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The work advice you need, from women who’ve been there. Every week, join the co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, as they help you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders they know.

The work advice you need, from women who’ve been there. Every week, join the co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, as they help you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders they know.


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The work advice you need, from women who’ve been there. Every week, join the co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, as they help you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders they know.




Kerry Washington on Choosing Work with Intention

Kerry Washington blessed our TV screens on movies + shows like Django Unchained, Little Fires Everywhere, and Scandal. But before she popped off as Olivia Pope, Kerry says she was choosy about roles offered to her. Even if saying “no” meant having less financial freedom. In this episode, Kerry shares: How J-Lo subbed for her dance teacher in the Bronx (shout out @ Jenny from the block) Why she’ll never compromise on roles that perpetuate stereotypes about Black women + women of color How...


After 5ish: Shiza Shahid on Balancing Purpose and Profit

As a kid growing up in Islamabad, Shiza Shahid volunteered in grassroots initiatives to help Pakistani women get an education. And that early interest in service pushed her to always advocate for important issues through her career. From the founding Malala Fund to her current biz, Our Place, Shiza says: a lot of good can be achieved through a combo of non-profit advocacy work and for-profit businesses. In this episode, Shiza shares: Why she took on a variety of jobs and how that choice...


Carly and Danielle on 10 Years of theSkimm with Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb is a pro at a lot of things. And speaking with other incredible women is at the top of that list. In this special episode, Hoda flips the script and interviews our co-founders and co-CEOs, Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, about the past ten years of theSkimm. This week, they discuss how they — as leaders — have evolved in the last decade, why being told no was important to their growth, and how theSkimm will continue to meet women where they are in the years to come. PS: Keep up...


Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan on Reframing Your Strengths

Lindsay Kaplan and Carolyn Childers were killing it as startup VPs. But as they put it: it gets lonely at the top. Especially for women. Enter: their company, Chief, a women’s exec network that takes networking beyond sticky name tags and awkward icebreakers. This week, we sat down with the Chief co-founders who tell us that everyone – even those with unconventional skill sets – has a place in a business. In this episode, Lindsay and Carolyn share: The moment Lindsay realized a network like...


Rebroadcast: Brooke Shields on Learning To Compartmentalize

This week, we’re throwing it back to one of our favorite episodes from last year. Brooke Shields has been a household name ever since she did her first commercial, at just 11 months old. As a teenage model and actress being managed by her mother, Brooke found her own image sexualized — but refused to play along with the media’s expectations. Since then, she’s acted on Broadway, starred in sitcoms and TV dramas, raised two daughters and written two memoirs. We spoke to Brooke about how to...


Dana Bash on Being Patient in your Career

From freelancing as a college student to logging tape, Dana Bash worked her way up the ladder at CNN. Now, she comes to us live on TV as CNN’s chief political correspondent, covering elections and the biggest political news. Dana says she wouldn’t have gotten there without luck– and some good old fashioned patience. This week, she spills the secrets of her career marathon, and how to pace yourself. In this episode, Dana shares: The show she’d most like to make a cameo on (RHONJ lovers,...


Maria Shriver on Turning the Bad into Good

Maria Shriver never felt the pressure to go into politics like the rest of her family. Instead, her parents asked her: what moves you? She took that question and ran with it. Fascinated by storytelling, Maria led a decades-long career in journalism. But then she became first lady of California. And NBC asked her to leave. Looking back, Maria says: it was a blessing in disguise. In this episode, Maria shares: Why she started at smaller stations before hitting the big networks How getting...


Audie Cornish on Motherhood and Work

Before Audie Cornish made the jump to CNN, she was a longtime co-host of NPR’s All Things Considered. And while she made interviewing politicians and celebs look like NBD, she says she had to deal with a “professional identity crisis” after becoming a new mom. This week, we sat down with Audie to talk about how her professional life changed after she had kids, and how motherhood impacted her mindset at work. In this episode, Audie shares: How she figured out her own communication style Why...


Beth Ford on Finding Success At Every Level

When you look at Beth Ford’s resume, you probably didn’t know the Land O’ Lakes CEO started out detasseling corn for $2 an hour and cleaning toilets as a janitor. And Beth told us she wouldn’t have ever become CEO without those jobs. Because being successful in business comes from learning about people – and celebrating wins at every level. In this episode, Beth shares: The string of odd jobs she did to get by as one of eight children in Iowa How taking the job in the field helped her learn...


Victoria Eady Butler on Changing Careers After 30 Years

After a 30-year-career in law enforcement, Victoria Eady Butler did what most people do. She retired. But just days into relaxing and investing in new hobbies, she kicked retirement to the curb. And instead, opted for the chance to learn about what she says is in her blood: whiskey blending, at Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. In this episode, Victoria shares: Her favorite cocktail (hint: it includes Uncle Nearest whiskey) How she started her career over after 30 years How she connects to her...


Eva Longoria on Defying Expectations

As a kid, Eva Longoria dreamed of being a professional volunteer one day. Her mother’s response? That’s not a job, sweetie. Instead, she was a Texas pageant queen, became a headhunter, and moved to LA. And despite knowing no one in Hollywood when she first arrived, Eva became a household name for her role in “Desperate Housewives.” Now, Eva’s defied expectations again and expanded her resume to include: humanitarian and parent. In this episode, Eva shares: How her special needs sister taught...


Fidji Simo on Integrating Work and Life

When Fidji Simo was an exec at Facebook, she discovered she had a chronic health condition. That meant: taking meetings from her bed, fainting at work, and awkward conversations with her bosses. That experience taught Fidji how to be a leader while taking care of herself and putting her health first. A lesson she now brings to her team at Instacart, where she’s the CEO. In this episode, Fidji shares: The must-have in her weekly Instacart order (hint: it’s a sweet treat) Why being a woman in...


Cindy Eckert on Choosing the Harder Path

Cindy Eckert co-founded the company Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which created the first FDA approved drug for low sexual desire in women (read: female viagra). In a made-for-TV twist, she sold the company for $1 billion… but then, had to take the company back. Intrigued yet? Same. Now, Cindy’s the founder of the investment and management firm, The Pinkubator, with the goal of making other women “really f***ing rich.” Talk about a mission we can get behind. In this episode, Cindy shares: How to...


Christine Chang on Leaving Your Desk Job

Every weekend growing up, Christine watched her mom and grandma go to the Korean bathhouses, rubbing things like tea and spoiled milk on their skin. And she’s been hooked on skincare ever since. Now, she’s the co-founder and co-CEO of the skincare brand, Glow Recipe. But before leading this new venture, she actually worked her way up the corporate ladder at L’Oreal. In this episode, Christine gives her advice on how to make the jump from corporate to startup, and what she learned at her desk...


After 5ish: Rathi Srinivas On Innovation

Before Rathi Srinivas became the co-founder and CTO of Droplette, she got her PhD in chemical engineering from MIT. NBD. And now, she’s developed an award-winning skincare device that’s grounded in science and backed by NASA. This week, Rathi joined us to share how she thinks about making stuff that’s never been made before – that can have a real difference for women everywhere. In this episode, Rathi shares: The differences between traditional fundraising and scientific grants What it’s...


After 5ish: Gargi Pal Chaudhuri on the Power of Mentorship

It’s no secret that more diversity is needed in the investing world. So as an immigrant woman of color, Gargi Pal Chaudhuri didn’t see a lot of people who looked like her or understood her background when she first stepped onto the trading floor two decades ago. Since then, she’s climbed the ranks, broadened her network, and become the Head of iShares Investment Strategy, Americas at BlackRock. Tune in for her advice on how to find the best mentors possible as you build your career. In this...


Melissa Ben-Ishay on Finding Your Confidence

The day before Melissa Ben-Ishay started her famous cupcake business Baked by Melissa, she actually got fired from her job. But she’s proof that your worst moments can lead to some of your best. This week, we spoke to Melissa about how she found her confidence as she was getting started, and how she learned to embrace obstacles. In this episode, Melissa shares… Her decision-making tactics Her advice for people who lose their jobs How she got over her fear of cold-outreach Why the past two...


Robin Roberts On Making Your Vulnerability A Strength

Robin Roberts has been in the anchor chair at “Good Morning America” for over 15 years. And while she’s covered some of the biggest news events of our time, she’s also gone through her own off-camera battles. This week, Robin told us why she decided to share her most personal struggles with millions of people – and how to make your own vulnerability your superpower at work. In this episode, Robin shares: Why she pivoted from sports into news How she exercises her “optimism muscle” How she...


Scarlett Johansson On the Power of Perspective

Scarlett Johansson is one of the highest-paid actors in the world, and has starred in some of the highest-grossing movies of all time. But those career defining moments didn’t come easy. She’s had to reframe rejection, say “yes” without looking back, and fight against toxic behavior in the entertainment industry. This week, we’ll ask Scarlett how she had perspective even in the toughest moments — including not getting the original call to be Black Widow — and why she recently took the leap...


Michelle Kelly on How to Pivot

When Michelle Kelly started at Lilly Pulitzer in 2004, her business card read “Major Stores Development Manager.” Now, it says “CEO.” Kelly has held 8 different titles across at least 4 different departments at the company — from retail, to merchandising, marketing, to e-commerce. So in this episode, we chat with Michelle about the art of the pivot. Started from the bottom, now we here. In this episode, Michelle shares: How she got her bosses to let her switch departments How to tell your...