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The Serious Sellers Podcast brings together top industry experts, the latest trends, & rock solid advice on best practices in the Amazon FBA world. Discover how you can leverage the information in this no-nonsense podcast to build and scale your business on Amazon.

The Serious Sellers Podcast brings together top industry experts, the latest trends, & rock solid advice on best practices in the Amazon FBA world. Discover how you can leverage the information in this no-nonsense podcast to build and scale your business on Amazon.
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The Serious Sellers Podcast brings together top industry experts, the latest trends, & rock solid advice on best practices in the Amazon FBA world. Discover how you can leverage the information in this no-nonsense podcast to build and scale your business on Amazon.






How To Create An Amazon Listing With The Power of Copywriting

In this episode of the Serious Sellers Podcast, learn how to do Amazon listing optimization with Helium 10’s Scribbles tool.


Breaking Amazon News and Ways To Protect Yourself From Fraud On Amazon

In this Serious Sellers Podcast episode, hear breaking Amazon news including potential fraud on Amazon and ways to spot Amazon hijackers.


The “Professor of Amazon” Shares An Amazon Lightning Deals Hack & Talks Black Hat Strategies

In this Serious Sellers Podcast episode, learn to maximize Amazon lightning deals and protect your FBA business from black hat strategies.


The Scoop On Promotions (AKA “Giveaways”) As An Amazon Launch Strategy

This Serious Sellers Podcast episode has the latest insights on offering an Amazon coupon code when doing an Amazon product launch.


Find Products To Sell On Amazon FBA - There Are STILL Opportunities!

In this episode of Serious Sellers Podcast, learn how to use innovative Amazon product research tactics to find high-potential products in 2019.


The System That Helps You Scale Your Amazon Business Fast & Efficiently

In this episode of Serious Sellers Podcast, learn how to use a systematic project management approach to scale your Amazon business quickly and efficiently.


Navigating Taxes on Amazon with Paul Rafelson

The notion of having to pay sales tax across the United States in each individual state has sent many sellers in an uproar. Many states have begun passing or attempting to pass legislation in tax reform to acclimate to e-commerce sales, and these new “Nexus” rules are making many of sellers nervous about being audited or penalized by state governments. Paul Rafelson of the Online Merchants Guild is an attorney well-versed in state tax law and has joined in the fight to protect sellers from...


Get More Customer Reviews by Creating Hype Off Amazon

Every Amazon seller wants more reviews for their products, but many of the traditional “hacks” for early reviews at or before a product launch are now against Amazon’s Terms of Service. However, many sellers, like today’s guest, have found remarkable opportunities to drum up early demand for their products on channels outside of Amazon. Social media plays a big part in this process, but nothing gets customers on your side faster than actually talking with them through messages, open forums,...


Selling on Amazon as a Small Business with Miranda of Maple Valley

See how even a small business can substantially boost profits by selling products on Amazon! You may hear from six-figure and up Amazon sellers on the best methods for succeeding on Amazon, but what is it like for a small business to try its hand at selling on the massive e-commerce platform? On this episode, Bradley brings on a Helium 10 user that sells maple syrup from a small business in Wisconsin on Amazon, and has virtually doubled the company’s sales! Miranda of Maple Valley...


Everything You Need to Know About Selling on Amazon Japan with John Cant

See how you can acclimate your Amazon business to sell products in Amazon Japan! If you are a seller in any of the North American and European marketplaces who is looking to expand their reach into Japan, this is the podcast for you! John Cant is a UK-based Amazon seller who sells products on Amazon Japan, and he has plenty of helpful advice for people looking to get into the Japanese marketplace. John lived in Japan for many years, and got to know the Japanese culture very well. It was his...


Introducing Follow-Up: The Story Behind Our New Email Automation Tool with CTO Bojan Gajic

Announcing Follow-Up, Amazon email automation. This is the tool that everyone said would make Helium 10 a truly All-In-One Software, and we’re proud to bring it to life in such a fast amount of time. On this episode with Helium 10 CTO Bojan Gajic, we tell the story behind the making of Follow-Up. We also talked about what drives innovation at Helium 10, the importance of your data security with email, making Amazon email automation affordable, and when Helium 10 members will get access to...


Dropshipping and Hiring Good Amazon Virtual Assistants with Nathan Hirsch

One of the amazing things about selling on Amazon is that there is no one way to do it, whether by yourself or with the help of Amazon virtual assitants to help you grow. Nathan Hirsch, the founder of, has built his entire selling model on working remotely, from his beginnings on Amazon in the early days as a drop shipping college student to founding one of the most prevalent freelancing services in the entrepreneur world. Amazon has changed significantly changed since Nathan’s...


How Studying Competitor Amazon Reviews Can Reveal Valuable Customer Insight

Find out how meticulously studying competitor Amazon reviews, both good AND bad, can uncover significant customer insights that you can use to create a listing that engages potential buyers and develop a product that is better than your competition’s product! In the competitive Amazon landscape, sellers need every edge they can get to attract customers in their niche. Doing product research and keyword research can definitely get you going, but they do not always address another critical...


3rd-Party Warehouses, Trademark Battles, and Becoming a 7- Figure Seller with Kevin Rizer

Discover how the Private Label Movement founder and 7-figure Amazon seller Kevin Rizer found success, what he thinks of 3PL warehouses, and how he deals with trademarking issues! Kevin was in a corporate grind career and decided to make a life-altering change upon receiving an email about selling on Amazon and hasn’t looked back. He shares his road to success on Amazon, which came with many bumps and near-misses. But honestly, who hasn’t experienced bumps in the road, especially during the...


How to Break into the Amazon US Marketplace as a Non-US Citizen with Richard Greenup

Learn how Australian native Richard Greenup became a 7-figure seller in the American Amazon marketplace and his advice for international sellers wanting to expand into the US market! Helium 10’s Success Manager Bradley Sutton and Richard have been friends for a few years now, having met in the ZonSquad (now called Brand Owners by SixLeaf) Facebook group. Not only does Richard have an interesting success story, but it’s also an inspirational one that may feel familiar to many sellers out...


Brand Analytics, Search Volume Estimates, and How We Create Helium 10 Tools

Learn more about how Helium 10 tools work, find out how your feedback can help us to continually improve our tools, and get an insider’s preview of exciting 2019 updates in our first Tech Talk with Bojan, Helium 10’s Chief Technology Officer! In this new style of the podcast, we discuss more of the technical aspects surrounding Helium 10 tools with a sneak peek into how it all comes together from tool development to release to our members. If you have ever wondered about the rhyme or reason...


Former Office Assistant Becomes Amazon Superstar Mentor in Just 1 Year!

How do you go from being a regular everyday office assistant to crushing it on Amazon by selling over $ 200,000 in just one year? Tamara, a 6-figure Amazon seller who also mentors new sellers, started off in the financial world. After a layoff in 2017, she became a major player on Amazon with only four products last year. Not only that, but Tamara also became a well-respected mentor for new sellers through her popular Facebook group and YouTube channel. In episode 6 of the Serious Sellers...


Game-Changing Amazon Listing Techniques for Keyword Research with Tomer

Finally, a fresh look at efficient keyword research! Today’s podcast guest will blow your mind with his emphasis on using your competitors to do effective keyword research. In this podcast, Bradley interviews Tomer, a highly successful seller from Israel who co-founded and has cracked the code for finding the most effective keywords to use for your product listing. Here is a hint: you do NOT need to depend on search volume ;). Tomer places a special emphasis on investigating...


Crazy Private Label Product Demands, Counterfeit Products, and Product Pickup on UK Buses with Sean Elias

We know you love to hear juicy Amazon news as well as successful selling strategies, and we have some good stories to talk about! In this episode, we bring on Helium 10 Affiliate Manager Sean Elias to discuss trending Amazon news stories with Success Manager and Serious Sellers Podcast host Bradley Sutton. As 2019 gets into full swing, some new policies and changes to Amazon may be coming down the pike. Also, we are debuting our new favorite segment “Outrageous Review of the Day” in which we...


Pro Tips for Better Amazon PPC and Product Targeting with Liran Hirschkorn

In Episode 3 of the Serious Sellers Podcast, we’re really excited to have Liran Hirschkorn, one of our great Amazon Seller Secrets Revealed contributors and Amazon selling pro, back to share eye-opening insights on how to make the most of Amazon advertising! With the new changes implemented by Amazon in the last several months, mastering Amazon PPC has never been more critical for sellers who want to create and maintain a lucrative Amazon business. Since Amazon introduced the new Product...