and learn more about SAAS QUOTES 10:10 "So many people are not willing to bet on themselves, like go all in, take a risk, no money in a bank ... there's something to be said about...


#173 S2 Episode 42 - From Employee #6 at Bomb Bomb to Chief Evangelist with Ethan Buete

HIGHLIGHTS 01:19 How it all started for Ethan and how he transitioned to his new position which is Chief Evangelist at BombBomb 10:55 How to NOT miss an opportunity in terms of video emails 22:44 The "Holy Grail" and debunking it in the world of sales 35:00 The default go-to is not good enough, Ethan explains what it is and why 43:50 How to contact and connect with the movement Ethan and his team is trying to do QUOTES 12:19 "Whether it's someone you've never met, like you and I call...


#172 S2 Episode 41 - Get Better Sales Results By Letting Go

HIGHLIGHTS 01:10 Things we look in sales for an outcome but get worked up if you don't achieve them 02:28 Things that you can do to keep the focus on what's important 03:41 Why do you need to focus on things that you can control and making yourself get better results QUOTES 00:37 "If I didn't hit my number, or I didn't hit the number of meetings that I set on a particular day. I felt not good enough, I felt like less than, and this is a huge problem for a lot of sellers, specifically...


#171 S2 Episode 40 - From Content Marketer to Scaling Companies at Growth Genie with Michael Hanson

HIGHLIGHTS 01:14 When did Michael's sales journey begin and how it is so far 04:07 What to do in the first touch using Michael's approach instead of the norm 11:58 The humble or feedback approach and how it works better 15:34 Personalization and relevance in line with Michael's approach 19:22 How to reach Michael and get into his world QUOTES 03:23 "People who have marketing experience and understand the sales side of the coin can be very successful in growth and thinks like that,...


#170 S2 Episode 39 - Take Ownership in Your Sales Success

HIGHLIGHTS 00:29 You have to take ownership of your own success and what to do 00:57 Invest in yourself by doing these things 02:14 Podcasting is a great place to get new ideas and more things to look out for QUOTES 00:29 "You gotta take ownership for your own success. Don't wait for somebody else or your boss, or your manager, or your leader, or your org to roll out the red carpet for your success." 01:38 "Find the opportunity to really test your skills. Find some of your colleagues...


#169 S2 Episode 38 - From Working At A Research Firm To Sales Enablement At Challenger with Michael Randazzo

HIGHLIGHTS 01:01 How Michael started to where he started and where he's at today 05:29 What are the key seller profiles that the research has uncovered in Challenger 11:15 Transformations are hard and here's why it's the same for transforming yourself into a Challenger 16:54 How to think and act like a Challenger 22:01 How to connect with Michael and learn more about Challenger QUOTES 05:55 "The 'Challenger' just kinda looks at the world a little bit differently and they seek to...


#168 S2 Episode 37 - Working Her Dream Writing Job to Helping Sellers With Communicate Better with Tara Horstmeyer

HIGHLIGHTS 00:36 How it all started for Tara and how she continues her sales journey 06:12 What resources Tara recommends to people who are struggling with writing in sales 08:23 How salespeople are caught up in finding that perfect template and why you shouldn't chase it 16:54 How writing is more than that, it's about communicating and conviction and what it brings to the table in sales 21:55 How to find out more and connect with Tara and her realm QUOTES 04:33 "If you just dedicate...


#167 S2 Episode 36 - #1 Thing New Sellers Can Do To Level Up

HIGHLIGHTS 00:16 Jake Dunlap inspired Collin to think about how to level up in sales 00:47 How to pick the brains of the best your company has to offer and outside to get more feedback 02:18 Why following people in social media help despite all the noise QUOTES 00:29 "Don't try to recreate the wheel. The biggest tip for beginner sellers is to go steal what is working for others. Okay? And that could be people in your organization that is hitting quota or crushing goals." 01:00 "You can...


#166 S2 Episode 35 - From Working At Restaurants To Product Led Growth SaaS Founder with Fred Melanson

HIGHLIGHTS 00:54 Where it all started for Fred and how he figured he wanted to have his own business right after college 03:41 The challenges people have managing relationships and how to overcome them 11:02 Where Blinx comes to solving a particular problem in SaaS and more 19:17 How a podcast is an underutilized tool and how it ties in with product-led growth 23:24 How to connect with Fred and know more about Blinx QUOTES 04:08 "It's really hard to manage a lot of relationships in...


#165 S2 Episode 34 - Quality or Quantity for Sellers

HIGHLIGHTS 01:21 A common thing among 150 podcasts and the top 1% 01:55 How to start improving quality sales relationships 02:30 An interesting thing about podcasts vs all other publications QUOTES 00:38 "I want to give you some tips because I think having some balance of some quantity activities, some high-velocity cold calling, or email campaigns, there's a place for that. But I think it's very easy to get caught up in only going all-in in those activities and not dedicating enough...


#164 S2 Episode 33 - From Ripping Out Carpets To A Copywriting Wizard with Cole Schafer

HIGHLIGHTS 01:40 Where it all started for Cole and how he got into copywriting 06:11 How to become a better copywriter and overall get better at your craft in the world of sales 15:36 Short copy vs long copy and what serves what best based on Cole's mindset 21:07 Some tips and techniques on how you can improve your copy 24:32 How to connect with Cole and follow his newsletters and so much more QUOTES 08:05 "Something you can do is actually record yourself pitching the sale to someone,...


#163 S2 Episode 32 - From Selling Rocks To 10.8 Million In Sales In 18 Months

HIGHLIGHTS 02:34 How Connor started from selling rocks at the age of 7 to generating 10.5 million in 1.5 years 02:03 Why sellers need to have marketing skills if they ever want to be successful 02:42 How can a seller level up their marketing skills and get started on the right path to success 08:08 Podcasting can be another way of educating mid-funnel and how it greatly helps businesses grow 17:26 How to get in contact with Connor as well as his link to his own podcast QUOTES 00:48...


#162 S2 Episode 31 - Tips on How Sellers Can Start Their Day

Get your FREE Vidyard account and bonus Video Sales Process Playbook here! HIGHLIGHTS 00:44 Collin's everyday routine and how he does things to be in full-on mode 01:28 Meditate the night before and getting proper sleep, here's why 03:01 Journal practice and more that you should be on top of to boost overall mental performance QUOTES 01:46 "Making sure that you get proper sleep is essential. I can't tell you how many people in sales burn the midnight oil and go full hustle mode and...


#161 S2 Episode 30 - From Almost Giving Up To Scaling A 100+ B2B SaaS Team with Hoyin Cheung

Get your FREE Vidyard account and bonus Video Sales Process Playbook here! HIGHLIGHTS 01:07 Hoyin's journey in entrepreneurship along with his failures and successes that shaped him to be the man he is today 08:22 Hoyin's first pot of gold and his first song that was the right tune for him 13:47 All about and what they're all about 22:33 Takeaways from scaling a fully virtual team to 6 to 100+ 27:44 How to connect to Hoyin and explore more about his thoughts QUOTES 06:17...


#160 S2 Episode 29 - Be Customized To Win Larger Deals

Get your FREE Vidyard account and bonus Video Sales Process Playbook here! HIGHLIGHTS 00:09 How to be customized to win larger deals, follow these steps and make it your sales bible 03:43 The right time to get back to prospects or leads with the right mindset, strategy, and options to move forward 05:15 Why Collin prefers prospects choosing their own path QUOTES 00:27 "Now this can start at the very beginning of the sales process. And it looks like not using templated email messages...


#159 S2 Episode 28 - From Selling Cutco to Growth AE at with Tom Alaimo

Get your FREE Vidyard account and bonus Video Sales Process Playbook here! HIGHLIGHTS 01:26 How Tom started his sales journey and being an introvert didn't stop him from learning and getting money to mastering the craft of sales 08:00 Things you should consider before jumping into a new role 12:46 Why podcasting is great for levelling up your sales game 17:12 How Tom started podcasting with a friend to running it solo 19:35 Why Tom is passionate about giving back to the sales community...


#158 S2 Episode 27 - Listening Zig Zigler CD's To Turning Customers Into Brand Evangelist with Wayne Mullins

Get your FREE Vidyard account and bonus Video Sales Process Playbook here! HIGHLIGHTS 02:09 The story of how listening to Zig Zigler CD's did a phenomenal job of selling sales to young Wayne and how his sales life followed from there 04:20 What is "Automobile University" and why you should apply it in your life 07:47 Three core things to look at to determine if a person is worthy of giving advice and why it matters 18:21 All about Ugly Mug Marketing driven by Wayne's insatiable appetite...


#157 S2 Episode 26 - How Sellers Can Get Started in Creating Content

Get your FREE Vidyard account and bonus Video Sales Process Playbook here! HIGHLIGHTS 00:18 Are you a consumer or a creator? Why does this matter in sales? 01:57 Collin's personal favorite way to start creating content is... 02:41 A big misconception that you need to hear to believe 03:43 Try other things like writing, making videos, and see where it gets you and how it can help exponentially 05:33 Having your own podcast can solve a lot of the problems for you QUOTES 00:40 "The...