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Knowledge and inspiration from leading ecommerce experts. Brought to you by Shopify.

Knowledge and inspiration from leading ecommerce experts. Brought to you by Shopify.
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Knowledge and inspiration from leading ecommerce experts. Brought to you by Shopify.




Building a $1.8 Million Gift Box Company

Three Nashville proud friends, Sam Davidson, Stephen Moseley, and Rob Williams, had the idea to start Batch, a gift company curating items made by artisans from their beloved city. Initially starting off selling subscription boxes in 2013, Batch switched gears to be a gift company and grew to have its own retail space while generating $1.8 million in sales annually. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Sam Davidson of Batch on how they validated the concept, work with local...


Viral Idea To Product In 60 Days

Justin Clark is a serial entrepreneur who loves to launch new products and build brands. In 2017 Justin and his friends decided to give male rompers a chance and launched the company Romperjack. From ideation to production to marketing, Romperjack went from an idea to a physical product within 60 days. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Justin Clark of Romperjack on how he validate product-market fit, work with manufacturers, and move from a viral brand to an everyday...


How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Pitch On National TV

Krista Woods was trying to get rid of the odor from her son's sports gear and discovered the smell was caused by bacteria growth. After testing home remedies that were chemical-free Krista started GloveStix to sell her deodorizer for athletic gear. Going from mom to business owner, Krista stepped out of her comfort zone to pitch to national TV programs like the Today Show and Shark Tank. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Krista Woods of GloveStix on how she created a...


How a Beauty Subscription Box Launched Through Facebook Groups

Bili Balogun always loved beauty and experimenting with new products, so much so that she started her own beauty subscription box months after graduating from college in 2017. Bootstrapping with only $200, Bili launched Tribe Beauty Box and grew the business to over $300,000 in sales in 16 months. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Bili Balogun of Tribe Beauty Box on how to collaborate with brands, build relationships with subscribers, and launch a business through other...


How to Create Your Own Viral Moments

Before the historic NBA championship win by the Toronto Raptors in 2019, the team made it to the playoffs in 2014 and launched Yanal Dhailieh into the perfect moment to start his lifestyle and community brand, Peace Collective. By wearing a "Toronto vs. Everybody" t-shirt to a Raptors playoffs game and getting featured in a TSN documentary, Yanal turned that moment into an apparel brand that generates millions in revenue annually and two retail stores. In this episode of Shopify Masters,...


Why an MBA Was Important for This Entrepreneur

Sali Christeson quit a corporate job to pursue the dream of building a fashion brand for ambitious women to look and feel good while breaking barriers. Counterintuitive to most tips for entrepreneurs, Sali credits her MBA for building her well-rounded set of skills. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Sali Christeson of ARGENT on how to build a fashion brand from the ground up. For more on Sali Christeson, ARGENT, and show notes:...


How to Partner With Physical Stores to Showcase Your Product

During a golf tournament, Jeremiah Curvers was injured and got a double herniated disk. Bedridden for three months, Jeremiah got to think a lot about mattresses and what he wanted to see in his ideal mattress. Motivated by his research, Jeremiah launched Polysleep to create a direct consumer sleep brand that offers better rest while making a social and environmental impact. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Jeremiah Curvers of Polysleep on how to partner suppliers and...


This Leather Maker's Journey From Basement to Seven Figures

While working at a desk job, Ryan Popoff took on leatherwork as a creative outlet. Initially making a minimalistic wallet for himself, Ryan's wife Jill, encouraged him to sell what he made online. Ryan then launched Popov Leather and grew the business from a basement rental to earn seven figures annually while supporting 12 full-time employees. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Ryan Popoff of Popov Leather on how to take outstanding product photos and how he works with...


How They Quickly Made $1 Million By Partnering With Physical Stores to Showcase Their Product

In this episode, you'll learn from an entrepreneur who had a creative approach to partnering with physical stores to showcase their product Polysleep created the perfect sleeping surface with the right amount of comfort, support and firmness made of high quality products at a fair price Tune in to learn


Why This Founder Took Two Years to Launch

Mel Wells was inspired by her roommate's desire for a 1920s styled swimsuit to start Beefcake Swimwear. Initially sewing pieces herself, Mel then took the time to research and find sustainable fabrics and an ethical American manufacturer. Taking two years before launching, Beefcake Swimwear is a true reflection of Mel's dedication to thoughtfully produce androgynous vintage-inspired swimwear. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Mel Wells of Beefcake Swimwear on why it's...


How to Automate Your Business as Fast as Possible

Remi Silva and Alondra Carbajal were vacationing in Japan when inspiration hit. While most visitors to Tokyo are busy seeing sites and indulging in the local delicacies, Remi was mesmerized by the wide selection of stickers and wondered why the U.S. lacked behind. Once back home, the couple put the idea into action and started Blank Tag Co. and has built the stickers company to a multi six-figure business while still having day jobs. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from...


The Real Sacrifices of Growing a Seven-Figure Business

Stacia Guzzo's mother's breast cancer diagnoses got her into researching the possible causes. The discovery of aluminum's possible link to cancer motivated Stacia to make her own natural beauty products. Stacia found her niche with aluminum-free deodorant and started SmartyPits. From a hobby beekeeper who made lip balms, Stacia honed in on her specialty and scaled her business to seven-figures. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from Stacia Guzzo of SmartPits on how she found...


The Simple Business Model Used to Build a $2.4 Million Business

Colin Macintosh turned the end of a tech startup career into a new beginning for building his own brand. Built on a cheeky pun, Sheets & Giggles grew from a simple business model of offering sustainable and comfortable bedding directly to consumers into a brand that's projecting $2.4 million in sales this year. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll learn from Colin Macintosh of Sheets & Giggles on how he builds a successful crowdfunding campaign and found his niche with eucalyptus...


How a Blog Became a Physical Store in Two Years

Nat Elison decided to test out his content marketing skills from running his own marketing agency by launching his own blog. As a longtime tea lover, Nat started Cup & Leaf to blog about all things tea. He publishes on a consistent schedule, reworks content to rank higher on search, and curates products for the online store. Since the launch of Cup & Leaf in early 2018, the website now sees 250,000 monthly visitors and brings in $5000 in monthly revenue. For more information on Nat...


How a Domain Created Credibility

Shopping for some pricy speakers got Andrew Lissimore looking into buying them directly from the manufacturer. After scoring a pricing sheet, Andrew realized there's a healthy margin and an opportunity to sell online. When his first sale came in a few weeks later, Andrew knew he was onto something. To learn more about and shownotes: Tune in to learn:


How A $15 Million Company Was Built On Personal Messages

While most people enjoy a few rounds of golf on the weekend, Tyler Sullivan became obsessed with the game and wanted to achieve the longest drive. Along the way, Tyler got custom clubs and drivers made that ended breaking so he started to make his own. Realizing that others might face the same frustration, Tyler started BombTech Golf and began selling the clubs and divers he made. For more information on BombTech Golf, Tyler, and shownotes:...


How To Create a Need and Justify Your Use Case

Being the dog owner of a Saint Bernard named Harley, Tyson Walters was constantly on cleaning duty and barely kept up with Harley's shedding. Realizing that he's not alone, Tyson came up with the idea of Shed Defender and started prototyping breathable onesies for dogs to reduce shedding cleanups. After going viral, testing out infomercials, and being on Shark Tank, Tyson shares the lessons learned along the way. To learn more about Tyson, Shred Defender, and the show notes:...


Why Pivoting Your Business is Vital

Dylan Jacob grew up running his own businesses and knew early on when to change course and adapt. Ever since high school Dylan grew a small phone repairs business into a parts manufacturing company and later founded a company that offered the largest color selection of tiles in the United States. Despite reaching financial success, Dylan always viewed these ventures as "buffer businesses" and only found his true calling when he dove deep into solving the common problem of how to keep...


Why Building a Community Prevents Subscription Cancellations

Adrian Wood went from making music on his laptop to producing for the likes of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. Beyond catchy composition and rhythm with a hook, he discovered that there were many hopeful producers who lack access to digital assets like drum kits or synth loops to create the songs they had in their minds. Ever since joining Modern Producers as the CEO in 2013, Adrian is on a mission to deliver these digital assets to up-and-coming producers and has built a loyal community...


A Lesson in Project Management for Entrepreneurs

JP Brousseau dropped and broke his fair share of phones. Sick of replacements and repairs, he started Phone Loops and designed finger and wrist straps that give users a secure and comfortable grip on their devices. Despite solving a common problem, having massive media coverage, and being a part of the Oscars VIP gift bags, JP credits project management as the key to Phone Loops’ success. In today's episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll hear from JP and COO of Phone Loops, Alex Gingras on how...