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Social Selling Made Simple with Marki is the place for REALTORS® to learn how to use social media and tech, so you can sell more homes and help more people. Each week you'll hear real conversations with industry leaders, successful agents, coaches and social media experts, who break down their best strategies to attract clients online.

Social Selling Made Simple with Marki is the place for REALTORS® to learn how to use social media and tech, so you can sell more homes and help more people. Each week you'll hear real conversations with industry leaders, successful agents, coaches and social media experts, who break down their best strategies to attract clients online.


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Social Selling Made Simple with Marki is the place for REALTORS® to learn how to use social media and tech, so you can sell more homes and help more people. Each week you'll hear real conversations with industry leaders, successful agents, coaches and social media experts, who break down their best strategies to attract clients online.








Your Real Estate License Doesn't Guarantee Success...Here's Why with Tiffany Willis-Johnson

In real estate, the courses that get us qualified don’t teach us everything we need to know - in fact, they barely scratch the surface. This is an industry with so much depth, and we have to learn as much as we can to have staying power. Right now, there are more real estate agents in the industry than ever before, but most won’t last long. They don’t commit to learning beyond their initial training. What does it take to stay in the business for years, and even decades? How do we set a...


6 Figures in 12 Months: Earn More Money by Doing THIS Everyday

In order to build a six-figure business, we must add 2880 contacts to our CRM every year, but that’s impossible without a strategic daily practice to connect with people. With the 8x8 daily planner, it’s easy to create the habit of building relationships and become top of mind with the people in your sphere. How do we actually put this planner into practice and really add value to our databases? In this episode, I’m going to take you through a simple daily exercise that will grow your...


The Software Platforms That Knows Who’s Selling Before Agents Do with Ryan Dendievel

AI and predictive analytics have become so incredibly accurate that they can tell if someone is about to make a huge buying decision. We might not be aware of it, but our online habits tell a story, and as agents, these insights can help us capture opportunities that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks. What is Revaluate and how does it improve our marketing efforts? How does it supercharge our CRMs? In this episode, I’m joined by Revaluate’s VP of business development, Ryan...


Look Like a Fortune 500 Company for Little to No Money: How to Establish a Business Entity in 14 Easy Steps w/Vincent Roofe

Real estate agents operate as independent contractors, and while that has many benefits, we miss out on so many financial opportunities when we haven’t registered a business entity that’s separate from us. By changing how our businesses are set up, we can get access to a vast number of advantages that will take our businesses to the next level. You’ll look more professional, present yourself with a clearer and more cohesive brand, but most of all, you can get business credit. But how...


A Showing Assistant at Your Fingertips: Matt Kuchar on the Tool Helping Agents Serve Their Clients While Protecting Their Commissions

Agents like to believe they can be available whenever a buyer calls for a showing, but we’ve all had that moment where we’re just too busy to make it happen. Agents have always shown homes for each other, but the truth is the money part of the conversation can be awkward and even contentious. What if you could get a showing assistant to meet that client without all the awkwardness? This is what Showami does. Having a showing assistant in your back pocket allows you to serve that...


An Expert’s Guide to Hiring Your First Assistant: The Biggest Mistakes Agents Make & How To Avoid Them w/Matthew Rathbun

The life of an agent is busy and demanding, and even though we can do it all, there simply isn’t enough of us to do every job at a high level. When we reach that point of massive overwhelm and time limitation, it’s time to hire an assistant. The problem is, many agents go about hiring and training an assistant in a way that just creates more stress and wastes this valuable resource. What do agents get wrong when they’re hiring their first assistant? What steps do we need to take to...


The Hot Seat Series Returns: How to Get Out of Lurk Mode & Into Action Mode w/Tamara Inzunza

There’s never been a better time to elevate your skills and your business. With so many tools at our disposal, we can increase our visibility and become thought leaders in our marketplace. But first, we have to get out of lurk-and-learn mode and into learn-and-implement mode. How did I turn a “no” into a huge leap forward in my business? What measures did I put in place to manage my mental health during the pandemic? In this episode, I’m joined in the hot seat by seasoned real estate...


From Scattered to Streamlined: How to Create a Highly Intentional Brand Design Identity That Sets You Apart From Other Agents w/Elizabeth Averyanova

With so many real estate professionals vying for customers, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Unless, that is, you have a distinct design identity across your public facing branding assets. Unfortunately, too many agents’ are branded too similarly and as a result, they constantly get overlooked. How do we make sure our brands actually stand out? What steps can we take to create a design identity that runs across our entire online presence? In this episode, web designer, brand...


Do Your Graphics Scream Low Quality? How to Make Scroll-Stopping Designs w/Certified Canva Creator Sandee Sevilla

Having a strong social media brand is key to standing out in a crowded, noisy real estate marketplace, and graphic design is absolutely a critical part of that equation. Fonts, pictures and language that is distinct and tailored to us can help us grow our databases, generate leads and monetize our content, but how exactly do we make it happen? How do we make our graphic design effortless by leveraging one powerful tool? What are some of the common mistakes that are making our brands...


The Secret to Branding Yourself Like a Fortune 500 Company As a Brand Spanking New Real Estate Agent w/Franke Joehl

From Fortune 500 companies to individual real estate agents, it’s important to have a brand that’s so distinct that it cuts through the noise of a crowded marketplace. Great brands don’t happen by chance, there’s a process we have to follow from our core values all the way through to our colors, logos and our messaging. There are so many real estate agents in America, so standing out is key to our survival. How do we build a brand that becomes highly recognizable in our markets? What do...


Real Estate Straight Talk, The Follow Up: Monica Neubauer Shares The Power of Exemplifying Your Value in a Shifting Commissions Environment

Agents are very comfortable talking to their clients about the process of buying a home, but get really nervous when it comes to bringing up commissions. With the buyer commission changes coming down the pipeline, talking about the numbers and the specific value we bring to the transaction is how we’re going to survive. One of the best things we can do right now is equip ourselves with the designations and certifications that make these conversations easier, and allow us to exemplify...


Zack Boothe is Back! How He Used the Driving for Dollars Technique to Turn $1k into $93k

Way back in February this year, Zack Boothe blew our minds with his lucrative Driving for Dollars marketing system. Today he returns to share the results of his mission to turn $1,000 into $40,000 in 40 days. Not only did he meet and exceed his income goal, he also created a database of 11,000 cash buyers and even worked the strategy from another continent! Why does Zack consider wholesaling the most lucrative real estate strategy there is? How can we start getting our own wholesale...


Stop Sleeping on LinkedIn: A Master Class on Profile Optimization, Attention-Grabbing Headlines & Compelling About Sections w/Donna Serdula

Many real estate professionals will admit that since the pandemic hit, their LinkedIn profiles have gone untouched and are virtually gathering dust. But having a lacklustre page could be putting off strategic partners and clients, and costing you a ton of money. Well, it’s time to dust off our profiles and make them anything but basic. What are some of the biggest LinkedIn blunders agents are making, and how can we fix them in minutes? How do we leverage the real estate of our LinkedIn...


More Than a Digital Rolodex: How to Organize Your Data, Leverage Your CRM & Market More Effectively w/Eleni Sommerschield

As real estate professionals who spend A LOT of time having conversations and building relationships, there’s no way we can remember all the details we accumulate without a little extra help. So is there a simple way to keep track of everyone we connect with? Yes, a CRM allows us to do all this and more. Why is a good CRM so necessary? How can we use the information we have to make us unforgettable? In this episode, we’re joined by the COO of Wise Agent, Eleni Sommerschield. She shares...


Zillow Isn't Your Competition: Why Big Name Real Estate Brands Should Be On Your Pay-Them-No-Mind List w/LaNa Jones-Jules

As an independent broker operating in a market dominated by the Zillows of the world, it can feel like we’re going to be driven out of business at any second. The truth is, we can still own a slice of the market without the big budgets of well-known brands, if we focus on the advantages we have over them. How do we use marketing to make sure people know us and want to hire us? How do we deal with the loneliness and burnout that often comes with real estate? Why do we need to stop...


How to Practice Strategic Visibility, Become a Zoom Heavy-Hitter & Win People Over Virtually (100th Episode Special)

Now more than ever, our jobs require us to be on camera and present ourselves in the virtual world. If you’re going to have your camera on, then you better be strategic about how you’re showing up - no resting b**** face, and no disorderly background. In large Zoom calls, we might think we can get away with not making an effort, but people notice, and that hurts our brands. How do you show up to Zoom calls so well-prepared and ready to engage that it helps us build relationships?...


You are Your Own Real Estate Broadcaster: How to Deal with Social Media Fame & Protect Your Privacy w/Tonya Jones

As real estate agents using social media to expand our reach, we’re basically choosing to be public figures, and as our profiles rise, we might have to shift our expectation of privacy. We are our own broadcasters in the name of real estate, and that means more recognition out in the world. The question is, how do we adjust to this newfound local fame? What steps can we take to protect ourselves in public? How do we combat marketing FOMO and shiny object syndrome? In this episode, I’m...


Realtors Should Be On TikTok: Simple Tactics to Hit the Ground Running From a Creator with a Billion Views w/Maayan Gordon

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok isn’t just a platform for dance videos and funny hacks - it’s a massive marketing vehicle, with personality, familiarity, and relatability baked into it. It’s the perfect marketing channel for Realtors! We know that TikTok has all this goodness going for it, but why are so many Realtors still so resistant to it? How can we start making really good TikTok content that will get people to stop scrolling? We found the ultimate TikTok expert to unlock the...


No Excuses Today: Why You’ll Always Be Stagnant Until You Take Responsibility For Everything w/Javonne Steward

The path to inaction is paved in excuses and procrastination. If we want to achieve anything in our lives, we only have to decide between making progress and continuing to make excuses. How do you choose the path that leads to your dreams? We all have our fair share of baggage, and it’s easy to blame the past, trauma and other people when our lives are stagnant. But we bear the full responsibility for where we are today. The good news is, if we’re not happy with anything in our lives, we...


The Recipe for Referrals: How to Earn Icing-on-the-Cake Income From the People Who Know, Like & Trust You w/Kimberly Offord

Uber, Tesla, and Canva are successful businesses with one thing in common - they all run referral programs, and grow their customer base through the people that already do business with them. Real estate agents, on the other hand, have a ton of people they’ve done a great job for, but never go after referrals, and this is an expensive mistake. How do we go about changing this? What makes referrals a more efficient marketing channel than anything else? In this episode, I’m joined by...