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What's New Pussycat? NO NO NO NO

These are MLMs that reps are encouraging people to join immediately to get it on the "ground floor" for 2018. If being successful in an MLM is all about working hard and educating people about why your product is the best, why should it matter if you get in on the ground floor? I thought hard work and dedication is all it took! Produced by Sasha Zazzi IT and Technical Development provided by PodcastDaddy Advisory Members: Summer Sanders and Ashleigh Walls Reach out to us:...


A Decade in Scamway, er, Amway

On this week's episode, Sasha and Katie sit down with very busy mother Allison Briner Kraft, as she shares the harrowing details about the 10 years she spent in Amway. Based on her account, Amway is, without a doubt, a cult that is difficult to break away from. As one of the oldest MLMs, the company has fine-tuned itself to be one of the most predatory of its kind in the network marketing industry. Produced by Sasha Zazzi IT and Technical Development provided by PodcastDaddy Advisory...


Invasion of the Hunbots: Their Tactics, and How You Can Politely Decline Their Offers

Two days late, but we are here! We believe this is a keynote episode for season 2 - everyone who has been approached by a "hunbot" (which we define in the episode for those new to the movement) needs to have a few responses in their arsenal of replies so no one feels obligated to engage in their sales pitches. Sasha and Katie discuss some of the more common manipulative approaches MLM reps may use to guilt you into a sale or joining their team, but they also ensure that the responses they...


Sounds like MLM but Okily Dokily! Pop Culture Critiques in Media

Hi diddly ho, anti-MLMerinos! We're back with SEASON TWO! Come listen to our podcast's "glow up" which includes... BETTER AUDIO!! To kick off our new beginning, Sasha and Katie got to binge watch a lot of television to bring you this special, educational episode explaining MLM satire in comedic sitcoms or black comedy movies. We will bring you some classic, nostalgic clips that will make you laugh out loud while still focusing on how utterly ridiculous multi-level-marketing is. Bonuses:...


Father's Day Episode - Crack Open a Cold One With the ManCave Boys

In our belated special Father's Day episode, Katie and Sasha are joined by Mike Lair, owner of Pirl Consumer Advocates and our resident dad for the day. We get down to the nitty gritty of now defunct ManCave Worldwide - perhaps the most egregious company promoting toxic masculinity and heteronomativity to ever hit multi-level-marketing. Let your chest hair flow freely in the wind and join us in the ManCave - we heard the beer is free.* *Maybe. Check out Pirl Consumer Advocates here:...


Sounds like MLM but ok After Dark

This is and ultra sexy edition of Sounds like LM but ok. Wine Cube boxed wine from Target.


Why MLMs are problematic?

Today Katie, Sasha, and Zach talk with scam buster Ethan Vanderbuilt. Ethan has a long history in exposing scams which include MLMs. We discuss the problematic nature of MLMs and talk various other scams and how to spot them. It's a fun show as always! Check out his website: E-mail: Intro and outro:


The Rise and Fall of Lularoe: Part Two

This week on Sounds like MLM but ok, we're talking to Courtney Harwood in part two of our dive into the Lularoe fiasco. Like our last guest, Roberta Blevins, Courtney was featured in the recent Bloomberg news article on Lularoe. We'll be talking with her about Lularoe's internal culture and structure, something she has unique insight on given her former high-up position in the company. Tune in to learn the secrets of the Stidhams, company-suggested gastric surgery, and what exactly goes on...



Love being a mom, mother to be, having a mom, or you just want to hear us talk shit about MLM Mother's Day promotional sales? Sasha, Zach, and Katie are joined by a very cute and special up-and-coming guest host who chimes in for a bit, and she is wise beyond her years. Special thanks to everyone who sent letters in or submitted funny advertisements in the group! This show wouldn't have happened without you. Intro and Outro:


The Rise and Fall of Lularoe: Part One

For today's episode, we're extremely excited (and very lucky!) to have former LuLaroe trainer Roberta Blevins on the show to give us a peek into the wild and weird world of legging-related pyramid schemes. You may recognize her name from a recent Bloomberg News article detailing exactly how the wheels are coming off that particular MLM. Join us as we learn about mold-covered leggings, poop-filled swimsuits, and much more. This is the first part of a two-part episode focusing on the decline...


How to Help a Friend in an MLM: Part 2

In episode 2 of our 2 part series, "How to help a friend in an MLM", Katie and Zach talk to guests Bot Watch and Elle Beau about how to talk to a friend in an MLM and what to do if your partner or significant other is in an MLM. E-mail: Intro Music:



In light of "Smallville" star Allison Mack's recent arrest for sex trafficking within the MLM sex cult NXIVM, Sasha Zazzi and Zach Parker go down the rabbit hole to investigate what really happened in the company. We also discuss founder Keith Raniere and his delusions of grandeur and sick entitlement. THIS EPISODE CONTAINS DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL ABUSE. LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED


How to Help a Friend in an MLM: Part 1

Katie Young and Zach Parker sit down in this two-part series with anti-multi level marketing advocates Elle Beau and Botwatch. We discuss why they joined the #antimlmmovement, what leaving an MLM is like, and if you should buy MLM products from your friends. Part 2 will be released on Monday, April 30th, where we chat about actions you can take if your partner is in an MLM. You won't want to miss it! Intro music courtesy of Free Music...


Breaking News - NXIVM

Re-upload: The server accidentally cut the last minute of the recording off. *SPECIAL SLMLMBUTOK PODCAST EPISODE* Breaking News Regarding Arrest of Smallville Actress Allison Mack and Alleged Sex Cult MLM "NXIVM" THIS EPISODE CONTAINS DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL ABUSE. LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED. Zach Parker, Katie Young, and Sasha Zazzi will be releasing a special edition exposé episode midweek on NXIVM in addition to the podcast's regular Monday episode.


The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Ever had a friend who's stuck in an MLM stay with it, even though you've shown them statistics that it's a losing game? Or has your old college roommate with a STEM doctorate started to sell essential oils, even though you think she'd know better? Why are reps so tone-deaf regarding these companies and products when it's against their better judgment? Join Zach Parker, Katie Young, and Sasha Zazzi as they go all in on the Hunbot-Dunning-Kruger Effect. They attempt to make sense of...


Fake it Til You Make It

Today we look into the sordid story of Ellery Bennet, who followed the idea of "fake it till you make it." After running up a large of debt, partially due to a failed MLM venture. He murdered his wife when she filed for divorce. We look at the case, including the trial, verdict, and appeals. Some important numbers: Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Domestic Violence Hotline: 1−800−799−7233 Contact us on twitter @SLMLMbutok or email music:...


The Woo Woo Wagon #1

The Woo Woo Wagon is the show here on Sounds like MLM but ok where we discuss the alternative medicine claims made in the multilevel marking world. It is hosted by Zach Parker and the Woo and Pseudoscience expert Sasha Zazzi. Today we look into the world of Magic Power Coffee, which you won't believe we aren't making up. Check out some links related to Magic Power Coffee and...


How to spot an MLM

Katie Young and Zach Parker are joined by Stephanie and Mike Lair, owners of Pirl Consumer Advocates. We talk about some of the telltale signs that a company is an MLM. If you need to reach out to Mike and Stephanie, you can find them at Pirl Consumer Advocates or on Facebook. Elle Beau's blog about the Younique Foundation can be found here. Intro music courtesy of Free Music Archive.


This is Volo!

Katie Young, Sasha Zazzi, and Zach Parker sit down to discuss the new spiritual MLM Volo. We give our opinions of the founders, his AMA, the products and the advisory board. Their website is His AMAs can be found here. And here. Any questions or comments can be sent to Intro music courtesy of