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Scatter Podcast, hosted by Javier Orraca, explores data analytics, insights, and data science in business.

Scatter Podcast, hosted by Javier Orraca, explores data analytics, insights, and data science in business.
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Scatter Podcast, hosted by Javier Orraca, explores data analytics, insights, and data science in business.






Episode 021 - Zeff w/ Ben Taylor

Scatter Podcast interview with Ben Taylor, Co-Founder and Chief AI Officer at Zeff. I met Ben at the Data Science GO conference in 2018 and was blown away by his artificial intelligence experience and thoughts about how to break into data science. Self-described "PhD dropout," Ben taught himself programming and data science and has a sincere passion for transforming the field with AI. Prior to founding Zeff, he held various roles including hedge fund Quantitative Analyst, Data Scientist, and...


Episode 020 - MaCher w/ Ben Denzinger

Scatter Podcast interview with Ben Denzinger, Product Designer at MaCher. This isn't a traditional data science episode but one focused on a topic that analytics and data science teams should become familiar with: Design Thinking. Design thinking is not a new concept, product designers like Ben have used it for decades, yet it is a framework that can be used in almost all aspects of business to justify your existing solution or to develop alternative solutions. Ben's design journey is great...


Episode 019 - Amazon w/ John Peach

Scatter Podcast interview with John Peach, Sr. Data Scientist at Amazon. John has an extensive data science background ranging from academia, to early-stage startups, to large data drive organizations such as Amazon. His team helps to improve and expand the capabilities of Alexa Skills (third party applications). John actively participates in his local data science community, he is one of the leaders of the Orange County R Users Group (“OCRUG”), and he frequently speaks at data science...


Episode 018 - Saatchi & Saatchi w/ Leondra James

Scatter Podcast interview with Leondra James, Manager, Analytics & Operations at Saatchi & Saatchi. From violinist and music major to data scientist, Leondra has had a unique mix of academic and professional experiences that have shaped her career in data. Saatchi & Saatchi is a global advertising agency operating in 76 countries and Leondra works in their Los Angeles office. While she only joined the agency in January 2019, she's no stranger to media & entertainment having previously held...


Episode 017 - ViralGains w/ Justin Fortier

Scatter Podcast interview with Justin Fortier, Principal Data Scientist at ViralGains. Justin and I met at the Data Science GO conference in 2018 and I enjoyed getting to learn about his journey as a data scientist. ViralGains is a video advertising technology startup that helps publishers push video ad content to the most appropriate consumers. Given that ViralGains operates within the real-time bidding ("RTB") domain, their ad bidding and classification algorithms need to transact and...


Episode 016 - MeridianLink w/ Ben Lewis

Scatter Podcast interview with Ben Lewis, Business Intelligence Analyst at MeridianLink. Ben and I met at a hackathon hosted by the Orange County R Users Group ("OCRUG") and I was immediately impressed by his R programming capabilities. Ben has an industrial engineering and operations research background from UC Berkeley, and as a BI Analyst at MeridianLink, he builds dashboards and web-apps via R Shiny. MeridianLink provides enterprise business solutions for financial services organizations...


Episode 015 - General Motors w/ Meltem Ballan

Scatter Podcast interview with Meltem Ballan, Ph.D., Data Scientist and Architect at General Motors. Meltem's deep analytical and data science expertise developed over her 20 years of experience in academia, consulting, and the corporate world. Before "data science" became a popularized catchphrase in business, Meltem was known as an Algorithm Developer. At GM, Meltem's team aims to enhance the driver experience where she applies neuroscience theory to analyze massive data sets via machine...


Episode 014 - Fehr & Peers w/ David Wasserman

Scatter Podcast interview with David Wasserman, Transportation Planner & Data Scientist at Fehr & Peers. Specializing in transportation planning and engineering services, Fehr & Peers is a consulting firm that has serviced public and private sectors since 1985. David has worked with them for four years at the intersection of data science, transportation and urban planning, and he gives us a deep dive into some of the work he's done. David has spent significant time working with GIS systems...


Episode 013 - Method Data Science w/ Beau Walker

Scatter Podcast interview with Beau Walker, Founder and CEO of Method Data Science. Beau is a data scientist and passionate R and Python programming educator for analytics and data science. He's actively involved in the data science community and it was a pleasure to have Beau on the podcast to discuss his education and data science journey. Method is on a mission to inspire and train the next generation of data scientists, and they're accomplishing this by managing small teams of resident...


Episode 012 - TBWA\Chiat\Day with Matt Segal

Scatter Podcast interview with Matt Segal, Data Director at TBWA\Chiat\Day, a global creative advertising agency based in Los Angeles, California. Chiat/Day's "1984" ad campaign for Apple, introducing the Macintosh computer, gave the agency global notoriety with their forward-thinking and disruptive ads. Matt discusses the benefits of agency life as a data strategist, shares several project examples, and covers several tools that his team uses for social web listening and analytics....


Episode 011 - CBRE w/ Vince Giovannini

Scatter Podcast interview with Vince Giovannini, Data Scientist at CBRE, a commercial real estate investment company that also offers a wide range of real estate consulting services. Vince works in the Labor Analytics team at CBRE and shares great insights about the labor products he has worked on and how labor is connected to the real estate market. Vince shares several project examples that he's been a part of at CBRE and it was great getting to hear how his firm uses data science to...


Episode 010 - FortyFour w/ Ryan Anderson

Scatter Podcast interview with Ryan Anderson, Director of Performance Marketing & Analytics at FortyFour. FortyFour is an independent digital agency and Ryan provides the agency's clients with web campaign analytics, strategies, and insights for successful digital marketing campaigns. Join Ryan's newsletter or find him on Twitter to stay connected. LinkedIn: Other links: FortyFour: Ryan on Twitter:


Episode 009 - RealBlocks w/ Perrin Quarshie

Scatter Podcast interview with Perrin Quarshie, CEO and Founder of RealBlocks. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, RealBlocks allows accredited investors to buy into private equity real estate funds through the purchase of digital assets (or Ethereum ERC-20 tokens). RealBlocks went through Techstars NYC's program (one of the top startup accelerators) and raised $3.1 million in seed funding in January 2019. Perrin's LinkedIn: Other links: RealBlocks:...


Episode 008 - Chegg w/ Taranveer Singh

Scatter Podcast interview with Taranveer Singh, Data Scientist at Chegg. Through natural language processing ("NLP") and data science, Taran's team provides Chegg customers with a better user experience, ensuring the customer voice is heard. Chegg operates fast and smart, and data science enables the business to quickly research and deploy product features that are most desired by their community. Taran's LinkedIn: Chegg:


Episode 007 - NeoGenomics Laboratories w/ Nicholas Stavrou

Scatter Podcast interview with Nicholas Stavrou, an Associate Scientist in Computational Biology at NeoGenomics Laboratories. Nicholas started his career as a Data Analyst with Neo prior to moving to their MultiOmyx department. As an Associate Scientist and regular Python user, Nicholas develops deep learning models to advance precision medication and analyze the effectiveness of cancer treatments. Nicholas' LinkedIn: MultiOmyx at NeoGenomics:...


Episode 006 - T-Mobile w/ Juan Pablo Murillo

Scatter Podcast interview with Juan Pablo Murillo, a Data Scientist at T-Mobile. Mathematics instructor turned data scientist, Juan Pablo is in customer analytics at T-Mobile's U.S. headquarters in Bellevue, WA (greater Seattle area). He works with engineering and analytics teams to improve the T-Mobile and MetroPCS customer experience. Juan Pablo's LinkedIn: Juan Pablo's data blog:


Episode 005 - Databricks w/ Rafi Kurlansik

Scatter Podcast interview with Rafi Kurlansik, Solutions Architect at Databricks. Corporations are using Databricks for cloud-based processing of massive data sets, and Rafi shares a unique perspective given his work as a data scientist within a tech sales team. Rafi's LinkedIn: Other links: Databricks: Databricks Community Edition: MLflow on Databricks:


Episode 004 - NYC & Company w/ Jonathan Tesser

Scatter Podcast interview with Jonathan Tesser, VP of Research and Insights at NYC & Company, the official tourism agency of NYC Jonthan's LinkedIn: Jonathan's Medium blog: Our podcast interview was cut short and we were not able to discuss career advice. Nonetheless, Jonathan's Medium blog is a gold mine for career seekers and people interested in the world of insights. In this specific blog entry (link...


Episode 003 - Pacific Life w/ Alyssa Columbus

Scatter Podcast interview with Alyssa Columbus, Data Scientist at Pacific Life Alyssa's LinkedIn: Alyssa's Forbes interview: Other links:


Episode 002 - Home Depot w/ Chris Basiliere

Scatter Podcast interview with Chris Basiliere, Sr. Manager, Online Product Management, Mobile at The Home Depot Chris's LinkedIn: Products that Chris helped to develop: The Home Depot 3D Augmented Reality app: The Home Depot Project Color (iOS): The Home Depot Project...