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Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.

Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.
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Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.






Eastern State Penitentiary – Linking the Past to the Present – Episode 026

My talk with Lauren Zalut, Director of Education and Tour Programs in Cell Block 12 at historic Eastern State Penitentiary is something I will never forget. Taping in an empty cell block, still showing the remnants of former inmates and the contents of their cells, tells a story that echoes in your soul just as the sound of taping on site echoed with the empty halls. Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting...


Episode 026 – In the Dressing Room with Gina the Fashionista – Remote Broadcast

The original episode of Gina the Fashionista has been one of the most popular episodes of this Shock Your Potential podcast. For a fun twist we did a follow-up podcast onsite during an actual personal shopping experience, having fun while people wanted to know why I was conducting an interview in the middle of the King of Prussia Mall. While we hit the last register, a woman asked what we were doing and I introduced Gina as my Personal Shopper. The woman looked scandalized and asked if I...


Episode 025 – Cooks Who Care Inspire – Maria Campbell

Many professions take a toll on those who work in it, and it is precisely why Maria Campbell is trying to change how food industry professionals take care of themselves. Both Maria and her husband Scott are professional cooks as well as parents, and they are proof that juggling work and life is extremely challenging. Cooks Who Care is a community-minded food industry group working to develop a supportive network for forward-thinking food and beverage leaders. Founded by cooks who really do...


Job Seekers Series – Episode 04 – Russ Hearn and the Next Adventure

Russ Hearn is a professional and a Renaissance Man. Having built a business from the ground up, maneuvered through the sale of the company and finally his own transition out of that company, Russ is ready for his next adventure. His job search, this time around, is being conducted with precise focus and vision, and his tips are a must listen for anyone who feels that their efforts are going nowhere. Russ will challenge you to think about your own process, and become your own personal...


Episode 023 – Matt Ward – a Breakthrough Champion

Matt Ward takes a realistic view of life, yet challenges us to do everything just a bit better. My conversation with him gave me so many takeaways and so many reminders of how much we can control, if we choose to, in our personal and professional lives. And he wants us to make sure people are talking about us. In the best ways possible. He also has a love for crazy socks. Which makes him a star in my book! Learn more about Matt at: Twitter: @breakthruchamp...


Job Seekers Series – Episode 03 – Trey Adams (aka The Lone Wuf!)

If you need a little motivation in your day, this is it. Trey Adams (aka Wayne T. Adams, III, aka The Lone Wuf) has a spirit of positivity that is infectious. Trey is the perfect fit to my Job Seekers Series. He isn't looking for a job. He's on a mission to bring his Positive ABCs to the world. After a long career in the field of Corrections, he became a Special Education teacher. He found that his students needed constant reminders that they were perfect, just as is. Along the way, he...


Episode 023 – Keisha Rivers & The KARS Group, LTD.

Keisha A. Rivers is the founder and Chief Outcome Facilitator of The KARS Group, LTD, specializing in facilitated outcome strategies and action planning for clients of all sizes and industries. She is also the founder and Executive Director of The KARS Institute for Learning & Collaboration, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide training, resources and support to new and emerging nonprofits. My interview with Keisha was thought provoking and fun, filled with key...


Job Seekers Series – Episode 02 – Shayla Bolt

Shayla Bolt is an MBA graduate with only 4 years of paid work experience within her 20 year career. She chose to forsake her career plans to raise their two children and has been homeschooling for the past 9 years. Her challenge is one that many people face, whether you have been out of the "traditional" work world for a long time, or even if you haven't had to search for a job in a long time, much of the journey is emotionally charged. In addition, changes in technology, if only the...


Episode 022 – Adopt a Family & Adopt a Classroom US Virgin Islands

Adopt a Family USVI was born out of need. The need of thousands of people in the US Virgin Islands hit by not one, but two major hurricanes. Sabrina Jureidini had friends and loved ones in the path of destruction, and her worry and concern turned to action. This conversation with Sabrina Jureidini and Chrystie Payne tells the tale of how Adopt a Family evolved also into Adopt a Classroom. The need is still there, but more important to remember is that hurricane season is right here again....


Job Search Series – Episode 01 – Paula Cosgrove

Paula Cosgrove is an experienced district sales manager who, like many people, has found herself affected by retail downsizing. She has a great history of leadership success, but finding herself back in the job search after 11 years can be daunting. In this episode we begin a new series for job hunters and hiring managers. I "interview" my guests and give them tips and feedback on how to turn this stressful event into a successful and exciting venture. Paula's answers and thought processes...


Episode 21 – Mona Jhaveri and her Sound Affects Mission

Mona Jhaveri is a cancer researcher and pioneer in strategies to get funding behind real potential treatments and cures. By starting a nonprofit ( to help raise awareness of critical treatment progression, she is bridging the gap between passion and activism. The SoundAffects.Org model is a crowdfunding platform that connects individuals who seek improved outcomes in cancer treatment and care with biotechnology entrepreneurs who are actively developing new...


Episode 20 – Jonathan Senior & his Funky Thinkers

Jonathan Senior is a Funky Thinker, and he is cultivating a group of followers. Determined not to simply "fit in" he seeks out others that see this world a little differently. His day job is all about website development, webinars, online summits and more, and his creative thought processes are the perfect counterpoint to his technological skills. And he has a fabulous accent! Please bear with the sound challenges. This dialogue is worth the listen to understand why Jonathan has developed...


Episode 19 – Madeleine Black – A True Survivor Story

This podcast episode contains very serious and adult topics, and is not my standard podcast subject matter. I feature Madeleine Black, a fearless woman shares a story of horrific experience that she has turned into a mission. As a child, Madeleine experienced a trauma that no one should ever have to endure, and spent her life trying to find her voice. Her voice now is beacon for others and proof that you can find joy. I speak daily to people struggling with various challenges in work and...


Episode 18 – More Pearls of Wisdom with Frank Swoboda and Corner Booth Media – Part B

This segment is the second part of an episode aired earlier this year. The wealth of information was so great, there was no way to contain it in just episode! Join me for Part B of my conversation with Frank Swoboda and Corner Booth Media. Corner Booth began in 2001, with the simple idea that whoever tells the best story, wins. But successful brands only happen with a plan. For 15 years they’ve created captivating and memorable video stories that get their clients noticed. Their work has...


Episode 017 – Natalie Nixon and Figure 8 Thinking

Natalie W. Nixon, PhD is a design strategist and a hybrid thinker. At Figure 8 Thinking, LLC she helps organizations accelerate innovation and growth by developing meaningful strategy through design thinking and ethnographic research. She applies her diverse background in service design, anthropology and fashion, to help clients with culture transformation, leadership development, ideation sessions and envisioning labs. My interview with Natalie was fascinating, talking about visual...


Episiode 016 – Be My Guest

In this short podcast I discuss the WHY behind this podcast, and WHY I want some of you to join me as a guest. Head back to 1993 and learn how the Frazier show was my muse. And you too can laugh at my radio voice. Everyone I know does! In April I will begin airing 2 episodes a week again. Stay tuned for some truly amazing guests. And bring your Kleenex for a few. We are going to tug at your heart strings!


Episode 015 – Kamal Elliot and the Gift of Hearing

Kamal Elliot is an Audiologist, an entrepreneur, and all-around dynamic woman. She not only owns her own highly successful hearing healthcare business, she also gives back on both a local and global level. Her business is called A & E Audiology, and she and her team have been dedicated to hearing health for decades. In this interview we talk about the often overlooked importance of healthy hearing and the effect that untreated hearing loss has on an individual, their family and even their...


Episode 013 – Frank Swoboda & Corner Booth Media – Part A

Corner Booth began in 2001, with the simple idea that whoever tells the best story, wins. But successful brands only happen with a plan. For 15 years they’ve created captivating and memorable video stories that get their clients noticed. Their work has been honored with countless awards, but the biggest achievement is when their stories connect clients to the communities they serve. That’s the true measure of a successful brand. They’ve grown companies, raised millions for non-profits,...


Episode 012 – Be Great Bowties

Thomas C. Knox is a joy on so many levels. He is responsible for two unique brands. Be Great Bowties rewrites fashion, and not just because they are made out of Scrabble tiles! And in an effort to get people talking, he created Date While You Wait. Originally conceived as a one-time event, he is garnering fantastic media exposure and is expanding beyond the NYC subways. Learn more about Thomas and his adventures at and


Gina the Fashionista

Gina Kantor, aka Gina the Fashionista, knows clothes. And she knows how to get you into the right clothes to make you look, and feel, your best. As a personal shopper, Gina's goal is to help her clients achieve a wardrobe that matches their personal style. In this interview we learn more about the critical role a personal shopper and identify the reasons this might be right for you. Learn more about Gina at