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Talking about potatoes in Prince Edward Island, primarily discussing research and agronomy topics with farmers, agronomists, researchers and a variety of industry partners.




Talking about potatoes in Prince Edward Island, primarily discussing research and agronomy topics with farmers, agronomists, researchers and a variety of industry partners.




#39 - Potato Early Dying with Mario Tenuta

In this episode of SpudChat, Ryan talks with Dr. Mario Tenuta from the University of Manitoba about Potato Early Dying complex (PED). Mario was the lead for Canadian Potato Early Dying Network (CanPEDNet) project as part of the FVGC National Cluster for the last five year, and included research happening here in PEI. They talk about some of the key findings from the research project, as well as where we go from here in terms of managing the disease.


#38 Update on Potato Wart with Greg Donald, PEIPB

In this episode of SpudChat, we hear from Greg Donald, General Manager of the PEI Potato Board from a presentation Greg made at the 2023 PEI Potato Conference. Greg provides an update on the ongoing potato wart investigation, the results of the International Panel report on potato wart in PEI, and how this informs the path forward toward resuming seed shipments from the Island to the rest of Canada and beyond.


#37 Practical Approaches to Soil Health with Anne Verhallen

This episode features another of our presenters from the 2023 PEI Potato Conference in Summerside on February 13th. Today, we hear from Anne Verhallen of OMAFRA in Ridgetown, Ontario, talking about practical approaches to soil health. Anne is a well-renowned expert on cover cropping and soil health improvement, working primarily with horticulture crop producers in South-Western Ontario. Anne discusses some of the results of trials that indicate how producers can prioritize soil health in a number of ways, but also shares the perspectives of some of the producers she works with.


#36 Soil Heath and Cover Crops with Ryan Barrett (repost from Tuber Talk)

On this bonus episode of SpudChat, we're pleased to share an episode of the Tuber Talk podcast from Potatoes in Canada that was recorded in late 2022. In this episode, Ryan Barrett talks about research and extension projects on cover crops and improving soil health in potato rotations with Bree Rhody. You can find Tuber Talk at https://www.potatoesincanada.com/podcast-category/tuber-talk/ or in your normal podcast platform.


#35 Common Scab with Dr. Claudia Goyer, AAFC

This week on SpudChat, we bring you the audio from another of our presentations at the PEI Potato Conference in Summerside on February 13th, 2023. In this episode, we hear from Dr. Claudia Goyer of AAFC in Fredericton, NB. Claudia has been leading a national research project into common scab for the past five years, investigating both the populations of the bacteria that cause common scab as well as potential treatment options for potatoes.


#34 Why was 2022 such a challenging year for PVY - Mathuresh Singh

SpudChat is back! Over the next couple of weeks, we're sharing some of the presentations from the 2023 PEI Potato Conference, held in Summerside on February 13th. First up is Dr. Mathuresh Singh of Agricultural Certification Services in Fredericton, NB to talk about PVY and why it was such a problem in 2022. Mathuresh covers a number of reasons why PVY levels might be so elevated from last season, including the appearance of green peach aphids, changes in varieties, changes in grower demographics, and changes in field management. We're also including some of the questions at the end of the presentation. To follow along with Mathuresh's presentation slide deck, go to the PEI Potato Agronomy Site, under Seminars/Presentations.


#33 Talking Weeds with Andrew Mckenzie-Gopsill

This week, Ryan talks with Dr. Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill, Weed Scientist with AAFC Charlottetown about a range of weed-related topics, including herbicide rotation and efficacy, herbicide timing, and some of the interesting cultural and mechanical weed seed destruction research that Andrew is working on.


#32 - 2022 Crop Update #1

On this episode of SpudChat, Ryan Barrett provides and update on the crop following the first Crop Update Meeting of the year, hosted by the PEI Dept of Ag. Recorded July 7th, 2022.


#31 On Farm Climate Action Fund

In this episode of SpudChat, Ryan Barrett walks through some of the funding available for farmers under the On Farm Climate Action Fund, administered in PEI by the PEI Federation of Agriculture. Full details available at www.peifa.ca/ofcaf


#30 Grower Check-In - June 2022

SpudChat is back with a new episode, and this week we bring back the grower check-in, where we talk with PEI potato farmers from across the province to hear how things went this planting season, and what's new for this year. This week, Ryan is joined by Jonathan MacLennan from West Cape, Chris MacAulay from Chepstow, and Andrew Lawless from Shamrock.


#29 Irrigation Management - Michele Konschuh

In this episode of SpudChat, Ryan talks with Michele Konschuh from the International Potato Tech Expo in Charlottetown about irrigation management following her presentation on March 30th. Michele is an irrigated crop researcher with the University of Lethbridge.


#28 Variety Management with Mark Pavek

In this episode SpudChat, Ryan talks with Mark Pavek of Washington State University about his research and extension projects, including variety management projects involving newer varieties like Clearwater Russet and Mountain Gem Russet that were developed in the Columbia Basin but are now finding adoption here in Prince Edward Island.


#27 Nitrogen Management with David Burton

In this episode, Ryan talks with Dr. David Burton of the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture about nitrogen in potato rotations. Dave has been doing multiple projects looking at better quantifying the nitrogen in PEI soils as well as how producers can better dial-in nitrogen use, including use of enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers.


#26 David Jones, Canadian Potato Council

In this episode of SpudChat, Ryan is joined by David Jones, Programs Manager with Canadian Potato Council in Ottawa. David gives an overview of the things that the CPC does for Canadian potato growers, including responding to continual pesticide reviews by PMRA. This week, we dig into the newly announced proposed decision to cancel uses of chlorothalonil and how PEI growers can have their voices heard as part of the review process.


#25 Wireworm and other insect pests with Christine Noronha

In this episode of SpudChat, we talk to Dr. Christine Noronha, a research entomologist with AAFC in Charlottetown. We talk about the great work Christine and other have been doing on wireworm IPM strategies as well as a couple of other insect pests in potato production.


#24 Jeff Miller on Pink Rot

SpudChat is back, and we're talking about pink rot with Jeff Miller of Miller Research in Rupert, Idaho.


#23 Cover Crops with Dr. Laura Van Eerd

We cap off our three week focus on cover crops by talking to Dr. Laura Van Eerd, Professor and researcher with the University of Guelph at Ridgetown College in Southwestern Ontario. Ryan talks with Laura about her long-term cover crop research and some of the exciting findings from those trials so far. More on Dr. Van Eerd's research can be found at https://soilsatguelph.ca/ After this week, SpudChat will be taking a short break for a few weeks during the harvest season while we get all of our grower trials harvested. Talk soon!


#22 Cover Crops with Dr. Judith Nyiraneza

On this episode of SpudChat, Ryan talks to Dr. Judith Nyiraneza with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada in Charlottetown about some of her research projects, including cover cropping, building soil health and fertility through rotation crops, measuring the effect of manure in potato rotations, as well as her recent research into improving phosphorus management in PEI.


#21 "Wheat Pete" Johnson

On this episode of SpudChat, Ryan talks with Peter "Wheat Pete" Johnson, an agronomist, farmer and podcaster from Ontario to talk about the agronomy of winter cereals, as growers start ramping up cover cropping this fall. They also chat about some ways to avoid soil compaction as we head into the harvest season. You can listen to Wheat Pete's World every week at RealAgriculture or wherever you get your podcasts.


#20 Shaun Haney of RealAgriculture

On this week's SpudChat, we talk with the king of Canadian ag podcasting, Shaun Haney of RealAgriculture. We talk about how he started his ag media business, how he enjoys reaching out to farmers of all types across Canada, and some of the newer podcasts and features that he and his team are working on. RealAgRadio, the Agronomists, and other podcasts are available wherever you get podcasts!