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Learn how to leverage & scale your business with MyOutDesk — the industry leader in virtual assistant services, with over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 500 verified 5-star business reviews in real estate, mortgage, IT/tech, human resources, healthcare, and more!

Learn how to leverage & scale your business with MyOutDesk — the industry leader in virtual assistant services, with over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 500 verified 5-star business reviews in real estate, mortgage, IT/tech, human resources, healthcare, and more!


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Learn how to leverage & scale your business with MyOutDesk — the industry leader in virtual assistant services, with over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 500 verified 5-star business reviews in real estate, mortgage, IT/tech, human resources, healthcare, and more!






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How Joshua Smith Became The Top 1% Real Estate Agent

Joshua Smith is a REALTOR® in Phoenix, Arizona as well as a serial entrepreneur. Voted the 30th ‘Top REALTOR® In America’ By The Wall Street Journal and a “30 Under 30” finalist for the National Realtors Association, Joshua got in the business in 2005 by accident. He was managing a health club and wanted to start one of his own, but needed capital. Now a top 1% agent worldwide, Joshua owns and operates the #1 real estate podcast in the industry, “GSD Mode.” He is co-owner of a real estate...


‘Best Year Ever?’ Best Year Ever! (Business Referral MASTERY)

It’s true. This year there are many business owners (CEOs, entrepreneurs, agents, and brokers) who are having their best year EVER. Are you? In this information-packed session with bestselling author Michael J. Maher, you’ll learn real examples and get answers to: - How successful businesses adapted since the lock down - Why they are experiencing such dramatic growth - What they are exactly doing to grow their business (Systems, processes, operational structure) Find out how it’s time for...


Business Affiliate + Influencer Marketing: The Right Way

In this current climate, everybody is bombarded with so much advertising and so much competition. It’s the very reason why business owners & entrepreneurs need to focus on the importance of referral marketing. Revenue Streams through Business Affiliates, Influencers, and Referrals It's always really more effective when a referral comes through from someone that they know and they trust. And so, people that you know they trust and kind of fall into the categories of an affiliate or...


Virtual Business Success: How To Work With A Virtual Assistant EFFECTIVELY

In this STRATEGY-focused webinar, you will learn how to work well with a virtual assistant (or virtual team). While 2020 is a year of adapting quickly to online operations, are most business owners aware of leading a PRODUCTIVE & EFFECTIVE remote workspace? This webinar shows you how to map out an effective & organized LAUNCH strategy for virtual assistants in your business — take advantage of the 13 years of knowledge that MyOutDesk has to offer. - How to integrate a VA into an existing...


Hitting Double Productivity: Marketing Agency Organizational Strategies

Save over $90k per year. With any growing marketing agency, more clients means balancing more nuanced tasks and roles. When marketers take on too many assignments, their creativity can take a dip. How to prevent burnout + double productivity in marketing agencies! “You know, there’s other people who have much more well-rounded people with skill sets that we can hire for a fraction of the cost … and get more done, but also they’re going to do it a lot better.” To learn more, schedule your...


Rock Thomas - Building A Virtual Mastermind Group

Business leaders & entrepreneurs love the concept of engaging a mastermind group, but many don’t know how to begin. In this STRATEGY focused webinar, build your foundation & accelerate your success. Mastermind sessions should be like a greenhouse for mutual accelerated success. Facilitating a mastermind group yourself will grow your own brand + reputation and will bring enormous value to yourself & to like-minded people. This webinar will show you how to: 1. Build your own mastermind group....


Achive The Dream - Scaling As A Franchisee With Brian Beers

“We used outsource companies in the past and have some varying experiences. I really like about MyOutDesk is all the work that you guys do upfront to find the right virtual assistant — ensuring that we’re getting a high-quality, well-vetted candidate because the biggest challenge or a roadblock is TRUST.” Brian Beers and his family currently own and operate 12 Midas® franchises in the Philadelphia area. He shares what talent means for his franchise businesses and his journey to getting the...


Strking Oil - Hire, Train, Manage a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (Brian Icenhower)

Brian Icenhower is the founder of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC), and an owner of many of the largest and highest-producing real estate companies in the United States. Brian has been coaching and training real estate agents for more than 25 years. ICC is one of the largest real estate coaching companies with more than five hundred clients that include 31 of the Real Trends Top 500 list. Today we talk about how virtual assistant services produce TOP real estate teams. Real estate...


Erica Brune: How Lever1 Became Missouri's Fastest Growing Company

What does it take to build & rapidly scale a business enough that you receive national recognition for it? Are there tricks, tips & shortcuts that you can use to go from zero to success faster than your competitors? Yes! In this exciting interview, we’re speaking with Erica Brune, the President of Lever1 – a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO. Her company has been ranked as Missouri’s Fastest Growing Company in 2017, and she’ll share with you the big “why” behind her success, along...


How Outsourcing Leads To Rapid Business Growth (with Joe Daniel)

When it comes to payroll processing & HR paperwork, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are rapidly becoming the solution of choice for modern business. By outsourcing these tedious, but necessary employment tasks to a PEO, you can save time & money – and the same applies to hiring a virtual assistant: by delegating repetitive tasks to a VA, you can take your lead-generation, administrative paperwork, even transaction management or HR recruiting tasks off of your shoulders, for less...


Disruptions Are Catalysts: 4 Laws of Follow-up with Dr. Lee Davenport

Recognized by Inman News and numerous real estate organizations as one of the top 25 U.S. real estate coaches, Dr. Lee Davenport is a nationally-respected real estate educator, celebrated author, and blogger (with features in Inman News, Realtor Magazine, and Huffington Post to name a few). She trains real estate agents and brokerages on how to work smarter with technology. Daniel & Dr. Lee discuss how to take the mentality of disruptions and turn them into catalysts, bringing things back...


Short-Term Rentals For Long-Term Success | with Amber Knight of

Today, we discuss optimal performance in revenue management for property managers with Amber Knight of — a revenue strategy business that helps property managers and realtors earn more with less hassle. A BENEFIT THE VACATION RENTAL INDUSTRY’s top-tier service includes ‘Rented Research,’ — a service they offer for in-depth market research and strategic planning. The 2020 Rented Report has just been released on Forbes, USA Today and WSJ. This report is the next...


Virtual Assistants Helping to Empower Physicians, Connect Attorneys, Serve Patients | Power Liens

Power Liens is a relationship-building platform in which attorneys and physicians are connected in the personal injury field. - Founded by a personal injury attorney, marketing specialists and seasoned entrepreneurs. - Created to improve an attorney’s access to physicians and health care providers that work on personal injury and workers’ compensation liens. - Dedicated to health care providers that provide exceptional service to their patients and are experienced in the world of personal...


Ultimate Marketing: Video Mastery | With Tony Giordano, Social Agent 2.0

So how do YOU create effective videos easily and on any budget? - In this webinar, learn how to... - Set more appointments with these tried and true 1-to-1 videos - Create videos on any budget, even if you have no budget - Take baby steps now for real results, then grow your budget on proven ROI Take your video mastery to the next level... EVERY Professional Needs Video: Increase your credibility and connection to people with different types of bio / promo videos. EVERY Brand Needs Video:...


Quality Talent Acquisition: The Process & Systems For Predictable Results!

In this special webinar we share an effective & proven recruitment model that is entirely process-driven, where you can find predictable results in bringing high-caliber talent into your team. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS WEBINAR: 1. The biggest mistakes that businesses make with talent acquisition 2. Bulletproof Process on Ad Placements 3. How to take advantage of short term opportunities in our labor market Patrick Johnson, CEO of Talentuition (a MyOutDesk client) provides Recruitment Process...


What To Say Now: The Recruitment Edition with Dan Stewart

For business owners, recruitment and turnover are a constant focus — if not a total preoccupation of one’s daily work. In this STRATEGY focused webinar, you’ll understand how to lay the foundation to grow your empire. This mastermind webinar shows you how to: - Leverage recruitment strategies. What you need to know to attract instead of recruit. Attract competitive talent without seemingly “recruiting.” - Nurture & break the cycle. Break the churn-and-burn cycle & nurture productivity with...


Monetizing Social Media: Direct Messaging To Drive Revenue | With Matt Buchanan

Matt Buchanan is the founder of Pioneers of Marketing. His marketing agency helps well-known clients each earn over 1.5M on social media through direct messaging — and that’s only one revenue stream! Matt has 4 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants working for his marketing agency! “They are very professional & very timely. I’m grateful for them and for all the wisdom shared by MyOutDesk. The people you bring to us are top-notch people. In all seriousness, I have to say that!” Signup for a free...


B2B Podcasting: Launch One To Distinguish Your Business From The Rest

Producing a B2B podcast helps to establish your business as a leading source of expertise in your market, driving up your brand and credibility. Right now, you have the ability to start a podcast and stand out from the crowd. Every business is looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors…and a B2B podcast is a perfect way to do that. If you want to launch a high-quality podcast, but need to protect your valued time … you can launch your podcast and upgrade your online presence...


Turnkey Talent For Turnkey Investing + Property Management Using Virtual Assistants

"An important decision since 2018 — Sean has a team of 6 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants." At first, Sean Tagge was a biomedical engineer who specialized in artificial heart research. His passion to connect with people and solve problems led him to a career change into real estate and turnkey investing. Today, Sean is Chief Operating Officer & Partner at Memphis Investment Properties. Using his strengths in analytics, research, problem-solving, and engineering, Sean makes extensive use of data...


The Cannabis Show With Tony Trinh

IT’S HERE: VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS FOR THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY Here are the trends: The legal cannabis industry is reported at 78% growth, year-by-year. - Marijuana retail is an “essential service” in many states (great for prolonged shelter-in-place orders) - Medical & recreational marijuana has inelastic demand (the business is recession-proof) - Weed delivery is in high demand, seeing a 65% percent spike in March 2020 alone. MyOutDesk Gets Into The Weed Business! Since the shelter-in-place...