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#30: What Your Potential Clients Need To Hear From You & What They Don't

Wendy shares exactly what your potential clients need to hear to buy what you offer and why what you think is important is actually confusing them (and a confused mind does nothing). Listen in if you want to know how to inspire people to work with you so you can make money through your Calling. For additional support and to get free business, marketing and mindset coaching, join the Free 7-Day SoulFUEL® Spark Challenge at:


#29: TOP 3 Gaps In Your Plan To Make Soul-Fueled Money

Learn THE TOP 3 gaps in your plan to make money doing what you love, and what you can do about it so 2019 is THE year you finally get traction in your Soul-Fueled business, quit your job, and create a life you truly love.


#28: How To Be Unstoppable

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to succeed in an online Soul-Fueled business. In todays show, Wendy shares the TOP 3 ESSENTIAL traits you must have to make it happen this year. It is only when we cultivate these qualities within ourselves, that the business and marketing strategies actually work! Our external results are only a reflection of our internal landscape so let's take a look at where you are. Then join us for Wendy's brand new, free online interviews series (February...


#27: Shining Bright With Amber Sears

The journey from start-up to growth in a Soul-Fueled business is never a steady, straight line. Everyone has their own unique experience in this and yet we all have similar struggles we share. Today, Wendy talks with guest speaker, Amber Sears about her path to success including how she overcame the fear of shining bright, to shine brighter than ever. She also shares what she wished she knew in her early years of business, along with her top strategy for attracting soulmate clients.


#14: Intuition In Business (Rebroadcast)

Intuition and thought are very different things. Wendy explains this in todays show. She also dives into how you can use and TRUST this brilliant tool within you, to make the very best decisions for yourself and your business. She will give you three steps you can take today to use this amazing gift of intuition we all have, to create a life you LOVE doing work that matters to you.


#26: Top 6 Takeaways From 2018

With deep gratitude for the year, Wendy shares the Top 6 lessons 2018 brought her. Allow these to help you get where you want to go in 2019, faster. Some of these may surprise you. Grab these gold nuggets and run!


#12: What’s Our Problem With Commitment? (Rebroadcast)

Yo, what is our problem with commitment? Sure we commit to things here and there but in this episode Wendy opens up the conversation about what we are NOT committing to, why, and what it’s costing us. She walks you through the TOP four reasons we hesitate to commit and what to do when you find yourself there. With Wendy’s insights and tips, you can become more confident and decisive, and grow your business (and life) by leaps and bounds.


#25: Who Am I To Do This?!

Self doubt about the worth and value of our work creeps up on everyone at one time or another, whether you are pricing your first ever service or program, increasing your prices or wanting to. The deeper question becomes, 'How much am I worth, really?' Do you ever wonder if what you have to offer is worth someone paying for? And for how much? You are not alone if you do. In this episode Wendy gives you a powerful healing exercise to get to the root of this question and talks you through a...


#24: 6 Essential Steps To Creating Your Vision

Forget goal setting for now. Try Wendy's fresh approach to creating a Vision for the new year with her 6-Step Vision Formula. She walks you through 6 questions that are ESSENTIAL to ask yourself when looking ahead to what you want to create, and plan for. You wouldn’t want to build a house without a blueprint right? How can you create a blueprint without the *vision* of what you want your experience to be in the house. It is the same for business. You need to know the END result (the bigger...


#17: From Stuck To Unstoppable (Rebroadcast)

In this episode, Wendy shares four of her hottest tips to help you shift from stuck to UNSTOPPABLE so you can launch and grow your Soul-Fueled business and live a life you LOVE. These are principles Wendy has successfully applied during some of THE most trying times in her life. They help her clients when they get stuck too. Being unstoppable isn’t a permanent state. Life is cyclical and we will still get stuck from time to time but through consistently using this 4-step process you will...


#11: Creating What You Want

To create a Soul-Fueled business, to live a Soul-Fueled life and have what we want and need, we need to first know the mechanics of creating. We are creating ALL the time so how do we become more conscious about what we are doing that is showing up (or not showing up), in our physical reality? How do we let go of the fear of repeating past failures so it doesn’t dictate our future? And how do we get back on track when we’ve lost our way? Wendy explores this in-depth with you in todays show,...


#10: Should I Quit My Job? Part 2 (Rebroadcast)

This is Part Two of the 2-Part Series “Should I Quit My Job? When launching and growing a Soul-Fueled business, it’s tough to know exactly when to pull the plug on your job or maybe you are already in business, struggling and wondering if you need to “get a real job.” This is one of the most common questions Wendy receives. In this episode she lays out the important factors to consider when deciding whether to quit your job to invest all your time into your business (most you these you...


#9: Should I Quit My Job? Part 1 (Rebroadcast)

When launching and growing a Soul-Fueled business, it’s tough to know exactly when to pull the plug on your job or maybe you are already in business, struggling and wondering if you need to “get a real job.” This is one of the most common questions Wendy receives. In this episode she lays out the most important factors to consider when deciding whether to quit your job to invest all your time into your business (most of these you probably have not considered). Wendy will talk you through a...


#23: Your Success Literally Comes Down To THIS

It’s a bold statement but Wendy is saying it, there is something common amongst all of us that is operating in our lives on a daily basis and it is VERY likely sabotaging your efforts to do your Soul-Fueled work. And because it is running on a subconscious level, it is outside your awareness. If we don’t become more aware and take important steps to heal this, success in our business will be illusive. It will also be very painful in the attempt. Let’s change all that! Wendy shares 4...


#22: Finding the Time for What You Want and the Reasons We Don’t

Wendy shares three EASY strategies to get out of overwhelm so you can find the time to create what you want whether you are juggling a job AND a business or just have a lot going on overall. She also reveals the surprising REAL reasons we typically don’t “have the time,” to do the things we say we want to do. This episode provides an entirely NEW way of looking at how you can grow your capacity to create more of what you want, without worrying it will be too much work or responsibility....


#21: Releasing Perfectionism, Activating YOU

Wendy and her guest speaker, Salt Freedom explore three of THE most common challenges entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-the-making face in the ever expanding online market. They dive deep into; perfectionism, copy catting and lone wolfing. Listen in to hear their refreshing perspectives and tips on how to break free from these traps. Committing to no longer giving into these all-too-easy temptations, will allow you to realize FAR greater success and fulfillment in your Soul-Fueled business...


#20: When NOT To Trust Yourself

When it comes to getting your Soul-Fueled work out there, how do you know when to trust yourself and follow your intuition, and when to get help? Chances are, believing you can trust yourself in a couple key areas is probably why you aren’t making progress or succeeding at the level you want to (assuming that’s the case of course). As much as Wendy believes you DO have an intuitive knowing that is brilliant, true and trustworthy, it is NOT the only skill you need to be successful. So what...


#4: What SoulFUEL Is and How Knowing Yours Will Change EVERYTHING For You (Rebroadcast)

Are you suffering from a lack of focus, clarity and inspiration? Do you feel like you just can’t get traction on anything and time just keeps passing you by? Does your motivation and dedication come and go? SoulFUEL is THE reason you are on this planet at this time in human history. It has nothing to do with your passions or any roles you play in your life e.g. being a mom or a wife. Once known and plugged into on a daily basis, SoulFUEL allows everything to come together in a way that is...


#19: Your Identity Is Your Destiny

In this episode, Wendy talks about what is REALLY driving you – your identity. As Jim Forton says “You live up to your identity, not your potential.” When you listen in, you will begin to see, you are doing exactly what aligns with the identity you have chosen for yourself - you are NOT doing what isn’t in agreement with it - and how understanding this can change EVERYTHING for you. You will also learn how your identity is either helping or harming your ability to succeed in a Soul-Fueled...


#18: What Are You REALLY Invested In?

In this episode, Wendy gives you a fresh way to look at investing versus spending (you may be surprised at what this wakes up in you) AND she shares the TOP 3 things that are MOST important for you to financially invest in when in "start up" mode, and the TOP 5 things you should stop investing in, in your business.