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Ep#28 Darryl Bellamy Jr.: Millennial Fear

On this episode Shawn interviews Darryl Bellamy Jr. Darryl travels the world speaking and impacting thousands of students with an expertise on millennial fear. In total he has collected over 10k+ written fears. Darryl left his corporate job to pursue his dream and hasn’t looked back since. They will discuss the following: •Millennial fear •Building relationships •Leaving a legacy To learn more about Darryl Bellamy Jr. please visit or follow him on all platforms...


Ep#27 Trent Shelton: Fail Forward

On this episode Shawn interviews Trent Shelton. Trent Shelton is a former NFL wide receiver that is now considered one of the most impactful speakers of this generation. He reaches over 50 million people weekly through his various social media outlets, and also travels the world to speak his message of creating lasting change in your life. They will discuss the following: •Overcoming depression •The 3 R’s “Reality, Release, and Repair” •Why you should burn bridges To learn more about Trent...


Ep#26 Justin Shaifer: From South Side Chicago to STEM

On this episode Shawn interviews Justin Shaifer aka as Mr. Fascinate. Justin is the Executive Director of Fascinate Inc. an organization created to excite underrepresented students about STEM he develops culturally responsive STEM curriculum for institutions in New York City. He is known for his work on the Magic Cool Bus Project. Past partners of his organization include Microsoft, MIT Media Lab, and the Children’s Aid Society. He is studying these programs effect as a PhD student at...


Ep#25 Gerard Adams: Share Your Story

On this episode Shawn interviews Gerard Adams. Gerard Adams was co-founder of Elite Daily a news site targeted towards millennials, which sold to the Daily Mail in 2015 for $50 million. He is also a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and the founder of Newark, New Jersey start up accelerator, Fownders. Gerard is also the Host of hit Youtube show “Leaders Create Leaders” They will discuss the following: •Building Your Character •Sharing You Story •Overcoming Failure To learn more about...


Ep#24 Ruby Lee: Own Your Hustle

On this episode Shawn interviews Ruby Lee. Ruby is a side hustle coach, entrepreneur and she comes with all the energy you need to turn your idea into freedom. Ruby was once nearly fired for having a side hustle, and today she has dedicated her life and business to enabling early stage entrepreneurs everywhere to create options in their career and abundance on their own terms, some whilst balancing a day job. Ruby also is Indeed Jobs “Job Whisperer” They will discuss the following:...


Ep#23 Anthony Oneal: Tackling Debt

On this episode Shawn interviews Anthony Oneal. Anthony ONeal has helped thousands of students succeed in their work and personal lives. Now Anthony has joined Ramsey Solutions to spread this encouraging message to students nationwide as a Ramsey Personality. Anthony is traveling the nation, equipping parents and encouraging students to make good decisions with their money and their lives. They will discuss the following: •Student loans •Picking the right school. Does it really matter?...


Ep#22 Shawn Anthony: Homecoming = Network

The month is October the time is now. Homecomings are everywhere. Grab the calendar, circle the date and make your appearance. This week Shawn goes Solo with a message about Homecoming’s you don’t want to miss. He will discuss the following: •How to Network at Homecoming •How to insert your personal interest at tailgates, and events •How to follow up on new leads and create your next opportunity at any school Shawn will bring you relevant and practical episodes each week, giving you the...


Ep#21 Malcolm "MJ" Harris: The Golden Handcuffs

On this episode Shawn interviews Malcolm “MJ” Harris. Malcolm “MJ” Harris is an internationally recognized financial services CEO and motivational success teacher, who has consistently beaten the odds to achieve extraordinary success. Malcolm has built a multi-million-dollar enterprise, National Care Financial Group, which started at his dining room table and has become one of America’s largest African-American owned financial services firms. They will discuss the following: •The starting...


Ep#20 Mahisha Dellinger: Come Correct

On this episode Shawn interviews Mahisha Dellinger. Mahisha is an entrepreneur, author and TV host. She is the CEO of “Curls”, a natural hair care brand founded in 2002. She is the Author of Against All Odds: From the Projects to the Penthouse. Dellinger host Mind Your Business with Mahisha on the OWN TV Network. They will discuss the following: •How to pitch your product to investors •Most valuable lesson being a business owner •When she decided she would never work for someone again To...


Ep#19 Jasmine Star: Action Is the Antidote to Fear

On this episode Shawn interviews photographer and business strategist Jasmine Star. She has built a company helping entrepreneurs build their brand, market on social media, and achieve more in life. Jasmine has done plenty of popular interviews, but you haven’t heard her like this. They will discuss the following: •From homeschool to the public-school system •Being thankful for the chip placed on your shoulder •Building your brand and attracting your dream customer To learn more about her...


Ep#18 DocJenFit: You Don't Have To, You're Blessed To

On this episode Shawn interviews Dr Jen Esquer well known as @Docjenfit . Jen Esquer is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and movement enthusiast. She uses her social platforms to push educational videos on how to maintain mobility, increase strength, and prevent pain throughout the body. DocJenFit has grown her audience to over 400k and is well known for her online programs called The Mobility Method. They will discuss the following: •Setting your mind and body in motion •Feedback and why you...


Ep#17 Michael Bonner: Capture The Moment

On this episode Shawn interviews Michael Bonner. Michael stole the heart of America when he was featured on The Ellen Show and has impacted thousands of educators ever since. He is a second-grade teacher, a premiere speakers keynoter, and the published author of the book “Get up or Give Up”. They will discuss the following: •How he went from star athlete to star educator •Capturing the moment •The impact education has on students, and their families To learn more about him visit:...


Ep#16 Judi Fox: From Corporate to LinkedIn Local Host

On this episode Shawn interviews Judi Fox a LinkedIn video and content strategist, M.C., speaker, and marketer extraordinaire with over 1 Million LinkedIn video views in 5 months and 30k Pinterest likes per month. She has cracked the code to LinkedIn engagement and teaches others how to do the same. They will discuss the following: •How to get your goals to align with your soul •LinkedIn video strategy •Taking action on your profile To learn more about her visit: •Website:...


Ep#15 Michaela Alexis: The Value of LinkedIn

On this episode Shawn interviews Michaela Alexis the "Millennial LinkedIn Master", keynote speaker, and author who also really, REALLY loves coffee! She has amassed over 120,000 followers on LinkedIn and is a frequently quoted subject matter expert on influencer marketing and all things LinkedIn. They will discuss the following: •5 Tips to establish a great LinkedIn profile •Why you should start using LinkedIn now •How to build your own community To learn more about her visit: •Website:...


Ep#14 Chris "Drama" Pfaff: Take the L's but Learn From Them

On this episode Shawn interviews Christopher “Drama” Pfaff an entrepreneur, producer and reality TV star. He was born in Akron, Ohio where he spent most of his life until graduating from high school and becoming an assistant for his cousin Rob Dyrdek. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows “Rob and Big” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”. Chris is also the founder and CEO of Young & Reckless Clothing, Short Story Long Podcast and Group Chat. They discuss the following: 1. Take...


Ep#13 Evan Carmichael: 7 Things They Should've Taught You in School but Didn't

On this episode Shawn interviews Evan Carmichael an internet entrepreneur with an incredible 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. At age 19, he built and sold a biotech software company. At age 22, he was a venture capitalist helping startups raise funds ranging from $500,000 to $15 million. Evan now runs, a website to help entrepreneurs. They discuss the 7 Things They Should’ve Taught You in School but Didn’t: 1.How to learn vs. memorize 2.What success looks like to you...


Ep#12 B-Daht: There Is No Plan B

On this episode Shawn interviews Brian McLaughlin, also known as (B-Daht – pronounced B-DOT) is a American comedian and radio host, best known for creating "The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show" alongside cast members, Anthony "Chico" Bean and Darren Brand. As of Season 6 to 8, B-Daht was also one of the recurring cast members of Wild 'N Out on MTV and MTV2. They discuss the following: •Start your career in college •There is no plan B •All things WSSU To learn more about B- Daht visit his...


Ep#11 Ron Malhotra: Money Is An Amazing Tool

On this episode Shawn interviews Ron Malhotra. Ron is a wealth specialist passionate about personal growth, application of achievement principles and financial success strategies. He uses discipline, time tested fundamentals and a refreshingly sane, simple "back to basics" formula to train, empower and help anyone unlock and achieve massive personal and financial success. They discuss the following: •Money Mindset •All things wealth •Creating a successful lifestyle To learn more about Ron...


Ep#10 What I Learned From My 6 Hour Commute *Bonus*

This is the episode you have been waiting to hear about. Shawn discusses his highly acclaimed Linkedin article “What I Learned From My 6 Hour Commute” and shares his story on the 3 things he learned. •Fall in love with the process •Value of Family •It had to happen To learn more about that article visit Shawn will bring you relevant and practical episodes each week, giving you the tools, and information to get...


Ep#9 J.R. Rivera: Walking In Your Purpose

On this episode Shawn interviews J.R. Rivera. J.R. Rivera is a dynamic keynote inspirational speaker and educational consultant who has empowered over 50,000 students and more than 5,000 educators. Rivera won BET's most inspiring instagram in the United States of 2015. He is the author of a future best seller "What's Eating Up Your Time" and has co-authored 3 financial literacy books for children. He is a former professional athlete and champion in Arena Football. He is the recipient of the...