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Rich Fox: Deliver Data Science, Not Reports

In this episode, Wayne Eckerson and Rich Fox discuss what differentiates data science from analytics, why and how data science addresses business needs, why balance scorecards are relevant, and why Excel is a problem. Throughout the podcast, Fox shares many real-life examples and personal experiences. Fox is vice president of Data Science and Analytics at Apex Parks Group, one of the largest entertainment center companies in the United States, which operates amusement parks, water parks,...


Audio Blog: Little Data Needs Love Too! by Dewayne Washington

With all the hype and attention around big data and huge data platforms, there can sometimes be some data envy. There are still organizations and companies that don’t have big data: are they not poised for analytics too? Can they not get insights as well? The BI Pharaoh gives tips on how to work with your little data just like the big boys. Originally published at


Audio Blog: The Impact of AI on Analytics - Machine Generated Intelligence by Wayne Eckerson

We’re at the dawn of a new era in decision making made possible by the intersection of business intelligence and artificial intelligence. Rather than replace BI, AI will make BI more pervasive. AI-infused BI tools will be easier to use, generate more useful insights, and make business users more productive. Rather than replace human decision makers, AI will free them to focus on value-added activities and make decisions with data rather than rely solely on gut instinct. Originally...


Rich Galan: Real-Time Analytics is Necessary and Anomaly Detection is Rad

In this episode, Wayne Eckerson and Rich Galan discuss the obstacles to delivering timely analysis, the problems that large volumes of data create, solutions to those issues, and where BI is headed in the near future. Rich is a veteran data analytics leader with 20 years of experience in a variety of data-driven organizations.


Audio Blog: Power User Networks - The Key to Self Service Analytics by Wayne Eckerson

Data analysts who sit in each business function (i.e., sales, marketing, finance) are critical to the success of a self-service analytics strategy. The problem is that most data analysts don’t receive the training and support they need to be proficient with self-service data and analytics tools. The easiest way to improve the skills and satisfaction of most data analysts is simple: bring them together into a power user network. Originally published at...