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Tune into Startup Roast for insights into the tech, business and creative startups that call Garage Society home

Tune into Startup Roast for insights into the tech, business and creative startups that call Garage Society home
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Tune into Startup Roast for insights into the tech, business and creative startups that call Garage Society home




S02E06 - The Power of Linkedin with Steve Bruce of SB Consulting

Looking to level up your Linkedin game? On this weeks episode of Startup Roast we sit with Steve Bruce, one of the top Linkedin coaches in Hong Kong to talk all things networking. So….what do you love most about Linkedin? Examples of the power of Linkedin marketing - building business, building your profile, becoming a power user etc. Biggest Linkedin questions you get asked at workshops. How did you get into training around Linkedin? Trends on Linkedin - double spaced posting, influencer...


S02E05 - Building Community Around Tech with Bart Verkoeijen of Microsoft Developers Meetup

1. Intro 2. Getting involved in the ecosystem(1m00) - Connect, Inform and Educate yourself before a move Into the startup ecosystem - Building a team and achieving across the weekend. - Teamwork & Transferable Skills 3. Changes in the HK ecosystem over the last 6 years (7m00) 4. Building your own Meetup (8m30) - Starting small and building engagement - Finding your community - Building confidence & network with corporate support 5. Tech Talent in HK & Developer Fatigue(12m30) - Keeping ahead...


S02E04 - Exploring Startup Ecosystems with Casey Lau, RISE Co-Host

On this week's episode we sit down with Casey Lau, co-host of RISE Conference, founder at StartupsHK and super connector to the startup ecosystem in HK and beyond. Episode Notes 1. Intro - HK as a base for ecosystem exploring (40s) 2. Conferences, Coworking and Ecosystem Building (1m30) - Ambassador of RISE as co-host - Road to Rise Co-Host - Dot com to Budding Startup Ecosystem Influencer - Early days of building an ecosystem - coworking - Boot HK - StartupsHK 3. Producing a conference on...


S02E03 - Digital India with Mohit Tirath of Garage Society

We talk tech startups in India, explore how digital transformation is changing the way we work and look at the rise of co-working with Garage India's Programming Executive Mohit Tirath. Episode Notes 1. Journey Into The Startup Ecosystem of India (30s) - From Hospitality to Startups 2. Working at Scale and Managing High Growth (4m30) - Using Tech to Scale 100% in a Year - Threat of Failure 3. Challenges of Working in a Startup (7m00) - Figuring Everything Out - Learning New Skills Regularly...


S02E02 - The Business of Craft with The BottleShop HK

We sit with Tracy and Danny, co-founders of popular Sai Kung craft beverage store The Bottle Shop HK to talk craft retail in HK, exploring eCommerce and building a community around your business. Episode Notes 1. With backgrounds in Architecture and Jewellry Design what was the spark that led to building a passion into a business? (20 sec) - Returning to Hong Kong and Starting a Business - Connecting to End Consumers - Telling A Story 2. How did the initial idea for The Bottle Shop come...


S02E01 - Transforming Digital with Bryan Vaz of Pad 39

After years in the corporate trenches Bryan Vaz branched out with his own business and a mission to transform how startups approach digital. We sit with him to explore the challenges facing Hong Kong startups, how to approach digital marketing in the region and what the future holds for the startup ecosystem Episode Notes 1. Background and Journey to Asia - A Third Culture Kid from Canada to Hong Kong 2. From Corporate to Startup - Why leave KPMG to launch your own business? - An industry...