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Find and tell the stories that inspire more people to rethink the way the world works. We interview people from all over the world who are changing our systems.. this might be food, energy, finance, education, health, environment, charitable.. anything really. They may be involved as founders or CEOs or providers to the specific vertical. The ventures they operate may be non-profit or for profit but they will have found a way to create success, sustainability and impact.


Sydney, NSW


Find and tell the stories that inspire more people to rethink the way the world works. We interview people from all over the world who are changing our systems.. this might be food, energy, finance, education, health, environment, charitable.. anything really. They may be involved as founders or CEOs or providers to the specific vertical. The ventures they operate may be non-profit or for profit but they will have found a way to create success, sustainability and impact.




Jessica Marati Radparvar - reconsidered

In our first formal interview under a new format, focused on conversations with impact led specialists, we speak with Jessica Marati Radparvar from reconsidered. She and her team at reconsidered operate at the intersection of strategy and change management, especially as it applies to mid to larger established organisations who are trying to shift to be more impact led. Reconsidered is at and their new program is at Sustainability Change Agent...


Eboni Freeman - Watson Institute

How do you enable and empower the next generation of impact led founders? You have to meet them where they are to help them solve the problems they understand and/or experience first hand by running a global network of impact focused accelerator programs. The individuals best placed to solve the challenges in their local community are typically furthest from the resources and support we tend to think of for early stage founders. The Watson Institute helps to bridge this gap Watson...


Scott Graham - Rex Energy

We completely unpack the retail energy market with a focus on the multi-tenant property market (retail spaces, aged healthcare etc), a cohort who traditionally have had virtually no way to pull levers to either improve their energy mix or energy prices. We uncover how the high market volatility has decimated some of the options previously available and how the energy grids and business models simply haven't kept up with the seismic shift to renewables. Finally, someone explains to me (and...


Saadi Allan - Subpod

We talk to Subpod founder Saadi Allan about how households hold the key to dealing with a huge amount of our food waste and how community is key to their mission to make composting a part of everyday life. How dealing with food waste in a decentralised way creates a massive lever avoiding not only food waste itself but also the energy and resources required to achieve centrally. Saadi talks at length about how community came first and the product itself followed. Subpod -...


Will Richardson - Giant Leap

Understand how Giant Leap intersects impact and the high risk funding that is early stage venture investing. Will Richardson. managing partner of Giant Leap, talks us through how the changes in the world in the last 5 - 10 years has created a perfect storm for not only impact led ventures but impact lead venture investing. With a mission of backing mission-driven founders solving the world's most pressing problems Giant Leap has backed some of the best known founders and companies coming...


Rob Rastovich; Founder of ThingLogix

In episode 44 Rob Rastovich joins to talk about how his venture (Thinglogix) is using an array of sensors and the data they produce to understand from river to plate the nature of the food supply which addresses the huge levels of interdependency within the food supply. How sensors and data across the food supply can transform the way we consume food and avoid wasting it. We learn how the interdependency starts to transition to a source of network effects that have the potential to...


Marc Champagne - Invested Podcast

In Episode 45 we speak with Marc Champagne of the INvested Podcast, Behind the Human and author of Personal Socrates. A new format of mini-interview we are testing where we find interesting people who are adjacent to our core founder / venture interview format Marc is also working with KPMG High Growth Ventures on a mini-series at the intersection of founder performance (and stress) and the investors that back them so we took the. opportunity to talk about the challenges and stress of...


Camille Socquet-Clerc; CEO of Bloom Investing

At the intersection of finance and sustainability, you will find Bloom Investing. The Bloom Impact Fund helps to drive the adoption of investment in the clean energy sector. Today we chat with Blooms co-founder Camille Socquet-Clerc about empowering people to understand the impact of investing sustainably. If you want to learn more about our energy systems, the shift we need to meet climate change forecasts head on, and the scale we need to adopt new, clean technologies to see real...


Peter Brennan; Cofounder of Heaps Normal

In episode 42 we talk to Peter Brennan, one of the four founders of Heaps Normal, a non-alcoholic beer company with a mission to change drinking culture that is now the leading non-alcoholic beer and brand in the space Whilst there is some discussion around the product (find out just how they managed to brew an alcohol free beer that tastes great!) the super interesting system shaping that is happening here involves brands and how they have the power to change narratives which helps us to...


Rui Peng Founder of Critical

In episode 41 we talk to Rui Peng about plastic and its role in rethinking the materials used in all forms of commercial enterprise from retail fit-outs to moving to furniture. The potential to replace traditional building materials like laminate MDF, particle board with recycled plastics created through new plastic recycling and fabrication techniques that they have spent the last 2 years creating We uncover a key part of the Critical business model, based on the features of plastic that...


Prateek Joshi ; CEO of Plutoshift

Prateek Joshi of Plutoshift: How AI can impact the water and energy use in global manufacturing. In episode 40 we talk to Prateek Joshi about all things data, especially the relationship of data relating to energy, resources, water and chemicals for major manufacturing organisations and their ESG footprint. We uncover the macro trends simultaneously occurring across the cost of inputs and resources and the explosion of low costs sensors enabling the data to power the types of real-time...


Eddy Badrina; CEO of Eden Green

In episode 39 we talk to the CEO of Eden Green Eden Green Technology is a vertical farming technology company. They build, manage, and license a greenhouse technology platform that increases local access to nutritious produce, and provides a non-interrupted food supply, all through its turnkey urban agricultural model. Critically they are aligning to the existing supply chain dynamics which are key to actual adoption at scale and rather than tackling the high margin, small volume game...


David Sivyer; Founder of Feedback Organic

In episode 38 we head to the suburbs of Newcastle, around 2 hours north of Sydney, Australia, to meet with David Sivyer and learn about how Feedback Organic is taking urban farming to a whole new level by integrating more fully into the restaurants and venues they supply by not only supplying their produce but also taking back the post consumption food waste. It was a rainy old day under a tin roofed shed with a surprise cameo from one of the urban neighbours, a super fun listen. We hope...


Lottie Dalziel; Sustainability Expert | Founder of Banish

In episode 37 we chat with Lottie the founder of Banish about how a simple purchase of a metal straw to try and reduce her plastic use lead to her realising that the entire way we look at sustainability and the part that we play needed to change. With little to no regulation or rules around what labels companies can make-up and current regulations on how you can package certain products leading to even more waste, the complexity can make it impossible to really know if you are purchasing a...


Andrew Wolk; Facilitator of Finding Common Purpose

In episode 36 we talk to Andrew Wolk of Finding Common Purpose about how after 20 years consulting to and building non-profits he is now focused on how to create alignment between various stakeholders (business, non-profits, politicians, policy makers, school districts and the community itself) to drive better outcomes for the community they all work in and serve. We talk about how their dashboards can bring together data, insights and benchmarks but this is only half the battle, you've got...


Ronni Kahn; Founder of OzHarvest

In episode 35 we speak with Ronni Kahn AO, founder of OzHarvest. OzHarvest is one of the most well known brands in Australia. They have been tackling food wastage since 2004 in the context of feeding and nourishing people but soon discovered the environmental impact of food wastage also. Hear how Ronni and the team over at OzHarvest are tackling the problem through four main pillars of Food Rescue, Education, Advocacy and Innovation which all play a critical role in realising their mission...


Dan McKenna; Head of Operations at Nightingale Housing

In Episode 34 we chat with Dan McKenna about the challenges of rethinking how & why we build, with sustainability, affordability and community in mind. Dan has been an employee of Nightingale Housing since the first day of operating, having seen the company through all stages of its evolution and myriad of challenging situations. We learn about how their non-profit approach to housing development has actually improved the quality of the product (a home & community), about their interesting...


Odunayo Eweniyi; Co-founder & COO of PiggyVest

Join us for episode 33 with Odunayo the COO & Co-founder of PiggyVest, a company set up to help change the way millennials bank, save and think about money in Nigeria. How do you build a brilliant, forward thinking independent banking platform in a country where traditional banking & mobile infrastructure is still being built out and isn't always accessible to all? Tune in to find out! Shape the System is an independent podcast with support from KPMG High Growth Ventures More about KPMG...


Josh Howard; Founder of Single Use Ain't Sexy

In episode 32, we interview Josh Howard The founder of Single Use Ain't Sexy about his journey from the world of media to tackling one of the planets greatest challenges, what are we to do about all that plastic that we keep making and usually only using once!? Tune in today to hear about one mans mission to help. Shape the System is an independent podcast with support from KPMG High Growth Ventures More about KPMG High Growth Ventures Scale up for...


Kim Anderson; Creator/Co-Founder PLANT CITY

In episode 31 we talk to Kim Anderson of Plant City and hear how the events of the last 18 months (covid etc) turned into a surprising insight that is now at the centre of their plans to scale nationally in the US. Kim takes us through some of the research supporting the 5 different ways that a move to plant based diets are beneficial for not only the planet but you as well. There is a HEAP of links and further reading for this episode but also hearing Kim's personal story and how her son...