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Episode 80: A 10-Year Slump for Equities?

In the wake of Tuesday’s market carnage, with almost all of the major indices losing 3% of their value, Dan sees a rough slog ahead for almost all U.S. stocks. By any reasonable metric, stocks are a bad deal – but a few diamonds exist in the rough. Of course, there are not just bad deals to be found, but also outright land mines for investors, as is the case with GE, whose rotten pension dilemma Dan breaks down this week for listeners. Later on, Dan and Buck are joined by Dr. David (Doc)...


Episode 79: Tesla Still a Train Wreck After Near-Death Experience

In a week that included a one-day 257-point surge for the Dow, record Black Friday spending, and a legal challenge to Apple’s “monopoly” continuing its march to the Supreme Court, Buck once again brings on Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris to make sense of things. In the wake of Elon Musk’s own admission that Tesla “almost died this year,” Dan breaks down the latest numbers: as it produces 1,000 Model 3 sedans a week in Q3 and keeps bleeding cash, his position on Tesla “has never...


Episode 78: Why This Week Was FAANG’s Turn to Suffer

As the selloff continues, a lot of familiar names are making history in the worst kind of way. Facebook is on track to post its longest losing streak ever, with its third straight month in the red. And while a recent New York Times report savaging its top management won’t help any, Dan Ferris notes that value investors still like the company – if they’re willing to wait 2-5 years. But Facebook is far from the only big name on the run. Bitcoin’s latest crash has brought it 9% below the...


Episode 77: Expert Declares: A Paradise for Value Investors

This week’s continued market selloff had some high-profile casualties – and brings to mind a great Warren Buffett quote that, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who was swimming naked.” One of the biggest casualties was beleaguered GE stock, down another 15% from just last week. Buck shares an amazing finding with Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris – turns out, if you’d bought GE in 1994 and held on, your shares would be worth the same amount of money today. Dan thinks the worst...


Episode 76: A Really Good Time to Be a Value Investor

As the dust from one of America’s uglier midterm battles settles, Buck makes sense of the new political order. On the one hand – Democrats won the House, and with it the ability to kill all legislation, investigate the President and subpoena his aides and – most explosively – demand his tax returns. On the other side, Republicans expanded their majority in the U.S. Senate, giving President Trump the ability to nominate scores of lifetime conservative judges – meaning his vision for...


Episode 75: What The Midterms Mean for Your Money

With markets continuing their whipsaw movements, it’s hard to know where the dice will fall. But with the major indices up almost 2% yesterday, there are a lot of tea leaves to go over – and a lot of bargains still to be had. In a choppy week for markets, Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris joins us again to give his take on what this signals for stocks – and in a week where all sorts of quality companies are trading at discounts, where the biggest opportunities can be found. He’s joined...


Episode 74: The Surprising Survivors of This Week’s Market Carnage

Everyone’s rattled. It’s one thing to understand the logical argument for Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s “Melt Up” thesis – but that doesn’t mean weeks like this, while historically normal, are fun to watch. With Friday morning bringing on another down day as tech reported weak earnings, plenty of brand names are trading significantly lower than they were Monday morning. The way our analysts see it, that means a lot of bargains are out there for investors who see them for what they are. In a...


Episode 73: Why “Fauxcahontas” Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

Buck Sexton is riding solo in this 73 episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, where he dives right into the latest political controversy – Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test revealing herself to be anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1,024 Native American. Besides the silliness of the “Fauxcohontas” story, it’s one of the most remarkable acts of political selfishness of our times, coming as it does 21 days before the midterm elections and starting a conversation Democrats don’t want to be having. On the other...


Episode 72: Bull Market Not Over (Here’s How We Know)

We’re joined for this 72 episode of Stansberry Investor Hour by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and his lead analyst, Brett Eversole. Fresh from the Stansberry investor summit in Las Vegas last week, they’re here to give us their take on the stock market’s crazy ride this week – as well as some details on Stansberry’s big “Meltinar” Event coming October 24. In Porter’s own words, “I’ve never seen Steve blow a major market call – wish I could say the same of me!” So, we think you’ll want to hear...


Episode 71: The Ugliest Political Fight of Your Lifetime

We’re here in Las Vegas for this 71st episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, and in a week where Porter and a handful of other Stansberry gurus are meeting with subscribers head-on, Porter teases the Stansberry Research Report Card, where we cut to the chase on how helpful our advice and recommendations actually were for making our readers some money. As Porter tells it, “Even if you have an average return of 25%, but 605 of your recs lost money – I don’t think that’s a great performance....


Episode 70: Trump Responds to Porter’s Question

Our co-host Buck Sexton is back from his 45-minute interview in the Oval Office with President Trump – and as could be expected, it came with a bombshell throwaway comment. It’s not President Trump’s opinion of “the single greatest mistake in America’s history” or even his response to Porter’s question over whether or not some Cabinet members are really conspiring to use the 25 Amendment to overthrow him. Instead, it has to do with his own Attorney General – who if anything has been...


Episode 69: The $2 Trillion Gene-Editing Market Still in Its Infancy

We’ve had a lot of exciting guests on the Stansberry Investor Hour show – but for the first time, the moment to watch might be one after we finished recording. That’s because, immediately after recording this episode, Buck made right for D.C. for an interview with none other than President Trump himself – and gave Porter the opportunity to pass along one question he’d like for POTUS to answer. Wait until you hear what Porter eventually decided to ask. There’s certainly a lot of material...


Episode 68: The Dawn of Machine Learning

We have two guests with a track record that’s, in Porter’s words, “ridiculous” this week – Venture Technology’s Dave Lashmet and Christian Olsen, whose research service has uncovered 14 doubles since its launch. Dave and Christian both have deep backgrounds in biology and biotech – and they’re not just focused on promising small-caps with pipelines that position them for rocket returns. In fact, in this episode they crown some winners among the big pharma giants in immune oncology,...


Episode 67: What’s Next After Nike’s $3.75 Billion Punishment

Writer and magician Penn Jillette joins Stansberry Investor Hour today. Someone Porter’s always been dying to talk to, he’s also worked with Buck’s former boss Glenn Beck – and become a libertarian thinker whose brain Porter wants to pick along the way. There’s also news concerning another one-time Stansberry Investor Hour guest – Julian Assange, who is facing his last days of freedom in Ecuador’s London Embassy before falling into the waiting hands of British authorities. Porter and...


Episode 66: “Dean of High-Yield Debt” Predicts: This Is When the Credit Cycle Hits

We have a bona fide Wall Street legend on the podcast today – Marty Fridson, referred to as the “Dean of High Yield” because of his unique knowledge of toxic loans to unworthy companies and their inevitable consequences as a Sword of Damocles on the broader markets. Marty knows where the bodies are buried – and when the day of reckoning arrives, Porter trusts him to know which bonds will blow up and which ones will survive. That’s vital for anyone looking to prepare for the credit...


Episode 65: The Greatest Cash Flow Machine In the History of Capitalism

It’s the 10-year anniversary of this extraordinary bull market, officially – except not really, as Porter explains to Buck in this week’s podcast episode. Even so – there’s no question a lot of people are making money. But with the S&P 500 having more than tripled since March 2009 lows… who’s been smartest (not LUCKIEST as would be the case with cryptos)? Porter points to believers of the FAANG stocks – and one of them in particular. Later on, they’re joined by Wesley Gray, a former Marine...


Episode 64: The Bull Market’s 10-Year Anniversary: What to Do Now

In just a few days’ time, we will officially reach the 10-year anniversary of the bull market. With the S&P 500 up 340%, you’re probably not alone in wondering how close the party is to being over. That’s why, for this week’s episode of Stansberry Investor Hour, we bring in John Gillin, who left Wall Street after seven years to start his own hedge fund that beat the S&P 500 for every year it was operational. This year, John joined Stansberry Newswire, where he uses his expertise to make...


Episode 63: If You Aim at a King… You’d Best Not Miss

In a week where Alex Jones of Infowars gets banished from Facebook and YouTube, while a strongman survives an assassination attempt under suspiciously lucky circumstances, nationally syndicated radio host and former CIA officer Buck Sexton has plenty to unpack for listeners. Joining him is American Consequences editor and best-selling author P.J. O’Rourke. Together they make sense of the latest shot in the PC wars, from the debate over male cheerleaders to the T-shirt that got banned at...


Episode 62: See Your Risk Exposure in Seconds

We have a special guest for this week’s podcast – Dr. Richard Smith, whose portfolio software TradeStops has helped thousands of investors to maximize their potential upside while slashing risk aggressively, down to the bone. Yesterday, 14,000 people signed up for his free online presentation where he revealed his latest breakthrough. It’s called ‘Ideas’. Learn more at Porter makes sense of Facebook’s dramatic selloff last week, and why he’s advising his readers...


Episode 61: Walmart: The Retailer Amazon's Not Done Ravaging

Walmart’s woes are becoming such common knowledge that even journalist politicos are now asking Buck how the once-great retailer can turn things around. Porter reveals two reasons Amazon’s in more trouble than anyone realizes – and the only rational thing he thinks anyone CEO of Walmart can do now. Porter elaborates on the storm clouds he sees ahead for Netflix and Tesla, and entertains an argument from one listener that he’s got it wrong about Tesla. The team also wades into current...