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Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.

Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.
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Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.






Mastering Life and Business Goals with Mary Lynn Graham- Season 2, Episode 16

Mary Lynn is a business, life and career coach who supports individuals and business owners in achieving goals and making successful life transitions. Although she works with clients of all types, she specializes in working with business owners who are selling, or considering selling, their business. She knows, firsthand, how this process is not only financial. It is personal. Mary Lynn became interested in coaching because of the support she received from a life coach through the sale of...


Make It a TenDot Day with Derrick Eells – Season 2 – Episode 15

What is a "TenDot Day" you might ask? According to Derrick Eells, President of TenDot Travel, it is when one awakens and chooses to have a positive influence on one’s self, family, company and community! TenDot has been creating memorable experiences and strengthening human connections since 2005. They’ve partnered with organizations across the country and expanded their family by choice. TenDot remains a boutique incentive and meeting management firm, working with less than 50 clients...


Thinking Like a Marketer with Kate Colbert – Season 2 – Episode 14

Join me as I interview Kate Colbert, founder of Silver Tree Communications and author of Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything For Your Business as we discuss marketing strategy and recognizing when what you're doing with your business just isn't working and how to shift gears! Kate Colbert, is a highly regarded marketing strategist with 20 years of communications leadership, inside and outside organizations. She’s an accomplished marketer and professional...


Speaking Up with Martie Bernicker. Season 2, Episode 13

Join me on location at the Pennsylvania Women's Conference at the Philadelphia Conference Center as I interview Executive Director of Speakup! Martie Bernicker. SpeakUp! is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teens develop supportive relationships with the adults in their lives. They enable teens to talk openly, honestly and without judgment about difficult topics and reach out for support within their homes and schools. SpeakUp! focuses on the fact that no matter what the problem...


Standing Out With Chris Widener, Season 2, Episode 12

Join me and my latest guest, Chris Widener, as we learn the truths of being a humble leader, making your product or service stand out in a crowd, and discuss shocking your customer service potential. Too often, lackluster customer service is the norm in today's society. Chris Widener's objective is to turn the current customer service status quo on its head by teaching people that, "tripping over nickels to get to dollars" can wreak havoc on a business's profits. Mr. Widener is one of the...


An Optimist’s Approach to Leadership with Col. Rob Campbell, Army Ret. – Season 2, Episode 11

Join me as we get a down to earth point of view on leadership from optimist Rob Campbell- a retired Colonel (U.S. Army), CEO of Investing in People Consulting and Coaching, and author of Its Personal, Not Personnel: Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom. Mr. Campbell has 27 years of leadership experience in the U.S. Army and rose to the rank of Colonel, where his career culminated in leading and coaching over 5,000 soldiers. Mr. Campbell's core purpose in life is “To make...


The Queen of Algea, Shark Tank Contestant, and CEO of ENERGYbits Catharine Arnston – Season 2 Episode 10

Sitting down with CEO of ENERGYbits, Catharine Arnston, we discuss the drive to build a company and the merits of being known as the Queen of Algae. Catharine has a thirty year career as an international Attaché for the Canadian and British Governments, publisher of an international magazine and Founder of three startups. But in 2009 when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist to change her diet to an alkaline one because it would help her heal,...


Inspiring Positive Actions Through Music with Pablo Falbru – Season 2 Episode 9

Conscious Creatives. A simple term that directs the vision of Pablo Falbru. Founder of a group called the UG Collective, Pablo's mission is to inspire positive actions, connect creatives with communities, and to promote personal growth. The ever-evolving creation is a concept that Pablo believes in, through music, art and personal connections. He creates projects that are mission driven and community focused, and loves how mixed-media can open all of our eyes and bring people together that...


“Quit Pushing the Button!” with Jeremy Berman – Season 2, Episode 8

Join me as we hear from the Co-Founder of Good United, Jeremy Berman, and listen to his inspiring story of breaking out of the corporate mold and shocking his entrepreneurial potential. Jeremy spent the earlier part of his adult life as many of us do: Pick a career path, check the boxes, and move up the corporate ladder. After a few years of "just pushing the same button", Jeremy had a unique opportunity to volunteer in a foreign country and discovered his true passion; providing creative...


Helping Underprivileged Youth Shock Their Potential- with Jenny Hawkes – Season 2, Episode 7

Join me as I interview Jenny Hawkes, the Executive Director of the non-profit My Brother's Workshop, and gain thoughtful insight on helping transform at risk youth by shocking their inner potential. We explore the difficulties and hardships facing these youth and delve into how the organization provides the tools, guidance, and mentoring on an individual level that is necessary for their success. Jenny believes that in order to be successful in society, these youth need to have a stable,...


Leadership Perspectives with Julius “The Chef” Jackson- Season 2 Episode 6

Julius "The Chef" Jackson: Olympic boxer, professional chef, author, but most importantly, community leader. Growing up, Julius followed in his father's footsteps to become a an Olympic boxer but always knew there was something else calling him. After overcoming self doubt, he earned the title of "Olympian" and had the honor of representing the U.S. Virgin Islands in the 2008 Summer Olympics. After completing culinary school and getting some big breaks with guest appearances on shows such as...


Real Talk with The Procrastination Prevention Partner Eric Twiggs – Season 2 Episode 5

Eric Twiggs has spent his career helping inspire individuals to succeed and reach their true potential. His no nonsense “the time is now!” approach to help end procrastination and maximize time management, has motivated thousands of people to get out and create the positive changes they need to be happy, successful, and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Our conversation takes an open and direct look at the role procrastination can play in all of our lives, and his input gives...


Unleashing Your Inner ‘Superhuman’ with Hari Kalymnios – Season 2 Episode 4

Hari Kalymnios is a consultant, speaker and trainer on mindset, resilience, health and how to feel ‘superhuman’. He shares his simple and practical philosophies on health and wellbeing online and in person. From the TEDx stage to multinational corporations and billionaires, Hari’s mission is to help people the world over unlock their own ‘inner superhuman’ and become the best self-leaders they can be. He is the author of two books (The Thought Gym and Working Well) and a regular YouTuber and...


Mindful Performace with Dennis Buttimer to Be Your Best – Season 2 Episode 3

Over the past three decades, Dennis Buttimer has been a coach, speaker and leader in the helping profession. With a rich background in employee assistance programming (EAP), corporate training, and cancer wellness programming, Dennis draws on his unique skill set to help individuals and organizations to be more productive in all areas of their lives. Dennis has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, a coaching certification from Emory University, is a certified employee assistance...


Actor Karlos Klaumannsmoller Definitely Grooves – Season 2 Episode 2

If you've ever seen the ad for Toujeo, I dare you to tell me that you don't get up and dance. Set to one of the greatest songs of all time Let's Groove Tonight, actor Karlos Klaumannsmoller draws you in. His character is adorable and absolutely engaging, and watching him dance through work, life and play makes me smile with pure joy. In this episode Karlos shares the reasons that he became an actor (think Hamlet), shares the truth about how negative social media posts really hurt, and...


You Are the Architect of Your Own Destiny with Rocky Romanella – Season 2 Episode 1

The Art of Inspiration is all about chasing your dreams, and Rocky's over 40-year career is one of those journey’s. Although no one has the only and exact answer, he believes he has stories and experiences that may help to find the recipe for success. All of us will have to overcome obstacles and transform our lives. Rocky's career has been no different and now after a wonderful career he enjoys the opportunity to inspire people to go after their dreams no matter where they are in their life...


“The Simplifier” Tom Beal Maximizes Your Potential…Simply – Episode 032

Tom Beal “The Simplifier” talks about the hard lessons and hard work that got him to where he is today, and tells you why you don’t have to work as hard as he did to get there! As it turns out, there is no such thing as a “Self Made Millionaire” and Tom’s 4 question formula helps get you on the path to maximizing your potential while learning to anticipate chaos and challenges and become a better problem solver. And if all that isn’t enough to make you want to listen, Michael says he...


The Amazing Susan Beard and Her Dynamic Team at SB Design Company – Episode 031

Susan Beard has photographed some of the most elite historical figures of our times, such as Colin Powell, Steven Spielberg, President Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and more, and almost went on a date with Prince Andrew. That story alone is worth the listen and the laughter in this episode. Founding her studio in 1990 she has evolved her business and brand to include several niche businesses like Regal Beagle (ergo the photo shown here as well as a throwback reference to Three's Company), Wax...


Episode 030 – Adam Kesselman and Health Union – A Haven for People with Chronic Conditions

Adam Kesselman describes himself as a cyclist, paddle boarder, squash enthusiast, teacher and world traveler. And he is the SVP of Corporate Development at Health Union, a unique platform to help people with a variety of chronic conditions to be a part of a special community of peers. Our conversation is about how Health Union tries to bring real-life dialogues and connections with real people. I was inspired by the content and by the commitment of this company to give people a forum to have...


Episode 029 – Life Changing Skincare – A Talk with Nancie Hsing, Independent Consultant with Rodan & Fields

Nancie Hsing reached out to me to offer me a free sample of Rodan & Fields face care products. I was pretty impressed with her moxie, and who doesn't like free stuff? That turned into some interesting conversations about skin care, business and the desire to provide life-changing skincare. Nancie is an independent consultant with Rodan & Fields, and I suppose I am now too, if for nothing more than having a skin-care regime that I love and actually follow! The other fun is how funny I look...