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Shane interviews leading digital marketing experts to discuss the best practices and strategies that brands can use to foster their growth. Learn the tricks experts leverage to generate more traffic, earn more leads, and win more conversions.

Shane interviews leading digital marketing experts to discuss the best practices and strategies that brands can use to foster their growth. Learn the tricks experts leverage to generate more traffic, earn more leads, and win more conversions.
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Shane interviews leading digital marketing experts to discuss the best practices and strategies that brands can use to foster their growth. Learn the tricks experts leverage to generate more traffic, earn more leads, and win more conversions.




Content Marketing Best Practices That You Need to Follow Right Now with Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn and Shane Barker discuss opportunities and challenges for digital marketers and how they can excel at content marketing. In this conversation, Arnie reveals how he entered the content marketing industry and what led to the rise of Vertical Measures. He also gives actionable tips on how you can create content that can drive more traffic. In this episode, Arnie gives us details about his family background, his career progression, and his passion for yachts. If he had to max out...


Personal Branding & Content Creation – A Discussion with Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson and Shane Barker discuss why personal branding is important and how you can work towards building a positive brand image. Cynthia also talks about the essential elements to creating great content and how to build your audience on social media. Personal branding is no longer limited to celebrities. With social media, our lives have become more public. Based on your online image, people make assumptions about who you are. Whether you’re applying for a new job or starting...


The Importance of Content Amplification: A Discussion With Chad Pollitt

Join me as I discuss content amplification and the future of content marketing with Chad Pollitt. Get an insider’s view of the digital marketing industry and learn about some cool innovations in the industry. Content amplification is necessary for achieving your business goals. Simply creating quality content isn’t enough anymore and you need to put efforts into distributing and promoting it too. Be it through earned, owned, or paid media, content amplification is a must. Listen to what...


Building a B2B Content Marketing Strategy: A Conversation With Jon Wuebben

Learn how content marketing drives growth for businesses around the world. Join Shane Barker and Jon Wuebben as they discuss the advantages of B2B content marketing and how it is changing the digital space. Building a B2B content marketing strategy requires some foresight and dedication. The chances of the success of your content marketing strategy increase if you have a strategy in place. To figure out how you can create your B2B content marketing strategy, listen to this podcast...


Why Content is Still King with Deirdre Breakenridge

Deirdre Breakenridge and Shane Barker discuss the importance of content marketing and why content is still king. Discover the reasons behind its significance and learn how to use it to improve your marketing. Content marketing is still one of the most important modes of marketing. Everything on the internet revolves around it. Be it text, images, infographics, or videos, all forms of content are still consumed regularly by people. Learn how content can help you grow your brand with tips...


How Content and PR Can Work Together with Amy Higgins

Amy Higgins and Shane Barker discuss how the fields of content marketing and PR are beginning to blend together. Discover how brands are using an integrated approach to PR and content marketing to get the best results. In this episode, Amy Higgins tells us why you shouldn’t think of content marketing and PR as two mutually exclusive strategies. She even gives us a word of advice on how we can combine these strategies to get the maximum...


How to Create a Winning Twitter Content Strategy to Grow Your Business with Cathy McPhillips

Want to create a winning Twitter content strategy? It takes a lot of work. Read on to find out how you can succeed at content marketing on Twitter. In this podcast episode, Cathy McPhillips and Shane Barker discuss what it takes to succeed with Twitter marketing. From getting engagement to using Twitter chats, Cathy walks us through different ways you can grow your Twitter account. During the course of the conversation, she even throws light on creating a community of like-minded folks...


The Relevance of SEO in an Effective Content Marketing Plan with Aaron Agius

Shane Barker and Aaron Agius discuss the best methods of using content marketing and SEO to market your brand. Get the latest actionable insights about how the two can be used together to boost your brand’s visibility. SEO and content marketing both support each other and you can use them together to market your brand. You need to do content marketing efficiently to boost your SEO. At the same time, to make the most out of your content marketing, you need to get your SEO right. Aaron...


The Best of Content Marketing With Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas and Shane Barker analyze how the world of content marketing has changed over the years. Learn about the factors that make a content marketing strategy successful. In this episode, Jeff shares his insights on social media trends, influencer marketing, and other trends that are dominating the marketing landscape. Content marketing requires that you keep up with the latest trends and adapt your strategy constantly. Take notes as Jeff Bullas gives you pointers to create your own...


Unveiling the Ultimate Content Marketing Plan with Julia McCoy

Join Shane Barker and Julia McCoy as they discuss how content is shaping the world. Learn how to develop a solid content marketing plan and get a sneak peek into the future of the digital marketing world. Coming up with the perfect content marketing plan can take a lot of planning and strategizing beforehand. You need to decide on your goals, the type of content you’ll create, and you need to come up with an editorial plan. To understand how to do it, you can check out my podcast episode...


Discussing it all about Social Media & Content Marketing with Alan See

Alan See and Shane Barker discuss what it takes to build a massive audience on social media. In this podcast, they also discuss content marketing, automation, consulting businesses, and more. Social media marketing and content marketing are both critical for growing your brand’s online presence. It is crucial to align social media and content marketing strategies to achieve growth quickly and efficiently. Here’s everything that you need to know about aligning them:...


The Best of Content Marketing with Proven Examples with Andrea Fryrear

Join Shane Barker and Andrea Fryrear as they discuss everything there is to know about agile marketing. Learn how you can optimize your marketing efforts to get the best results. Every form of marketing takes some sort of planning before rolling out your campaigns. You can get inspiration from some of the most popular campaigns by other brands to understand how you need to market your brand. Here are some of the best examples of content marketing:...


The Best of Content Marketing Tools- A Special Session with Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger and Shane Barker discuss designing and executing content marketing strategies for startups and small businesses. Brittany walks you through her journey of becoming an entrepreneur. She teaches us, from her experiences, why repurposing content is the way to go! Repurposing content can not only help you market your brand but also allows you to utilize your content to the fullest. While some of your audience members may interact with one type of content, others may prefer...


Chat with Ahava Leitbag - Let's learn about building a brand from the scratch with an effective content marketing strategy

Ahava Leibtag and Shane Barker discuss content strategy formulation that can guide a marketing team to meet and exceed their business goals. Ahava walks you through the essentials of crafting a great content marketing strategy to elevate your content game. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that content is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. In fact, businesses of all sizes are leveraging custom content to reach, engage, and convert their audiences. According to a...


Ingredients of a Successful Content Marketing recipe with chef Andy Crestodina

Andy shared his valuable advice on how to evolve content marketing strategy and become the prime source of unique content. How doing research on your competitors, finding areas of gaps in their information, and focusing on those gaps can help you excel in your content strategy, search, and analytics. Shane Barker and Andy Crestodina discuss how content marketing is shaping the digital space. Discover the right way to create a successful content marketing campaign and learn how you too can...