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Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.

Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.
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Shock Your Potential is a business podcast focusing on excellence in leadership, sales & the customer experience.






Episode 19 – Madeleine Black – A True Survivor Story

This podcast episode contains very serious and adult topics, and is not my standard podcast subject matter. I feature Madeleine Black, a fearless woman shares a story of horrific experience that she has turned into a mission. As a child, Madeleine experienced a trauma that no one should ever have to endure, and spent her life trying to find her voice. Her voice now is beacon for others and proof that you can find joy. I speak daily to people struggling with various challenges in work and...


Episode 18 – More Pearls of Wisdom with Frank Swoboda and Corner Booth Media – Part B

This segment is the second part of an episode aired earlier this year. The wealth of information was so great, there was no way to contain it in just episode! Join me for Part B of my conversation with Frank Swoboda and Corner Booth Media. Corner Booth began in 2001, with the simple idea that whoever tells the best story, wins. But successful brands only happen with a plan. For 15 years they’ve created captivating and memorable video stories that get their clients noticed. Their work has...


Episode 017 – Natalie Nixon and Figure 8 Thinking

Natalie W. Nixon, PhD is a design strategist and a hybrid thinker. At Figure 8 Thinking, LLC she helps organizations accelerate innovation and growth by developing meaningful strategy through design thinking and ethnographic research. She applies her diverse background in service design, anthropology and fashion, to help clients with culture transformation, leadership development, ideation sessions and envisioning labs. My interview with Natalie was fascinating, talking about visual...


Episiode 016 – Be My Guest

In this short podcast I discuss the WHY behind this podcast, and WHY I want some of you to join me as a guest. Head back to 1993 and learn how the Frazier show was my muse. And you too can laugh at my radio voice. Everyone I know does! In April I will begin airing 2 episodes a week again. Stay tuned for some truly amazing guests. And bring your Kleenex for a few. We are going to tug at your heart strings!


Episode 015 – Kamal Elliot and the Gift of Hearing

Kamal Elliot is an Audiologist, an entrepreneur, and all-around dynamic woman. She not only owns her own highly successful hearing healthcare business, she also gives back on both a local and global level. Her business is called A & E Audiology, and she and her team have been dedicated to hearing health for decades. In this interview we talk about the often overlooked importance of healthy hearing and the effect that untreated hearing loss has on an individual, their family and even their...


Episode 014 – Finding a Radical Vision with Brian Wagner

Brian Wagner has faced something none of us would ever want. But he not only faced diversity, he took the lessons he learned and has turned them into his calling. Helping other people find their personal blind spots. While a crippling genetic disease caused Brian loss of sight, it enabled him to see the world through a new lense. Each of us faces adversity daily in our work and personal lives. Our response to this adversity dictates our future. Brian's goal is to help others recognize and...


Episode 013 – Frank Swoboda & Corner Booth Media – Part A

Corner Booth began in 2001, with the simple idea that whoever tells the best story, wins. But successful brands only happen with a plan. For 15 years they’ve created captivating and memorable video stories that get their clients noticed. Their work has been honored with countless awards, but the biggest achievement is when their stories connect clients to the communities they serve. That’s the true measure of a successful brand. They’ve grown companies, raised millions for non-profits,...


Episode 012 – Be Great Bowties

Thomas C. Knox is a joy on so many levels. He is responsible for two unique brands. Be Great Bowties rewrites fashion, and not just because they are made out of Scrabble tiles! And in an effort to get people talking, he created Date While You Wait. Originally conceived as a one-time event, he is garnering fantastic media exposure and is expanding beyond the NYC subways. Learn more about Thomas and his adventures at and


Gina the Fashionista

Gina Kantor, aka Gina the Fashionista, knows clothes. And she knows how to get you into the right clothes to make you look, and feel, your best. As a personal shopper, Gina's goal is to help her clients achieve a wardrobe that matches their personal style. In this interview we learn more about the critical role a personal shopper and identify the reasons this might be right for you. Learn more about Gina at


Episode 010 – Hayley Burgin Makes Love Happen

Hayley Burgin runs Haylo Wedding & Events, an event design company dedicated to you. With a special focus and passion for creating memorable weddings, Hayley reminds us of the importance of creating a seamless and stress-free environment. And doing so often means rolling up her sleeves! Our talk encompasses the how mutual respect and open communication positively impacts every interaction, and definitely can make a couples' "Big Day" one to remember with ease and joy. Her points are...


Episode 009 – Jan Vincent Talks Hiring Top Talent

Jan Vincent is President & CEO of JV Consulting Human Asset Management, a company that is focused on building a better workplace. I was fortunate enough to use Jan's firm many years ago when they created a customized performance model to help my company make smarter and more appropriate hiring decisions. Our conversation today talks about the keys to hiring and retaining top talent in a methodical and objective manner. Her tools and resources are developed based on data in a world where...


Episode 008 – The Amazing Kyle Dillingham – Oklahoma Musical Ambassador

A chance meeting at Good Morning America brought Kyle Dillingham to my attention. Considered the Oklahoma Musical Ambassador, Kyle has traveled and played his fiddle all over the world. But what is most important to him is how music ties us together. Our talk highlights Kyle's musical trajectory, but also highlights how his story provides sales and leadership lessons that we can all take away. Kyle is a true joy to experience in person, but his personality and zeal for life shines through...


Episode 007 – Mobile Apps for Charity

My interview with Andrea Risch, Director of Marketing for Mobile Apps for Charity, highlights a unique marketing tool that meets needs for both small businesses as well as charitable organizations. Mobile Apps for Charity develops mobile solutions for nonprofits at no cost to them, partnering with local small businesses for mutually beneficial relationships. This symbiotic relationship furthers the missions of both entities and provides a foundation for growth. Founder Dave Mullins has...


Episode 006 – Morton Williams Supermarkets

Morton Williams is a beautifully organized store, using every inch of space like a work of art. Cereal boxes are all perfectly aligned, and you have the sense that if you took down one bottle of salsa, it would be replaced without you knowing before you turned around. The selection of foods at the "deli" is feast for the stomach, eyes and definitely the nose. Watching the team flow effortlessly through their jobs made me admire the training plan. This business is smooth and I had to know...


Episode 005 – I Love Kickboxing & Kelly Hogan

Kelly Hogan is a force to be reckoned with, and not just because she can kick your butt. Literally. As part owner in 3 of the I Love Kickboxing franchise businesses in the Pacific Northwest, Kelly is an up and coming leader in a highly competitive business landscape. Personal fitness. During our interview, Kelly shares her unique journey from stage to gym and opens up about leadership challenges that so many others will find immediately applicable. Learn more about I Love Kickboxing at:...


Episode 004 – Jason Brenner LIS Enterprises & Jason Brenner Woodworks

Jason Brenner is a bit of a Renaissance man. Responsible for LIS Enterprises, a specialty parts company that meets niche needs, Jason works with many global partners to make some small US companies competitive. In his spare time he handcrafts amazing art from unique woods. And he has been known to do a yoga handstand on a net on a moving catamaran! Jason tackles real-world challenges that will make us all continue a healthy debate, and shows his commitment to life balance through his art....


Episode 003 – Ivy Why Designs

Ivy Why Designs is a specialty jewelry company. A one-woman show, Lorisa Campbell creates beauty out of rocks and crystals, but her story is so much more. Taking the chance to leave a secure job to be home with her children, she also found a way to build a business from her own self-discovery. A slower paced podcast, getting to more personal questions of how we can do what we love... Learn more at and see her creations at


Episode 002 – Philadelphia Playwrights & Lisa Nelson-Haynes

Lisa Nelson-Haynes in the Executive Director of Philadelphia Young Playwrights, a unique and dynamic organization which taps the potential of youth and inspires learning through playwriting. My conversation with her highlights the impact that creative writing can have with our youth, providing them with greater confidence and tools to impact their communication skills. About Lisa Nelson-Haynes: Having spent 15 years at the Painted Bride Art Center, Nelson-Haynes brings to PYP a deep...


Episode 001 – Sports Zone Elite & CEO Michael Dahan

Michael Dahan is the CEO of Sports Zone, a premium sneaker retailer in the DC area, where the craze for basketball shoes started in the 80's. He and his team are working hard to prove that a small specialty brick and mortar retailer can survive in this very difficult retail environment, seeking partnership with emerging labels, creating the buzz and reinventing the training and management of sales performance of a sales force that is often overlooked. My interview with Mr. Dahan was both a...


Episode 000 – The Reason for this Podcast – Michael Sherlock

Since announcing I was going to launch a podcast earlier this fall, people either ask my why, or ask me what a podcast is. Both questions make me laugh. In this opening podcast, I have the table (or the mic) turned on me. Eileen Hampp has worked directly for me in two companies, and I believe she got more than a little glee in interviewing me. Our talk gave me even greater clarity on why I have started this journey, and allowed me to reminisce about people and situations that have been...


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