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SlatorPod is the weekly language industry podcast where we discuss the most important news and trends in translation, localization, and language technology. Brought to you by

SlatorPod is the weekly language industry podcast where we discuss the most important news and trends in translation, localization, and language technology. Brought to you by




SlatorPod is the weekly language industry podcast where we discuss the most important news and trends in translation, localization, and language technology. Brought to you by






#54 Oxford Languages President Casper Grathwohl, M&A Report, LSP Growth Opportunities

President of Oxford Languages Casper Grathwohl joins the Pod from sunny Florida this week to discuss OUP’s business in lexical data, working with big tech customers, the world’s under-served and low resource languages, and more. First up, Florian (from snowy Switzerland) and Esther (from lockdown London) talk about Slator’s newly-launched 2020 M&A and Funding report, a 40-page report with in-depth analysis of the 39 M&A transactions and 13 startup rounds covered by Slator in 2020. Esther...


#53 Supertext Co-founder Fabian Dieziger, Brexit & Translators, SBA regulations for US LSPs

In the first episode of 2021, Fabian Dieziger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Swiss-based language service provider (LSP) Supertext, joins the pod to discuss the local Switzerland market, Supertext’s US and Germany expansion and their copywriting roots, and why they’ve chosen to shun M&A in favor of organic growth. Florian and Esther talk about Slator’s all-new 2021 Data-for-AI Report, which is designed to help LSPs evaluate and pursue opportunities in the fast-growing niche of...


#52 Top 10 Stories of 2020, Isabelle Andrieu, co-Founder and Chairman of Translated

In the final episode of 2020, Isabelle Andrieu, co-Founder and Chairman of Italy-based LSP Translated, joins the pod to talk about her 20-year journey with Translated, their ModernMT and MateCat products, and why long-tail clients are still the soul of the business. Florian and Esther share their top five picks from Slator’s most viewed stories of 2020, singling out heavy-hitters from the year such as RWS’ acquisition of rival LSP SDL (the #1 breaking-news story of 2020), and Acolad’s...


#51 RWS’ Plans for SDL, Top 10 NMT Papers, Graduating Translation in 2020

The special guest for episode #51 is Slator’s very own Monica Jamieson, a new translation grad who joins the Pod to talk about why today’s 20-somethings are studying languages, and to offer tips on language industry job hunting during Covid-19. Esther shares her key takeaways from SlatorCon Remote on December 3, 2020, which drew in +250 attendees from 30 countries, who tuned in to watch 6 CEOs, a CMO and 3 enterprise clients provide insights from their vantage points in the language...


#50 New Rates in Germany, Financial Translation, LSP Channel Partners

In this half-century, guestless episode of SlatorPod, Florian unpacks the contentious matter of pay rises for interpreters and translators in Germany’s courts. Linguists for Germany’s judicial system will see their hourly and per-word rates increase from January 2021, but not everyone’s satisfied. He and Esther discuss big bucks equity research after US-based investment firm Jefferies formed an alliance with Japanese firm SMBC Nikko Securities, which will see Nikko translate Jeffries’...


#49 Ex Netflix Exec Chris Fetner on EGA Launch, LSP Dying Zone, the First SPAC

Former Netflix exec and Managing Director of EGA Chris Fetner joins the pod this week to talk about entertainment localization’s new association, the drivers of media loc, and how content owners view the ROI of subtitling and dubbing. First up, Florian unpacks some bold claims coming out of New Zealand-based LSP Straker’s investor presentation, which placed 20,000 LSPs in the “Dying Zone,” and dismissed 40 larger LSPs (+USD 50m) as providing “global coverage but lacking innovation. Esther...


#48 GPT-3 for Translators, SLT CEO Kris Zdanowski, Translation Tests, Media Loc Unites

Joining the pod is Kris Zdanowski, Founder and CEO of Summa Linguae Technologies. Kris talks about his entrepreneurial journey, from paying for receivables collections with shares, doing a merger with an LSP in India, to rolling out an M&A strategy and launching into the data annotation industry. Florian shares a few choice insights from Slator’s Inside India’s High-Growth Language Industry webinar, which this week attracted more than 130 participants and featured four expert...


#47 Lionbridge Mega Deal, Altagram CEO Marie Amigues talks Game Localization

Marie Amigues, Founder and CEO of Altagram, joins Slator Pod and talks to Esther and Florian about how she runs the fast-growing game localization provider Marie recounts her experience of launching Altagram and growing the business internationally, and discusses the ins and outs of game loc. In part 1, Florian unpacks the sale of Lionbridge’s AI division to Canada’s TELUS International nearly one billion US-Dollar. He talks about the success of Lionbridge’s private equity owners, HIG...


#46 Smartcat Funding, 2M CEO Tea Dietterich, Loc Jobs Climb, Earnings Wrap

Episode #46 of SlatorPod sees Florian and Esther welcome a very special guest and true linguist, 2M CEO Tea Dietterich joins the pod from Sunshine Coast in Australia.a Stay tuned for our discussion with Tea on the language market in Australia: from the country’s biggest translation clients in the private sector, and Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD) communities to the emergence of remote interpreting, and everything in between. First off, Florian discusses Smartcat’s Series B...


#45 Medtech Loc, Venga Global CEO Kåre Lindahl, Language AI in Video, Amazon MT Fail

This week, Florian and Esther welcome Kåre Lindahl, CEO of Venga Global for a wide ranging discussion about language data as a business for LSPs, lessons from M&A, selling consulting to loc buyers, and Amazon’s Swedish MT fail. First up, Florian talks about advances in automated transcription and AI video editing including the function to edit from transcripts. (Watch this space for full SlatorPod transcripts…) The two discuss the world of translation and localization for the complex and...


#44 Facebook MT, Interprefy’s Kim Ludvigsen on RSI, Zoom Zapps, LSP Earnings

Interprefy founder Kim Ludvigsen joins the pod this week to talk about why he decided to pass the CEO baton to Annett Polaszewski-Plath while business is booming after Covid restrictions turbocharged the adoption of remote simultaneous interpreting. Slator Co-founder and Commercial Director Andrew Smart guest-hosts this week. Andrew and Florian talk about TransPerfect’s solid third-quarter results, why more language service providers should consider an IPO, and why Zoom Zapps could be a big...


#43 RWS-SDL Greenlight, Pangeanic CEO Manuel Herranz Joins, thebigword's Big Promise

Manuel Herranz, CEO of MT and language service provider Pangeanic joins SlatorPod. Manuel joins us for part two, after your regular hosts give a run down of the week’s language industry news. Florian talks about what’s going on with RWS’ buying SDL, as the deal inches closer to, well, closing. Just the small matters of a court hearing and SDL’s delisting from the London Stock Exchange to take care of next... The two talk about Japanese MT provider and LSP Rozetta, which released financial...


#42 TransPerfect Settles Wordfast, Sandeep Nulkar on India Loc Industry, Mozilla Kills Elmo

Florian and Esther are joined by Sandeep Nulkar, CEO and Founder of BITS Private Limited and co-Founder of Vernac Language Technologies to discuss India's language industry. Before Sandeep joins us, your regular SlatorPod hosts talk about the week’s language industry stories... Florian shares news from Mozilla, which just took the decision to retire Elmo — the backbone of its localization infrastructure — and to axe hundreds of jobs. Esther talks about the recovery in the language industry...


#41 Tarjama CEO Nour Al Hassan; Translator Marketplaces, INC 5000 LSPs

SlatorPod welcomes Nour Al Hassan, CEO of the Middle East’s leading language services provider, Tarjama. A lawyer by training, Nour talks about how she started in the language industry and grew Tarjama to 160 employees, the decision to build a proprietary translation management platform, and her take on language services demand in the MENA region. Before Nour’s segment, Slator’s Florian and Esther kick off the week’s language industry news with a discussion about translator marketplaces in...


#40 Acolad Buys AMPLEXOR; GLOBO's Gene Schriver talks On-Demand Interpreting

Florian and Esther are joined by Gene Schriver, CEO and Founder of US-based on-demand interpreting tech and services provider GLOBO. Stay tuned for the interview section to hear Gene share his insights on video remote interpreting (VRI), telehealth platforms, helping interpreters cope with the demands of the job, and more. Your regular hosts, Florian and Esther, talk in depth about this week’s top language industry story: the acquisition by France-based Acolad Group of rival AMPLEXOR to...


#39 Petr Antropov on Lokalise Series A, BIG M&A, Why THG Insourced Translation

In SlatorPod’s third guest episode, Florian and Esther are joined by Lokalise co-Founder Petr Antopov, fresh from his company’s Series A funding round announced on Sept 7, 2020. Your regular hosts bring you the week’s language industry news; from Jeff Brink’s BIG Language Solutions acquiring US-based healthcare specialist ISI to two LSPs merging in Belgium, this week was awash with corporate transactions (not an NMT story in sight). Another two companies went public, as the owner of...


#38 MT with Adam Bittlingmayer, Lokalise Series A, the “Outperforming Humans” Claim

In SlatorPod’s second guest episode, Florian and Esther are joined by former Google Translate developer and ModelFront founder and CEO Adam Bittlingmayer to discuss machine translation, machine translation risk prediction, how LSPs should leverage MT, how big tech thinks about MT, and much more. Your two hosts first talk about localization SaaS startup Lokalise — which announced a USD 6m in Series A funding this week — and their decidedly corporate (read not LSP)-focused customer...


#37 First guest episode with Kimon Fountoukidis! Plus RWS-SDL, China NLP Ban, AB5, Translation at WTO

Florian and Esther are joined by 🎤special guest 🎤Kimon Fountoukidis, Founder and Chairman of Argos Multilingual for a frank and animated discussion about the language industry. Florian also provides an update on the market reaction following the breaking news last week that RWS plans to acquire SDL later this year Esther talks international trade — more specifically how translation and interpreting are run at the World Trade Organization (WTO) —, sharing insights from Josep Bonet,...


#36 RWS to Buy SDL: Unpacking the Language Industry’s Deal of the Decade

In this week’s SlatorPod, Florian and Esther share a hot take on❗the story of the week❗— if not of recent language industry history: RWS’s acquisition of rival SDL. The coming together of the two UK-based Super Agencies will see the creation of the first ever billion-dollar-revenue LSP, and TransPerfect stripped of its current title of world’s largest LSP by revenue The two whizz through the YTD trading performance of RWS, SDL and the seven other listed LSPs that Slator tracks. After a...


#35 Good Times Bad Times for LSPs, Are Translation Equivalents Real? VRI Boom

Florian and Esther talk about remote interpreting’s moment in the spotlight. From phone interpreting (OPI) to video remote interpreting (VRI) and remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), the two discuss the various use cases for each, the differences in margins, and how RSI is booming as conferences have moved online. Esther shares insights from a deep-dive interview with SDI Media CEO Mark Howorth, who warned of a double-digit revenue drop in 2020. She and Florian talk about the impact of...