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Listen and learn about the language industry






Wrapping up 2020, and looking ahead to 2021

In this episode, Eve and Corinne wrap up 2020 (a truly unforgettable year by any measure!), and look ahead to 2021. We discuss topics such as: Highlight accomplishments of 2020, and what helped us get there Disappointments this year, and … Continue reading →

Handling the holidays as a freelancer: a joint episode of Smart Habits for Translators and Speaking of Translation

Thanks to our awesome friends and colleagues Veronika Demichelis and Madalena Sanchez Zampaulo over at Smart Habits for Translators for this very fun joint episode on handling the holidays as a freelancer! We discuss topics such as:-How we all handle … Continue reading →


Making the most of LinkedIn

Eve and Corinne discuss how to make the most of LinkedIn as a freelance translator or interpreter, including: Tips for optimizing your profile (specifically for our industry) How we use LinkedIn in our own businesses Eve’s ongoing use of LinkedIn … Continue reading →

Panel discussion: freelancing during the COVID pandemic

Eve, Corinne, freelance translator Karen Tkaczyk, and freelance conference interpreter Alex Gansmeier discuss life as a freelancer during the COVID pandemic, including: -How the pandemic initially affected their businesses in March through May of 2020 -How things are looking now … Continue reading →

Online networking in the age of COVID

Love it or hate it, online networking is the only networking we’ve got (in the US at least) for the foreseeable future. To help you embrace the opportunities that online networking offers, Eve and Corinne discuss topics such as: -Online … Continue reading →

Tools that keep us productive and happy

In this episode, Eve and Corinne address the topic of tools; not necessarily CAT tools, but tools of all kinds that help us work more productively and keep us happy. We talk about tool categories such as editing and proofreading, … Continue reading →

Speaking of translation technique

In this episode, Eve and Corinne address the topic of translation technique, and how to actually do a translation. Thanks very much to our listener Mireille for suggesting the topic for this episode! She e-mailed us and asked, “My question … Continue reading →

Diversifying your freelance business beyond translation

Eve, Corinne, and special guest Madalena Sanchez Zampaulo discuss how and why (or why not!) to diversify your freelance business beyond translation. We discuss: -Non-translation lines of work that the three of us have pursued throughout our careers -The pluses … Continue reading →

Client-side conferences as a marketing tool: guest interview with Michele Hansen

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview French to English translator Michèle Hansen about her experiences using client-side conferences as a marketing tool. A self-professed “introvert who hates selling,” Michèle has increased her freelance income by more than $40,000 over … Continue reading →

Volunteering for professional associations and groups

In this episode, Eve and Corinne discuss volunteering for professional associations and groups, at the local, national, and even international level, including: -The benefits (to you and to the association) of professional volunteering -How to set limits on your professional … Continue reading →

Contracts and service agreements for translators

In this episode, Eve and Corinne discuss contracts and service agreements for freelance translators. Thanks to listener Erin Riddle for suggesting this show topic! If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, drop us an e-mail at speakingoftranslation@gmail.com. … Continue reading →

Preparing for the state court interpreter certification exam

In this episode, Eve interviews Corinne about her recent milestone–passing the Colorado court interpreter certification exam for French. Eve and Corinne discuss how Corinne prepared for the exam, what resources she used, what the exam consists of, and how she … Continue reading →

Translating books, with Kate Deimling and Mercedes Guhl

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview English to Spanish translator Mercedes Guhl and French to English translator Kate Deimling about translating books: a topic our listeners often ask about. Kate and Mercedes give us their thoughts on: Where to … Continue reading →

Staying healthy when you work at a desk all day

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview German<>English translator and certified yoga and Pilates instructor Eva Stabenow. After developing repetitive strain issues from her translation and interpreting work, Eva found relief in Pilates, which led her to pursue a 500-hour … Continue reading →

How to learn from colleagues

In this episode, Eve and Corinne discuss how to learn from and share information with colleagues, in a way that is both helpful and appropriate. How can newbies learn from colleagues without being invasive? What is (and is not) appropriate … Continue reading →

International payment methods for translators

In this episode, Eve and Corinne discuss international payment methods for translators, with a particular focus on TransferWise (not an affiliate deal), an international money transfer service that is relatively new on the scene. Links mentioned in this episode: -The … Continue reading →

Life as a digital nomad: an interview with German to English translator Katie Schober

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview German to English translator Katie Schober about her life on the road as a digital nomad. Katie–a longtime Speaking of Translation listener, who specializes in history and genealogy translations–has spent six months traveling … Continue reading →


Website and online presence tips for freelancers

In this episode, Eve and Corinne offer website and online presence tips for freelancers, including: -Why are a website and an online presence important, or not important? -What are some factors to consider when choosing a web designer, and how … Continue reading →

Rebroadcast: Finding direct clients at industry conferences

In this episode, Eve and Corinne rebroadcast an interview with Joanne Archambault, a French to English medical translator specializing in orthopedics translations. By attending conferences in France for French orthopedic surgeons, Joanne made the switch from doing general medical translation … Continue reading →


ATA59 wrapup

In this episode, Eve and Corinne give a post-conference wrapup of the 59th annual conference of the American Translators Association, held in New Orleans at the end of October. Listen in for our favorite conference sessions, information about how the … Continue reading →