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SoundAdvice Podcast with Phyllis and Kelvin Nichols is for business people looking to make an impact. We cover how-to tips to expand your reach, create genuine connections and grow a client list of raving fans. We're here to help you share your vision and your voice. SoundAdvice is showing you how to amplify your message. Because who you are, and what you do, matters.


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SoundAdvice Podcast with Phyllis and Kelvin Nichols is for business people looking to make an impact. We cover how-to tips to expand your reach, create genuine connections and grow a client list of raving fans. We're here to help you share your vision and your voice. SoundAdvice is showing you how to amplify your message. Because who you are, and what you do, matters.




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Trends in Podcast Content with Delia Peterson EP 56

Today I’m talking to a new SoundAdvice team member Delia Peterson. She helps us with written content to support the podcasts we edit and publish for clients. She also does this for the Impact Theory podcasts, all 5 of them, among her other clients. A mutual friend and business peer Diane Luzny connected us and Delia being the go-getter she is, reached out and we hopped on a call and talked like we were old friends. She’s the founder of The Written Podcast Agency and is here to talk podcast...


Why You Should Publish Your Podcast on YouTube EP 55

If you have a podcast, it’s time to get it on YouTube. For some time now we’ve been advising our clients to put their podcast on YouTube. No video required. It’s now a part of our podcast start set up process. If you host with Libsyn (use code: soundadvice to get a month for free) you can link your YouTube channel and when you publish a new episode it will go to all the apps and to YouTube. How-to-info to link your show to YouTube on Libsyn. It shows up in about 4 hours or so after...


Everybody Pulls the Tarp with Andrew Moses EP 54

Welcome Andrew Moses! He joins us on the podcast to talk about his podcast Everybody Pulls the Tarp, networking, starting a non-profit, sports and more. Andrew is focused on sharing stories of athletes, Olympians, CEO’s and other leaders. They all share one common thread; a willingness to do what it takes to be successful and to lead successful teams. Andrew shares his behind-the-scenes story about the meaning of “everybody pulls the tarp” his podcast title. It’s a mantra and a mindset for...


Recording Software SoundAdvice - Riverside Edition EP 52

Kelvin and I are sharing our recommendation for the recording software we consider one of the best. We’re using this platform and advising our clients to use it as well. This is one of the things that we are asked about the most. For good reason. Recording good quality audio shouldn’t be hard to do, or overly expensive. There are lots of options out there and we’ve tried many of them. Clients send us files recorded in a variety of ways. Deciding what to use depends on your podcast style and...


Travel Tips with Jamie Weitl EP 52

Please tell me it’s time to travel to some exotic beach destination. After listening to this episode, you’re going to want to plan your next vacation! Jamie Weitl, the founder of Pineapple Escapes and the Travel Tidbits podcast joined us to talk about travel (of course) and podcasting. She’s always coming back from some place fabulous or she’s packing to go. Sometimes both! This summer she’s already been to Disneyland, Cancun, Mexico (another location), and on a Disney cruise. Traveling with...


The Long Game with Sandra Scaiano. EP: 51

Sandra Scaiano joins us on the podcast to talk digital marketing, online memberships, big picture work, and of course, podcasting. Sandra has the unique (and covetable) ability to help her clients imagine the big picture, the vision for their business. She also has the tech skills to help those big ideas come to life. People who work with her, get results. It’s no wonder that’s she’s always busy and creating a course so even more people can get access to her genius. Why the Long Game?...


How to Make Your Editor Happy. EP: 50

Your editor wants your podcast to sound AMAZING. Recording doesn’t have to be challenging. We want to make it easy for you. We’ve talked about your recording setup, what software to use, and reviewed microphone options. Here are a few tips that will help your editor. In the words of Jerry McGuire, help me help you. (I just realized how old this reference is, so linking to the movie in case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.) Things you can do to make you an editor favorite: ·...


Jennifer Owens talk Breadwinners, Content and Podcasting EP: 49

Jennifer Owens, one half of the genius behind the Breadwinners podcast was our guest on this episode. Jennifer is an editor and content strategist, advisor and advocate, board member and speaker. While Jennifer can find stories anywhere, her passion lies in women’s issues, workplace and parenting trends. She is a quotable public speaker and is featured regularly in major media worldwide. Her co-host Rachael Ellison is an organizational development consultant and certified executive coach....


How to Be a Better Person with Kate Hanley EP: 48

Today’s guest Kate Hanley podcaster, author, New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and personal development coach. Her books include Stress Less, A Year of Daily Calm, The Anywhere Anytime Chill Guide, and How to Be a Better Person, 400+ Simple Ways to Make a Difference in Yourself--And the World. Her podcast, How to Be a Better Person with Kate Hanley publishes every weekday. She’s published over 460 episodes and has seen her audience continue to grow each month. Learn more about your ad...


Get Some Sugar for Your Lemonade with Ashley and Mel EP: 47

Ashley Valliere and Melissa Chatigny, the creators and co-hosts of Sugar for Your Lemonade joined us to talk about podcasting, subconscious imprinting, Olympic weightlifting (OMG) and more. Hear how they decided to join forces to create their podcast. They have such great energy and it’s clear they know each other well. They also share how the name “Sugar for your Lemonade” came to be. It’s perfect for the kind of content they share on their podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Planning, Organizing and Podcasting with Sarah Hart-Unger EP: 46

Doctor, mom, blogger, and podcaster Sarah Hart-Unger joins us on the podcast. She’s been blogging since 2004 and podcasting since 2016! She shares how creating content has helped her though different phases in life, and why she started podcast number two in 2020. Find out: • How Best of Both Worlds (with Laura Vanderkam) came to life. Great insight here about being open to possibilities from unexpected people. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Jen Lehner Shares How She Started The Front Row Podcast EP: 45

Jen Lehner joined Kelvin and I on the podcast and talked about her journey starting her podcast. You’re going to love hearing how she got Gary Vaynerchuk to record the intro to her podcast. It’s such a good story and a great reminder that little bit of persistence and the willingness to ask is everything! She also breaks down how she got Seth Godin on her podcast. Not only that, he also wrote a blog post about her scuffle with Entrepreneur Magazine. Crazy and true. Learn more about your ad...


Patty Lennon's Podcast Story EP: 44

Patty is heading to her 3-year podcast anniversary later this summer! She and I had a great conversation about her podcast and of course she drops some #soundadvice too! Find out why Patty started her podcast and why she felt motivated to interview and highlight the amazing people that have helped her. She also explains why podcasting feels so "right now" for her and for her audience. (This is a great insight) Find out how the power of having a podcast content library has had an impact....


Productivity #SoundAdvice from Expert Catherine Avery EP: 43

Today we are joined on the podcast with Catherine Avery, the creative genius and visionary behind the Uncluttered Office podcast. She launched in June of 2019 and publishes weekly. Her show is a blend of solo episodes where she shares her expertise (she's a great teacher) and interview episodes with other productivity experts. You'll love hearing how she brought her experience into her podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Conversations that Matter with Laura Prisc EP: 42

Laura is one of those people who understand the value of real conversations. Not superficial chit-chat but discussions about things that matter. She’s a great listener and has a natural curiosity about all kinds of things. Her podcast Making Space for Conversations That Matter is a great example of her gifted combination of genuine interest in people, and a willingness to hear the perspective from others. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


How to Be an In-Demand Podcast Guest EP: 41

Do you have a message to share? Are you looking to raise your business and personal profile? Do you want to highlight a cause that’s important to you? Being interviewed as a guest on podcasts is a great way to expand your reach and connect with amazing people. Podcasts are the perfect platform. The reach is real, the audience is there because they want to be and it won’t wreck your schedule. You can be THE person that people have on their “most wanted” guest list. Breaking it down on this...


Tech Tuesday: Microphone Tests EP: 40

Today I’m testing microphones. I’m not going to do the normal… there are two main types of microphones, blah blah blah. … because that is boring. What I am going to do is give you a sample recording of different types of mics that I own. There is no sponsored content here, just a number of microphones that I have accumulated over the last several years. My collection include both dynamic and condenser mics, purchased at different times for different purposes. 6 mics were tested. What's your...


7 Easy Steps to Being a Great Podcast Host EP: 39

One of the best things about having your own podcast is the ability to interview smart, interesting people. These connections allow you to expand your personal and professional network all while creating amazing content. Even better, it’s a platform that you own and one that can potentially reach listeners world-wide. That’s why I’m breaking down the 7 Easy Steps to being a Fabulous Podcast Host Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Making Space for Your Ideas with Jen Liddy EP: 38

Jen started her podcast to be of service to her clients and others. She's a teacher and coach who knows how to pull the great ideas out of her client's heads so they can stop thinking and start taking action. One of Jen's superpowers is knowing how to develop messages that resonate. She shares how she does it and more in today's podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Podcast Recording Options for Every Set Up EP: 37

Don't let tech stop you from recording your podcast. There are lots of options and one (or more) will work for you. Kelvin outlines the most popular options and the pros and cons of each. Find the podcast recording option that works for you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices