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Was Volo Doing Yoga? Cuz They Were Stretching

We're baaaack, revisiting and updating you on Volo, the spiritual MLM that happened to be our first episode in 2018. What happened to it? Did they really change the lives of one billion people through yoga videos and encouraging people to throw out their antidepressants? Katie Young and Sasha Zazzi gain insight into the most spiritual of Kirby Vacuum Cleaner salesmen, and Jack of All Fails, founder Sean Spencer. Produced by Sasha Zazzi IT and Technical Development provided by...


Sex, Lies, and MLM

Happy VERY LATE Valentine's Day, when all your candy is 50% off (and maybe your flowers are dead). We intended for this episode to come out on February 13th, but the amount of technical difficulties was almost like a farce! Sit-com city, here we come! Katie and Sasha discuss the underbelly of some very, uh, "sexy" MLMs that have failed under a sleazy CEO. This episode is 18+. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO SARA RISI! Thank you for being a true peach of a fan by donating to our Patreon, and make sure...


Lularoe's "Bless" of Death: The End of an Alleged Criminal Empire?

Please visit our website at! SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE Sasha Zazzi and Katie Young have put together a HUGE episode compiling all lawsuits currently against Lularoe with Becca Peter. Then we get into the nitty gritty of the complaint filed by the Washington Attorney General alleging Lularoe is... a pyramid scheme?! (Well, we'll be damned!) We finish off the episode with Sasha and Lularoe Defective Admin Heather Blithely critically analyzing Lularoe founder Deanne Stidham's...


"Wachter's" By The Shore

Season 3 is OFFICIALLY HERE! Get your earholes ready because we're going UNDER THE SEA! (Please avoid getting swimmer's ear, though, and definitely do not pet the dolphins.) Katie Young and Sasha Zazzi present: Wachter's, the first MLM. We talk about sea! We talk about land! We talk about how you are a walking ocean! Get ready for the motion of the ocean and some punny sea jokes. Music: Intro - Ryan Little "Kick, Push" Bumper #1: Milk & Bone "Coconut Water" Bumper #2: Guantanamo...


Hark! The Herald Pyr'mid Scheme

It's a Festivus Miracle! While you're finishing up dinner, throwing wrapping paper away, avoiding your in-laws by hiding out in the bathroom, and dreading the traffic on the drive back - we have a last minute present for you! Here's our Holiday Bonanza episode! Usually we give you a synopsis, but not today. It's a surprise you have to unwrap with your earholes. (Also Katie and Sasha made donations in your name to the Human Fund.) Intro: Billy May - Rudolph Cha Cha Bumper 1: Christmas in...


Herbalies: An Interview with Julie Contreras, Featured Advocate in "Betting On Zero"

Happy Thanksgiving! Got a turkey to cook? Put this on in the background. Got to hit the road to see family? You know you're going to be stuck in traffic forever, so pass the time with SLMLMbutok! Sasha and Katie sit down with special guest Julie Contreras who is the commissioner of League of United Latin American Citizens of Illinois’ Immigrant Affairs Commission. She is one of the most outspoken advocates protecting the Latinx community from being exploited by Herbalife. "Betting on...


Ding Dong! Avon's Falling, er, Avon Calling

Hello, hello, listeners! We missed a week but here we are, ringing your doorbell and knocking on your door like the Avon Lady - well, not exactly like her, because we're bringing this podcast to you instead of make up. This week Katie and Sasha talk about the iconic Avon Lady, their once brilliant advertising, why Avon is crashing (especially in Australia!), and why every seems to love that damn Skin So Soft. (Can we never utter the name of that product again? Please?) Intro - Ryan Little...


Tales from the Pyramid: Halloween and Hollow Schemes

Good evening, boils and ghouls! Hope you are having the time of your LIFE on Halloween because the terrifying content of these stories will make you want to DIE. We certainly got this out on the WITCHING HOUR for all you creepsters staying up late and turning off the porch light. Well kiddies, we've got some content for you. Katie is mysteriously GONE this week, so Summer Sanders, podcast advisor, guest hosts with Sasha, Mistress Host of the Dark, to tell you ALL about the TERRIFYING world...


They've Got the Pyramid Schemes, but We've Got the Guillotines

Today Sasha and Katie get POLITICAL! We air our grivences about what's going on in Congress and the White House, HR 3409, and Trump's involvement with a couple MLMs. Listeners, we are all PIONEERS in this fairly new advocacy movement, and we need to RISE UP and stop this administration from allowing the FTC to relax any of its MLM or pyramid scheme laws. This is a very informative episode and WE NEED YOUR HELP in stopping this from happening. They got the pyramid schemes, but we got the...


How Boomer the Tabby's Purr-a-Mid Scheme Exposed Gary Young - TAKE 2

Unless you were an early adopter of the ill-fated original Boomer episode, many of you thought you missed it. You didn't! We re-recorded it because we realized it just wasn't up to par with what we usually produce. So here's the reincarnation of Boomer! Boomer 2: Electric Boomarlo How is a 20lb tabby cat our new anti-MLM hero and mascot? What did he pull on Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, to expose him for the fraud he is? Katie explains it all to Sasha and gets into...


MLM: Mormons Losing Money? An Interview with Ryan McKnight

Have you ever wondered about the correlation between MLM and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Of course you have! Most of us have. But is there really a correlation? Are they really connected? In this episode, we talk with former church member and founder of MormonLeaks, Ryan McKnight, about the relationship between MLM, the church, and its members. You don't want to miss this! Ryan's website, MormonLeaks: Produced by Sasha Zazzi IT and Technical...


Aw Shucks! A Trip Around the MLM Pearl World

We are BACK with our NEW WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE! Katie Young and Sasha Zazzi dive right into the calm blue sea to look at oysters - wait, where do they come from? We talk Vantel in this episode, the crazy phenomenon of pearl parties on FB Live, and how to not be an asshole. Sasha also explains her FB social experiment when she posed as an MLM pearl shucker for a night - she had to watch a lot of Nathan Fielder's "Nathan For You" to prepare to not break character and stay cool and collected in...


Not Such a "Smooth Character": Why We "Wouldn't Walk a Mile for a Camel" MLM

For those interested in skipping ahead to the video after listening to the audio portion, skip to 41:06 on the episode on our Youtube Channel. Katie and Sasha discuss a very strange and mysterious, supposed MLM, per the press releases released a few months ago. However, there isn't a way to contact anyone, even if you call their "Hump Day" number. The mystery starts with a baby camel, and ends with Katie and Sasha trying freeze dried camel milk, recorded on video and uploaded to...


THE FTC WON'T LET ME BE: How a Dumpster Fire Was Actually a BurnLounge

On this week's 'pode, Katie and Sasha get into the failed MLM "BurnLounge" that was branded as a pyramid scheme several years ago, only looking to start "BurnLounge 3.0" up soon. (Maybe. And maybe we can milk another episode out of this disaster.) "BurnLounge" was like owning an iTunes franchise - except you got paid in "burn points" instead of cash, until you paid to go up to the highest level, "Mogul" at $430. (Even then, for each 99 song that was downloaded off your website, reps would...


What's New Pussycat? NO NO NO NO

These are MLMs that reps are encouraging people to join immediately to get it on the "ground floor" for 2018. If being successful in an MLM is all about working hard and educating people about why your product is the best, why should it matter if you get in on the ground floor? I thought hard work and dedication is all it took! Produced by Sasha Zazzi IT and Technical Development provided by PodcastDaddy Advisory Members: Summer Sanders and Ashleigh Walls Reach out to us:...


A Decade in Scamway, er, Amway

On this week's episode, Sasha and Katie sit down with very busy mother Allison Briner Kraft, as she shares the harrowing details about the 10 years she spent in Amway. Based on her account, Amway is, without a doubt, a cult that is difficult to break away from. As one of the oldest MLMs, the company has fine-tuned itself to be one of the most predatory of its kind in the network marketing industry. Produced by Sasha Zazzi IT and Technical Development provided by PodcastDaddy Advisory...


Invasion of the Hunbots: Their Tactics, and How You Can Politely Decline Their Offers

Two days late, but we are here! We believe this is a keynote episode for season 2 - everyone who has been approached by a "hunbot" (which we define in the episode for those new to the movement) needs to have a few responses in their arsenal of replies so no one feels obligated to engage in their sales pitches. Sasha and Katie discuss some of the more common manipulative approaches MLM reps may use to guilt you into a sale or joining their team, but they also ensure that the responses they...


Sounds like MLM but Okily Dokily! Pop Culture Critiques in Media

SOUNDS LIKE MLM BUT OKILY DOKILY! Hi diddly ho, anti-MLMerinos! We're back with SEASON TWO! Come listen to our podcast's "glow up" which includes... BETTER AUDIO!! To kick off our new beginning, Sasha and Katie got to binge watch a lot of television to bring you this special, educational episode explaining MLM satire in comedic sitcoms or black comedy movies. We will bring you some classic, nostalgic clips that will make you laugh out loud while still focusing on how utterly ridiculous...


Sounds like MLM but ok After Dark

Sasha and Katie take a look at some of the more interesting products of MLMs in the bedroom (and some of weird methods of using them). Don't forget your Wine Cube from Target! Twitter: @SLMLMbutok Instagram: @SLMLMbutok Facebook: Sounds like MLM but ok Podcast Email: Don't forget about your hosts! Sasha's Twitter: @ScamBamTYMaam Katie's Twitter: @MLMRiot


The Rise and Fall of Lularoe: Part Two

This week on Sounds like MLM but ok, we're talking to Courtney Harwood in part two of our dive into the Lularoe fiasco. Like our last guest, Roberta Blevins, Courtney was featured in the recent Bloomberg news article on Lularoe. We'll be talking with her about Lularoe's internal culture and structure, something she has unique insight on given her former high-up position in the company. Tune in to learn the secrets of the Stidhams, company-suggested gastric surgery, and what exactly goes on...