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Who's in your life?

At home and at work we are surrounded by people. These people have a direct effect on our lives. Who is in your life? Do they love and support you? Do you love an support them? When we look back on our lives, we remember the moments, the feelings, the emotions and the people. When you are surrounded by supportive people, who want you to succeed, you are more likely to. The more people you try and help, the more likely you all succeed. "We were together. I forget the rest." - Walt Whitman "I...


Runaway horse

We all have goals for our lives. Things we want to start and accomplish. We invest in ourselves and sacrifice, so that we may achieve our goals. Issues arise when we can overthink, over-analyze and over-research, and never take that first step. I call this paralysis by analysis, and it is very common. After all, no one wants to make a bad choice or take the wrong step. However, this is the wrong mindset, because no matter how much thought and research we put in, we will never end up at the...


Burn the barn

Things happen in life that upset us, that make us question ourselves, our choices and life itself. How do we react to things when something happens, as it inevitable does. How do we view the the situation, overcome and persevere. Our perception and outlook helps us define these challenges and transform them from roadblocks to speed bumps. When we let go of self limiting beliefs and self sabotage, we remake our relationship with ourselves and the world, expanding our view and embracing...


Your time is now

How do you value yourself? When you price out your product, your time or your knowledge, how do you go about it? Do you value yourself as you should, or do you give away too much, and hope you get a return? "The trouble is, you think you have time." - Buddha We think we have limitless time. It is a trick of the mind, so that we can operate in this world. Time is limited and we have to be careful how we invest our time, in what, and in who. Value yourself, value your time, because they are...


Take off your armor

We live in this world with many titles. We are surrounded by them, we take them on and they begin to define who we are. But they are not who we are. They are labels we put on, like putting on a denim jacket full of buttons. Is that jacket you? No. The jacket can be removed. My teacher, Roshi Rich Hart, passed a few months back, and this episode is in his honor. We look at two of his favorite sayings. He was constantly asking his students to let go and show him who they truly are. "A...


Dreaming of the future

We all have goals and dreams in life. What do you think your life will be like once you achieve your goals and dreams? Can the dream live up to the reality? Was where you are today once a dream too? Recognize your life and appreciate it, where you are today and those around you. Zen Koan: One day the Master announced that a young monk had reached an advanced state of enlightenment. The news caused some stir. Some of the monks went to see the young monk. "We heard you are enlightened. Is that...


Fear can kill

Life is full of fears, rational and irrational. It can be debilitating, causing us to freeze at the moments that require action. Only by taking action can we take steps to improve ourselves. When the time comes, what will you do? What will you say? Today's koan is "Nanchuan's Cat": Nanchuan saw the monks of the eastern and western halls fighting over a cat. Seizing the cat, he told the monks: “If any of you can say a word of Zen, you will save the cat.” No one answered. Nanchuan cut the cat...


Sprint the marathon

Things take time, and in today's world we are time averse, wanting instant gratification, on-demand and quick replies. The truth is, that is not how it works. Big, worthwhile endeavors take time, patience, practice. Are you willing to put in that effort or will you stop at the first pitfall, road block or criticism. There are no right or wrong answers, only our responses based on our preparation, experience. Be prepared, mentally, physically and emotionally, and you'll go far. A fellow went...


Launch Mentality (Part 2)

What it always comes back to is, "who do you want to be?" We have an affect on everyone and everything around us, including our business and startup. It takes time, patience and persistence, not just to build up, but to deconstruct. Taking this Buddha quote line by line, we look deep in and break down what it takes to let concepts go and take things as they are, moment by moment.


Launch Mentality (Part 1)

Before you launch or start anything, you have the idea. Before you have the idea, you have your approach to the world. How will your approach feed your idea, and how will your idea inform your launch? What's your mindset to launching your product and putting yourself out there?


What's your true path?

Zen Koan - Monk: "What is the one road of Ummon?" Ummon: "Personal Experience!" Monk: "What is the Way?" Ummon: ""Go!" Monk: "What is the road, where is the Way?" Ummon: "Begin walking it!" What is your true voice in a world full of noise? Will you try to mimic what others say? Will you stay quiet in order to blend? Do you speak up, even if what you have to say may be unpopular? We can learn from others. We read books, watch videos, attend lectures, all in order to improve ourselves. But, at...


Let it go and grow

Zen Proverb: Let it go or be dragged down What are you holding on to? Anger? Resentment? Who you are? Who you should be? You need to let it all go if you want to grow. The more we hold on to, the more weight we carry, the easier it is to get bogged down and dragged down. @startuproshi


What's your north star?

In life we all have a purpose, a north start, that defines who we are and what we do. "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” - Buddha On your path, what is your north star? What distracts you from reaching it?


Help me, Help you

A bodhisattva in Buddhism is a person who has taken a vow to liberate all sentient beings. WOW! Talk about a devotion to a tough job. Is there someone in your life that is dedicated to you and your success? Are you dedicated to someone else's success? Are you dedicated to your own?


Can you go back home?

Once you have achieved something, and changed something, can you go back to who you were or where you came from? A monk asked Kegon, “How does an enlightened one return to the ordinary world?” Kegon replied, “A broken mirror never reflects again; fallen flowers never go back to the old branches.”


Answer the bell

The bell rings and you act. What do you do? Why do you do it? You've trained your whole life to get to this point. This is a pivotal point, when the bell rings do you want to do what you have always done, or, in this wide, amazing world, do you want to try something new, different? Unmon said, "The world is vast and wide. Why do you put on your seven-piece robe at the sound of the bell?"


Kill your startup

Do you know what you're company is? What your product is? Who your customers are? Who you are? Good! Now throw it all away, because when you think you know you stop asking questions, evolving and growing.


Down the well

Here you are, walking through life, which is better than sleeping through life. You decide that you want more, you want something better because something just does not seem right. You want enlightenment, or you want to start a business. It can be almost anything, but it is a decision first and then an action you must take in order to go after something you want.


Mind the Dung

Have a question? Be prepared for the answer but don't expect one. As soon as you start looking for an answer, rather than asking a question, you're in trouble. Keep an open mind, talk less and listen more. Ego will want to defend, but don't fall for the trap. Kill your conceptions and grow your business.


Roof leak!

When there is an emergency we need to take action, but with wisdom and not foolishness. That wisdom comes with experience but assess the situation and act accordingly. Don't go overboard when a small measure will do, but always err on the side of action.